Friday, February 28, 2003

Operation Troop Trax is a group out to send CD's to the troops. This group has decided to Blacklist musicians that have spoken out against military action. Now I think war is the only choice at this moment, but I am totally disgusted by this group and any service person who blacklists someone because they don't want to send people to their deaths. I wonder if these folk were inspired by the recent McCarthyism debate in the Blogosphere. Right-wingers can't seem to shed their old ways.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

My latest Post is up.
Jerry Springer's Support Appears Weak
Jerry Springer made his first campaign like appearance in Ohio since rumors made the national mill that he was considering a run for U. S. Senator. His appearance was at Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio. He spoke at Millett Hall, home to the Miami Redhawks basketball teams. The event was set up for around 2,600 people, but at $3.00 a ticket only 300 people managed to show up. Now the speech was held on the night before Valentine’s Day, so early love birds might have been otherwise occupied, but on a campus with a large conservative segment, and very non-political style apathy, it was not a shock that many did not attend. Full Post
City Councils Pass Resolution In Support Of War
When I criticized members of Cincinnati City Council for trying to pass an anti-war resolution, I had no idea that other City Councils were planning a similar, yet opposite resolution. I must take the time now to say as I said before, these opportunistic politicians should be ashamed of themselves. The is no more reason for the City of Hamilton to support war as there is for Cincinnati to oppose it. These resolutions are meaningless and nothing but political grandstanding.
Spin or Bias?
The UC News Record reports on BET's Ed Gordon's cancellation stating:
He has not disclosed his reason for canceling.
Where the "he" is Mr. Gordon. The Cincinnati Post reports
UC Student Government said Gordon's cancellation wasn't related to the boycott. He decided not to participate in the event because certain requirements he made weren't met, Tolliver said.
Where "Tolliver" is UC Student Body President Darren Tolliver. I find this conflict interesting. Either Mr. Tolliver is spinning the issue to his benefit, not acknowledging that the boycott may have influenced Gordon's cancellation, or more likely, that the News Record omitted Tolliver's opinion because it editorially favors the boycott, and preferred to have Gordon cancel. It is obvious that Tolliver talked to Laurin McLain of the News Record, he was quoted for the story, and it is logical to assume Mr. Tolliver would have made it clear to both the Post and News Record that Mr. Gordon's cancellation had nothing to do with the boycott. So which is it? Spin from Mr. Tolliver or Bias from the News Record?
Police union to challenge Owensby firings, suspensions
This is not a big shock but when Roger Webster says, "We stand behind these guys 100 percent," one can't just be taken aback with a total lack of concern for what happened. The case of Mr. Owensby was different to all of the other cases trumpeted by over reaching activists back in 2001 after the riots. The Ownsby case was what even Bill Cunningham called "troubling." Mr. Webster's role is to defend his police officers, but it should not be to defend them no matter the circumstances. The two officers, who were fired, clearly should have been fired. Both men should just pack it in and not appeal it. If they do, all it does it create more grief for them, the image of the FOP, and the City. Cut your losses Mr. Webster, don't pick fights you can't and should not win.
Dawn's Life on the "Great White" fire. I am glad she waited a week to post this. Her basic premise is a valid one. I was never a fan of the more prissy hair bands of the 1980's. I might have expected a crowd this size for a "Quiet Riot" show, but I don't know if their reunion tour was worth it, and whether it continues from over a year ago. This was a horrible tragedy, but it was an avoidable one. Dawn is also correct that stadium/Arena shows cannot be replicated in a club, which is just a bar with a big dance floor in most cases.
Hey Howard, You're an Idiot!
Howard, could you point me in the direction of this new department store chain called "Federated Stores?" I know of a Federated Department Stores, Inc., but not a "Federated Stores." Is it too much to ask that you know the name of a company headquartered in downtown Cincinnati? I also have to ask: What about Lazarus? Federated Department Stores does own Bloomingdale's and Macy's, but what about the policy change at the local FDS chain Lazarus? Could Howard have picked up a phone and called Federated Department Stores and asked if the policies covering Bloomingdale's and Macy's were also covering Lazarus and all other retail stores for Federated? Howard could have called the Lazarus Gift Card hotline to get his answer. Howard seemed to have phoned this one in.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Kroger to expand use of self-checkout machines
I hope Biggs Target do the same. I love these machines. K-Mart has them, as well as some Wal-Marts. The only problem with having these machines is the idiots who try and use them with a shopping cart full of crap. These are meant for a small number of items. Soccer Moms, please use the regular check out lanes!
2 Officers Fired Over Owensby Investigation
Unfortunately this is not over. Both of the officers can still appeal the decision, and the family of Mr. Owensby is still calling for Federal Prosecution. This case was from the beginning a total mess. There was no other choice but to fire these two police officers. This will not satisfy any of the activists who have been pushing this issue. The response to this act will be at best mixed. They will approve of the firings, but will want more. The problem is that the city can't really do any more. The level of spin will be interesting to observe. I imagine a bit of tough talk will come from the mouths of the CJC and the CBUF, but nothing will come from their hollow words. WCPO's version and the AP version.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Trade pact negotiators meet public
This is a nice column about Cincinnati and the role it can play with international trade. Chiquita provides a positive history of international trade experience, but some of that history is mired in bad labor relations. P&G is an international juggernaut that has the clout and experience to make up for Chiquita's failings.

CAFTA meetings one might think would bring out the Stalinists or at least the Unions. I have heard about little except for this blip from the folks, better known as the mouthpiece of the transnational progressive movement and the quasi-anarchists.
Local Crews Could See Record Number Of Potholes
West Bound Columbia Parkway between Beechmont and Dead Man's curve has a 100-yard stretch with about 20 huge potholes. The Parkway has several other big holes closer to Delta. It is like dodging chipmunks on my commute into work.
NKU Professors sue former finance chair
This type of academic research scandal is not usually associated with business schools, this case with the Finance Department. The data collection on business is not something that can be faked easily. The data would generally be from known sources, not from self-generated processes, like medical testing for example, where a researcher could make up data more easily. This is an interesting tactic these professors are taking to save their reputations from the stink of the former department chair.

