Sunday, February 29, 2004

Priceless Mary

From CiN Weekly's review of Hamburger Mary's
"Mary's makes you feel like a queen, not a picky eater."
If the suburbanites only knew, they might run to the hills in terror!

Saturday, February 28, 2004

'God' Hates Shrimp

Hilarity! I wonder what Phil Burress is doing about this bible verse, Leviticus 11:12?
Whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters, that shall be an abomination unto you.
Red Lobster is sending us all to 'Hell'.

Speaking of Religion

Gina Daugherty of CinWeekly reports about Brendon Cull, press secretary for Mayor Charlie Luken becoming a "minister" in the Universal Life Church.
Brendon Cull, press secretary for Mayor Charlie Luken, became a minister through the Universal Life Church online earlier this year so he can officiate at his sister's wedding this fall.

But Rev. Cull didn't just opt for the freebie ordination - he spent a few bucks to get the certificate, laminated card, sticker for his window and - drum roll - a parking pass with "Minister" on it.

"That's my favorite," Rev. Cull says. "And it's fun in social occasions to whip out my minister card - it's come out on more than a few occasions. But it's not worked as a pick-up line yet."
Does Brendon's religion allow Gay Marriages?

If it is this "easy" to become someone who can officiate a wedding, then I have to ask, what really is the big deal about Gay Marriage? Why are we letting the right wing theocrats push their religion on every one else?

Gun Nut on Stephen Hill

Ok, the Conceal and Carry law has passed here in Ohio, something I disagree with. At this point, the law is the law. For some reason someone, ID of "cbaus", at, is beating on reporters and citing Stephen Hill. I have to ask, what the hell does Stephen Hill have to do with gun laws? Why is this guy attacking reporters? I know conservatives bitch about the "liberal media," but this guy is going nuts, all in the cause of privacy. He does not want gun owners to have to face a background check for guns. He is pissed the media can investigate who is applying for a C&C permit. What I have to ask, "Can we trust Truck Drivers with Guns?" I mean when an out of work truck driver breaks into a Truck company and kills people, that "shows" that we can't trust truck drivers. What an ass. Give your freaking gun obsession a rest. You "won." Take your victory lap and shut the hell up. If you want to attack the media, then do it with a little class. Cite some examples of reporters doing something that conflicts with your gun rights positions, and then link to it. That is all it takes. Exploiting a child abuse case to further your need to quell your fears is disgusting.

The Rambler

Drop over and say hello to The Rambler, a new local Cincinnati blogger.

UPDATE: I also added a couple of conservative bloggers to the blogroll, Rob Bernard and the Naughty Pundit. I don't agree with there opinions, which I am sure they know, but I like having local people to link to on the other side of spectrum who are not oblivious to Cincinnati Area culture.

I also added a link to the Queen City Forum. I recently met both the Publisher Steve Fritsch
and Editor-in-Chief Michael D. Altman. Both nice guys with a strong commitment to opening the eyes of the city to ideas they are not getting while watching local TV news.

WCPO TV News Reporter Arrested on 'Sex Charges'

Stephen Hill a reporter with WCPO has been arrested on charges of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. Hill faces 8 counts of unlawful sexual conduct with boys whose ages have not been disclosed. As police tried to arrest him, Hill reportedly attempted to commit suicide by slashing his wrists.

This is what can best be described as a local bombshell news story. When news like this hits home to the media, they take it hard. What will be interesting is the amount of coverage it gets nationally. It was headline news on WLW radio this morning, but was not really a topic of conversation for callers. I chalk that up to it being Saturday morning.

The man deserves his day in court, but his behavior does not bode well for innocence. I would hope his past is being investigated to determine if he has had contact with other children locally and in cities where he worked previously.

If one of children abused was any of the kids he has cared for as a foster parent, then I hope local government officials will investigate how he was screened and let into the program.

The age of the children should be a factor that I hope is made public. All to often this is called Pedophilia no mater how old the victim is. Pedophilia specifically refers to the sexual attraction of children aged 13 and younger. Those who want the 14-17 year olds fall into what is called Hebephilia. For more information on this definitions check out which lists some definitions and terms used. Neither of these types of behaviors are tolerable, but one is worse than the other. If Hill was abusing a 15 year old, that is one crime, while a 5 year old is a whole different crime, or rather it should be. Lumping both crimes into one umbrella is ultimately unfair. I am sure this sounds like I am trying to defend Hill, something I don't wish to do, but passing comments on WLW referred to this a pedophilia, which is not a valid term. Hills added "crime" is that these people trust Hill to help mentor their children. That makes his actions just seem more heinous, much akin to the Priest sex scandals.

WCPO issued an on air comment on the issue, which is online here.

Additional coverage: WCPO, WLWT, The Post.

UPDATE: WLW is reporting that the children's ages were between 13 and 17. The also saying he is being charged with "child molestation" which goes to the point that no, this would not necessarily be the case.

UPDATE#2: I hate to link to this, but Nate (Rhymes with Hate) is claiming Hill was set up by Keith Fangman. Here is one of his many pseudonym's full post:
Posted: Sat Feb 28, 2004 3:28 am Post subject: Channel 9's Steven Hill Arrested.

I can't believe this shit! The cops are trying to ruin another black man in this city. Steven Hill has been one of the few decent reporters in this town who wasn't afraid to tell the truth about the police department. You might remember Keith Fangman went on a crusade against Mr. Hill a few years ago and now they tell us that Mr. Hill was having sex with children. Give me a fucking break. I don't believe a word of this bullshit. This is the same type of shit they tried to pull with Ovie Mitchell.

These white boys are a bunch of devils. Fangman is a dirty dog just like Pat Dewine. They both hang around with the family values crowd and they both left their wives. Everybody knows that Pepper is a fag. The cops couldn't get Mr. Hill on anything REAL so they made some shit up. When is the Black community gonna wake up and realize that these white motherfuckers ain't worth a damn and stop letting them pick off Black people one by one.
Posted by The REAL Blog
This is protected by the 1st Amendment aaaannd the RED, the BLACK, and the GREEN !!!
Now I can't wait to see how Nate responds to my post by showing his racism and frankly his paranoia. This was post late last night, so he may not have been thinking clearly, or did not know about the attempted suicide by Hill, but the guy must really be living in a dream world, or just likes baiting people. If he's trying to bait people, I guess he hooked me, but exposing this type of comment I hope instills all of the liberals/progressives and journalists in town, and I especially hope the LOCAL AP REPORTERS, that Nate is a racist and bigot. Please see him for that and do not consider him or his organization as legitimate or worthwhile to include in any community discussion or effort. Also, for those reading this on his message board be sure to read the original at

Thought Police: Just the Facts Ma’am

Ok, where are all of the conservatives who get pissed off every time a leftist wants them to stop using "Redskins" or "Indians" to describe a sports team going to take a full bore stand against the out right theocratic fascism (yet I said it again) of Phil Burress and the CCV?

Now, everyone knows that Clear Channel has nothing to fear from the current FCC commissioner or the current President, after all Rush Limbaugh is a Clear Channel man. It is interesting that we have not heard much about this on WLW, but I guess they want it to just go away.

On the other hand, this situation sounds like it was taken right from the plot of the 1987 version of Dragnet, where an anti-porn preacher conspired with a pornographer to push each other's causes by orchestrating a theft and a controversy. Now, I don?t see any theft, other than of my freedom, but controversy, yes that is what we have.

What strikes me as funny though, is that Burress is not mounting a campaign against Howard Stern. I have heard WEBN and its morning show and I have heard Stern's morning show, both show compete locally. Stern is 100 times "worse" than the Dawn Patrol. So, Clear Channel dumps on Stern, and then the next day CCV attack WEBN. The target market for WEBN would find Phil Burress to be a nutty prude (some might even call him a fascist as well). It is laying out like a passion play.

Side note: I have to raise one problem with Rick Bird's article. Rick failed to mention in the article that he used to work for WEBN and specifically was part of the Dawn Patrol. Rick should have made that admission in the story. I don't think the story is totally tainted, it says the facts as I think they are, but it does give fuel to the CCV to claim that this story is "biased" because of Bird's relationship to the story. CCV, in a rare case, may have a point. The Post should have given this story to someone else, or at least added a co-writer who could have gotten more of the CCV viewpoint. After all, nothing makes the CCV sound worse then when they keep talking about their bigotry and theocratic movement to bring about Christian Fascism.

Friday, February 27, 2004

Sex and the Cincy

Maggie Downs brings up the finale of Sex and the City. Having not had HBO since I left for college in 1990, I have only watched the show once will visiting a relative. I have to admit that it was entertaining, but I never though it was really that great. It was a story about women, and believe it or not, I am a guy, so I can see why I just did not "get it." I much prefer a West Wing or an ER.

1 Year From Now

If you look forward to the 2005 Oscar season, what do you see? I see a bunch of fanatics bitching and moaning as to why Mel Gibson film did not either get nominated or win an Oscar for every category. I think they will be really pissed if they don't get the Oscar for best adapted screenplay.

