Friday, December 31, 2004

Cincinnati Top Ten 2004

Based on comments, emails, and mostly my own opinion, here are the top ten people/events/groups/or whatever of the Cincinnati area for 2004.

  1. The Repeal of Article XII
  2. Mike Allen Affair
  3. Snow Storm
  4. O'dell Owens elected coroner
  5. The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center opens
  6. Bob Huggins has DUI
  7. Democrat Todd Portune Re-elected to Commission
  8. Marge Schott Dies
  9. Midpoint Music Festival
  10. Cincinnati Fringe Fest
Honorable Mentions: Tasers, IHOP, The Growing Cincinnati Blogosphere, Luken Out & Mallory in Mayor's Race, Voter Turnout High, and billions of cicadas.

New Year's Resolutions

You may hate them, you may try them every year and fail, but I offer up the chance to make your New Year's Resolution public, thus increasing your chances of keep it. Maggie Downs writes about how she gets help keeping hers. You also could join Brad Thacker at The Comic Resolution' s New Year's Eve show 9PM at the Southgatehouse.

I will be spending my New Years with folks from CT at the City View Tavern.

I resolve to of course loose a few pounds, so please ignore it tonight when I am drinking beer and eating hamburgers and brownies.

Enquirer 2004 Top 10 Local News Stories

The Enquirer puts Mike Allen's problems at the top of its list with Bush's win as number 2. Bush's win is not the number 2 local story. It is not even making my top 10. Now that is for two reasons, one is that that news was really bad for the whole country, but the second is that it just was not a local story. It was a huge story, but to compare it to the snow storm is just not relative. Including Iraq as well is not how I would have compiled this list. I will have my own list either later today or tomorrow.

UPDATE: The Post has a list too.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Lemmie Irrelevant?

Greg Korte reviews the rolls of City Managers of the past and present during a city crisis. Lemmie appears to have taken a back seat to the Mayor, which bucks history.

Korte also reports on some minor minor mayoral candidates vying for the top city job.

CPD Hiding Something?

The City Internal Auditor sstates that the police have been dragging their feet in the investigation of how the CPD monitors moonlighting by police as security for private companies.

Why is City Council dragging their feet on this? Why are they not dropping the hammer on the police management responsible? Why does City Hall fear disciplining the senior police officers?

IHOP Review

Went to the new IHOP in Oakley last night for a late dinner. It was good. I think the hype got to me, or my memories of food past did. I would not rank it great, but for late night food after a night at the bars, it is ideal.

UPDATE: I guess I did not give as much detail as some wanted. Hmmmm. They serve 4 types of syrup. I had the French toast, but it was a bit too crisp to be perfect. Since it was new it was spotless inside the restaurant and there was enough staff to there to field a marching band.

The service was fine for an IHOP. The staff was very polite. Almost too polite, which is 100 times better than rude.

In comments Tom asked how IHOP differs from the Waffle House. Well, IHOP is just a down-to-earth Perkins. The Waffle House puts the grease in greasy spoon, plus they serve grits.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Blackwell Tries to Avoid Deposition

Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell is seeking to avoid depositions for a lawsuit filed by voters challenging the Ohio election. I think Ken should just take his medicine and answer the questions. He is in charge of Ohio elections and he should have to answer any and all challenges to those elections. He has nothing to hide. He does not want to be forced to say anything about how he may have used his office to help Bush get elected. That might cramp his style as candidate for Governor.

No Christmas Day Off?

If I read the Mayor's column today correctly, city employees worked 12-hour shifts over the holiday weekend, including Saturday.

Snow Removal: The Private Sector

Much has been said about the City's and other area governments' efforts to clean the streets of snow and ice. What has been missed are the efforts of private companies and entities to remove the snow from parking lots. Some businesses take action to clear out the snow for customers, while others don't. My experiences have been bad so far.

I can attest that in my building's lot we have just barely one lane around the lot to drive, and the rest is just an ice patch. The Skytop Plaza on Beechmont is a jig-saw puzzle of parking spaces. I don't know who plowed it, but I would guess a rookie. The lot appears to have gotten a once over many days ago, but they seemed to cut a diagonal path across several rows of parking spaces, creating a maze where in some places people are parallel parking along snow piles, instead of in rows.

What I have not seen on the roads since my return to Ohio are the private plows, usually just a pickup with a plow on front, driving around to private businesses clearing out the snow. This has traditionally been a great way for anyone with a pickup truck to make really good money. Back in New York state nearly every other pick-up was equipped to handle a plow for the winter. The number of private plowers appears to follow suit with a low level of plows run by local governments. This is a natural result of the inconsistent snow fall that occurs in this area. What is lacking here is the small business man. This is as basic a business as one could have. Hell, even Homer Simpson did it. Where's Mr. Plow when we need him?
"Mr. Plow, that's my name, that name again is Mr. Plow" - Homer J. Simpson

Police Not Cooperating?

The Federal Monitor has stated that the police are not fully cooperating with the Monitor's staff, including refusing to hand over documents and refusing to allow ride-alongs. The Monitor was established as part of the Collaborative Agreement which included a 5 year police monitoring provision.

Have the police given up on the Collaborative Agreement? Has the CBUF also given up on it? Has everyone just forgotten what the hell it was in the agreement? I know I have. The police and the inner city communities were supposed to start to work together to try and change police and citizen actions. The police policy got the most attention. They have the formal policy to critique. The citizens have no formal policy, but have a basic public duty that should not be that difficult. Don't break the law and if you are witness to someone breaking the law at least help the police if they ask you what you know. We still have an “us vs. them” situation between the police and blacks in this city. The C.A. was to be a hopeful start of a change of that situation. Is it worse or just business as usual? I think we all can see that little has improved.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Back in Town

I have returned to balmy Cincinnati. The Airport was very busy. The flight was fine. The vacation was great. I am really tired.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Fathom a New Club?

Kari Wethington of CiNWeeky reports on the opening of Fathom a new night club. Fathom replaces what was Spy Club located on W. 5th Street.

Sounds like a bit of a Club Clau, but with more of an open feel to it. What's their target demographic? The hipster, the college kid, or both?

Over the Top and Over the Edge

Mr. Rick Hines, publisher of, has in my opinion gone over the edge of taste, honor, and credibility. He created special page with an attack on me. I can take criticism of my blog and my writing, but it is amazing how personal this guy has gotten. I criticized his website and he goes ape-shit. I know he is desperate to make every penny he can for his real estate website, but using an attack on me to do so is either an example of an uber-sensative personality or is just someone who wants above all else to create a faux feud in order to get MORE WEB TRAFFIC to his site. He also lied about how many "hits" I get per day, but I will not push that one any more than mentioning it.

What is just funny is his tabloid abuse of the Airport, Comair, and the City of Cincinnati. It would appear Mr. Hines learned more from the National Enquirer than from the Cincinnati Post. I guess a recent flight he took was delayed and he feels the need punish someone and chose to make up stuff. The funniest (but also saddest) point and one where he should list his sources is this from his website:
City gave street cleaning crews the day off

The City of Cincinnati let street cleaning crews take the day off yesterday, even though side streets were filled with 9 to 20 inches of snow. "Looking down sidestreets, it wasn't unusual to see neighbors helping to push stuck cars," said CincyNation's Rick Hines. "The city had gotten off to a slow start on Thursday because employees didn't show for work. Was letting them take Saturday off a reward for their laziness? This is just plain, stunning incompetance in this city.

"Incompetance is a chronic problem in Cincinnati and there seems to be no end in sight. It all comes down to being lazy."

Jeffrey Hines, who lives in Mason, said all streets there were cleared early and he didn't see any problems in that well-maintained city.
Who was his source about the city giving the day off to snow plowers? What was funny and sad is that he quoted himself, yes the supposed another quoted himself. Being a pseudo-journalistic Bob Dole living life in the third person may be normal for Mason, but I think the rest of country could do without that type of silliness.

What I really don't get regarding the means to his ends is that his site is "Specializing in Cincinnati real estate," but if one wants to sell homes/property in Cincinnati, why would you try to drive away potential home/property owners by constantly saying Cincinnati is "Lazy" and sucks and over-hyping everything that happens in the city?

Finally, if Mr. Hines does not like my site, then I suggest he stops reading it, or at least stop posting so many comments. Now, he won't do either, but he especially will not stop posting comments because that is why he is playing this game, more attention. I have said my piece on the subject and I think have exposed his site's shortcomings, so I shall move on. I hope he can too.

