Friday, May 31, 2002

Tragedy on the Highway
A truck carrying beer overturned on I-71 in downtown Cincinnati. The driver was not seriously injured, the status of the beer is not known. Funeral arrangements for the beer were not disclosed.
Black Wig Bandit Dead
An alleged bank robber, who was out on bail awaiting trial, died from the result of a car crash on I-275. He was not allowed to leave his home, and was wearing a monitoring device that had indicated to probation officers that he was not complying to his house arrest.
Veiled Bigotry
The Cincinnati Enquirer's Peter Bronson appears to be frothing at the mouth from the latest continuation of his Religious Crusade hidden in the form of a newspaper column.
Local Dare Devil Dies
MSNBC reports on WLWT's story about Timothy "Lee" Werling, aka "SkyPunk", was found dead Thursday from an accident involved in a sky diving stunt. Werling had gained local notoriety after making several jumps from atop Carew Tower, the tallest building in downtown Cincinnati. Here is the Enquirer's take, the Post's, and a take from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

WLW Midday
Mike McConnell 9 AM to Noon host on 700WLW-AM was upset on this morning’s show with the "media's" lack of coverage of the Alicia Reese issue (Vice Mayor of Cincinnati being investigated), while going nuts about the Erpenbeck Co., a local home builder being investigated for fraud and other crimes. This is a very disingenuous comparison. It seems to be a typical instigation tactic to get the callers jumping up and down mad. The two stories differ for many reasons. The Reese story is old and had no interest, while Erpenbeck's alleged fraud hits home for more news consumers. Mike's claim was that Reese was not being covered because she is black and a female and the media does not like to shed bad light on those groups if "possible". Mike is crying wolf. His complaints have no merit. He is grandstanding for effect, which is driving him closer into the style of the laughing stalk of the radio, Willie Cunningham.
Bronson Dusts off FOP Booster Column
Peter Bronson seemed to feel the need to pat the police on the back, and maybe to earn some brownie points the next time he is stop for doing 21 mph in a school zone. Cincinnati Enquirer Link

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Congressional Boobs from the Grand Old Puritans
Local Representatives Chabot and Boehner have gotten on the theocratic bandwagon. The Washington Post reports on a letter they sent to the State of Ohio Board of Education in hopes of encouraging them to include "intelligent design" in the science curriculum along side evolution. This is yet another reason why I don't vote for Republican's. The only thing keeping me from tearing off my ears is that I don't live in either Congressman's district. Thus far, my Representative has not said anything publicly on the subject. I hope he does not, but he is another GOPher. They tend to conform like little storm troopers. Help me, Obi-wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.
Tragedy for Chicago Boy in Cincinnati Pool
The Chicago Tribune reports about the father of the Chicago boy who drowned in a Hotel pool near Cincinnati. The circumstances are not clear to the father and evidence was sent to the DA's office for further review and possible investigation.

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Another Reason not to Live in Kentucky
A former deputy sheriff, Jeff Morris, of Pulaski County who was running against the current sheriff for the Republican nomination for sheriff of Pulaski County was charged in complicity of the murder of Sheriff Sam Catron, that afore mentioned current sheriff. Of all places to have this story, one has to cross the pond to the BBC for the interesting yet tragic tale. I could bash the GOP and Kentucky a great deal more right now, but I think the mere linkage takes care of all one could hope to gain, which is marginalized on this type of horrible story.

The vote is final for the GOP primary and the results are:
TODD WOOD 8,644 73%
KAY STRINGER 2,885 24%
JEFFERY MORRIS 123 1% *Under arrest for murder of Sam Catron
SAM CATRON 0 0% **Deceased