Also, as soon as the Passion comes out on DVD I will be looking for news reports of some fool pissed off because public schools will not let him show the movie in the school. I expect that locally too.

Marriage Amendment Dead

Calpundit is pointing to a tally that indicates that 40 senators are against the anti-gay marriage amendment. Bush got his day in the theocratic sun, but nothing to show for it. Will this piss off the right wing? Will he still lose the centrist votes that one would guess such a swing right would eliminate?

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Preaching to the Choir

Based on this article, the Gibson Movie seemed to just bring out the religious people, this really did nothing but reshuffle the deck. A few Catholics or Protestants might swap sects, but no one new is really taking up the mantle of Christianity. Now, I am sure evangelicals will tout some stats about who is joining their flock, but what I think they miss is that most people they gain, someone else's church is losing.

Gift Horse?

When it is Peter Bronson who writes a column about you and your book, do you take the media attention and smile, or do you distance yourself from his conservative stench? Well, if you are Kathy Y. Wilson, what do you do? Since Kathy writes for a paper with much smaller circulation I would just take it, and hopefully smile at the increase in book sales.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Pot - Kettle

Howard Stern Show Taken Off Clear Channel Stations

'Liberal Media'

Wow! This person is a copy editor. Amazing how the religious hate speech can just roll of the keyboard like that. I wonder if Peter Bronson is taking notes.

[Via Atrios]

Gibson's Film: Crucifixation

"Crucifixation" was from the Daily Show, which tonight hit the film's marketing machine hard. I do not think I will go see Mel Gibson's Passion. I don't like going to movies that get this kind of Hype. I have never seen Titanic, nor the Matrix movies.

What I have read about the film though, I really am taken aback by. I, as most readers should know, am an atheistic agnostic, so I don't share the religious beliefs of Mel Gibson or other various types of Christians. I was raised as a middle of the road Christian, Methodist to be specific, so I very familiar with the religious doctrine. I am repulsed by the violence and the worship of the violence the Jesus character is put through in the movie. To me the value of Christianity was to act like Jesus, the old golden rule element of the religion. Believing Jesus was the "son of God" seems so trivial. The point of the religion always seemed to be about how you treated other people, not about stroking the ego of a deity. This film to me glorifies that image, not of the caring person. It seems more about worshiping "Jesus" because he did this for you, instead of worshiping Jesus through your actions by helping people. This is an underlying difference in Christian sects, so I am sure many Christians would disagree, but hopefully they can see the differences.

Enquirer's review of the Film, and the Post's local PR piece on it.

Gay Marriage, Again

One thing that has been bothering me are the claims that Bush's statement yesterday should be construed to mean that he does not want to ban state's rights to create civil unions. There are two problems with that contention. One is that he did not put forth any language to suggest that he would not support the most popular amendment up for consideration, the Musgrave Amendment. That amendment clearly has language, as I previously posted, indicates that civil unions would illegal if the amendment was adopted. If Bush was against such a thing, why did he not make it clear that he does not support the Musgrave Amendment as written?

Secondly, it is clear that Bush is against Civil Unions.
MR. McCLELLAN: [...] The President has made it very clear that he would not have supported it for the state of Texas.

Q Civil union?

So, Bush is all about state's rights, I guess, except when it comes to marriage. States can relegate homosexuals to second class citizens, but they can't allow them to be full citizens with equal rights. Hmmm, sounds like a bigot to me.

I will give a shout out to Rob Bernard for getting a traffic surge from the 800-pound gorilla, but a commenter on Rob’s site referred to me as an "unknown blogger." Now, I am a nobody in the Blogosphere, but what kind of ego trip does it take to slam me for having an opinion, voicing it, but not having a reputation big enough to fit that commenter’s sense of self importance?

Just so we are clear, Bush is a bigot. Bush opposes allowing homosexuals the rights given to married couples. If he even wanted to help homosexual with some rights, like hospital visitation, I have not heard him once voice support for it either at the federal or state level. Now, to say that he is merely doing this for political reasons begs the question, if he is willing to work against gays, why would he not also wage a war for political reasons?


Are the vultures starting to circle?

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Broken Record: Bush is a Bigot Without a Doubt

I couldn't disappoint anyone by not once again pointing out that Bush is a bigot, so there ya go. I guess his fence sitting State of the Union quasi-support for the Gay Marriage Ban Amendment was not playing well in the bible belt, so he had to go full tilt.

Well, I have said why I think Bush is a bigot enough, so I will instead deal with why Bush is flat out wrong on what the proposed FMA will do. He seems to think that states will be able to create "Civil Unions." Claims otherwise are being refuted by many legal scholars. Eugene Volokh gives a conservo-libertarian view on why the FMA does ban civil unions as currently written.

Kevin Drum has excellent Analysis and Atrios has comments as well.

The most surprising posts and comments are coming from Andrew Sullivan. Sullivan is a conservo-libertarian Bush supporter who is also a firm Gay Marriage supporter. A large portion of his readers seem to be pissed at Bush?s stance on Gay Marriage, which appears to be the last straw holding up their support of Bush. I can't see how there can be any homosexual Bush supporters after today. I mean, the man came out and gave no rationale why any can't marry a person of the same sex. I mean, Bush did not even have the guts to say why Gay Marriage is bad. How will it affect Heterosexual Marriage? It is freaky how Bush sounds like he is defending an anti-miscegenation laws:
Marriage cannot be severed from its cultural, religious and natural roots without weakening the good influence of society. Government, by recognizing and protecting marriage, serves the interests of all. Today I call upon the Congress to promptly pass, and to send to the states for ratification, an amendment to our Constitution defining and protecting marriage as a union of man and woman as husband and wife.
That makes me want to vomit. WHY can't marriage be severed from the past as it was when anti-miscegenation laws were repealed? HOW do two men or two women getting married weakening society? HOW does making homosexuals serve "us all?" Bigoty does not serve me. I guess oppressing homosexuals serves Bush's political aims buy getting the bible thumpers all good and frothy.

Locally Covington Jim comments, as does Wes Flinn.

Lynch Steps Down as CBUF President

Damon Lynch has stepped down as the President of the Cincinnati Black United Front. His reason appears to be to focus on a 2005 Council Run. Politically this is a great move for Lynch. Stepping away from the boycott was the one thing he needed to make council. He has done that and should walk easily onto council.

What is troublesome, yet inevitable, is that Dwight Patton would take over as President. Dwight's reputation has a racial reconciler is laughable. Dwight is a confrontationalist who pushed CBUF into racist positions and stances. It is with those type actions that make it odd that Dwight's biggest enemy is Nate Livingston.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Why I Give a Damn

Have some of you folks out there, my few yet brilliant readers, wondered why I tend to throw around terms like "theocratic fascist around? Well look no further than the scary congressmen behind the movement to strip power from the Supreme Court, and in the name of religion. It appears that Sen. Zell Miller (D) of Georgia seems to have joined Congressmen ADERHOLT and PENCE in pushing for a theocratic state, where freedom of religion is only for the 'majority', not the individual.

Read the Christian Coalition's list of issues and you wonder why I oppose them and those who work with them.

[Via Atrios and Wes Flinn]

Portman for Vice President?

Well, WCPO reported the rumor, which they call "speculation" and had this teaser in their article "Rob Portman will speak with 9News this morning and we'll have an update as soon as it is available." WLWT seemed to have the same story.

WCPO's website has nothing new reported on Portman, in fact the story was buried. This kind of speculation is very interesting, but highly dubious. Someone from Portman's camp is floating the idea out there to see if any remnants of a ground swell can be built for ousting Dick Cheney from the GOP Ticket. Cheney is nothing but a drag on Bush. Now, I of course have no problem if President Bush sees fit to stick to loyalty. I see no problem with that at all.

In all seriousness, Bush will keep Cheney on unless he needs new blood to pull in more votes in a race he could be losing. Think of dumping Cheney as a reserve. When Bush's polls are running low, he will tap into a new VP to inject a new heart to GOP ticket. That would at least be the pragmatist’s play. Is Bush really a pragmatist?

Ohio the Heart of it All

Will Ohio be the battle ground state for 2004? Edwards was here. Bush's Approval rating here in Ohio (pdf) is below 50%. That should be scaring the crap out of Republicans. Bush must win Ohio. If Bush loses Ohio, the Democrat will win.

Edwards has to at least win Ohio, New York, or California if he really plans on winning the Democratic nomination.

Dumb Headline

"Most at festival avoid arrest." What did the Enquirer expect, a majority of festival goers to be arrested? Stupid headline writer.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Holy Shit!

I just watched Dowlin's anti-DeWine commercial on WKRC where he says DeWine left his wife and kids for a "Convergys lobbyist." Wow, I had not seen it live, and that is one of the most low brow political commercials I have ever seen. This year is going to be the bloodiest political season in 36 years.

Bush Still a Bigot

Rob Bernard is on me for calling Bush and using "bigot" a lot. Sorry, that I have to use the word so often, but there are no synonyms that capture the meaning I am after.