Comair Grounded

I really don't get how this could happen. How does a computer go down long enough to ground the entire fleet of planes? If over use causes a system to fail in this day and age, I think it is time for new system manager. Someone is getting fired over this one. This is not even a primary function, it is about routing and tracking the crews, so it is likely a PC based system, as opposed to a mainframe system, but with airlines you never know. Hell, try re-booting. That is the first step every PC help desk has you do, I hope they have done that already.

I am flying regular Delta tomorrow and as of now the flight is on time and more importantly flying. Needless to say I shall be monitoring it closely.

UPDATE: Some Comair flights are resuming, reportedly 10 to 15 percent, but most remain canceled.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Happy Holidays!!

I hope everyone is digging out from the snow and ice. Have a great day today and tomorrow.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Quip of the Year

I don't know if this is really the best of the year, but it made my day. Paul McLEary at CJR addresses the "Merry Christmas" story being kept alive by FOX News and other media outlets:
So we have a suggestion for all the reporters and editors who are keeping this one alive: Instead of worrying so much about putting Christ back in Christmas, you might start thinking about putting news back in 'news reports.'

[Via Kevin Drum]

Tales of Brave Ulysses

Cream Reunion concerts are set for next May.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Well it is raining down in the FLA, but I understand you guys up there got a few flakes. I hope everyone is just staying home today, and by the news reports you might get a ticket if you go out to try and buy that last minute gift.

Post your snow totals if you would, I'll Start: Englewood, Florida - 0.0"

UPDATE: Rob Bernard has a post showing he got almost 13".

UPDATE #2: Nick Spencer has more on road reports and business closings. At the top of the hour we'll have news and sports.

Did Lawsuit Prompt Clerk's Office Change?

On Monday a Cincinnatian sued the County because they had a ticket posted on the website and then their identity was stolen.

On Tuesday the Clerk's Office announced that traffic tickets were no longer viewable online. The lawsuit was not reported until today. A three legged dog could have seen this connection.

UPDATE: The The Cincinnati Post reports more and draws the same conclusion I did.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Someone Just Hates Cincinnati

I read this at
Walkabout: Some downtown merchants create own problems
A restaurant on Main Street has a torn and filthy awning, and the owners can't understand why business is down. A Vine Street restaurant's employees engage in loud non-stop yapping about their personal lives while a couple try to get through breakfast.

A nearby coffeehouse has an unfriendly clerk who is slow and can't multi-task, and doesn't seem to notice a line of people, some of whom decide to go elsewhere. Sometimes, downtown merchants have no one to blame but themselves.
The website this commentary comes from is run out of Atlanta. Who is the local person writing this type of superficial opinion based on a what believe is a history of hate for the city or at least a desire to see it fail? Would this person have anything to do with the "boycott?" This is the kind of post made on that web site that really needs both an author byline and a perma-link, so it does not just vanish into thin air without anyone to back-up the claims.

Those claims may very well be true. What I don’t understand is that if you are going to attack someone on a “news” site using an editorial, the ethical thing to do is to sign your name to your work.

New Local Blog

An anonymous blogger named "Publius" has started Save Our City, a conservative leaning blog. Who is this mystery blogger and are they known to anyone? They have comments already, which I assume means they sent out an email to some people about the blog. In this city I would think most conservatives would have no problem being open about it, but there are other reasons to keep one's name out of the fray.

I welcome Publius to the Cincy blogosphere and look forward to a good discourse in ideas. I'll be adding a link to my blogroll as soon as possible.

Happy Theocracy Everyone!

The theocratic fascists are out in force this season to do all they can to require everyone to celebrate their religious holidays. They still don't listen to their prophet in chief.

Enquirer Pushes for Ghiz

The Enquirer has published an editorial supporting the appointment of Leslie Ghiz to fill Pat DeWine's council seat when he leaves for the County Commission. How much of the editorial was a targeted message to Republican voters to get out and support her, and not play into the abortion game?

How much of this anti-Ghiz movement is based on the simple fact that she is female? Some of it is based on the bigotry of Sam Malone towards Homosexuals. Lesie supports gay-rights and supported the repeal of Article XII. Malone is playing surrogate to Phil Burress. Sam did Phil's bidding on Article XII, and all other gay rights laws enacted. I would assume that Burress does not like Ghiz, therefore Sam is dragging his feet.

Fair, Balanced, or Just Ignored?

Wonkette summarized how FOX News downplayed the Mess-Hall attack in Mosul yesterday. I too was surprised not to see FOX hitting this hard. MSNBC I think held back some as well, so FOX was not alone. I guess censorship in the Holiday Season is fine. Since FOX is the official Pentagon news channel, FOX fears that the families might panic if they learned the fact that a large number of soldiers were killed.

A Minor League GOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!!!!!

Cincinnati is getting a new professional soccer team next year. The team will play at the Xaiver soccer field.

What was most interesting is that the article brought up an interesting marking stat:
In reviewing the purchase of the team, a comprehensive market research survey was conducted to determine the feasibility of successfully returning soccer to Cincinnati. Cincinnati ranks #2 in soccer participation in the United States behind Kansas City with over 100,000 youth and adults actively playing the sport in the Tri-state area.
The only issue to consider is the age of the kids playing. If they are all 5 years old and stop playing by 9, then their market view is flawed, and will fail if it is based on 5 year old kids.

Traffic Tickets Off Website

The Clerk of Courts has removed images of traffic tickets from the county clerk's website.

This action on the surface appears like a good short term solution to the problem of identity theft. A long term solution would be to change who is allowed to access the whole website. All of the records are open to the public and should stay open to public, but I think it is fair that in order to gain access to such records, you should simply have to make your own identity known to the Clerk's Office. The same thing could be done online if the Clerk's Office required registration before use of the site. The Clerk should keep who accesses the website secret, unless a subpoena is issued for such information.

I don't think the cost of a registration system would be very high. The software should be available right off the self. We could still surf for our neighbor's or political foe's skeletons, but we could be traced if we did something illegal with the information. Are there wholes in the system, likely yes, but this closes most of them.

UPDATE: More from the Post.

He Said What?

Steve Fritsch in his latest BCR Column:
Personally, I think Nate's a good guy who seeks progress for Cincinnati.
Which Nate is Steve talking about?

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

14 Year Old Teen Tased

Has there been any major fall-out from Cincinnati Police Officers use of a taser gun on a 14 year old kid? The kid reportedly is fine. Tasers have been a big topic in town this year. What would have happened if the cops had to hit the kid to get in under control? Is the use of the baton, pepper spray, or fists better or worse than the taser?

White Death Cometh

Run, hide, buy six gallons of milk and, buy 1,000 batteries, because snow is coming to the tri-state. I myself, for those who don't know, have no fears of snow. I have even less fear of this particular snow storm because I currently am in Florida. Yes, save your regrets, save your tears, save your insults and four letter words.

My only concerns now are that local officials keep the airport open next Monday, and get the damn roads cleared. I will continue remote blogging until then, so don't fear about getting your fix of my trite rantings.

Johnson to be Lt. Gov., Bradley to Treasurer

Taft has has made his movesr and appointed Lt. Gov. Jennette Bradley to Treasurer and Development Director Bruce Johnson to Lt. Governor.

Bradley was expected, but Johnson came out of the blue. I know little about him at this point. This puts rumors about Rob Portman to rest. Portman may still be in line for a post in the Bush Administration, but at this point I think that may be less likely.

Monday, December 20, 2004

WOXY Updated Website

Have a look over at the new

[Via Nick Spencer]

Out of the Mouths of Babes

The first thing Bush did at his press conference today was to wish everyone "Happy Holidays." I will be waiting for the attacks of the right-wing on Bush for not pushing his theological views on others. I will not be holding my breath, I value living a bit too much.

Big Band Radio Dying

It is great to see local radio station WMKV-FM get national attention. I know radio stations formats are ever changing, and music dies with generations, but in a county this big it is sad that this the last station of its kind. We are growing into a homogeneous society, at least in terms of simple culture. That is going to make for one really boring time in the years to come.

CincyBlog 2004 Top Ten List

I am looking for nominations or considerations of the Top Ten people, events, or what ever of the year. I will be doing two different lists. One a local list and one a national list. I think the National list will be more my own concoction.

Please email me with suggestions, or if you must, post them in comments.

Pin the Tail on the Blackwell

While I agree that Ken Blackwell did everything he legally could to elect George Bush using his State Office, I don't think it hurt his chances of getting elected, unless people focus on the circus of an election he helped create, not his role in helping Bush win.