The Notherner, student newspaper at NKU, puts Miami's to shame. The Miami Student may be the oldest the in country, but age does not equate to quality.
Based on this post Zee over at Spiced Sass has drunk the Freeper kool-aid. I think someone needs a vacation.
Chris Anderson picks up on the problem with the boycott's lack of consistency in definition and scope.
John Schlagetter catches the CJC in an apparently blatant lie. That is unfortunately not unusual based on my observations.
County will revise Memorial Hall lease
Phil Heimlich "doesn't want "hate-mongers" to be allowed to use it." Phil wants to keep the boycotters and the Nation of Islam out of Memorial Hall. Here I have a mixed view point. I do not want county property to be used by hate groups, which the Nation of Islam is. I would say the CJC members are hate-mongers, but their group has yet to take a formal hate-based position. I also do not want the government, the county, curtailing free speech. What I do not want to see is the county allow other groups preaching hate to use the facility. I do not want to see Phil's buddies at the CCV to use the facility if the CJC can't. Todd Portune also needs to rethink this quote:"When you talk about the boycotters, there you've got an issue of, I think, pure political speech and not hate speech," he said. I guess Todd has not heard the speech from the Black Fist or the new and defused CJC.

Monday, February 24, 2003

A Point of Clarification, asked by John Schlagetter
John wonders that since the boycott of Downtown Cincinnati is targeted to "consumers," why are not consumers of legal services of attorneys located downtown subject to the boycott? I would ask how can any boycotter use their phone and not be breaking the boycott? Last I checked Cincinnati Bell is located on 7th Street. I think John is on to something.

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Gay-rights group to push partners registry for ballot
If John Cranley and David Crowley want to really help gays and homosexuals, then lets seem them support an ordinance in Cincinnati creating a "domestic partner registry." This registry would allow for all couples, homosexual or heterosexual, to register with the City as a couple who are living together as a domestic couple. This registry would allow a means for people to gain access to see domestic partners in hospitals where only "family" is admitted. It also might create a means where other similar accommodations made to traditional married couples might be extended to those who are part of the domestic partner registry. This registry is not in my opinion the best solution for discrimination against gay marriage, but it might be a means that under current law could not be touched. The state of Ohio should legalize Gay Marriage or create a Civil Union provision allowing for equal levels of right for homosexuals to live in a domestic partnership as any other couple might.
John Schlagetter is calling out the CJC. I am sure Nate's ego will not let this go without a response. Stay tuned to their website forum for their regular dose of bigotry and racist dogma. Same bat time, same bat channel.

John refers to WCIN's "50 Most Influential Blacks in Cincinnati" event. I do not think people putting on this banquet are racist, but I don't see this as a very race friendly kind of event to have. There is no 50 most influential whites in Cincinnati event that I know of. If there were, I would bet nearly all 50 of these people would condemn it as racist, and call for a protest. WCIN's event might be subjected to protest, but not by any so-called "white organization." Instead a sect of Black Nationalists will likely be the only protestors. This is a double standard. Many might call this a justified double standard, but if you do un to others, they will do un to you in return. The cycle of racism and bigotry has been allowed to swing back as a subtext that allows minorities to do things that if the majority did would be considered offensive. I don't know why this is allowed to occur, but it goes with little objection from the minority community and the media.
Round up the Usual Suspects!
Peter Bronson of the Enquirer is shocked, SHOCKED that Aaron Sanders, head of the Miami University College Republicans, was fired as a columnist for the Miami Student. Peter has no clue that this is the best thing that could have happened to Mr. Sanders in his political career. In one simple action he has been made into a right-wing hero. He is a martyr for the cause of conservatism. He not only was fired for opposing what he called "pornography", but he has created a fight with one of the biggest enemies of the theocratic fascist jet set: the college professor. Freepers around the country are surely frothing at the mouth, while the CCV and its kin are beating the war drums both with Peter Bronson, their champion, pumping up his protégé. I shed no tears for Mr. Sanders. He will be laughing all the way to his cushy political job very soon, and by making FOX News, he surely will not have a problem getting a job in a Republican administration somewhere. Senator Doug White could use some help I am sure.
Damn Yankees Syndrome
If the USA were a baseball team it would surely be the New York Yankees. Why do those damn Yankees always win the World Series? Most baseball fans either root for the NY Yankees or they hate them with a passion. Now, after 9/11 the Yankees have received much sympathy from all of American along with most all things New York. That not with standing the history of hating the Yankees is a tried and true tradition. That tradition is at its core nothing more than jealousy. When the Yankees won nearly countless pennants and World Series from the late 1920’s through the early 1960’s, it was almost natural for people to start hating them. It is natural. Envy is a human failing, but an unavoidable one.

Is this the bottom line composition of the bulk of the hard-line protests against the American led campaign to go to war to disarm Iraq of WMD? Are all of the cries against alleged American hegemony nothing more than some envious French pundits shaking their fists at those damn Yankees? Does that make Jacques Chirac into Joe Boyd/Hardy? Shoeless Jacques from old Iraq? France would have to then be the Washington Senators. They Irony there is incalculable. Saddam Hussein would then have to be Mister Applegate (the Devil of the Faustian story) temping Jacques with victory over those Damn Yankees as long as he sells his soul. I can’ t figure out who Lola is in this fictionalized musical made real. There are several candidates for the role. Yasser Arafat is the most obvious choice. Germany might be a possibility, but their role might be closer to a Benny Van Buren. Right-wingers would want to use the anti-war protestors as their Lola, but I will not give them the satisfaction. Robert Mugabe fills the role almost as well as Arafat, but Yasser has to be the sentimental choice.