Now Rob's attempting to play the game that not everyone against Gay Marriage is a bigot, and then points to Kerry and Edwards. Well, I don't like their positions, but they come out for equal rights for Gays. Bush and his horde are against gay rights. Rob even tried to float the idea from radio talk show host, a real "authority," that heterosexual men have no more rights to marry men they gay men do. I hope he is just trying to be funny, because that is laughable as a reason. I guess he would say that if a black man could not marry a white woman, that is not discrimination as long as a white man could not marry a black woman.

The really issue in his post is that Bush is not a bigot. I say why? Bush wants to both ban homosexual marriage and civil unions. Greg Mann comments on why the Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment does both.

If civil unions was something Bush supported he would be doing the logically thing, including an establishment of civil unions in the Marriage ‘Defense’ Amendment. Why will that not happen? Those pushing the Amendment do not want to provide equal rights or any level of rights to gays or lesbians on issues they can't claim otherwise. That is bigotry, and Bush is supporting it.

I have still not heard any conservative against gay marriage state why it would be a bad thing for homosexuals to get marriage licenses. Now, I mean details reason why, not rhetorical generalities like “it will harm the institution.” I want to know how they think that will happen and more specifically how heterosexual marriages would be affected by homosexual marriages.

How To Come Across as a Right Wing Crusader

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a speech with in the last couple of days were he called for the Mayor of San Francisco to comply with the law and stop issuing marriage licenses to homosexual couples. I have no problem with Arnold doing this. It is after all the law and it is his duty to enforce the laws of the State of California. The problem is with how he is doing it. He could have given a solemn speech where he either pushed for civil unions, something he supports, or just made it a dry enforcement of the law. Instead, Arnold made it a political speech where a crowd cheered him for saying he was going to come down hard on San Francisco for what it is doing:
Schwarzenegger told a cheering crowd at the state GOP convention that "in San Francisco, the courts are dropping the ball."

"It's time for the city to stop traveling down this dangerous path of ignoring the rule of law. That's my message to San Francisco," he said Friday night.
Arnold chose the GOP State Convention to rally the troops against Gay Marriage like it was his new crusade against those horrible gays that he would prefer to do his hair, but not try and get married or anything. He can't have "them" be like everyone else, now can he?

Arnold should have given a speech from the State Capital and made it as the Governor enforcing the law. Instead he gave to a bunch of Republicans who CHEERED him for doing this. Now, I am sure some will now say, "but they should cheer him for doing his duty!" Sorry, no, they should not, unless of course they like keeping homosexuals as second class citizens, which those who cheered I think like. When a police officer arrests a man for murdering the person who caused the death of the man's child, no one cheers the officer. The officer is doing his duty. The only ones who might cheer are the family of the person who caused the child's death. Why would they feel the need to cheer? Why would they cheer a cop doing something most would wish he did not have to do, but the law is the law.

Arnold could have used a little less glee in his enforcement of shutting out gays from marriage. The cheers make those Republicans sound like bigots, which I would bet they are. Yep, I called someone else a bigot! Better start complaining that I called a duck a duck.

Flowers from the Midwest

There are simple things that people can do to make people feel human. One such thing is happening in San Francisco, where gay and lesbian couples getting married are being given anonymous bouquets of flowers from total strangers in the Midwest and other places not normally thought of as gay friendly.

There are notes with each bouquet saying things like ?To The Happy Couple,? which is a small gesture, but make the couples feel like people care. People want to wish them happiness just like any other newlyweds. That is all they want, to be like everyone else. Homosexual couples want to share their lives and form a loving home and stable life. Random gifts and messages wishing these couples good luck is a totally simple thing to do, but something I think that can give warmth to two people that will last the rest of their lives.

If you are feeling good and want to do something great for people, send some flowers tomorrow to the newlyweds.

UPDATE: Flowers for Al and Don has a way to donate money for flowers fairly easily.

Nader's Windmills

Nader's announcement to run for President as an Independent is getting plenty of coverage. What I want to know is why he is not running on the Green Party Ticket? Did he drop them, or did they drop him? The press is not answering that question. One report I found indicates that the Greens said no to him. The reasons for why are not specific.


Via Atrios: Haloscan as added a Trackback feature. I have installed it and invite other trackback users to please use this function if possible. Thanks!

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Springer or Nick Lachey?

Who would make a worse Mayor of Cincinnati? Jerry has already been mayor of course and beyond paying for a hooker by check, his term in office was not considered bad. Springer also, well, was a reasonably qualified politician. According to his bio Nick was going to Miami (damn it, why did have to be Miami?) when he joined in on 98 Degrees. I assume he did not finish college. Based on Nick's age I would guess he was there while I was going to Miami. Odd.

A Bully Brooklynite's Head in the Sand

Ken Wohlrob, Publisher and Editor of Bully Magazine, has put out Bully's "Ten Worst American Cities To Live In" List. This magazine is new to me, I had never heard of it before reading about this list on the boards. I therefore am not placing much credence in its finds, but I still have few bones to pick with it. Here’s the list:
10. Seattle
9. Toledo
8. Los Angeles
7. Salt Lake City
6. Cincinnati
5. St. Louis
4. Atlanta
3. Miami
2. Phoenix
1. Cleveland
Now, I don’t mind that Cincinnati made the list, but I really have to wonder how this list was complied and if actual residents of the cities were interviewed. What was written about Cincinnati is just plain wrong:
If you took Chicago, sucked out every last ounce of culture including its thriving music scenes and quality restaurants and bars, leaving a graying hulk of skyscrapers and a complete lack of night life, then you would have Cincinnati. To some Cincinnati is the greatest city in the U.S. - usually these folks are old, white, Christian fundamentalists, confined to wheelchairs, and are very scared of "coloreds." If you are not this type of person and you live in Cincinnati and like it, you have mental problems and should seek professional help.
Now, Cincinnati has a shit load of conservatives who don’t know a Dali from Dogs Playing Poker or Gershwin from Jessica Simpson, but Cincinnati has as good a culture as any City its size if not better. The CSO, Cincinnati Pops, Ballet, Opera, CAM, CAC, Taft, just to name a few of the MAJOR cultural institutions that this city has to offer that are as good as any in the country, except for New York and other mega cities. We don't have places that would get the girls on "Sex and the City" wet, but for a Midwestern city of nearly 2 million people we have plenty to do and plenty of good places and cultural events to go. In fact with the conformist and stale society in this city I would argue the artistic and cultural groups here have more courage, are more cutting edge than New York. Throwing horseshit on a painting or laying in the street nude is rather innocuous in the Big Apple. Here in Cincinnati, dying your hair pink still gets you looked at funny. We have far more people per capita here willing to be "truly" unique, than say NY or LA. Uniqueness is of course relative to the situation, but the variation is still part of the equation. We here in Cincinnati don't have to go to the extremes to gain attention from the blue hairs. Other places they have to damn near blow their brains out to cause a ruckus.

Has Mr. Wohlrob ever even been to Cincinnati? I am guessing he has, mainly because three Ohio cities were on the list, Cleveland being #1. I would guess that is where Mr. Wohlrob was beaten up for dressing up like member of the Cure back in the 1980’s. Now, while I don’t like Bullies either, it just strikes me as funny that he would call his magazine Bully and then proceed to condemn 10 cities basically because they are not New York. Well, they are not Brooklyn. That is the high land of culture where Mr. Wohlrob’s is based. We all know the fabulous cultural wonders that make Brooklyn the vibrant hub of American culture.

I really have to wonder why cities like Buffalo, Jacksonville, Tampa, Houston, Dallas, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, St. Paul, Detroit, Portland, San Diego, Lexington, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Eire, Richmond Va., or anywhere in the State of New Jersey.

Cincinnati does not deserve to be on this list. The city is made a laughing stock by the mainstream media who live on the coasts and think the midwest is where they escaped from after college. Life is not dull here. It is vibrant. We are not New York or Chicago or San Francisco. We are, however, not a bad place to live.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Pontus Pilate

5th/3rd Bank has announced that it is putting the decision to its shareholders whether or not to include sexual orientation in its nondiscrimination policy.

Gee, how nice of them. I guess it is a real "ballsy" thing to do. (Cough, Cough)

This is not only horrid; it reeks of fear of offending someone with a big bank balance. What company the size of 5th/3rd does not have such a nondiscrimination policy? This should be a no brainer. 5th/3rd lists its policy:
"Fifth Third offers equal employment opportunities, regardless of race, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability or veteran status."
Now, if they were to say put religion up to a vote and allow discrimination against lets say Roman Catholics or Mormons, who would be screaming about it? Yes, that is right, the Conservative Christians would be. Those same Conservative Christians, like Phil Burress, who are against equal rights for Homosexuals, demand “special rights” for the religious.

What don’t understand is the need for the vote. Why doesn’t the CEO just add in sexual orientation to the list above, and forget about pretending that shareholders votes are somehow democratic. Why would they not want to adopt this policy and try and shield themselves from lawsuits? It is poor company management to not have such a policy.