That kind of charge is far to insider to catch on. Long lines at the polling booths and election machines that failed to work correctly, that is what will damage him. The degree for which it hurts him I think hinges on the primary fight he faces. It will be bloody enough without the Dems saying a word, and they should not say a word. Let another GOPher do the dirty work. Now, if they pass on ammo to candidates, well so be it.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Spreading the Wealth?

Is Ohio such a polarized state that GOP Congressmen can coast to re-election and then Siphon money to other GOP candidates? I say polarized because that many people can afford to not only win big, but give away money to other races. This is not limited to the GOP, but I live in the district of one of Ohio’s siphoners, Rob Portman. I don't know how much longer he will be my congressman, though.

Investigation Pending?

A police cruiser crashed into a home and car parked in a driveway. Something just sounds odd:
Cincinnati police declined to answer requests for information about the accident Saturday. But Svoboda said the officer told him he was driving 35 mph and swerved to avoid several deer that had wandered into the road.

"He did a 360-degree spin, came across my lawn, crashed through the foundation of my porch, slammed into my car and pushed it into my neighbor's yard, then came to rest over the retaining wall on its nose, sticking up at a 45-degree angle," Svoboda said. "I parked my car in the driveway (Friday) night because I knew it was going to be slick and I didn't want anyone hitting it in the street."
I have seen deer in and around Mt. Lookout, so that much I can personally attest to as having happened in recent months. The speed of cruiser appears to an amateur, me, to be too slow to cause this crash.

"We Will Bury You"

Comrade Peter Nikita Bronson has announced to world in his latest column that breaking the rules to push one's religion on others fulfills the Christmas spirit. If you can't give others theocratic oppression, what can you give them?

I am not shocked that Peter will complain when a school does not teach children to follow the rules, but then when a kid breaks a rule he does not like, he writes a column praising the kid for being a thug.

The kid abused the system, broke the rules, and now seeks to gain notoriety by playing Christ in a sick and twisted media show: The Martyrdom of Eric Bast. The made for TV movie will soon be required viewing at every Fundamentalist youth group meeting.

If I was feeling really snarky I would call this kid the poster boy for a new "Hitler-Youth," but that would be way over the top.

I am sure that the Peace Loving people of the People's Republic of Cincinatus will surely push their brand of peace on all of us. General Secretary Burress will lead the way. The Dialetic will prevail. I think I need a shower.

East vs. West?

The Post is reporting that some of the right wingers in the City, mostly on the West Side, are trying to get Monzel put on council, instead of Ghiz because of abortion and homosexual rights. How mentally vacuous does one need to be to not only throw out the election results (Ghiz beat Monzel), but also to pick issues that have no significant affect on in local government? At this point I am surprised that someone has not yet been announced to be talking over the seat. We are only a few weeks away. What I would be watching is who is lining up staff. Is Monzel lining up staff or is Ghiz? Where does Pete Witte fit into this? Is he trying to be a compromise choice?

Wes Flinn has more.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Slobberfest or CiN Weekly's Holiday Party?

Someone knows how to have a good time. This office party sounds 100 times better than mine.

More Issue One Fallout

The Toledo Blade is editorializing on the legal troubles awaiting Ohio because of the passage of the anti-homosexual Issue One.

Barrelhouse Brewery For Sale?

What does this mean for the Barrelhouse Brewery? Will it close and reopen as a new location? Is this a sale of the operating business and just a change in owners, not a change (or outward change) of the restaurant/bar? I really like the club. I don't like it when they have really load not so great bands, but that thankfully is not so often.

Friday, December 17, 2004


I was at my office Holiday Party last night so I am slow to blog today.

Check out Maggie's column.

Check out where to get warm downtown.

Other than that, with the lack of power vested in me, I declare this thread open!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

We'll Meet Again, Don't Know How, Don't Know When

Hamilton County has hanging chads.


What disappoints me most about the people in puff piece on religious missionary work in schools is that it is all about joining a group. It is about being in a clique. It is about conformity through confrontation. It is anti-individual and it does nothing for society. It is hollow. It is a means to an end. It is everything that I personal find worthless in religion.

It mostly is legal. Some of it is not, and if others with non-Christian religious views tried to do the same thing they would either be prevented by school officials and/or threatened or even attacked by other kids.

Hollywood got it right. This whole situation sounds like high school, where image and emotion trump reality and logic.

Oh, wait, this is high school. Nevermind.

UPDATE: Wes Flinn and Grassroots Cincinnati also comment.

Question and Answer

The Cincinnati Post asked Is Downtown safe? Downtown Cincinnati Incorporated has an answer.

Should you fear going downtown is the real question the paper is asking and no you should not. You should not fear it anymore than you do shopping in the Mall this month wear theft will be at a yearly high. For some reason I don't see Kenwood Towne Center's parking lot empty.

City Council Blinked

As expected, we have a temporary fix of the impending bus service cut, which was never really impending, just out there in the wind where a politician is at his/her weakest.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Jimmy Smits For Prez

The one television show I get pissed off when I miss is the West Wing. This year I have been very pleased with the story line. It is fresh (trite term, but it works).

I love the open ended political race they are formulating where characters on the show will be going head to head in the primary. I look forward to Jimmy Smits' character going head to head with Alan Alda's character in an election arc. Seeing the drama of the inside of a political campaign will give news/political junkies like myself countless moments of glee that only compared to a sports nut's first day with the full multichannel league package.

Street Cameras?

Cincinnati is planning on using cameras to catch traffic violators. Can they use these cameras to catch real criminals?

Winburn Appears to Be In

Charlie Winburn is acting like he wants the GOP endorsement for Mayor. He is acting like a right-wing Republican when doing it. He is using abortion and gay rights as two of his issues to 'win.' How's that for equal opportunity bigotry? Black conservatives and white conservatives working together to oppress women and homosexuals. What a wonderful step towards racial harmony. What a backwards step for humanity. Nothing brings people together like hate.

Buying a Candidate?

I guess Mike Brown would have gotten a voice on the County Commission for the low, low price of $45,000. Campaign Finance reform is not universally desired because people like the wealthy being able to buy candidates?

Mayoral Cornonation? Nope

Queen City Forum has an overview of the Mayoral Race. At this point the field is still wide open. I got a chance last week to listen to Sen. Mark Mallory speak. I came away impressed with his on the ground campaigning. He has the tools of a real political talent. So far I see him as the most skilled politician in the race. That will not be enough though, because at this point he is not ahead in the money game. The primary is going to be a hard fought race. The test will be who gets the top two spots of course and if they are both Democrats, then the knives will surely be out.

Get on the Bus

I can't imagine that Cincinnati will actually lose Sunday bus service, but has it come to this? Are we only left to endure threats? It is not a new method in government, but it is so transparent. I am as risk-adverse as anyone you could meet, but even I could hold my ground in this game of chicken.

I smell a campaign issue. Who will benefit from it? Who has a transit solution among council/mayor candidates that can work without having to try and convince the suburbs that they don't need to fear mass transit, and the bus loads of "them" flowing into their strip malls. I have not found anyone with such a plan, yet.

Here's an updated Story from the Enquirer.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

New Enquirer Web Page Format

Who likes the subtly different Enquirer web page? They are using a new software to manage stories, have added RSS feeds and I think today started a new format of updating the main page with breaking stories.


Peter you have to earn trust, you don't get trust for free, and the State in the form of Ken Blackwell set out from the beginning to limit voter turnout, block voter registration, and cancel as many urban votes as possible.

Here we have Peter Bronson, mouth of a uniter not a divider, sticking his tongue out at the other side after a kickball game.

If you want to work for something constructive Peter, why not look for solutions to the long lines on election day, like say early voting or increase voting by mail. Why not call for CLEAR and FAIR laws that allow people to vote easily, instead of allowing roadblocks?

Will the recount effort affect anything? If it can show the need to change the law, then yes it will and it's cost will be worth it. Truth should not have a price.

Goodbye Tavis, We Hardly Knew Thee

Tavis Smiley is leaving NPR and Kathy Y. Wilson's latest column discuss his departure and the state of NPR. I agree with Kathy's analysis that Tavis may have personal achievement in mind, not disappoint with NPR's efforts to "attract minority listeners," as his reason for leaving the network.

I think Kathy did make one factual error:
The Tavis Smiley Show was NPR's first black show in its 34-year history, airing daily since 2002 on 87 stations. It drew NPR's largest black audience as well as its youngest audience.
Now, I will not even get into what a "black show" is supposed to be, but Juan Williams hosted Talk of the Nation for over a year in 2000 and 2001. That show may not qualify as what Kathy means by "Black Show," but Tavis was not the first black person to host a show on the Network. Kathy does point out well that NPR's programming is as culturally diverse as any human beings can possibly be in America and still maintain a solid listener base. Only the BBC World Service does a better job, mainly because of the full support the UK government.