The pièce de résistance and the crème de la crème of my little conflagration of analogies is the fact that from 1995 to 1997 the most beloved American comedic actor in France, Jerry Lewis, starred in the National Tour of a Damn Yankees revival. Irony is best served with a little cheese and champagne.

Saturday, February 22, 2003

FOX News Watch Faux Pas
FOX News's Eric Burns made a couple of mistakes that got my ire on today's edition of the FOX News Watch program. I sent an email with my complaint.

In covering the Aaron Sanders, college student columnist, you made two major mistakes. First you failed to include the fact that Aaron is the Chairman of the Miami University chapter of the College Republicans, one of the biggest chapters of that group in the country. Mr. Sanders’ ties to the GOP and his ability to gain the attention of a local columnist and your program are evidence that his motives are at a minimum less than pure journalism. Second you made a more serious mistake. You referred to Miami as the "University of Miami of Ohio." Miami was a University while Florida still belonged to Spain. Coral Gables University may be a fine school, but they do not have the history of Miami University, nor the storied alumni. As an alumnus myself I am often forced to write emails to media outlets and reporters correcting them on this mistake. I do have a bias in the issue, but it might help that you re-read Peter Bronson's Cincinnati Enquirer Column, or better yet my blog post on the issue. What is worse is that Jim Pinkerton, while commenting on the topic, correctly referred Miami as "Miami University." It is difficult for me to praise Mr. Pinkerton, but he earned it in knowing his Miami's.

Brian Griffin
Cincinnati, Ohio
Miami University Class of 1994
I don't think it is "pithy" enough for FOX, so I doubt it will be noticed. This program is entertaining, but it is really biased. It has two conservative partisan columnists and two liberal media analysts. The analysts discuss the quality of the media, while the columnists mostly scream about the "so called liberal media."
Man pleads guilty to fraudulently billing porn Web sites to county
If Simon Leis has anything to say about this man he will get the electric chair. Not for fraud or theft, but for viewing porn websites.
One World Politics?
Much of the dispute over the Bush Administration's impending war on Iraq has rested on and been exasperated by Bush's overall international policies. He has been forging a policy that most analysts would concur is a neo-conservative one, stemming from a modification of Reaganite Cold War dogma. Most of the anti-war movement is in many people's opinions just an anti-Bush reaction. I tend to agree that a large part of the anti-war movement is based on politics. Their mantra would be that Bush is the enemy in politics, so all of his polices should be opposed. This is an idea that is not just in one country. It is common in most of Europe and a large part of the rest of the world.

On the other side the biggest supporters of the War are taking a similar stance. They are condemning those protesting in the same manner that most debate from conservatives make calling everyone either liberal, socialists, or communists, usually interchanging the words.

Is this event a sign of the Internationalization of politics? Through much of history geo-politics did not have huge political ideologies attached to them. The old American adage states that politics ends at our shores. Now we are moving to transnational progressives and evangelical Christians as the fault line of international politics that do not draw the line of belief at a nation's border. Is this a first step towards a real world government? The UN is not much of a government, but with he move of the EU to federalize, will this time be seen as the beginning of a real Planet Wide Central Government? I do not have a clue what form or what power it would have, but is this the beginning of its formation? Are we creating political alliances based on political party to political party, instead of nation to nation? A single planet government will eventually happen here on Earth. It might take another 500 years, but it will happen. I wonder if the Iraq UN crisis will be seen as an example of the first real act of a central world government? So many questions, and so few answers.
Macy's to Launch Eminem Clothing Line
Is this a step up from Puff Daddy (P. Diddy) or a step down? Both have had scandal surrounding them, but are very popular with the morons in the world. There are a plethora of morons with money in the world, and their money is as good as the next guy's. Show me the Money!

Friday, February 21, 2003

Recent Tragedies Surprise Local Nightclubs
Why do local news outlets continue to localize national news? Well, since the nationwide media outlets regularly nationalize local news, I guess all is fair in love, war, and the news.
Morrison Collaborating on Slave Opera
I like opera, but I don't know how much I will like a newly written one. I am pleased to see the Cincinnati Opera being on the edge of new artistic work. This event I would guess will be tied into the Underground Railroad Museum when it comes to town in a few years.
People Push For Cincinnati Anti-War Resolution
Please read the headline again. "People"? What people? I think it is safe to assume that dogs and cats are not lobbying City Council. I am also sure that most people are not pushing for a meaningless resolution opposing war with Iraq. A better term to use in place of “people” would have been “anti-war activists” or just “activists.” If you want to present a biased report, not that it isn’t already, the headline might read “Morons Push For Cincinnati Anti-War Resolution.” It just rolls off the tongue like spit into the sink.
Council won't join antiwar effort
Local politicians have no business grandstanding on International geo-politics. Crowley, Cooper, and Reece should be ashamed of themselves for wasting city time and money.
Fans reeling as Phish returns
I implore local media not to cause panic by invoking the Who's 1979 concert in any coverage of the Phish events tonight and tomorrow. Doing so would not only be gross sensationalism, it would be a crass action in the middle of a ratings season that would be a clear case of exploitation for profit.
At Least 39 Killed in Fire at Rhode Island Club
A horrible tragedy, but it appears that either the Band or the club owners will be held responsible. Criminal charges should be made. This far exceeds the 1979 "Who tragedy" where 11 people were trampled to death. Festival seating did not cause this type of problem. I hope this event is not used as a sensational example that is exploited by anyone, like concert safety fanatics or whole black activist gang who will cry foul if this event does not get treated in the media the way the night club tragedy in Chicago was treated.

Video from the club showing the starting of fire was very haunting to view. I am surprised that video was show by TV News. There surely are people who are shown in the video who died or are seriously wounded. It would be very unsettling to watch that video this soon if I had friends or family who had lost their lives.