Fundamentalists Protect Child Abusers?

Why are Fundamentalists Christian Churches against a law requiring members of the clergy to report child abuse? The mainline churches, including the Roman Catholics, support this law. What gives?


Who will boycotters blame for this? Yes, another rhetorical question.


Well, a former President and father of the current President is in town and what do we get? We get a puff piece on a fund raiser with Bush talking about Dana Carvey and sky Diving.

Sam Malone: Anti-Gay

Why is Councilman Sam Malone questioning the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission choice to support a repeal of Article XII? Yes, that is a rhetorical question. I think I know why.

Bush: A Bigot

Yes folks, sources say it is true, Bush is admiting he is a bigot.

Headline: "Kucinich not ready to quit"

Dude, get a fucking clue. Stop wasting money. If you want to be Ralph Nader, then quite the party. Otherwise, just shut the hell up already. Leonard Nimoy needs his persona back.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Now and Then With Peter Bronson

Then: 1998:
The president who has done everything from Waco to Filegate "for the children" is now the one president we can't stand to even talk about with our children.
And here's one that gives me the creeps:

The president who lied to us, insulted our White House and demeaned his office has the gall to tell us what is "the right thing to do" -- staying in office, of course. And he has enlisted ministers to sermonize about forgiving him, so we can all move on.

I get squeamish stirring politics with faith. I'm certainly no preacher. But Bill Clinton dared us to judge him. And that troubled me. I searched my soul. I asked other Christians I respect. I studied the Bible. And finally, I agreed with Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who says that Mr. Clinton's most serious sin may not be violating the commandments against adultery and bearing false witness; it's the one against taking the Lord's name in vain.
And Now:
The rest of the story falls into the "strictly personal'' file. I can't speak for everyone in the press, but mucking around in private lives gives me the creeps - unless it's unavoidable.

I know, I know: Fanatic Clintonistas still insist he was impeached for moral misdemeanors that were "only about sex.'' But that's fiction from the Bill Clinton library. He obstructed justice and lied under oath. His own reckless stupidity forced even his friends to cover Wild Bill's Scandal Outlet.

And let's face it, there are two sets of rules. Most of the press had no problem ignoring a rumor about Democrat John Kerry's "intern scandal." That turned out to be bogus anyway. But the slimy accusation that President Bush was AWOL from the National Guard was just as bogus - and big media recycled that sack of dirt in breathless headlines for a month.
So let me get this straight. Clinton was horrible for lying to "us." Hmmm, I have to wonder why Bush's lied to me, I use the first person because that is how I feel about it. How is Bush's lies about why we went to war are so forgive able. Why has Bush "enlisted ministers to sermonize about forgiving him, so we can all move on?" Why does Bronson seem to want to avoid the obvious, Bush lied about WMD. He lied about the level of threat from Iraq to make the USA think going to war could not wait. Bush claimed we had not other choice but to go to war. That was, as we now know, was wrong. It was not wrong because Bush was given bad info, it was wrong because he knowingly knew that Iraq was not going to hit the USA in the next year, let alone the next 10 years.

I agree with Bronson on keeping personal lives personal unless they affect the office. Clinton's personal life would have stayed person if Clinton's enemies had not tried to set him up and force him to "lie" about that personal life that should have been left personal.

Bush's past service is fair game. His less than stellar service would be used to tar and feather any Democrat who sent the military into battle. Bush's service in the National Guard has holes that are wide and unaccounted. We went to war over WMD's being unaccounted, so I see no problem with the Press dipping into Bush's past. They seem to be whimping out because bush pulled a document drop on them, classic move for a guilty man. Kevin Drum has a round up of facts and has a report that Bush's witness's credibility is losing credibility by the second.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Spy vs. Spy vs. Willie

Dowlin and DeWine were both on the Bill Cunningham's radio show on Wednesday. I only caught the last 2 minutes while out for lunch, so if anyone heard it and has thoughts, chime in.

Pat's dad was on with Jim Scott running interference Wednesday morning, and there is a rebuttal commercial from DeWine. Pat has filed a complaint claiming the original Dowlin commercial was false. Dowlin's commercials are on his website. Pat's site does not have his commercials, yet.

Dean Gone

Wes Flinn Comments.

Dean was an interesting candidate. He had too much of a media infused campaign and paid the price for it. His organization was big but lacked experience and influence inside the Democratic Party’s core voting block.

More from Calpundit and Oliver Willis and the Hegemo.

Traffic Tickets Are People Too

An FBI agent testified in court that LaShawn Pettus-Brown sometime over the last year paid off a Cincinnati Traffic Ticket. I guess he could either find the City Hall mailing address or the City’s website, but could not find a phone number to call and say why he had not done anything about the near $200K he wasted away. Will he have any defense at all?

His lawyer seems to want to blame the city:
Pettus-Brown's lawyer, Kenneth Lawson, said his client did nothing wrong and should be freed from jail. He said mismanagement by Cincinnati city officials was the real reason the theater project collapsed.
It is amazing what a Lawyer will try and claim to try and get a client off. Lawson would try and claim the Ohio River was running with Vodka, if it could help a client.

Convergys and Betty Hull Sitting in a Tree

Greg Korte writes City Council lobbyists requirement to file an annual registration statement. He reports that:
Marie Gemelli-Carroll of Communications in the Public Interest, Louise Hughes of Procter & Gamble, Lynn Marmer of the Kroger Co., Doug Moorman of the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and Victor A. Needham of Cinergy Corp.
Greg points out that no lobbyist from Convergys filed a statement. That refers to John Dowlin's recent commercial suggesting that Pat DeWine was or is dating a lobbyist for Convergys, namely Betty Hull. DeWine's campaign has denied that Hull was a lobbyist for Convergys.

Perplexing situation. Shouldn't it be easy to determine who was a lobbyist or not? Couldn't the city subpoena Convergys and find out? Will the City do so?

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Cause for Protest?

A teenage kid was killed after loosing control of an allegedly stolen car while being chased by police. The sawed-off shotgun under the seat is the biggest concern for me. Where do teenagers get such a thing?

Correcting Conservatives

In a letter to the Enquirer a neighbor of mine wrote:
Borgman cartoon was a cheap shot

Once again, Jim Borgman flies his flag with a cheap shot.

The illustration (Feb. 11) of Sen. John Kerry in uniform and medals versus President Bush in uniform with a beer medal is typical Borgman.

I don't recall in 1991 the same scene with ex-president Bush in uniform and medals versus Borgman's man Bill Clinton the draft dodger and his conquests.

An illustration of Kerry and his many faces would be interesting.

Edward Mohr, Mount Washington
Mr. Mohr should rethink his timing. In 1991 no one thought Bill Clinton was going to be nominated for President, let alone win. If you had put 1992 in your situation might have been reasonable. What you seem to forget was the HUGE flack Clinton got. He was called a draft dodger by every fire-breathing Conservative out there. Now we get Bush, who unlike his father, pulled strings to get into the National Guard. I would have done the same, so I don't personally mind that fact. What I do mind is Bush prancing around on an aircraft carrier like he was his father, who was a war hero. I don't hear many conservatives complaining about Bush's less than stellar military career.

Oh, Borgman is not being inconsistent, he is being Ironic.

Dancing Bronsons

Bronson ponders why two GOP primary candidates can't realize that they both can carry on the conformist views of the local Republican party. I was waiting for Bronson to dig out the old Ron Reagan axiom "Thou Shalt Not Speak Ill of Any Other Republican." I guess the Golden Rule is a double edge sword in internal GOP politics.

Boycott Over?

The National Baptist Convention U.S.A. Inc. has announced that it will hold its 2008 national convention in Cincinnati.

The only caveat is that in February 2002 they said they would hold a convention in Cincinnati, only to come back in March of 2002 and change their minds.

Now, I am sure this post will get Nate's panty's in a bunch, but if this sticks, I think this may be a nail in the boycott coffin that no one can pull out.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Local Passion

WCPO reports on 'local' reaction to Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion." The article does not really report reaction to the movie; it reports what people who are promoting the movie are saying. Where's the local Jewish viewpoint? You walk 10 feet in the local media without stepping on a Catholic touchy feely story.

I was laughing at this quote:
"The message to Hollywood is we want movies like this and we want to see historical truth brought to the big screen," Giroux said.
You can call it religious truth, but to try and say, with a straight face, that biblical stories are 'historical truth' is really just wrong. There is some "historical" fact in the bible, but to say "The Passion" is historical truth is a misnomer. It is not history; it is religion. It might be "true" religion to a particular sect of Christianity, but clearly it is not factually to many Jews, non-Christians, and even various sects of Christianity.

Dowlin Get's Ugly

John Dowlin hit the gutter in his campaign against Pat DeWine. Dowlin raises questions regarding the Convergys deal and DeWine's interests in it:
"There are serious questions about Pat DeWine.

Pat DeWine was a deciding vote in a multimillion dollar taxpayer funded deal.