NPR is keeping American Culture, at least what I consider American Culture, alive and kicking.

Channel 64 News: 1 Year Old

Rick Bird reports on the one year birthday of The WB64 News at 10. I have only watched it to get a general feeling early on and mostly saw stock stories or weepies from the local reporters. It was more of the same old local TV news, with stale national headlines as worthless as yesterday's NY Post added to cut costs. Once the Sinclair Broadcasting bias hit full "elect-Bush" mode, I refused to watch. I welcome competition and more voices in the media, but I am not watching it. I don't really watch any local TV news, because in case you missed the obvious, local TV News sucks everywhere in the country. It sucks because it is not broadcast journalism, it is entertainment no different than Fear Factor or Friends.

Besides that, what does everyone think of it, one year later?

Monday, December 13, 2004

Enquirer Blasts Oak Hills Student

I was surprised to read the Enquirer's editorial in which they called the suspension of Eric Bast from Oak Hills High School the right move. I am impressed, not only because they agree he violated schools rules and misused the mail system, but that he did so to push his religion onto others. Kudos go to the Enquirer.

Portman Architect of 'DeLay Rule'

Carl Weiser reports that Congressman Rob Portman led the effort to change GOP caucus rules to allow House Majority Leader Tom Delay to keep his leadership role, even if he is indicted in Texas for corruption.

I am surprised to see this from Portman. I wonder why he did not make this known sooner. I mean who wouldn't want to vote for someone who seeks to lower ethical standards? He claims he found a compromise. I find that funny for a political party that claims to be based on consistency and never changing principle. I guess they don't change unless they have to pull strings to protect their leadership. I am sure this can be blamed on the liberals out to get the ‘Hammer.’ I mean Bill Clinton must have forced Rob Portman to do this.

'French CNN?'

Will the right wing have to come up with a new term for "Bias" for "CNN à la Francaise"? Officially it is called "CII (International Information Channel." Will they start calling it Freedom CNN? Would they not think that is an oxymoron? I think Bill O'Riley's head would explode if he were to watch it.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Liberal Radio Takes Shape in Cincinnati

Rick Bird, with his excellent Jacor connections, gives a rundown of the line-up that will be hitting the air waves on what will likely be called 1530 WCKY.

9 AM to Noon: Jerry Springer
Noon to 3 PM: Al Franken
3 PM to 6 PM: Ed Schultz

Other possible Air America hosts/shows that could make it on are:
6 AM to 9 AM: The Morning Sedition with Mark Riley and Marc Maron
3 PM to 7 PM: Randi Rhodes
7 PM to 10 PM: The Majority Report with Janeane Garofalo and sam Seder
10 PM to 1 AM: Mike Malloy

There are other liberals and moderates out there, but likely these will be the main choices, unless they go for locally based shows. They have plenty of Clear Channel liberals doing music and such, so maybe we'll find another new personality to counter the other Clear Channel mouths on WLW. I vote for Duke Sinatra.

If you want to listen to what this will likely be like, check out WTPG in Columbus.

What I wonder, will Mike McConnell and Jerry Springer ever do any simulcast programs where they go head to head in a debate?

Also, who will do the news on the new 1530? FOX?

Bad Boys, Bad Boys

Because of UC Basketball Cops: Cincinnati premiers tonight at 11:00 PM on WXIX.

66 Pound Tumor Coverage

I have been avoiding posting on this story, but Channel 5's report with photos of the women before the surgery and photos of the surgery is so over the top, I had to comment. It is just tabloid coverage. This is exhibit A for why local TV news coverage is bad. Now, for Cincinnati TV stations to cover this, I really can't complain too much. This is a local story, so I am happy they are at least covering local news. I wish they would cover a little state politics instead, but it beats a car cash video from San Diego. If you do a Google search on "66 pound Tumor" check out how many of the links are Local TV stations. This is why local TV news sucks. They take these stories from other cities and show them, instead of showing actual local news.

Also, please hold the Arnold "It's not a tumor" Schwarzenegger jokes to minimum.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Half Mad Spinster

While I was Drinking Liberally this week I met Half Mad Spinster. Had a very nice time chatting up politics. A good Blog and good group.

Ah, Yeah

The paranoid side of myself has the feeling that many people think I am paranoid when I go off on the rise and intent of fundamentalists. Greg at The Cincinnati Group links to the rantings of an extremist Catholic, William Donahue, who sounds every bit of a bible thumping theocrat as Jerry Falwell or Phil Burress. I am slowly ridding myself of my paranoia.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Pushy Teenage Preachers

Glad to see this kid admit he was wrong to manipulate teachers to hand out his religious propaganda. He might want to reflect on what his religion says on misleading people into doing what you want. On the other hand, I guess his Mom is happy is just trying to push his religion on others via dishonest means. As longs as they get Jeebus, I guess it doesn't matter how they got there. Infringe on other's rights, mislead them, what ever it takes, just get the 'Lord's' propaganda in the hands and then the garbage cans of as many people as possible.

If this kid wanted to do 'God's' work, why did not take the money he spent on the letter he had created and buy food with that money and donate it to a food bank? Then verbally ask his friends or classmates to do something similar. What a crazy idea, it could actually change someone's life for the better, and he would gain praise from nearly everyone.

Jerry Radio

Jerry Springer is launching a radio show 9AM to Noon on 1530 WSAI when the station switches to a talk format next year.

Let just hope we don't get nuts calling and trying to make it into his TV show.

This article gets it from the horse's mouth on WSAI where Darryl Parks, AM programming director for local Clear Channel stations, confirmed 1530 will be changing to a Talk format. No official comment on the use of Air America, yet. I think it’s a safe bet to guess that some of Air America's programming will be heard, Al Franken especially.

Tarbell Mugged

Councilman Jim Tarbell fights crime. This is what I would call leading by example. If you are a 'victim' of crime, work with the police immediately and do your best to stick back to the criminals.

Now, the downside to this crime is that is happened in the middle of the afternoon around the area of Tower Place Mall, where a couple of the arrests were made. This is a positive take a on a negative story. Three teenage kids were stupid enough to try and rob someone in the middle of the day with a knife.

The response the police made should happen the same way if it had happened to Joe Public while in Price Hill, OTR, Avondale, or the East End. It doesn't happen that way though.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Murder Rate Down

It is not down much, but any reduction is a positive sign. It still could rise before the end of the year, so the police report may have to face the wrath of Karma, if such a thing were to exist.


Someone climbed on stage at a rock show in a Columbus night club and shot at least one band member and people in the audience. At least 4 are dead as well as the gunman.

Free Press Restored!

It appears that the Warren County Governmentwill allow a free press at the BOE. That is they will let it happen next time. We still don't know why someone in the County's Emergency Services Department thought the Warren County BOE was being threatened. Ohio Homeland Security and the FBI did not issue a warning for Warren County. It might have been nice, you know truthful, for the County to come clean with the threat information they relied upon. I'll be dutifully waiting for a press release letting me know.

Forgotten By the Powerful

MIA/POW Soldier's Family Asking For Help

Theocracy In Action

The Bush Administration is supporting the posting of the 10 Commandments in courthouses. Ah, where were they on the Roy Moore case? This is red meat for the fire breathing fundies out to establish a theocratic state. It gets little attention, mostly because the courts will not rule in their favor, unless they continue to put extremists on the bench.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I'm Shocked!!!

In a poll commissioned by David Pepper, David Pepper won. In other news a dog bit a cat.

Is this the same phone poll that called Tom Brinkman?

Marked Man

This young kid is undoubtedly being demonized by the right wing. What will be missed by most are any answers or investigation of a point the man made:
An American seeking to become the first U.S. soldier granted refugee status in Canada after refusing to serve in Iraq told immigration officials Tuesday that the Army was drilling its soldiers to think of all Arabs and Muslims as potential terrorists.

"We were being told that it was a new kind of war, that these were evil people and they had to be dealt with," said Pfc. Jeremy Hinzman, 26, who fled from Fort Bragg, N.C., on Jan. 2.

"We were told that we would be going to Iraq to jack up some terrorists," Hinzman told the Immigration and Refugee Board on the second of his three-day hearing for political asylum.
Most of the right wingers who will likely come close to call for this man to be shot on sight, share the view that all Arabs and Muslims are potential terrorists. That is viewed as truth rather than at best an opinion.

This is the bottom line psychosis that I believe is the basis for much of the support of Bush and of the War in Iraq: hatred of Muslims for the attack on 9/11. Revenge is a powerful tool in the fighting of war. It being used for Iraq is not a shock and I wonder how many will doubt it is being done.