The local event this most relates to is the Bevery Hills Supper Club Tragedy where 165 people where killed in a fire in the club.
Eschaton on Mayor Luken's displeasure with Tom Ridge, from the Cincinnati Post.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Chris Anderson on Kathy Y. Wilson's column/profile of Monica Williams, a new emerging leader of the increasingly irrelevant CJC. Chris points to a problem that exists in many quarters of the "black activist" movement, the racist until proven innocent mentality. It is taken to the extreme in the "Black Nationalist" movement, where the "white man" is the "devil." I was disappointed with Kathy's column however. It was a portrait of Monica that did not hold back any of Monica's "warts", but Kathy did not render any overt opinion. I would have like to have read more on Kathy's views of what people like Monica are doing to race relations in the city. I believe Monica, and her fellow bigots/racists in groups like the CJC, are as much the cause of race problems in this city as the police.
Democrats, not GOP, lacking in diversity (3rd Letter)
Gary Bryson of Sharonville writes to the Enquirer claiming the Democrats lack diversity "because of their adherence to Democratic ideology." Is Gary just that simple to make sure an unintelligent comment? What ideology would Democrats have other than Democratic ideology? I don't know what Democratic ideology is to be blunt. I know there is the progressive wing of the party, the conservative wing, the neo-liberal wing, the unionist wing, and the minority wing. The GOP has the neo-conservative wing, the paleo-conservative wing, and the libertarian wing. Those are all of the main ideologies in both parties. That are not totally complete, but they are a good general breakdown. The Democratic Party has always been a much wider coalition of ideologies than the GOP. I don't think Gary has read much on politics. I would guess he stems from "Themism," where the "them" to Gary are Democrats, and the "us" are Republicans. I think Gary needs to rethink his views. He can veil his desire for a homogenous society where only conformity gets you noticed, but it will not fly.

Gary can cry that Democrats don't share his views on abortion, taxes and affirmative action, but what does that have to do with the lack of minorities in the Ohio GOP? His party has as much conformity on all of those three issues and he should know it. The GOP party's platform is against abortion, for a regressive tax system, and is against most forms of affirmative action. He seems to miss the point of the article. Blacks don't like the GOP for several reasons, but most of all the recent history (last 35 years) it has taken steps to alienate blacks on issue most blacks favor, like affirmative action. This has nothing to do with Democrats getting more votes or not having more people in the State House or General Assembly. The issue is that the members of the GOP in State government are nearly all white and all male, Ken Blackwell, Betty Montgomery, and Jennette Bradley, not withstanding. The Jennette Bradley link surprisingly forwards to a general page. She sure has importance to the GOP if she does not even have her own web page on the State website.
LETTERS: Different standards for NY rapper
In these letters to the editors of the Enquirer one can see the effects of media illiteracy. These readers and TV views are not able to see beyond the surface of the dramatic story the media paints about issues that can gain readers/viewers.

This harsh response to the coverage and defense of the rapper parallels that received by radio talkshow host Jay Love from 1230 the Buzz on Tuesday and Wednesday. His callers were very irate and according to Jay were cussing out the show's producer without waiting to get on the air, all in defense of Jay's comments criticizing "50 Cent."

With fans as rabid as these, and with the prior problems at "50 Cent" shows, the police preparation was warranted. This comment from Melissa Meyer deserves a response:
Were such extreme security measures warranted in this situation? Why is there the assumption in Cincinnati that gatherings of black citizens equal violence. Would a concert by Eminem, Insane Clown Posse, or Marilyn Manson have brought out the SWAT team?
The reason is simple Melissa. None of those acts have had recent violence at shows. None of those acts are admitted former drug dealers currently under pending weapons charges. None of those acts have been shot 9 times within the last couple years. Rap music lives on a reputation of violence, anger, and associate with crime. If they don't want to live the life of "gangsters," then don't act like it.
What's in a Number?
After posting yesterday about the "50 Cent" concert I was encouraged to reexamine the number of people attending the concert. I posted that there were 300, while the venue held 1,250. I based my information on Larry Nager's review of the concert in the Enquirer. The relevant quote was:
After paying as much as $100 for VIP tickets ($35 for general admission) and being thoroughly frisked for weapons, the crowd of 300 or so milled around the club waiting for the star.
What I missed was in the article by Jane Prendergast where she noted:
By midnight, the club was full. Capacity is 1,250. Earlier, hundreds had lined the sidewalks waiting to get in.
After emailing both reporters I was able to surmise the reason for the difference. Larry was inside and states that the crowd was not more than a few hundred. He has been in the same venue for several other events where the number of attendees was firmly known, and the "50 Cent" concert did not meet those numbers. I think Jane's number was based on the information from the promoters who were going to provide an answer to best suit the act and the venue. I don’t know how the inter-workings of newspapers work, but one might surmise that editors might see that basic difference in articles that relate to the same subject in the same edition of the newspaper. This is a minor issue, but it is one that if the event had any problems would have been key to understanding correctly what occurred.
Rap's Newest Star Performs; No Problems Reported
Ok, above is the headline from the WLWT story. Here is a quote from the story:
Cincinnati police reported only a few minor problems.
Now I think there is a difference between "no problems" and a "few minor problems," ya think?

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

CalPundit on Post War Iraq
Kevin Drums indicates that efforts for democracy and stability in Post-War Iraq are withering on the vine, and I agree. Here is what I hope happens if a Japan/Germany type post-war effort is not made.
1. I hope all of the protestors fight for democracy in Iraq. I hope they get the numbers out again, this time I will join, and keep fighting until Bush offers a Marshall Plan for Iraq, and a Plan to create a democracy.
2. I hope the media do not become Bush's bitch again. It would be nice if the television news outlets would get a pair of balls and hold Bush's feet to the fire on at least one lie or broken promise.
3. I hope the voters of America vote Bush out of office in such a landslide to make 1984 seem like a barnburner.