First, DeWine opposed a tax break for Convergys, calling it a horrible deal.

Then, DeWine voted for it after his own political advisor was hired as a lobbyist by Convergys.

What happened next was shocking.

DeWine left his wife and children for the Convergys lobbyist, whose company received the tax breaks DeWine supported.

Pat DeWine; conflict of interest. Shameful Conduct."
DeWine claims the allegations are false and plans to file a complaint with the Ohio Election Commission. Media reports indicate that the woman in question is Betty Hull.

Oh the humanity. Oh the desperation of Dowlin.

UPDATE: Enquirer's Story.

Race Riots!

Nope. It's not Cincinnati. It is not even in the United States. Sydney, Australia was the scene of riots in what they call an "Aboriginal district.” The riots were reportedly set off by the death of an Aboriginal teenager. The teenager died allegedly after falling off his bike while being pursed by police. Somehow the teenager impaled himself on a metal fence.

This sentence about the area where the rioting took place is interesting
The area is notorious for drug dealing, with heroin being sold openly in a local park.
I wonder if the BBC or any other foreign news outlet reported that the Cincinnati riots that took place in 2001 also were located in an area "notorious for drug dealing, with heroin being sold openly in a local park." OTR just might fit that description.

Much Ado About Nothing

Well, I was surprised to read that basically the Kerry 'intern' scandal was not much of a scandal. The woman in question is denying it. It appears this ends it. This does not mean that something did not go on, but that no laws were broken and unlike Clinton there was nothing to trap him with on an insignificant tangent in a lawsuit.

Cincinnati Post DOA After JOA Dies in 2007?

The Cincinnati Business Courier reports that most analysts think Scripps will likely close down the paper after the 2007 JOA with Gannett ends in 2007. Cox Newspapers, which owns the Dayton Daily News, was considered a possible suitor, but the article reports Cox in not interested.

I think that is mistake for Cox. They could kick the Enquirer's ass if they wanted to. With their small papers in Hamilton, Middletown, and really small Oxford, as well as other local weeklies, they could mount a strong hit on the Northern Enquirer Market if they keep the Post around and push its Northern Kentucky edition. The Enquirer is trying to muscle in on West Chester. The DDN should own that with help from the Journal-News. Cox should consider mounting competition online against the Enquirer as well as teaming up with Cincinnati based broadcast outlets. I would bet WLW would team up with the DDN the way the Enquirer does with WCPO.

Silly French Canandains Part Deux

First a boob gets American politicians in a hissy, now Conan O'Brien's is still pissing off Canadian politicians, who can go toe to toe with us Americans in the art of grandstanding.

Toronto Businessman Peter Soumalias summed up the issue with what I think to most people states the obivious:
'It's a silly puppet that tells silly jokes,' Soumalias said. 'Most people find it funny.'"
Was Triumph an agent provocateur? I guess Conan will not get carte blanche on his next trip to Quebec. I thought Conan was fairly chic for a late night show, but will this be a coup de grâce to his career? Conan pulled a great coup d'état when he took over after Letterman left NBC. I thought he was the crème de la crème, but only time will tell.

Portman for Higher Office?

Carl Weiser of the Enquirer insinuates that Congressman Rob Portman's fundraiser with George Bush the Elder this week could be a foundation builder for a run at higher office. Senator, Governor, President????? Portman is a good politician, who fits into the mainstream GOP well, but does not goose-step like Steve Chabot. That makes him more marketable in the State and the Country. He can do this, unlike Chabot, because his district is as safe as anyone's, freeing him up to work on Pension reform, a more innocuous issue that does not push many partisan buttons.

Portman is one who could be Ohio Senator if DeWine steps down. I would not be surprised to seem him run for that seat in the future, but I think Portman has the Presidential bug.

Bush National Guard Story

Kevin Drum looks at the story and specifically at allegations that former Lt. Colonel Bill Burkett made regarding Bush's campaign staff back in 1999.

Will the press let this story die an early death or find out that Bush or his backers fudged things a bit? If Burkett's allegations are true, still an if, then that is something far beyond what may have happened over 30 years ago.

Buress is Infecting Louisville

CCV President and local theocratic fascist, Phil Burress, traveled recently to the Louisville area to try and spread a little censorship. If we offer to give Louisville Simon Leis, do you think they would take the trade? I think we can add some cash to boost the deal.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Am I a Threat?

Via Sadgirlseven I found an Enquirer article about "blogging."

Now, I understand that this was a Tempo section story, which is meant to be fluff. I understand that there are many teens with online journals. That is fine. Why would the Enquirer write about the teenagers and not the blogs with something that is more than who passed a note to whom or the boy from study hall who keeps staring?

I have no problem with a story about teens writing. I just wish this story did not come off as "blogging is for kids."


The Sci-Fi channel has given the go ahead to a new Battlestar Galactica TV series. The December "mini-series" (pilot) did well and was a fresh feel for a space based TV series.

Yes, I have part geek. What person with their own website is not at least a little bit of a geek. Come to think of it, what kind of person at all at least is not something of a geek? I mean, if the end of Revenge of the Nerds is not the single most poignant statement on life, then nothing is.


Oliver Willis asks the question:
Is there any real difference between "NASCAR Dads" and the GOP's old "Southern Strategy"?
The answer is yes and no. Yes it is different in the sense that targeting NASCAR Dads is not about "race." Targeting NASCAR dads is about culture and regionalism. Race is not totally absent from it, but it is more about targeting southern white men (with their wives in tow) against the horrible "liberals" out to take away their "way of life." Minorities are a scapegoat blamed for much in this new strategy, but the old racist south is not what it used to be. It is more about championing bigotry, as opposed to racism. NASCAR dads, as the stereotype would follow, don't mind blacks or other races, as long as they talk, dress, act and believe just like every other NASCAR dad does.

This way of thinking, kind of a cultural balkanism, is not limited to the GOP or white males. This is an element of humanity. What makes this subgroup unique is the level of conformity. Being like everyone else is the underlying factor of what the GOP is after in this marketing target. Conformity is what drives their lives and the measure they use to value self worth. Unlike other elements in American, where conformity is part of more complex subcultures, here in the NASCAR Dad target market, the GOP has found the ideal point of convergence between cultural ideology and extreme uniformity.

In posting this I do not of course want to demean NASCAR fans. I am not one, and I have my bias, but I am bringing up the point because culturally it is a group with identifiable similarities that is being targeted by political campaigns, mostly Republicans.

Ohio 'Sniper' Still Going

This time it is on I-70 15 miles East of Columbus.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Attention French Speaking Cananda!!

It was a freaking joke! Triumph is a dog, a fake dog, but still a dog who "talks." Get over yourself junior government minister Mauril Belanger of the Canadian Parliament. You are a great country though, for me to poop on.

Big CT Night

We had a great crowd last night at the Cincinnati Tomorrow After-Five walk in Pleasant Ridge. Estimates of over 50 people came out over the course of the evening. I have to off a return shout out to Wes Flinn, who joined us. While at the Dubliner, our table of revelers had a great time with a great new beer, Smithwick's.

Burress the Bigot

Article XII was debated yesterday. Burress unveiled his usual ant-homosexual tirade. Basically Burress refuses to concede that homosexuality is not a choice, but a human trait, as natural as heterosexuality. Burress would I am sure want to be protected for choosing his religion. So even under his own false premise, Burress contradicts his position, a shock that will surely rock the community.

Welcome Home LaShawn Pettus-Brown!

Pettus-Brown returns to Cincinnati today to appear in court. I hope he has enjoyed his trip and his life on the lamb. His trial will be interesting. Will he finger anyone in City Hall for helping "push" his deal through, all the while knowing his development plan was bogus?

Thursday, February 12, 2004

More Bigotry

Again with the bigotry thing???? I have to ask this about the Massachusetts Legislature, what beyond anti-homosexual bigotry would cause someone to be against a compromise that keeps Marriage between a man and woman but establishes Civil Unions? Just such a compromise was narrowly defeated and now it is all or nothing. Idiots.

Big Comment Thread

I was amazed how big this comment thread on Bush & WMD got, 38 commenters. A record for this blog. Thanks to all the readers! Now, I will asked that you make sure that you try and keep your tempers in check.

Seekies on Trial

Miami police powers are being questioned. One thing you learned while at Miami, the Seekies (campus police) were nothing to worry about. Oxford Cops were people you could not mess around with at all. I once saw a single Oxford police officer clear out a 500 person party all by himself.

Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy

Todd Portune will face one of four Republicans running in the GOP Primary: Former Cincinnati Councilman Chris Monzel, Blue Ash Councilman Jim Sumner, Anderson Township Trustee Russ Jackson, and financial planner Sandra Hall. I would give Monzel the edge in name recognition, but a City guy verses suburbanites in the GOP primary might be difficult. I know nothing about the other three, beyond Russ Jackson's signs in my neighborhood and his regular mentions in the Whistleblower.

The wide field of challengers should be a plus for Portune. He has a slight edge, but the anti-Democrat elements outside the city will make it a battle.