Mike Allen, Esq.

Mike Allen reportedly will enter private practice as a lawyer once he leaves the prosecutor's office next month. What kind of law will he practice? Will we see civil law or criminal law? I would assume a former prosecutor would make a great criminal defense lawyer. Maybe a Deters v. Allen capital murder case will happen.

Fighting Terra

Guest Columnist Tim Holloway pens a plea to fight "terrorism."
Every day terrorist-sponsoring nations such as Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya and North Korea work to undermine and threaten the security of Americans and freedom-loving people around the world. They do this through genocide, supporting terrorism, and proliferation and development of weapons of mass destruction.
In the list of countries we seem to be missing someone: Saudi Arabia. He also might want to revise his list with recent changes in Bush policy towards Libya. Got to get in line with the man now, don't we?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Diner to ReOpen?

The Cincinnati Post is report that the Diner on Sycamore will reopen this month or early next year.


I think someone needs to let Peter Know that TiVo is not a "WayBack" machine.

Also Peter, Merry Fucking Giftmas! I know how you love to embrace your fellow Jews this holiday season by trying to shove Jesus down their throat. I guess they are not grateful enough to show praise to your deity. Sorry. I guess that is why you're going after the retailers this year. I guess attacking a company originated mostly by Jewish merchants is your way of showing how much you love Jesus.

4 Years

When will the usual conservative suspects start attacking Don Rumsfeld for stating he foresees an American pullout from Iraq in 4 years? It seems to me that someone else said something similar and was lambasted for 'aiding the enemy.' I guess the bad guys can just hold the ball for four years and then win? Oh, sorry I guess those are 4 years in Republican Time, not Democratic Time. Republican Time is like biblical time, where six days is about 500,000 million years each.

Fundie is as Fundie Does

Yes, I take these things seriously. It is not just my paranoid rantings, smart people actually agree with me.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Dusty Rhodes Is Being Dumped

John Kiesewetter, who is back reporting on the media, is reporting that Air America is coming to WSAI. His source is Dusty Rhodes, Hamilton County Auditor and part time DJ at WSAI.

I don't know how official this makes it, but Dusty Rhodes likely would not make this up, unlike Bill Cunningham.

Dutsy comment was not very becoming:
"As a Democrat elected in this county, I don't want my party to be seen as the Al Franken party," says Rhodes, who turns 65 Monday.
Well, Dusty is a leading Democrat, leading in voting for Republicans. I for one hope Dusty just gives in and goes to the Dark Side. Just because you are stuck in 1958, does not mean the rest of us are. Dusty needs to get with the party or just leave it.

This was buried in the paper. I still can't find it via search but thanks go to Grassroots Cincinnati.

Take That, Larry Redwine

Ann Thompson goes off on Larry Redwine who wrote a mind numbing column last month claiming victim hood for all conservative 'Christians'.

Ann did a great job of illustrating the fire and hate from people Larry Rewind would likely call political comrades.

Ann does go way over the top claiming that the Democrats are holier than thou. I agree with the Dems on most issues, but as a party they play hardball too. The claim that the GOP is hypocritical when it plays dirty and then says they are good little 'Christians' is added disdain I think they earn, but the Dems are no angels.

Air America in Cincinnati?

Axinar is reporting that WLW sensationalist Bill Cunningham believes liberal radio network Air America will be coming to Cincinnati, specifically to AM 1530.

I have to say: no way in hell. I think this is a Cunningham stunt or just his usual make-stuff-up-just-to-gain-attention type of comment. What is sad is that I think Cunningham is unable to not act like his on air personality in public anymore. Cunningham I think is just trying to scare anyone he can into fearing, "the liberals are coming."

The fairness doctrine is dead. Conservatives hated it and now they could not stand to have to live by it. The FCC may certainly become a prudish nirvana, but it will not become fair to public access to the airwaves.

Now, Clear Channel may instead be willing to try something radical, like offering real variety in programming. 1530 is owned by Clear Channel and their oldies music may not be making any money, or rather not enough for their desires. Conservative Talk programming actually does have a physical limit at the moment. There are not enough programs to fill up all of the hours of the day on yet another radio station.

I disagree with two points Axinar made on other radio programming in town. I would not call NPR liberal. Air America is liberal. NPR caters to urban taste and culture certainly, but I know many Republicans who regularly listen to it and really like it. NPR is called liberal by hard right conservatives because it caters to urban taste and culture, which they find evil, different, and inpure, which is what they call liberal. Also, while I would agree that the Buzz is a distinct alternative to WLW and the other conservative radio stations around town, I would not call it 24 hours of liberal programming. It has some liberal hosts, but on many issues would not carry the water of mainstream liberals, especially on many social issues. Also, the station has Lincoln Ware in a leadership role and Lincoln is a Republican. A different kind of one, but still in that camp on most issues.

I think Air America would be great for the city. What I don't know is whether it would make money.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Miami Accepts Independence Bowl Bid

Love and honor to Miami,
Our college old and grand,
Proudly we shall ever hail thee,
Over all the land.

Alma mater now we praise thee,
Sing joyfully this lay,
Love and honor to Miami,
Forever and a day.

Miami's season was not all that I wanted, but they really bounced back from some early set backs. Details here.

Also, Senior Football player Michael Larkin was involved in a altercation last night.

And So It Begins

This is just the begining.

What's Missing From This Article?

We are treated with a puff piece on Answers in Genesis about putting dinosaurs outside their re-education camp in Boone County Kentucky. We get the facts about how the group had to get zoning approval. We learned about how much they are funded. We learned that they have a 160 seat "classroom." We learned that they take the bible literally.

What we don't learn is that every educated scientist, scholar, and rational person finds that this group’s contention that the earth is 6,000 years old to be totally and completely false. It is a fact that the earth is billions of years old. I am sure they would rebut that, but I think my 9th Grade Earth Science professor presented enough information on rock formations, how rivers are formed, and carbon dating to suffice anyone willing to use logic instead of emotion. What was missing from the article was a simple sentence, after the telling of AIG's mission, stating that every other credible scientist believes that most of their claims are totally without merit, or something to that affect. I sent an email to the reporter asking some general question as to why this story was writing and how did the Enquirer become aware of it. If I get a response I will post it. I don’t expect one, but you never know. AIG gets heavy coverage by the Enquirer and from what I can find very little, if any, is negative.

One can disagree on the origin of "life," but anyone who thinks the Earth is only 6,000 years old is either incredibly stupid, ignorant, or just insane.

[Link via Wes Flinn]

GOP Self Congratulations

The GOP is dancing for joy at making a slight gain in the number of blacks voting for Bush. How did they do it? It was rather simple, appeal to anti-homosexual bigotry:
'But we are clearly gaining ground because our platform has placed a specific emphasis on social issues, which appeal to the black faith community,' he said.
When we hear "specific social issues" here in Ohio, we don't need any more detail about what they are talking about. There is a vocal anti-homosexual strain in the black community and it was exemplified by Fred Shuttlesworth. Picking off a few of the wealthy anti-homosexual blacks is like shoot fish in barrel. Invite them in and they go in freely. They fit in like a hotdog in a bun.

I don't believe this group of black Ohio Republicans won Ohio for Bush. They were as needed as every other vote was needed. This is no great feat for the GOP. This group is more conservative than half of the Bush supporters. What keeps them weary of the GOP is the racism and bigotry that still lives in significant numbers in their ranks. These particular blacks can afford to hold their noses with their wallets and stand next to people they might find repugnant. It is no different than the socially Liberal conservatives who gladly took the votes for Bush from theocratic anti-homosexual bigots. The smell of money overpowers the smell of Fascism, I guess.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Crime Story

Nick Spencer has chronicled yet another crime his bar has suffered. Nicks states that they got relatively lucky with this, but that is as he says "…as lucky as you can with a window busted out at 7 in the morning." Nick puts the issue in clear as day language:
For those keeping track, we've been open two months now. We've now been broken into, one of our employees' had their car stolen, another two cars broken have been broken into, not to mention all the drug dealing and prostitution across the street, and its negative impact on business.

Crime is just out of control down here right now. Period.
Now, what I hope people say is, "See man, Downtown is not safe." Downtown is safe. This is OTR. OTR has huge problems. Not the level of problems those who fear Downtown thinks it has, but enough to disrupt life of those who live, work, and do business there. What OTR lacks is a solution. The problem I believe rests with police-community relations. The cops have given up leaning hard on criminals. They fear being blamed for what ever happens. I can understand that. What they have to understand is that they can't go on thinking that they are superheroes who should be kowtowed to every time their contract comes up. They should allow bad cops to be fired by reduced the binding arbitration that keeps bad cops on the force. The leadership of the police has to eliminate their attitude of classism, bigotry, and on a small level racism by a few.