If Bush does make a democratic Iraq, or at least makes a full effort to make it so, I will give him credit. I will then start complaining if he does not immediately start pushing out every other dictator, fascist or theocratic government in the world. This would include the theocracy George himself is trying to creep us into.

UPDATE: Paul Krugman chimes in and is right, as usual.
50 Cent draws hundreds with hot rap, cool tats
It appears the event went off with only a few minor fights. I say only because no one reportedly was hurt. The reviewer from the Enquirer panned the concert. I am not a fan of rap, so I would have not had a favorable report under any circumstances. The big issue is that the bar can hold 1,250 people, but only around 300 were there.

Chris Anderson also had a few comments on the event, and rightfully pans the media for being race car fans, looking for wrecks.
Tom Ridge Media Coverage
Good from WCPO and WLW. The rest was typical or absent. WDBZ needs a real news team if it going to be a source for real news, they did not carry the speech live. WCPO gets a special kudos for offering a streaming video of the entire Tom Ridge speech.
Dog on Ice Flow trumps Tom Ridge
Today FOX News and MSNBC cut away to live coverage of a dog being rescued from an ice flow during Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge’s speech here in Cincinnati on a new effort to prepare the country for terrorism and war.

WLW’s Mike McConnell gets credit for noticing this fact. He did not mention what CNN was airing. I would guess they only have two TV’s and did not have on CNN, I hope their right-wing slant is not so crass to shun CNN.

I am sure some conservative will blame PETA or the SPCA for this misplacement of priorities. The reason for this lopsided coverage is simple, DRAMA. Cable news networks care little about news and information, unless it has DRAMA. DRAMA in today’s terms is only the visual. This is an example of what makes the Television news media horrible today. It is not a social or political bias; it is a focus on ratings, not on providing quality journalism. The real problem with this is that no one in the public, outside of the few readers I have, will see this problem with TV news. Since they control the curtain, they won’t let you behind it

The kicker has to be a caller to WLW who said “liberals” should be happy FOX News showed it was warm and fuzzy by caring for animals. It is not quite blaming PETA, but it is close enough. It goes to show that if you make it stupid, people will not care, or will not know the difference.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

I Fart in Your General Direction
This afternoon while visiting the café in the building where I work I was slightly shocked. There were about seven men sitting having coffee in the café. This not that odd, but they were all speaking French. They were talking up a storm and I felt like they were talking about me. They were laughing at several points while I waited for my calorie filled mocha. I was able to make out two words: Croissant and Fromage. This shop did sell croissants, so I assumed they were making fun of the quality of American Croissants. I don't know about the cheese.

This whole issue was odd today because the biggest meme on the Blogosphere over the last week has been "France Sucks." I had the unfound feeling that these men were going to start insulting me for being American. They were doing nothing wrong, but the meme has been beat into me with calls for boycotts of French products and events and other complaints. I was out numbered but according to the prevailing warblogger logic, if I ask a French person to surrender they will. It is supposed to be like a Pavlovian response. I was tempted to try out this theory, but I felt a bit out of place. Having a Cappuccino in Cincinnati is a bit too European to complain.

Am I still allowed to eat filet mignon?

This is not the Café where I ran into the French mafia.
Cincinnati to host round of CAFTA negotiations
Will our beloved local Zapatista Stalinists be back for another round of protests? I can't wait to see a gang of Transnational Progressives with effigies, gas masks, and 1..2..3..4 chants. Oh the fun, oh the revelry.
Hot act 50 Cent drops in to rap
Ok, where is the CJC's artists of conscious campaign? I for one would like to see this act boycott Cincinnati.

UPDATE: WCPO reports "50 Cent" is out on bail on a weapons charge.

Monday, February 17, 2003

Homeland Security chief to speak
It's official. You can get your duct tape refunds Downtown on Wednesday.
Peter Bronson's Good Old Boy Network
In today's Enquirer Peter Bronson is off attacking Miami University and the Miami Student, the campus newspaper, for firing Aaron Sanders after he wrote a column for the newspaper. The column criticized a teacher and a film shown in a class at Miami. Peter is really not being honest with who this student is. This student is the chairman of the College Republicans of Miami University. Peter wrote a column using Sanders as the main source last fall in a campaign to get FOX News included in the campus cable system. Peter and this student obviously are working “in cahoots.” Peter wants to help out a fellow right-winger, and at the same time put forth his ideological agenda.

Peter obviously cares nothing for promoting good journalism, especially when it conflicts with his chance make a fellow paleo-conservative into a victim in the faux war with academia. Peter illustrates his agenda with this quote from his column:
They said he did not see the movie before writing about it. But that's true for most reporting. Sanders didn't claim he saw it - he indirectly quoted students who did.
Has Peter given up journalism? Peter says that most reporters would not see a film before they reported it, which is true, when talking about reporters. They can report that a film was shown. It would be very subjective to report that “some” people were offended by the film. That point could be made in a column as this student did, but would it be good journalism without seeing the film first? A column is at its core an opinion, not an unbiased news story, but good columnists generally do not report false or misleading facts. If this student columnist did not see the film, how good a columnist would he be if reported someone else’s opinion of the film instead of his own? I would say he would be a bad columnist who is making grossly biased argument that is not worthy of a college student. It was a political tactic made by a political party. This student is not a journalist, he is a politician, all be it a junior one. I have no doubt he will be a paid staffer for a conservative politician as soon as he graduates, and Peter cries for him because his editors have chosen to edit him out of the newspaper. Well, Peter was concerned about this being a learning tool. I would argue Mr. Sanders has learned a lesson. That lesson clearly is don’t abuse your position. Write an honest story, don’t write a bad column to put forth your agenda. Instead, write a good column, and hope it puts forth your agenda. Playing fair in writing and politics is something I advocate to all, but I guess the ends matter more to Peter than the means. If Peter can “save our souls” by establishing a theocratic state, I would think he would be happy as a clam.