What were these 123 people thinking?
Dayton Newspaper Covers News Cincinnati Ignores
Tony Johnson, 22, of Cincinnati was shot and killed on Saturday night. No one in the Cincinnati media cared to add that to their websites. The Dayton Daily News was on the ball however, a few days late, but they at least covered the story. The Cincinnati Enquirer has a headline reading "Serious crime leaps 19.4% downtown", which is the focus of the main story, but nothing in their online paper reports the 30th murder of the year in the city. Vacation seems to shut down the media in this town.
Taste of Cincinnati
I had a great time there, good food, big crowds, a handful of emotionally challenged protestors good for a laugh. Something for everyone!!!! The Enquirer reports it may have set some records, or at least come close to setting some records. The weather was the biggest help to attendance, which hurt it last year more than the riots.
Sign of Insanity?
Rick Bird reports in the Cincinnati Post about TV and has found a reason why Cincinnati may be nuts. Here is the relevant quote ''Friends: Rachel's pregnancy captured viewers' attention (except in Cincinnati where Survivor routinely beat Friends, bucking the national trend.)" That is evidence enough for me.

Monday, May 27, 2002

PETA Extremists Target Kroger
The Bakersfield Californian reports that animals rights extremist group threatens Kroger with 'cruelty boycott' unless it accepts standards they have agreed to adopt from the Food Marketing Institute. Someone appears to be hunting for a headline.
Chiquita plantation workers on strike
The Bakersfield Californian reports that 2,000 workers in Honduras are striking against Cincinnati based Chiquita.
Post's Editorial has Guts
The Cincinnati Post comes out swinging against the actions of the DOJ regarding one of the "detainees" in GITMO. This is not a popular position, especially for the region in which it publishes. A tip of the hat to the Post for agreeing with idea of Civil Rights for all Citizens.
Taste crowds up despite protests
The Cincinnati Post reports the crowds for Taste of Cincinnati are good as ever. The protestors and the boycott have done nothing to sway people from coming downtown. One of the protestors quoted was funny. Berta Lambert of Over-the-Rhine stated "'The fact that we don't have much of a racial mix here shows the boycott is working.'' Ms. Lambert must not be the brightest bulb. She thinks it is a good thing that the races do not mix. I think she might have an ulterior motive, like many of the hardcore protestors, Black Separatism or Black Nationalism.
Bronson is Not Profiling
Peter Bronson is back to the issues from his religious epiphany. He makes some sense here with this story. He does operate from one side of the polarized city, but in this case he has more facts on it than the other side.

Sunday, May 26, 2002

Twist on Slave Reparations
Denise Smith Amos writes on the change in methods of some seeking reparations for black slaves. The change switches from getting money from the Government(s), but instead going after the corporations who may have profited from slave labor. This parallels the successful methods used by Holocaust survivors and offspring who are in negotiations on payment from European companies who profited from Slave labor before and during WWII. I agree with Denise this idea is more in the realm of the possible, but legally it is not meet the standards needed for a positive judgment.
Bronson has stooped to Evangelizing in his Column
Bronson seems to out of things to say. He mentioned his pilgrimage and his "love". Bronson got all touchy feely with 30 other men, and now says he knows how women are able to lover their fellow women. I am surprised he did not mention "Jesus", but I guess he is trying to reach out to his monotheistic community. I am starting to think Bronson has lost it, or is at least getting sick of current events as writing subjects. Pete, get back to real topics, cease and desist the evangelism.
NKY appears to be nuts
The abortion issue has come back in a new form and the anti-abortion forces have a subgroup of religious theocrats out to rule the country with their twisted lies and fascist propaganda. The Enquirer has a detailed story on the pending issue of using federal funds to provide birth control pills at local clinics in Northern Kentucky. The vote appears to be close. I am so very amazed that people are this fascist in dealing with public policy. I am sorry to all of the conservatives who hate that word, but no other word conveys the reality with these groups.