Say it With Me: Peter Bronson is a Bigot

Ok, I am throwing around the word again, which I am sure will rile up the conservatives, but Bronson's latest column is nothing but a one sided "keep the anti-gay amendment in place" article. This column really is meaningless. Bronson tries to say, why bother? Well, Peter, WHY BOTHER? All he said was that it was political suicide somehow because the issue one 11 years ago because people believed the Phil Burress slogan of "Equal Rights, Not Special Rights," one of the best manipulation of ballot issues I have ever seen.

Bronson, if you oppose the repeal, tell me why homosexuals should be discriminated against. Come right out and sing your anti-homosexual tune. When you start singing to repeal the hate crimes ordinance that protects people based on religion, then maybe you could argue a principled position, until then your bigotry is clear as Stained Glass.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004


John Kerry is one week away from running away with the Democratic nomination. He has a huge lead today with yesterday's wins. Dean is the only one left who could turn it around, but that is asking a lot. Kerry has the momentum. Kerry has the press pushing with him, for now. Kerry has Bush reeling with the AWOL issue. Kerry should stay above the fray of the smears on Bush. These smears should not be new. These should have been made in 2000, but the press was on a break at that point.

More Spy vs. Spy

Dowlin and DeWine are not debating, but they are appearing together at candidate forums. I guess that is like almost having sex.

The laugher of the article is this section:
DeWine is taking on Dowlin in a primary that's tantamount to the election in majority-Republican Hamilton County. Kabaka Oba and Erich Streckfuss are contending in the Democratic primary.
Kabaka Oba is not contending for anything but Hamilton County's Racist of the Year. There is hot competition for the award. The Westside has many contenders, but Oba faces the biggest challenge from his own quarter from Nate, Amanda, and Ms. X.

Candidate's stance's are here.

Bush Back's the Bigots

Via Kevin Drum: WaPo is reporting that Bush will back the anti-homosexual marriage amendment.

We have here a confluence of clarity. Bush, the oh so honest and fair man, the uniter, the President for "all" Americans is using religious and social issues to gin up his troops and cover his ass all the while he diverts attention from his National Guard scandal and the WMD failure. Nice, really, nice. Bush embraces the anti-homosexual movement with both arms. I hope his ultra-conservative religious following has a hard on now, but that would be a "sin." Damn, what a conundrum.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Plame-Gate Gearing Up?

Kevin Drum links to a New York Times article that reports the investigation is going well. Indictments might be coming any day now.

Spy vs. Spy

DeWine is hitting Dowlin. Is Pat DeWine a shoe in? Missing 17% of commission meetings is not going to help Dowlin's reelection cause.

Ohio Sniper

If this shooter moves closer to Cincinnati, then headlines like this, "Columbus Highway Shooter Strikes Closer To Cincinnati," will become common place. What better way to gin up ratings with fear, then with a situation where everyone should be at least a little bit fearful?

More from the Enquirer.

Article XII Repeal

Here we go! I am hopeful that the folks at can defeat the bigots working with the local bigot in chief Phil Burress, who seems to care about laws in the City of Cincinnati, but does not even live inside the city. I guess we have to many of "them" here.

I am unsure what will happen with this effort. It depends on the media and money. If Phil Burress has the money, he might be able to spew his bigotry enough to get homophobia running in the religious communities. If the media gives him or other national bigots to sound off their bigotry unchallenged, then the same might be achieved. If the anti-article XII group has enough money, they might make it with a good margin. If this was a Hamilton County issue, the anti-homosexual provision would stay. Anti-homosexual bigotry in this area is strong and growing. It is not always overt, but keeping gays down is a idiotic fear of many ignorant people.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Your Are Forgiven?

This puff piece on former Asst. Police Chief Ron Twitty suggests that his image is on the mend. Should it be?

If Anyone Ask's We're from Kentucky

That is my commonly used joke and jab at Kentucky. Someone else can use it now too, but with a different meaning:
THEY SAID IT: "I am from Kentucky. Have you heard of Kentucky?"

Elaine Chao, labor secretary and Sen. Mitch McConnell's wife, to a group of Iraqi schoolchildren in Baghdad last week. According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, the question was met with "blank stares and some shaking of heads to indicate no."
What I was most ignorant of was that Elaine Chao was married to Mitch McConnell.

I don't mean to bash KY, but hey, when it works, it works. Ohioans are snobs and we know it. I am just glad I am from New York.

Outlet Mall Sniper?

There has been another shooting on Ohio Highways. This time it was in Jeffersonville. Yes for those who have traveled from Cincinnati to Columbus this was near the outlet malls. I am skeptical this was the same shooter. This guy reportedly used a handgun, not a rifle. I had assumed the first guy was using some type of rifle. That assumed that the shooter was not riding along side the cars or locations shot. I really hope this guy is not from or moving his way towards Cincinnati.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Jellybeans for Jesus

Why kind of parent pushing religion on kindergarteners? Also, why would you give a 6 year old kid a prayer to read and expect them to be able to read it? I support the school's policy. Feeding upon the gullibility of children in a controlled setting is shameful. A child should not be subject to a ploy to get them to accept exposure to religion via a Pavlovian trick.


This article makes good points, but the headline seems oddly bad: "Gay-lifestyle laws could backfire." I don?t' see homosexuality as a lifestyle. I see it as a reality for some people. A minority of humanity is homosexual. Most of them live their lives just like everyone else. They mostly I think would just like to do the same things others do, like not be discriminated against, and get "married." The latter I say in quotes because of my openness to compromising on the gay marriage issue with by using civil unions. The issue of Gay Marriage is one I still don't grasp. I still have not heard anyone give a rational way in which heterosexual marriage is endangered or threatened by homosexual marriage.

Bush on Meet the Press

The latest spin:
President Bush: Well, because he had the capacity to have a weapon, make a weapon. We thought he had weapons. The international community thought he had weapons. But he had the capacity to make a weapon and then let that weapon fall into the hands of a shadowy terrorist network.
As I have said before, the University of Cincinnati has the "capacity" to make weapons of mass destruction. When does the Delta Force jump into Coryville?

Bronson's ID: Intellectually Deficient

I swear I am not the one bringing up the issue of Evolution this often, so I hope no one blames me for being obsessive. Bronson might deserve a bit of flack for pushing this issue a bit too much. I really don't grasp the meaning of Peter's column. Is he trying to promote ID (Intelligent Design) as a biological concept? He has supported that kind of thing in the past, and his ignornce on Evolution speaks for itself.

Let us recap the spin of Peter today. He claims this
Roadruck collects examples of "evidence" of evolution. Many have been exposed as frauds - but they are still in textbooks, which evolve slower than flatworms.
OK Peter, show me some of the frauds of evolution. You claim to know of them, where are they?

More from Roadruck:
He argues that DNA and the incredible complexity of life - especially humans - contradict Darwin. "They're teaching evolution as truth - microbes to man. But this is not true. If they were stockbrokers, they'd be in jail" for fraud, he said.
OK Peter, I am sure this guy said this, but it misstates what evolution is. There is the process of evolution, which is fact. No scientist worth anything disagrees with that concept. The other element of evolutions involves the origin of species and then the origin of organic life. Those types are not "fact," or rather are no more "fact" then the concept of gravity.

Bronson's worst in the column is his spew that ID is science. ID is a philosophical argument. ID is one of classic arguments for the existence of a "God." There is no science to back this up, other than playing with mathematical probabilities.

This section I found laughable void of support, just conjecture:
"If you support this, you are labeled a Pat Robertson, fundamentalist wacko,'' said Owens-Fink, who has taught scientific research methods at University of Akron. "What's so bizarre is that they never attack the science part, they just attack the people.''
Ok, first off, where is the "science" that no one will attack? The only theories are to say that evolution is wrong and ID must be true because of the "complexity" of everything. So, they can't support their theory, they can only try and negative other concepts.

Second: Well, look who is supporting your movement and then try and guess why you might be considered a "Pat Robertson, fundamentalist wacko." Religion is at the core of the argument. Specific religious sects fear a society where people don't submit to the will of their religion. They fear that individuality and freedom from Christian will cause chaos, or at least a decline in collection plate receipts. The Roman Catholic Church does not fear science, why do Evangelical/Fundamentalist churches fear it?

Roadruck gives away his motives with Bronson's final quotes,
Roadruck says evolution is the cornerstone of a worldview.

"We've been indoctrinated,'' Roadruck said. "If you teach a generation that we all evolved from pond scum, then everything is relative. There is no truth.''
The worldview they fear is secular humanism. One where religion is not law, but instead a personal choice. Roadruck is in my view the one who has been indoctrinated with religious dogma so much that he fears anything that contradicts it. He blames other for fearing contradiction, while not really saying what is wrong with Evolution. If he had more than a philosophical answer, then maybe it might be worthy of debate, but he has none. Roadruck's problem is that he thinks "truth" is divine. Truth is a philosophical concept, one filled with opinion and perception. Fact is what science deals in. It tries to stick to logic and reason, and leave hunches, emotional dogma, and most of all religion out of mix.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Calpundit: On Iraq War Justification

Kevin Drum has a point that I don't think many war supporters have come to grips with:
"War supporters need to face up to this squarely and provide an honest answer to this question: In order to gain public approval, is it OK for the president of the United States to massively misrepresent a foreign threat merely because he believes that we ought to fight a war?"
I wonder if Tim Russert will ask Bush that question himself this weekend on "Meet the Press?"

