Wednesday, December 17, 2003


So Bush now would back a constitutional ban on same sex marriage. I want to know why. I don't want his canned answer, "marriage is between a man and a woman." That reminds me of an answer a parent would give a child to the question why is the sky blue. There is full and complete answer as to why the sky is blue. There is a full and complete answer as to why Bush is against homosexual marriage, and why he does not support Civil Unions. I believe the answer is simple, but one he can't say without losing support. Bush will tolerate homosexuals, but he (along with a lot of other bigots) fears gay men. That would be homophobia by definition. There ignorance is based on religion and misconceptions perpetuated by bigots.

Gays exist. Bush needs to get over that fact. Then he needs to state why he is against providing equal rights and benefits to all people. Why does he favor special rights for heterosexuals? Hmmmm?

I would bet Bush would not care much about lesbians being married. I would posit that most homophobic men are not fearful of lesbians.

I still don't hear why people are against gay marriage and civil unions. All I hear are "code" words. Bigoted "code" words that I think make it clear to those who wish to keep homosexuals second-class citizens that they are on their side. Freedom from religious piety will never be achieved with an atmosphere where fear rules intellectual expression, as well as emotional expression.

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