On the community's side we must root out the criminals. We can't let them run the streets. This is where the boycotters have let down their own constituents. They have created the same us vs. them attitude that the leadership of police have created. Ego, pride, bigotry, and racism are what is allowing drug dealers to go unpunished.

What I think I would advocate would be for a private group/company/person to mount video cameras outside their places of business and tape the crimes going on. If drug dealers camp out on a corner, then tape them doing their business and pass a copy along to the cops. If you also get some license plate numbers of drug customers I would pass those along to the media.

If the government were to do this without cause, I would oppose it. If a business owner were to do it from their property, I would have no problem at all. What keeps this from happening more is cost, in both dollars and time. That is where the city might be able to offer loans of some type to help. I don't think they could pay for them outright. That might raise issues of the property owners being agents of the police, opening up possible legal defense issues.

The citizens need to fight crime, not be bystanders.

Another idea could be a take back the streets initiative. A neighborhood watch type program. It could start with a gathering in the effected areas. If 500 people are standing around where the crime is happening, one would think less crime would happen. This would be met with fear though. It comes close to vigilantism, something which I absolutely oppose. The problem with any action like this is that most people don’t given a damn. Now, they care about it and will give support for helping with it, but actually doing something, that is a different story. I can speak from personal experienced. I would be right there with those doing nothing, sitting on my fat ass watching TV. We all must do more, but I think we will not get out and get involved. A head in the sand is so much easier than sticking out a neck.

Greg Hoard Leaving TV

WXIX Sports Director Greg Hoard is leaving the station at the end of the year. The sports on WXIX was the best element of the station. Both Hoards made a great team. The article points out that Greg Hoard often felt out of place on TV. Looking back I would agree that was the noticeable something about his style. It was like he really did not want to be doing what he was doing. I hope WXIX takes Dan Hoard quick. He is likely to be picked up soon as a play-by-play guy by someone full time. He does a good job with the UC games on the radio.

Oh the Symbolism

One can't look at the picture accompanying this article and not see it as some type of symbolic sign from Zeus.

[Via Kevin Drum]

Friday, December 03, 2004


I would guess this ranking is based on some type of pedestrian death rate as compared to the volume of sidewalks. What I wonder is does this count the entire Metro area or does it count just Downtown or inner-city areas? the mean streets of Mason actual are rather mean. You can't walk them.

As with safety, the Cincinnati Metro area is one of the safest places to live in overall. We also I believe the Metro area suffers from the most fear of non-whites of nearly any city I have ever visited. The fear that keeps the chickens in the suburbs is only real in their perceptions. That creates the Balkanized community in which we resided.

Drinking Liberally

Maggie Downs has 'outted' Drinking Liberal to Cincinnati. Will conservatives or Republicans (not always the same thing) start showing up? I would say no. The bar is kind of on the West Side, but still in a neighborhood that would strike fear in the hearts of your typical Conservative. They don't have the courage to show up. (cough, cough)

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Is this Local TV News or a Newspaper.

On the front page of the Enquirer Website we see a headline reading "P&G sex patch under scrutiny." When we click on the link we get a story with the title "P&G sex hormone under scrutiny" No where else is it called a "Sex Patch" and the news article does not even have the same title. Who changed it? Was that used in the print version or was it only on the web? Why was it changed to a title that is more titillating?

Waiting to Attack

The CCV and its allies are reportedly waiting before filing suit against same sex benefits offered at 5 Ohio public universities

Again, for the ignorant, those who voted for Issue and knowingly did so are bigots. If you voted for it, you voted for a ban on public benefits or other allowances of any actions that could acknowledge a marriage type situation on a non-married couple. That is wrong. If you can't understand that, or still live in denial, then please watch the actions of Phil Burress and his 'partner' in theocratic fascism David Langdon.

Voice Discrimination?

This is obviously the text version of the Channel 5 story, so I have not heard the voices of the people involved. What I do know is that the terminology is way off. This is not "voice discrimination", this possibly is racism based on the sound of voice. Voice discrimination is something that people with speech problems would face. As a person with a speech impediment, I can attest that such a thing exists, but is not considered significant in society. Calling this voice discrimination is misleading. It is race or ethnic discrimination based on the voice, not discrimination because of the voice. A fine line to some, but not from my perspective.

In this case the problem I have is the distinction of why these people were allegedly denied housing. Were they denied housing because the landlord thought they sounded "black" or other minority, or were they denied housing because their speech indicated a lack of education or ignorance and thus considered a less desirable tenet? Again, I did not hear these people speak, so I don't know how they might sound. It may be bigoted to deny someone a house because they are not educated, but I don't think it is illegal.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Portman, Taft in Denial

Both Portman and Taft deny they are leaving their current jobs early. Speculation and rumor suggest Taft will leave the governor's job for a Federal Job and after some maneuvering Portman would take over.

This rumor, fueled here and elsewhere, is thin. Ken Blackwell and about 50 other Republicans are itching to become the next governor. Portman would be someone no one could beat for the GOP nomination if he were running as the incumbent.

UPDATE: Another Denial.

That was quick

Cincinnati Public Schools chief Frailey is leaving after being here only two years. He is going back to Texas. Reportedly he is leaving to spend more time with his children. I find it odd that he did not bring them with him, but I assume he is divorced.

Frailey I believe made progress with CPS, but his dent in the problem was not close to making the schools an option for all again.

He's no Hemingway

After slugging my way through the short yet painful column by Tom Brinkman I had to wonder, is this thing real? I think someone could have edited it, just a bit. I am not talking grammar, for I have no room to talk there. Instead it reads like dictation, put together in the most awkward format possible.

I would agree that if this survey really did occur and really did come from David Pepper, then as campaign issues goes, someone is on crack. It is laughable to think that anyone would actually push a citywide prescription drug benefit. David Pepper was not the top vote getter by being an amateur. Could some have been playing a trick on Tom?

Hanger Solution?

Did we get a workable compromise to the P&G hangar plan? Tacking on fees to golfers is still not a grand way to pay for this, but does it beat just eating into the strapped budget?

The Enquirer went overboard in its praise of P&G as its night in shining armor coming to our economic rescue. Well, no, they are doing what Kroger did.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A-La Cart Cable

Simple, it works, and its the ultimate in cable choice. I could avoid the shopping channels and maybe get History Channel International.

Bronson is No Ronald Reagan

Peter Bronson is no Ron Reagan. He should take a look at what he says, then look in the mirror.

Doesn't it seem odd that I am lecturing Peter on not being a good enough conservative? Peter might want to understand his word play comes off as not only petty, but also inappropriate.

UPDATE: The Democratic Underground is going apeshit over Bronson.

Blaming the Brownouts

Grandstanding and opportunism aside, is is remotely fair to claim the reduction of fire coverage was to blame or partly to blame for the death of a citizen?

The firefighters union rubs me the wrong way when they try and blame the death of anyone on the lack of fire coverage. It reminds me faintly of the fictional fanaticism in the movie Backdraft.

Nate doesn't hold back his attacks, but a black man died, therefore Nate is outraged.

More today from the Enquirer.

Warren County Terrorism Capital of Ohio

A couple weeks or so ago the Enquirer editorialized on Warren County's overkill on election night. They outed the man who choose to lock out reporters from the board of elections:
The lockdown apparently was done at the recommendation of Frank Young, the county's emergency services director, who said he got information from an FBI agent during a conversation about general Election Day threats that made him think Warren County could be a terrorism target. According to South, the county was ranked 10 on a 1-to-10 threat scale.
We don't know if Frank Young is just hypersensitive or if the unnamed FBI agent was over reaching.

Brendan of spacetropic pointed out that Carl Rove referred the Warren county as "key bellwether political district in the country." I just don't see how a county could be a bellwether when it's vote was so lopsided. Bush won 72.06% to Kerry's 27.58%. This might be a place where Rove thinks he has found fertile Bush ground, but this is hardly a place that shows any National trends.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Be the News, CNN the News

Via MediaBistro we find Steve Safran on Saving CNN. Now, CNN is not in any danger, but I agree it needs to get better. He sums up the bottom line well:
- DO NOT TRY TO BE FOX NEWS: FOX found a niche. Love 'em, hate 'em - whatever. Don't copy its model. FOX is really more of a talk channel than a news channel anyway. Don't think about being the "lefty" news to its "righty" news. (And ignore the chumps who will say you're lefty no matter what.) Stick with down-the-middle journalism, peppered with informed opinion (not "Crossfire" arguing), sharp, unconventional analysis, and non-hysterical coverage of breaking news. And keep a sense of humor at all times. I promise you'll win.
I can't stand FOX in part because I find it biased, but also because it is trashy TV, just talk radio with video. CNN needs to cover the news the world round. Let FOX become infotainment central. Return to the day when news was what they programmed, not tabloid fodder. The problem is that they have to go oversees. I think the market is there. Their current coverage of the Ukraine's election aftermath has been decent. CNN should match the BBC in how it covers the world. It should build its brand and market it inside the USA.