Sad Day

Today is a sad day for me. It is my last day working downtown. If you don't know I was laid off last month from my job, but was able to work out a transfer to a different division of the same company. The problem is I will be working out in Mason.

Today is my final day in my office. I will be in cubical out in Mason. I will likely not be able to blog much out there. I hope that is not one of the reasons I was laid off. (It wasn't, just joking). I also will not get to listen to the radio during the day, so I will be working in a news free bubble.

It is sad saying goodbye to my co-workers who are leaving the company today. I have been working with a great group of people and we really got along well. The new group I am working with is a great group too, but I will be a new guy, so it will take a little while to fit in.

My blogging might decrease a little bit over the next couple of weeks while I get used to the longer commute, but I still plan to post everyday. I have been posting in the mornings quite a bit, which I like to do, but that might suffer if I can change my sleep schedule.

I have been working downtown for over 9 years. I love working downtown. My life will of course go on, but I will feel a bit more isolated from Cincinnati.

Taft to Support Bigoted DOMA

The Enquirer is reporting Taft will sign the anti-gay and anti-gay marriage law.

Kudos to Miami U's President for coming out to show how this law will hurt Ohio:
Miami University President James C. Garland said Taft's signature on the law would hurt his efforts to recruit new professors.

"Based on our experience, I am concerned that many prospective faculty members will pass over job positions in Ohio, because of this legislation," Garland wrote.
Taft will not listen. Anti-homosexual bigotry is becoming a new litmus test for the GOP. Abortion is the GOP's third rail, but being anti-homosexual is a close second.

The Dems have a better record, but there are many who, like Bill Clinton, caved into pressure from religious groups to legalize bigotry.

Another Death in Police Custody

This time it was in Silverton. Will this one blow up into a national story? Nope. Why not? Simple: no video. This story is worth a follow-up story on the heels of the Nate Jones death I would think. Where are the AP wire reporters? Mr. Nolan?

Tragic Turfway

A terrible crash at Turfway is leaving one jockey "clinging to life."

I am first surprised to have not seen the crash on TV yet. I assumed there would be film of it from the track officials. I am actually pleased there is not. This is sweeps month, and that would be played over and over on half of the local TV news programs in the country.

It's a Wonderful 97X

Maggie Downs' column today is not an audition for writing a Know Theater production. Maggie gives us a Capraesque take on the sale of 97X.

My personal memories of 97X are that it was one of the only stations you could pick up on the cheap radio we had in the basement of Harris Dining Hall, my college place of employment. I also remember late night calls to 97X to request "Particle Man" which they final played at 3:00 AM, and another event where one of my drunk friends calling in at about 2 in morning advising the on air staff that he was making naked snow angels out behind Swing Hall.

Oh the memories.

CT at Mr. Pitiful's

Cincinnati Tomorrow joined the Enjoy the Arts Stupid Cupid event at Mr. Pitiful's Thursday night. It was a very energetic night with a big crowd 200 plus. Local media types like Stephanie Dunlap of CityBeat and Maggie Downs of the Enqurier were in attendance. Wes Flinn and Nick Spencer, both former council candidates were out, and CT superstar Barry Gee was the man with plan and the great speech to the many new comers to the event.

I must admit that the ladies were out in force, and looked mighty fine. Picture me with a big felt hat on as I wrote the last sentence.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Cody's Closed

XRay is reporting that Cody's Cafe has closed its doors. No official reason was given for why the shut down was known. There is no idea if they will return or not. Press reports from last year indicated that a closure was possible.

The Enquirer Has Your Back Geroge

President Bush can rest a little easier. The Enquirer's editorial page commands us: "Don't politicize U.S. intelligence probe."


He Said it, So Dont Blame me.

In his column today on BatSakes Hat shop contained this golden paragraph:
For me, Gus made an offer I couldn't refuse: A black Borsalino with a medium brim and a brown band. It's sort of a fedora that flops at both ends like a speech by the governor. My hat makes me look like detective Philip Marlowe playing the evil Nazi who chases Indiana Jones. Or maybe just another guy in a hat.
(Bold Added)

Ok Peter, if you say you look like a Nazi, who am I to argue with you. I wonder what Si Leis looks like in that hat.

Sledge Speaks!

Matt Sledge, 97X DJ, comments on the impending sale of 97.7 to a Texas company. Matt breaks the news that he "more than likely" will not be working with 97X after the sale is completed. This is sad news for radio fans and Oxford residents. I think Matt will be missed. I hope he finds a new place to keep and raise his peanuts with the same charm that was WOXY.

CityBeat has a very good story on the sale of 97X. I have not seen anyone list the latest rumor I ran across that the studio for the online version of 97X will relocate to Cincinnati.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Local 12

Rick Bird writes about WKRC’s change in marketing of their local news programming. Bird speculates what the other local stations might say:
Of course, the news directors at Local 5, Local 9, Local 19 and now Local 64 would probably say, "Hey, that's what we do too -- cover local news." So, does the phrase mean Local 12 is planning some new and bold way to cover local news? Not necessarily.
If the local TV news outlets want to get back into the business of covering local news, then I have a few suggestions.

1. Don't waste time on national news wire reports. If the national news not at least regionally relevant, let the Network cover it.
2. Stop running stories about Flordia Child Abductions and try and tie it locally through fear mongering..."Is your child safe when you go to the store?" A non-locally related story with "footage" will make the local TV news even though it took place 1,000 miles away.
3. Report information, don't just get video of something and pretend looking at it is news.
4. STOP TRYING TO SCARE PEOPLE!!! (see #2 for example)

Local TV news is nothing much beyond the Superbowl Half Time Show. It is meant for the person who can't find the time to read the headlines of the newspaper, but can watch Inside Edition while they tape Oprah.

CityBeat's Blade Goes Before Council

Leslie Blade was questioned before the City Council Law Committee. According to the article she answered all but two questions from Councilman Chris Smitherman, but did not add much beyond what was reported in her December article.

The quotes from councilmen were priceless:
"This was the definition of silly," said Republican Pat DeWine. "If the council member had taken the time to read the story, he would have gotten the same information we did today. This is not a way to run a government, and I'm embarrassed to be part of this government today."
I say Smither, you say Man: Smither-man, G-Man.

Pepper had more too:
"We have, as a city, a pretty poor record when it comes to the First Amendment," said Pepper, a Democrat. "You could probably write a book filled with cases of 'City of Cincinnati v. Someone' with all the First Amendment cases we've screwed up."
I am happy David supports the 1st amendment. I have to wonder, what other First Amendment cases has the city screwed up? I assume he means Free Speech/Right to Assembly cases, not Freedom of the Press issues. If I am wrong, I hope those issue come to light.

The subpoena of Leslie Blade was a waste of time. Smitherman?s rookie excuse is running thin. He needs to get results if he is going to shoot from the hip.

UPDATE: The Post has more.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

CiN Weekly on CT

CiN Weekly has more on Cincinnati Tomorrow and our After-Five Walks.

CiN Weekly: Gay Marriage Ban in Ohio?

CiN Weekly is asking for your opinion on the Gay Marriage Ban in Ohio? Civil unions should be the minimum level of equality acceptable for homosexuals. Marriage is still something I think they should have the option to participate in if they so choose.


RedHawks Move Saturday's Hockey Game At The Cincinnati Gardens Back To Goggin Ice Arena For A 7:35 p.m. Start

Burress: Ignorant or Idiot?

Phil is of course a big target of scorn for me, so it goes without saying that I have no respect for the man. I must point out, however, to those who are not as negative on him as I am, his statements in the Post today that I believe indicate he is Ignorant, an Idiot, or both. From the article:
He contends that Article XII does not legalize discrimination against gays, it only forbids gays from receiving a "higher degree of protection than other people."

"Article XII is as far from being anti-gay as you can get," he said. "It is in response to the 1992 City Council ordinance which gave preferential treatment to people who claim to be homosexual."

Burress contended that the preferential treatment was "based on behavior and you cannot have a legal classification of people based on behavior. It has to be immutable characteristics, like race or gender.

"You can't claim to be a minority by joining a certain type of behavior. If you're going to start granting minority class status based on behavior, then the groups you could name are endless."
Ok, lets now easily refute Phil's comments:

1. Article XII states "The city of Cincinnati and its various Boards and Commissions may not enact, adopt, enforce or administer any ordinance, regulation, rule or policy which provides that homosexual, lesbian, or bisexual orientation, status, conduct or relationship constitutes, entitles, or otherwise provides a person with the basis to have any claim of minority or protected status, quota preference or other preferential treatment." The bold section prevents the city from making discrimination against homosexuals illegal. There is no other protection for being discriminated against in State or Federal law based on sexual orientation. If there is any protection it is news to me. What the original law was doing was preventing ANYONE from being discriminated against because they are either heterosexual or homosexual, as the new hate crime states. Gays can’t discriminate against straights and visa versa. Phil is lying on this point.