UPDATE 02/18/2003: Miami's newspaper currently does not have a website, but I think the Sanders column can be read here.
AUSTRALIAN BLOGGER Tim Blair considers Bush a "relatively moderate" Christian. I wonder who he thinks qualifies as a conservative Christian. In this case I think Tim's perspective is thrown off by the Pacific Ocean. Bush is not the most conservative Christian, but he is in that camp. Bush is an evangelical Christian, and even though that group is growing, it is not mainstream, which is another word for moderate in my experience. Now in this post Tim is making some kind of contextual comment to refer to Bin Laden's past, which I don't dispute, but the context of Bush is off. Bush is far more likely to push American Christianity to the right, than to the middle, which is where he was raised. Bush is more of a potential parallel to Bin Laden's slide to extremism, than a contrast.
The White Death has Gripped the City!
Do to weather conditions; Cincinnati Blog is on Plan 9, from outer Space.

Sunday, February 16, 2003

GOP rules with no minorities, few women
Other news today: Fire is hot, snow is cold, sex feels good, and the CCV is a theocratic fascist group.
TBOGG suggests new a new hair style for Congressman Steve Chabot who is head and shoulders above the rest of the country in sucking up to the religious right, especially those living on the west side of Cincinnati.
Colombia, U.S. Search for Americans in Jungle
This story is over 24 hours old and got almost no coverage. Why is the anarchy better known as Columbia not getting attention from both the government and the media?

1 murdered American and 1 murdered Columbian and 3 more Americans missing and presumed to be kidnapped, and this barely makes the TV news? No video is why and this shows the single biggest bias in Television journalism: video rules. If there is film, there is drama. Drama sells. Information does not sell. Viva TV!

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Comments Problems, my comments provider has been having issues, and it appears that I have lost comments posted over the last few days. I generally don't delete them, unless horribly offensive, so don't accuse me censorship, I have no control of this problem.
Local peace groups spreading wings
In the picture accompanying the article there is a picture that reads "War is not the answer." The problem with this and most protests is that they don't provide an answer. They want "peace." I want peace, but how can a country live in peace that is not free? Iraq is not free. They are run by a horrible tyrant. Everyone agrees on this, but protestors have no solution to free the people of Iraq. The only solution proposed by the anti-war side is more inspections and containment. Well, that works in keeping the Iraq regime in check. It also keeps Saddam in power. Inspections and containment will keep Iraq a dictatorship for years to come. It will not change. No Arab country has embraced democracy, and it will take conflict to change that. This impending war has been forced upon America at this point by Bush. It should have been resolved in 1991 by his father, but the UN mandate held him back. The only issue where Bush will fail is in building a new Iraq. Bush is failing now in Afghanistan, providing no aid in his current budget. This is where the only meaningful attacks on Bush lie. Protest Bush's love-em and leave-em policy of war and abandonment, but support the war to liberate Iraq. It is coming no matter anyone wants, so make some lemonade. Do not charge at windmills just because you don't want Bush to be reelected. I don't want that either, but I will not play politics with freedom for a country.
Ridge coming to Hamilton Co.
Breakout your gas masks and duct tape in salute to Secretary Ridge!

Friday, February 14, 2003

Rob Bernard's reference to traditional "political spectrum", the left-right line, is outdated in today's political/ideological arena. The square chart illustrated at the libertarian website is better, or at this site. These are still not perfect. Politics is not a simple assortment of beliefs, but instead a hodgepodge chaos of individual ideas and philosophies.
Southern Heritage? Or hate symbol?
There is a moron on Eastern Ave in Linwood who flies a tattered old "Stars and Bars." What is the purpose of flying this flag? If it part of a design or put in a historical context, I have no problem with the flag. When it is used as a sign of pride in the "South," that can only refer to the ante bellum “South,” the society with slavery intertwined with the culture as much as cornbread.
NPR : 'Iraq: The World Speaks' - An NPR/BBC Joint Production
I sent the following question:

My Question for the discussion is the following: Why are both sides of the War issue using atrocious hyperbole to express their view points? It seems to me that when people scream about the War being about oil are ignorant about American history, foreign policy, and rule of law. They instead just don't like George Bush's politics, which I fully understand, and allow outlandish and ludicrous rhetoric to rule their argument, whiling down playing rational questions of his policy. This happens while the Bush Administration and Conservatives here in the USA panic the country with exaggerated Iraq-terrorist connections stemming from an exploitation of the 9/11 tragedy. It distresses me that both sides play into each other's hands by only using arguments that confirms the opposite side's prejudices and biases.

Brian Griffin
Cincinnati, Ohio

Thursday, February 13, 2003

The 800-Pound Gorilla of Blogdom Links to City Beat!
It appears my 15 seconds of fame from this CityBeat article has been linked by Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit. I don't mind the link, but my picture is on top of the article, and that might drive people away from reading it. For those visiting for the first time, welcome! I might actually be able to drag my moment of fame along for a few more seconds, but don't fear my ego growing to large. With a mug like mine, humility was instilled at birth.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Some U.S. lawmakers want to ban French water, wine and move troops from Germany
Your House GOP leadership in action. What a bunch of morons. Why don' t they just start bombing Paris? Jingoistic juveniles strutting like a bunch of bloodthirsty jocks. I guess they will boycott me if I don't agree with them and take action to oppose their polices.
700 WLW reups Bill Cunningham contract
The Big One's Big Mouth is back for eternity. I guess Cincinnati is now "hell."