People are Whacked in the Head

They want to uphold Roe V. Wade but want to ban homosexual marriage. These are the two most hot button issues right now. Abortion, well that is the grand-daddy of them all and will not go away, but this poll suggests that what pro-choice people say is true, a clear majority support legalized abortion under Roe. Now, they would disagree what that means, but hell, I'll take this as a sign the culture wars are partially hollowly supported by some. I guess you have to put on a conservative face sometimes, but underneath freedom for women still rings true for some.

Low Income Housing

Where do we put low-income housing? Originally Cranley wanted to spread it outside the city. Now he is against a plan to spread it outside of the currently over saturated neighborhoods.

What is the solution? I don't know if there is one. We will always have poor people. The question is will society be better off if poor people are concentrated in certain areas or spread out? I think spreading classes out into all areas is the best way to go, but with mixed classes come culture clashes. Is that what we need? We are already gearing up for a culture war, will widening it do any more harm?

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Money Where One's Mouth Should Be

Jesse Taylor asks a great questionwhere are the conservatives who want to work in academia? I have read Peter Bronson and countless other right-wingers whine incessantly that there are not enough conservatives in ranks of college professors. I don't think they are looking into Business Schools, but that is another side of the issue. What Jesse brings up is a simple point, why aren't these guys seeking to work at Universities. Why doesn't Peter Bronson try and teach a course at Ohio U's School of Journalism? Why don't more think thank wonks putting aside the six figure salaries to work for colleges? Oh, right, the money. I guess principle has too high a price.

Ignorance Lives in the Hearts of Fundies

Larry Redwine, hopefully a one time guest columnist of the Enquirer, pens a letter to the editor with an opening filled with falsehoods based on ignorance:
Candidates judged by their world view

Whether it's Christianity, Islam, or the faith-based religion of atheism, knowing a political candidate's world view is critical in making a sound decision before entering the voting booth. Granted, because some, like John Kerry this past election, get that 'olde time religion' just about election time, we must weigh their professed religious beliefs with their political record. It can most certainly be said, however, that a person's world view is going to influence the decisions they make on the job, whether it's as a business operator, shop worker or politician.
Larry Redwine, Maineville
Larry's worldview has Jesus colored glasses where he can't define much outside that which he can't understand. Atheism is not a religion. A religion requires the belief in a supernatural entity or entities. That belief, or beliefs, or set of beliefs, or system of beliefs in a god or gods or supernatural entity or supernatural creator(s) can and does very across the spectrum of religion. Atheism is not on that spectrum. To use an old cliche, atheism is no more a religion, than baldness is a color of hair. Atheism is a belief, but a belief that no such supernatural entities exist; it is not based on "Faith" in the same terms applied to religious beliefs. I don't have faith that gravity works. I don't have faith that quarks exist. Calling atheism a religion is common mistake made by religious zealots. It is

When he attacks John Kerry's religious beliefs he does so out of total ignorance. John Kerry did not just come to religion around election time. Kerry is a religious person. Kerry is not a bible thumping idiot, and that is likely one negative Larry Redwine saw in Kerry.

What is sad is that Larry believes in a religious litmus test for who he votes for. He says it in a very politically correct manner, but it still is there. Larry would not vote for someone without a ?Christian? world-view. I don't know what that is supposed to be, but to Larry I can guess it falls in line with far right social beliefs and maybe right-wing economic beliefs. I don't have a problem with a person voting for who they agree with on political issues, that is the essence of democracy. What I have a problem with is when that person views his religion and his political views as one in the same. I have no religion, so Larry would judge me at a minimum in a negative way, if not worse. I could share 99% of his political viewpoints, but he would never vote for me if I were to run for office. (No, I am never running for office, just making a rhetorical point here) That is a difference between his world view and mine. I don't care if you practice a religion or not. I will defend your right to practice your religion. I may find your religion to be pointless, a waste of time, oppressive, or a danger to its adherents. I will speak out against it if I feel it is wrong (as I am doing now), but I would never outlaw it or try and establish a religion or make religious law into state law. Larry I think would do the opposite. He would use the government to promote his particular religion and would use the law to enforce his religious dogma on the public, as was done with Issue 1 here in Ohio. I believe he would try or is trying to establish a national or state religion.

I wonder if Larry has ever had any involvement with the CCV or Phil Burress. Would he join Phil?s Army? Has he already joined it?

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Hyde Park Barnes & Noble Closing?

The sign on the doors I believe say they will be closing effective December 31st, and starting tomorrow their daily hours are reducing. I can't find any mention of this on web anywhere, and I don't think I have read this before. I don't know why this would be happening at this point. I would have surmised that the new Oakley Mall opening in 2006 would have a Barnes & Noble in it, but that is over a year away. This location was a small one, and had a limited selection. I don't know what will replace it. I would hope maybe Panera Bread might expand, but that might hurt Starbucks. I could live with one less Starbucks though. I say that as I am drinking my Mocha in a red snowflake cup.

You Scratch My Blog, I'll Scratch Yours

First a thank you to Beryl Love for a mention in his CiN Weekly Editor's Note.

Second I must complement the CiN Weekly Staff blog for doing a good job. The thing that makes a blog flourish and that is difficult for all of what I call professional blogs (like those at MSNBC or the Plan Dealer) is updating often. I would do much more updating if I had a hot rich wife to sponge off of, but alas I trudge on.

I am very pleased with the blog. It is funny, it has a voice, or should I say a group of voices, and it is indeed a "real" blog. I would guess that news or information that I might print, would not end up in a post there. Reasons are that 1) I do more politics and in your face punditry, 2) They do a culture publication not meant to directly compete with the Metro Section of the Enquirer.

What I like most is the person angles taken. That is part of what makes blogging its own medium. That makes me continue to read it and why I have added it to my blogroll. I have had a CiN link in with local media sites since last year, but this I think deserves inclusion into the local blogoshere.

I can offer one bit of constructive criticism on the blog. I would advise including the same side bar on the front page of CiN on the staff blog. This is the side bar with links to the staff page, about page, etc. Having an "RSS" feed would also get you in good with the hardcore blog crowd who use "news readers" like Bloglines.

The best thing the mention in the editorial gave me was something to bring to Thanksgiving Dinner at my sister's. I had a conversation starter and could use it as a shield in discussions of why I am not married, don't have kids, and don't have a "better" job. For that I truly thank Beryl. He has no idea how much that helped. It even helped in part with avoiding talking about politics, if you can believe it.

UPDATE: Sledge points out that there is an RSS feed for the CiN Blog. I did not search deep enough. Thanks to Matt for that.

Friday, November 26, 2004

The New Gestapo, Phil Burress, and Fascism

I have been called paranoid. I have used hyperbole in describing the radical Christian Right. I do not think I can add much to this New York Times article about Phil Burress that should not bring Fascism and a New Gestapo to your mind:
Beyond that, Mr. Burress plans to take his grass-roots movement in Ohio to a new level, using a computer database of 1.5 million voters to build a network of Christian conservative officials, candidates and political advocates.

He envisions holding town-hall-style meetings early next year in Ohio's 88 counties to identify issues, recruit organizers and train volunteers. With a cadre of 15 to 20 leaders in each county, he says he believes religious conservatives can be running school boards, town councils and county prosecutors' offices across the state within a few years.

'I'm building an army,' Mr. Burress said. 'We can't just let people go back to the pews and go to sleep.'
Burress and his minions are theocratic fascists out to rule the public. They plan on pushing their religion on everyone using the government. Everyone should start waking to the fact that the radical right are a danger and their power is not small, and has a big chance to grow. The vote totals in Ohio should indicate that. The GOP should not feel safe. They have made a pact with these theocrats, and give them lip service and credibility. If they don't stand up and renounce the Faustian bargain they made, they are then in cahoots with the Burress mob. If they don't so as the Christian Right demand they will be instantly denounced and lump in with the rest of us Heathens.

