Monday, February 16, 2004

Cincinnati Post DOA After JOA Dies in 2007?

The Cincinnati Business Courier reports that most analysts think Scripps will likely close down the paper after the 2007 JOA with Gannett ends in 2007. Cox Newspapers, which owns the Dayton Daily News, was considered a possible suitor, but the article reports Cox in not interested.

I think that is mistake for Cox. They could kick the Enquirer's ass if they wanted to. With their small papers in Hamilton, Middletown, and really small Oxford, as well as other local weeklies, they could mount a strong hit on the Northern Enquirer Market if they keep the Post around and push its Northern Kentucky edition. The Enquirer is trying to muscle in on West Chester. The DDN should own that with help from the Journal-News. Cox should consider mounting competition online against the Enquirer as well as teaming up with Cincinnati based broadcast outlets. I would bet WLW would team up with the DDN the way the Enquirer does with WCPO.

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