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

A Dayton, Ohio reader emailed Glenn pushing for a boycott of French products. Glenn's response was "I suspect a lot of people are starting to think this way." I think Glenn might do well in looking at boycotts, like the one here, and maybe he would show some guts and not encourage anyone to start a new one. They don't work, but they do hurt people, but I guess hurting "them" is peachy keen for the 800-pound gorilla.
An example of nitpicking gone amuck. The 800 pound gorilla can be one petty prick sometimes, and to link to Limbaugh, why not just link to the RNC website directly? Cut out the middleman!
Chris Anderson knocks Peter Bronson and his theocratic fascist friends down a peg or two or three.
Arts association, Coalition for Just Cincinnati drop suits
This sounds like a win for the CJC. Who is the lawyer for the CAA? I would think they might not be hired again. From what was reported the CJC did not have to do a thing. I would guess a little threat of media attention or endless litigation drove the CAA to cave like a little girl. Giving into extortion brings more extortion. The CAA made a mistake in settling. WCPO’s Take on the story.

Monday, February 10, 2003

Jay Love Takes a Stand
I have to give a big kudos to Jay Love from 1230 the Buzz for calling the Black Fist and the CJC illegitimate. Jay has admitted his stations complicity in giving those groups a platform. He has stated they will no longer get that platform on his show. I wish the entire station took a similar stance, but Jay deserves some credit for taking a stand. I think some of his reasons are tame compared to the offenses these groups have cause that Jay let go on without notice, but I will take the repudiation.
3 admit to civil rights violations
These racists should be put away for the full 10 years. I have to agree with Jay Love of 1230 the Buzz when he wondered were the Black Fist was on this case. Why wasn't the Black Fist out protesting and battling the KKK in Kentucky? The Black Fist and their allies claim the KKK is rampant in this area, which is totally false, but this the first incident of this nature I have heard of since I have been living in Cincinnati, about 8 years. I have heard of a score of cases of blacks attacking whites for being white and being in the wrong neighborhood. I know the bigot brigade think this kind of horrible event happens all the time in the city and is covered up, but the truth is that is does not happen often at all. This case is horrible and sympathy should go out to the victims, but this should not be an excuse to label this region as a bastion of racists. It is not, except for a glutton of black racists.
Rob Bernard takes issue with Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo. I think Rob analysis is a bit to knee-jerk "themism." Calling Josh a "blame America first" follower is just ignorant. His opinions are very thoughtful and that of a moderate democrat. Additionally, how is it "blame America first" when you point out where the Bush Administration is going through the world with blinders on, even though he made policy statements during the campaign that he just gave up on? Saying that policy must change because of 9/11 is a convenient excuse allowing Bush to not have to admit that his policies would have been bad without 9/11.
Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall has a valid and succinct analysis of Bush foreign policy.
Rumors of casino drawing mixed reactions
Guess who's State Senate District this falls in. You got it, State Senator Doug White, infamous for his "Jew them down" comment made last year. I wonder how his rural roots influenced his view on Native American Indian Tribes.
Officials hurry to expedite details
The learned their lesson. The police have handled this correctly so far. I hope the elected officials handle it well at all public meetings this week.
Text of police, emergency calls
I see this as good response to crime. The only criticism that will arise is the question as to how long before the called for an ambulance for the suspect. It would have not made a difference since one was called for the officer. I am sure the bigot brigade will take every little sentence out of context or claim this was edited, even though it was release extremely quickly. The bottom line with this case is that is has all of the earmarks of a justified use of force. It should be fully investigated, but I think the facts will support that initial conclusion.
Enquirer Editorial: Police shooting: City response
Straightforward and to the point. I hope everyone in the city shares this view.
The Enquirer Sees the Light!!!!!
The Enquirer starting today is publishing their Editorials & Letters to Editor as part of the their online edition. I applaud this move and I credit new editorial page editor David Wells, and new Editor in Chief Thomas Callinan. Let's just hope they keep the online edition free.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

Friend Of Suspect Fatally Shot By Police Talks With 9News
Apparently his was not married. This friend seems to not be surprised at this and initially is not doubting police, illustrated by this quote:
"That's something you just don't do. You keep your hands off of people's stuff. If you wanted to purchase some things out there, you should have been able to buy them and waited until a later date to buy them, if you couldn't afford them right then and there."
This person indicates that the people around the situation will not be as gullible as the family of Tim Thomas was to become faux heroes of the community. This person seems sorry he is dead, but not all that surprised at what he was accused of doing.
AP Version: Burglary Suspect Killed in Cincinnati
The AP writer in here in Cincinnati must really be green. He/She repeatedly has gone to Nate Livingston for Quotes, but story I just posted previously, CBUF's Juleana Frierson was available for comment. Ms. Frierson is not someone I think has anyone's interest but her own, however she is not the opportunist Nate is, and her toned down comments, as compared to Nate's, is a sign the CBUF is not jumping to conclusions, yet.
Officer Shoots African-American Man; Group Wants Investigation
Well it appears that CBUF is taking a hard line, but at least they are not calling for his head, yet. I would say this is the minimum they could have done while still staying on the positive side of the situation, but they could slip back into riot incitement at any point.
Officer shoots, kills suspect
Details from the press conference. The preliminary view I would take is that the use of force was reasonable. I am sure that many in the black community will have a field day with this case. I hope the city is prepared for this and makes plans for all contingencies. This case will most likely not get the same outcry mainly because the person killed was 34 years old in stead of 20, and was an ex-convict having been released last July after serving 14 years for aggravated robbery. This police officer will be threaten by many ignorant racists, but hopefully he will not be vilified. I hope tomorrow that the CBUF makes a public statement holding judgment at minimum or supporting the police review at best. I expect the CJC and the bigot parade will be out streaming for blood. They would find guilt in a police officer for doing anything, so their opinion will hopefully be ignored.
Suspect Reported Dead
Ken Anderson, talk show host on 1230 the Buzz, has reported that the suspect in a robbery that was shot by police early this morning has died. He did not site his source for this information. Ken made the usual chest beating comments against the police, doing nothing to quell any potential anger that could spill into violence. He knows little facts of the less than 12-hour-old incident, but can rail against the police for it. We don't even know if the robbery suspect was black, but he can rail against the police. I wonder if he will keep this up if the person is not black.