Saturday, May 25, 2002

Is there a reason to go to local TV news sites for "Real News"?
These websites seem to not be staffed by anymore than one person. That person seems to update them once or twice a day, unless there is some "big" story needing updating. On the weekend the city could be hit by a tornado and not much would be updated. These sites seem only to be used as tools for the TV station, providing no content that does not appear on TV. Seems like a waste of space to me, but for the short run profit obsession of the modern media management, it is not a shocker.
Cincy Post's Memorial Day
From the Cincinanti Post: The Post is advocating a somber day. Prayers and moments of silence for everyone!!!! That sounds like as much fun as sitting through a six year old Southern Baptist give a sermon. Drink and be Merry!!!! Eat too much! Live Live Live!!!
Karen Samples "World Cup"
From the Enquirer: Karen feels the pain of the soccer fan. No major coverage in the US of the world’s biggest sporting event. I for one will be watching some of the games. Soccer is a good sport. It will never take off in the US because of the history of our other sports. I am glad it will always be a second tier sport. Baseball and Football should always be King, but make a little room for the other "football."
Cliff Radel "Memorial Day"
From the Enquirer: Cliff takes on the ignorant masses in remembering what Memorial Day is or was supposed to be.
Cincinnati Stock Exchange
Yes, there is an active Cincinnati Stock Exchange, but it is not located in Cincinnati, Ohio, at least not anymore. The Chicago Sun-Times explains the interesting historical footnote to the city, but a current financial upstart.

Friday, May 24, 2002

Taste of Cincinnati
Tomorrow is the start of the annual Memorial Day tradition. Food, music, and fun is pledged for all. There might be a few protestors. I suggest playing a game. Talley how many different protesters you see while there.

For info on the event see:
Semi-Sensible Don's latest column on the Middle East. -Link Don's ideas are rather conventional on this topic.
Talk Radio or Talk Wrestling?
The latest brainchild from the Vince McMahon of Talk Radio, Darryl Parks is admiting that his station is nothing but a bottom feeding ratings grabber of a radio station. Mr. Parks is Cincinnati AM-Program Manager for Clear Channel and talk show host on WLW-AM. This station tries to be a home for serious news, which is does a good job of covering, but it's content between each 3 minute news report is either an amen session for conservatives or just juvenile farce.

Now, I am sure those are out there saying, "Just turn the Dial" or "Don't whine you damn liberal". I understand what you intend to say, even though you fail to do so. You are saying they can broadcast what they want. I agree they can. I can print my opinion as well. My opinion is that more ludicrous you get, the more you loose credibility.

Cincinnati Enquirer media reporter John Kiesewetter wrote about what I am saying. (linky) On the air today Darryl Parks instead mocked Kiesewetter and his opinion. Parks was trying to be funny, and part of his schtick was funny. The problem is that on his station you don't know what is BS and what is Real unless you listen regularly. When news is important to everyone, which I think is always but now it has become more important, then having a trusted source is necessary. In the Cincinnati area there are no other local radio or Television were you can get "breaking news." That is the fault of both the FCC and Clear Channel, but that is an entire other story.
Peter Bronson - Alien Nation
Pete was off on a tangent today. I sent the following email to him about this column:

Mr. Bronson,

In referring to the NY Times and Democrats you claim they are "blaming"
Bush for the 9/11 attacks. You stated: "Like the delusional 'plot' being
promoted by the New York Times, TV networks and Democrats, that President
Bush knew about the attacks on 9-11 and did not warn us. "

Later you included this "But this glue-sniffing fantasy is peddled by
people who know better -- like this sly insinuation by the Times: 'We do
not preclude the possibility that the trail of misjudgment will eventually
lead to the White House.' "

I think you are acting like those who claim when ever they are pulled over
by police, they were "racially profiled". In your case when ever someone
dares to pose questions to the President or his administration's action or
inaction involving the military or intelligence agencies they are

How do you insinuate misjudgment into "blame"? If you going to live by
inference, then one could easily infer that you are a religious fanatic out
to establish fascistic theocracy. Now, just because I used the "f" word
(fascist), don't go ape because you insinuated from my comments I was being

Brian Griffin
Mt. Washington

I got a canned response.
City Beat's Spin on Jammin' on Main
Gregory Flannery's City Beat regular column called Porkopolis from the May 16-May 22, 2002 issue talking about the "civil rights" protestors at the annual music festival. I find nothing civil about the protestor’s motives, economic destruction of the inner city, but hey who would hold that against them?