2. Article XII is anti-gay and only anti-gay. The law did not remove the rights of people to be protected based on their race, religion or nationality. Phil and his goose-steppers singled out homosexuals because they don't like gays, and want to keep them in a second-class status. See the Ohio DOMA law as another example.

3. If discrimination can only be based on immutable characteristics, then why is religion protected? Religion is not immutable, yet I don't see Phil seeking to allow Christians to be prevented from renting an apartment because a Muslim landlord might want to keep out the “infidels”. Phil just needs to group up and accept that being homosexual is as much of a choice as being left handed.

I agree with one thing, people can be treated different because of their behavior. Having sex with a consenting adult is just one that everyone should have the right to do, without the Phils of the world trying to regulate it. I myself do treat bigots who speak out their bigoted beliefs differently. I don't hesitate calling them a bigot or a racist or just plain old “asshole” depending on the instance.

Luken: State of the City

The Enquirer has the full text of his speech. The Repeal Article XII section reads:
There is something else hanging over our heads in Cincinnati.

It's called Article XII. It was passed by Cincinnati voters in 1994.

In my view, it singles out one category of citizens for unfair and discriminatory treatment, and it should be repealed in 2004!

Article XII has cost the city millions of dollars, of that there can be no denial. The repeal of Article XII is about more than money, though.

It stands as a symbol that Cincinnati is willing to tolerate discrimination for one class of our citizens.

Article XII was passed after an expensive and slick campaign that, I think, misled voters about what was at issue. What is at issue now, as then, is discrimination, pure and simple.

I do not believe that Cincinnatians want to discriminate against any citizen, and that includes our gay and lesbian citizens.

I ask you, and every Cincinnatian to join me today and sign your self up for the campaign that is coming in November - to repeal Article XII!
Korte also has an article on Luken's stance.

I have to laugh at the NON-CITY RESIDENT Phil Burress bitching about the movement to keep bigots like him from discriminated against homosexuals:
"No one's entitled to special rights based on private sexual behavior," said Phil Burress, chairman of the Equal Rights, Not Special Rights coalition that drafted the amendment.
Phil, you are an ignorant boob. You are protected under the law with your sexual behavior, why not anyone? But, that is not even the real point. Sexual behavior is not the issue. Sexual behavior is Phil obsession and his biggest fear. The real issue is sexual orientation, and the fact that it is a natural occurrence. If Phil wants to remove all discrimination protections, then his argument might be one based on bigotry.

What was really perplexing was the statement in the article
Burress said current civil rights laws protect homosexuals against discrimination.
This is not a direct quote of Burress, but I have to ask, what civil rights laws protect homosexuals against discrimination for being homosexual???? If that was true Phil, Article XII would be trumped by either State or Federal law. Gay rights are not something homosexuals possess, they still are fighting for equal treatment. The bigotry of many in public office has been opposing those rights and people like Burress are egging on the bigotry.

Yes, I said bigotry a lot. Is there a better word for why DOMA was passed or why sexual orientation discrimination was allowed to continue, but not religion, race, or nationality?

UPDATE: A bit of a shock, the Cincinnati Enquirer's editoral reads, "Cincinnati Mayor Charlie Luken was right to raise the issue of repealing Article XII in his State of the City speech Monday," that is a surprise. I would have guessed they would have not pushed that issue.

Old School

Peter Bronson quipped in his column:
I guess I am hopelessly old school. As I watched I began to wonder if those Islamic mullahs have a good point about American decadence.
Hmmm. Well, If by old school you mean a reactionary who wishes to live like it is 1702, where woman knew their place, kids were seen and not heard, and where a man could kill another man without out fear of worrying about the pesky courts, as long as he was killing a man corrupted by the "devil." If that is what you mean Peter, then yes, you are "old school." Peter who hates government, seems to want government out there to keep the adult world away from kids. I seem to remember someone who normally protects kids. Now, who lives with kids who could possibly be there to keep kids out of harm? Hmmm, well could the kid's parents maybe be responsible for protecting them? Could it be up to parents, Peter? Could parents just turn off the TV? Could prudes like you Peter not make this a big deal? You are giving Janet Jackson what she wanted, attention.

Also, what is with the crack calling Kid Rock stupid? I thought Conservatives were above name-calling? I guess Peter is just like the rest of us.

As a side note, I think I see why CBS did not want to air the commercial: competition. If you are planning a media controversy, what would you let another controversy get in your way?

Locally Sadgirlseven comments on the FCC's over-reaction to this. Sledge comments as well.

Hate Mail?

Ok, Jack Klinger gets a puff piece in the Enquirer and gets some "hate" emails and he is pissed? Why? He lists these comments as examples of "hateful" comments:
"You are EVIL!"

"You are a racist, sexist, nationalist bigot!"

"May the sweet Baby Jesus shut your mouth and open your mind!"
If Jack thinks this is hateful, he might want to read the emails Margaret Cho got after an incomplete transcript of her appearance at a was published online by Matt Druge. One more mild example
Shut your disgusting face, you loser. You have some nerve coming to America, denouncing us, and making your fortune.

Go home you freakin Asian scum.
Now, that is hate email, and that was by far not the worst she got. Cho by the way was born in the USA.

Now, Jack said he got a lot worse than what he printed, which is unfortunate that anyone had to put up with uneducated idiots, but the examples he listed were not bad at all. Also, it is really not far to use those as an excuse to try and tar and feather all liberals. I make some general examples on sections of conservatives who hold specific beliefs I find wrong or offensive, but I don't try and tie personal demeanor to political ideology. That linkage is without merit.

Monday, February 02, 2004

CT's Barry Gee Speaks Out

Barry has an article at Queen City Forum outlining what Cincinnati Tomorrow is and what our goals are.

Bush Gets a Another Pass

I guess it is not just Dennis Miller, but locally Steve Fritsch of Queen City Forum is letting President Bush off the hook on WMD and lack there of in Iraq.

Let's looks at Steve's "facts":

The CIA, the United Nations, UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix, British, French, and German intelligence all thought Saddam Hussein had stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction.
They all believed based only on a lack of accounting from 1991 and 1998 inspections. They had no other firm "proof" Iraq had any additional weapons. All they were doing was making an accounting assumption.

In the past year Democrats such as Bill Clinton, John Kerry, John Edwards, and Joe Lieberman thought Saddam had stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction.
Yes, based on the same reasons as above, but one small problems, none of these guys order a full scale invasion of Iraq based on an accounting assumption. Red herrings are not going to wash. Bush made the choice to go to war. Clinton did not choose it, nor did anyone else. If Bush can't take the

Members of Saddam's elite Republican Guard believed Iraq had stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction.
This is based on what evidence? I assume you mean the radio traffic Powel presented to the UN? This is enough to go to war over?

Saddam believed he had more weapons of mass destruction then he really had. Iraqi scientists went to Saddam with "fanciful plans" for weapons programs, received large amounts of money, then used it in corrupt money-raising schemes.
This is not a fact. This is speculation. It makes logical sense, but calling it a fact is incorrect. It is one reason why there were no WMD found. How does this justify going to war? Just because we might have thought Saddam thought he had WMD was reason to think he was a threat to the USA?

"The regime was no longer in control; it was like a death spiral. Saddam was self-directing projects that were not vetted by anyone else. The scientists were able to fake programs."- Kay
So Saddam would have fallen soon and continuing the UN inspections would have quelled the threat.

Due to Saddam's failure to provide any reasonable control over his regime, Iraq was potentially even more dangerous then originally suspected.
If there were no WMD, they was no additional danger. The only threat was a civil war. Do we seek to stop all civil wars around the world?

"We know that terrorists were passing through Iraq. And now we know that there was little control over Iraq's weapons capabilities. I think it shows that Iraq was a very dangerous place. The country had the technology, the ability to produce, and there were terrorist groups passing through the country - and no central control." - Kay
What terrorists are these? Iranian terrorists helping the Palestinians? They are not Al Queda. Linking all Muslim terrorists into one big group is not only a political ploy, it is rather unjust to blame Arafat for 9/11.

Iraq did make an effort to restart its nuclear weapons programs in 2000 and 2001.
What evidence is there for this? Niger? That was false. This has been refuted. The IAOC refuted this. There have been no significant WMD programs operating since the mid-1990s.

Kevin Durm at Calpundit pointed out the big blame the CIA talking point getting high play in GOP circles. That is just not going to wash. The DOD's Office of Special Plans is where Bush supports need to be looking if they want to learn who misled or "sexed up" the WMD intelligence. Bush is not clean on this. He wanted to hit Iraq, and was lead there by people like Doug Feith who ran the OSP.