I hope I am crying wolf. I hope the NY Times is just blowing smoke up Phil's ass (he might like that). I hope Phil is really just a nobody getting a little undeserved attention. I can hope, but I lost hope when Phil the bigot got his anti-homosexual amendment passed.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Turkey, Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

Dayton Gets It

Downtown Dayton will have WiFi access covering all of Downtown Dayton.

3D3C the ball is your court, along with Downtown Cincinnati Inc. City Council can't seem to get this done.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Property Rights Vs. Gun Rights

The good old Oklahoma Legislature conjured up a law stating gun rights supercede property rights. This is where I hope the most nutty gun nut can stop and say enough is enough. I thought gun nutsrights supporters want to have guns so they can defend their property. Why then can't a property owner protect their property from guns, keeping all guns off their property?

Personal Jesus

The summation of the big Jesus statue in Monroe, Ohio comes from the lips of Jimmy Flynt neighbor of the church and statue :
'Lawrence Bishop has his business going on here, and I have my business going on here, and that's the beauty of America,' Flynt said.
Bishop is the leader of church.

Flynt sums it up best: its a marketing tool for business. The Hustler store should do the same thing with a statue of a large breasted woman.

Adam Rosenberg is Out

Executive Director of the Hamilton County Democratic Party Adam Rosenberg is leaving the post at the end of the year. With a big city council race ahead the post has immidate importance cultivating Democratic candidates for the race. Who will take his place?

Nick Spencer Paperwork Problems

Greg Korte unleashes the first mini-scandal of the Cincinnati Council election season. It is a bit early for this type of event to impact the election just under a year away.

Nick does not look good over this. What I don't understand is did Nick receive the multiple mailed letters and even hand delivered letter or did not? That would appear to be the failing by someone. I think Nick learned his lesson and can move on. I bet he is glad this happened now and not next September.

Pettus-Brown Guilty

Good news for justice: LaShawn Pettus-Brown was found guilty on all six counts, but the money he stole is long gone and the theater is now an empty lot. The city is not criminally liable, but someone should be fired for allowing this guy to get a dime of public funds. Elected officials should share responsibility and suffer along with the city staffer(s), but will not.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

OT Turf War?

Is there a battle between the City Audit Committee and Mike Allen via a Grand Jury over the investigation into misuse of overtime by some Cincinnati police officers? Or is this just Chris Smitherman jockeying for his mayoral run?

Fear and Loathing Cincinnati

Headlines make a story and even though Cincinnati has improved on the list if most dangerous cities we still are treated as if the city is helltown. This just proivdes another opportunity to say crime sucks, the city has too much crime, and someone has to do something about it. That someone is.......sure as hell not me.

MIAMI 66, Xavier 54

Love and honor to Miami,
Our college old and grand,
Proudly we shall ever hail thee,
Over all the land.

Alma mater now we praise thee,
Sing joyfully this lay,
Love and honor to Miami,
Forever and a day.

Details here and here.

Monday, November 22, 2004

The Walrus Does the SuperBowl

The NFL has tapped Sir Paul McCartney as the SuperBowl halftime entertainment in hopes that the FCC will let them be.

My question is will the WLW's Mike McConnell boycott the halftime show or the whole game for added someone he loathes to the show? His anti Democrat screed on the link above should for once and for all label him as a right wing hack. He sometimes has made sense, but he is now starting to sound like Bill Cunningham.

In Snow Removal Terms We're Now Kentucky

If snow removal is cut as Luken is pushing, Cincinnati will then start acting like rural Northern Kentucky acts when it snows: they close everything down. If there is a forecast for a couple inches of snow, then many districts in NKY cancel school once it starts to flurry outside. It then takes them weeks to clear the streets.

Again, why are we trying to spend money on Airport Hangers when we can't clear snow from the streets? I am not knowledgeable enough on City or State law, but couldn't the Mayor declare an emergency and then get the money needed to clear the streets incase of a major storm? I would bet that small accumulations would be where the side streets never get plowed. When I lived over off of Delta Ave, we had a big storm back in 96 or 97 I think and our street did not get fully plowed for a week. The bottom of our street would get plowed by a private plow from a condo high-rise. If not for that we would have been sliding down the hill into Delta Traffic. I live on a major street now that I think would be plowed, but last winter it wasn't plowed hours after 6 inches fell.

Growing up an hour from Buffalo, I have no real concept of how decisions are made locally about snow removal. To us it was a big deal and they got the job done. I would bet the crew in Jamestown, NY, a town of 35,000 where I grew up, could plow Cincinnati better than the crew here. It may not be the crews, but rather the management of when and how they plow. I have seen trucks going around salting the roads, but without plowing them at the same time. I don't know how that is logical. There may be a plan that is supposed to work and it might have to do with not damaging the roads or parked cars, but I hope they can make their efforts more efficient.

What I don't get at all is how 71, 75, and 275 can be so poorly plowed. I can understand that they will be filled with slow moving traffic, but how can ODOT or the County or the City, who ever has responsibility, let those roads go unplowed? I was driving from Colerain to Beechmont last winter during a storm and I think I saw one set of plows and barely one lane had been touched on both 275 and 75. This was on a Sunday, so I guess they did not do much, but the major highways I would think would be the first priority. It snowed all afternoon, and at night nothing had been touched.

Here I have biases that prevent my objectivity, where I can't understand how snow slows down life around here as much as it does. In a town where you can't live without a car, life is even more difficult with people who just should not be driving in such weather. My commutes out to Mason this winter will not be good.

Moralist Over Reach?

When the fundamentalist Protestants make divorce illegal in their churches, akin to Catholics, then they can start to have an oppressive leg to stand on. Trying now to push traditional marriage on everyone is just bullshit. When they fry Newt Gingrich for his personal life, then maybe they will be consistent. Until then they are the Wizard of OZ in a pulpit, with a big skeleton in their vestibule.

Stupid People

If you think humans were created from Dust 10,000 years ago, then yes you are an ignorant or stupid human being. If on the other hand you think that evolution may have been started by a god or intelligent being or other type entity then you are just wrong, but not stupid.

Half of those polled actual think man was created 10,000 years ago. A third are "bible literalists" and if you are one, yes you are a stupid person. Am I demeaning your religion? Maybe. Am I demeaning your right to believe what you want to believe? Not at all. I am exercising my right to believe that anyone who thinks the bible is literal fact is a moron.

[Via Covington Jim]

The funniest thing about this is that I am sitting right now in Starbucks listening to Christmas carols. I actually like old fashioned Christmas music.

Church of DisneyWorld

If I ever have kids can I bring in a letter from Father Goofy or Bishop Mickey explaining that my kids need eight days off from school to celebrate the Country Bear Jamboree and pay homage at the Hall of Presidents?

Drinking Liberally

A chapter of Drinking Liberally has started up here in Cincinnati. 7:30 PM every Tuesday starting tomorrow night at the Comet in Northside.

What is Drinking Liberally?
An informal, inclusive weekly Democratic drinking club. Raise your spirits while you raise your glass, and share ideas while you share a pitcher. Drinking Liberally gives like-minded, left-leaning individuals a place to talk politics. You don't need to be a policy expert and this isn't a book club - just come and learn from peers, trade jokes, vent frustration and hang out in an environment where it's not taboo to talk politics.

Bars are democratic spaces - you talk to strangers, you share booths, you feel the bond of common ground. Bring democratic discourse to your local democratic space - build Democracy one drink at a time.
If you go let me know how it was. I will try and get out to it at somepoint, but not for a while.

Iraqi Mosque Shooting

Kevin Sites, the cameraman who caught the shooting of the Iraqi by the U.S. Marine gives a description of the event in detail on his blog.

[Via Kos]

UPDATE: I wonder if Steve Fritch has read this. If he has I wonder what his knee-jerk reaction was to it.

Christian Vocalist?

In a letter to the editor in the Enquirer Laurie Flanigan refers to Nicole C. Mullen as a "Christian vocalist." What makes her different from any other vocalist and why doesn't she use the term Christian Music vocalist instead? That I think was most likely what she meant, but her use of the term sounds like this women is somehow a better singer because she is a Christian. She may be a great singer, but to listen to her sing a ballad over another singer just because she is a Christian is a sad way to go about things. To listen to her because she sings a type of music you like better than others is fine and understandable.

Religious labels have crept into the culture at an alarming rate. We have Christian Business directories out there with Christian Mechanics. I guess Christians are supposed to keep to their own kind or something.

Is the term "Christian" being co-opted by fundamentalists? I would say yes. I would hope mainstream or liberal Christians take back the name and don't make it some kind of label of superiority, which holds an ominous tone of past troubles.