UPDATE: WLW is reporting the incident "may" have turned deadly. A police press conference is still pending.
Police Officer Shoots Suspect
No detailed information has been released giving the condition of the suspect or the identity. Reports indicated the suspect was involved in a robbery of a business. The reaction will be interesting based on who the suspect is. If the person is black I would expect the usually reaction from the bigot brigade. If the person is not black, I expect little comment from anyone. Police are expected to give an update next hour. If the news reports it, I will try update the story. 1230 the Buzz maybe the best source this afternoon, biased as it may be, since the other news outlets will likely ignore the story until tonights news.

Saturday, February 08, 2003

Freeper Overkill
In this List of Hollywood celebrities being boycotted by the whacko Freepers, actor Bradley Whitford of West Wing is listed twice at #15 and #80. I guess they hate him that much. Three Cheers for Bradley!

[Link Via TBOGG]
Anti UN bias at FOXNews?
Well Duh, but seriously, currently Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General is speaking live now at William & Mary and CNN and MSNBC are covering the event live, but not FOXnews. Annan was speaking on Iraq while getting an honorary degree. They additional kicker was that both CNN and MSNBC cut their coverage short. I guess they did not hear Anon support the war, so they were not hear what they wanted to hear, and went back to regular tabloid TV.

UPDATE: It appears the speech included a protestor who "heckled" Annan questioning why the UN was not pressuring Israel to disarm as vigorously as it was Baghdad. This AP wire story of the event did not report the disruption, but CNN did report it on air briefly. This Reuter's story included the reference to the heckler.
Shrine Temple too busy to host Farrakhan event
Darn, that is just too bad. {Insert sarcasm here} Another note: What kind of religion charges people to listen to their religious leader to speak? The article states they have "sold more than 500 tickets." I don't even think you have to pay to hear the TV evangelist Benny Hinn speak, he just gets his gullible followers to pay him money. I guess the NOI is not as good of a fundraiser.
Jazz festival may return to Cincinnati
The boycott aside, many don't want this to come back, and those many people aired those thoughts on 1230 the Buzz yesterday.
My lastest post to the Political State Report:

State Treasurer Hires Defense Attorneys

The Cincinnati Post is reporting that on Friday Joseph Deters, State of Ohio Treasurer, hired two Cincinnati area defense attorneys to assist in rebutting allegations Deters was involved in a cover-up of an alleged theft of money from the property room of the Hamilton County prosecutor's office. Deters was Hamilton County Prosecutor for 7 years prior to being elected Ohio Treasurer in 1998. Sources told the Post that Merlyn Shiverdecker and R. Scott Croswell III were hired by Deters, but none of the three would confirm the story.

The allegations include Joseph Deters and Jim Harper involvement in the cover-up of the theft of $2,700 from the missing from an evidence room in the persecutor’s office. Pete Marshall, a former employee of the prosecutor's office, was reportedly going to be charged in connection with the absent money, but to date has not been charged. Harper was a former assistant prosecutor under Deters and currently works for the Treasurer. Deters denied any role in the alleged cover-up and stated he did nothing at all wrong.

The main elements of the public actions in the alleged cover-up were reported by the Cincinnati Post as follows:
Investigators, Deters said, talked to him about a case in which a low-level drug dealer was arrested and had drugs and $1,700 in cash confiscated from him. That was the money that later was missing from the evidence room.

Deters admitted that he later had his office cut a $1,700 check from the Prosecutor's Law Enforcement Trust Fund to replace the missing money. The investigators did not mention the other $1,000 in missing funds, Deters said.

That happened in September 1998, when Deters was successfully campaigning to become Ohio treasurer, an office that handles and invests state money.

Harper, Deters said, issued a check to the City of Cincinnati, the legal owner of the confiscated money.

Deters was unsure why that check was cut, but he "guessed" it was because city officials -- "Those guys live and die on forfeiture money," he said -- wanted restitution in the case.

Friday, February 07, 2003

Xavier won't air Farrakhan talk
Why would XU even consider allowing what calls a hate group on campus? This is a no brainier. The Nation of Islam is a hate group. Their "program" is nothing but a manifesto for black separatists. They want to prohibit intermarriage. They want black only schools teaching their religion funded by the government. I wonder if this will make the grade for George Bush's desired to fund religion.

Many in the black community want the Nation of Islam to be a city funded private police/security force in some neighborhoods. This would be illegal under anti-discrimination laws. I don't know of any non-black and/or non-Nation of Islam people working for the NOI Security group. I also doubt that any non-blacks living in neighborhoods where NOI Security was patrolling would be protected. If that the idea of justice in some quarters of the black community, I then have no question why crime is higher in many quarters of the black community.

Additional stories from: WLWT-NBC, WCPO-ABC, UPI, ABC (AP)
JazzFest packs up for Detroit
Nero fiddles a bit more while Rome burns a little more. The boycotters are jumping for joy that a festival that mostly blacks participation in is now leaving the city. This event made money for many different sectors of the back community. Small and medium size black owned businesses made money form this event, and the workers at the many downtown business who are largely black and minority made good wages during that weekend. Most non-blacks will really not miss this event. Most non-blacks do not go to the event. The only “mainstream” business sector that will feel the pain of losing the Jazz Fest is the hotels. The minority workers at those hotels who are now will be underemployed that weekend or just not hire will feel more pain than the hotel chains.

What is the sickest element to this whole situation is the pure glee the boycotters take in the misfortune of others. I think they might do themselves some good and see a shrink.

UPDATE: Perspective from Michigan
Jay Love – Week in Review on 1230 the Buzz Notes:

Jay Love took a bold step by indirectly referring to Kabaka Oba as a racist. He strongly chided the “Delegate” from the Black Fist for Oba’s recent comments on WLW-AM. Jay indicated that Oba mocked Black History Month, and felt this was especially bad while doing so on what Jay called a “Caucasian station” that he claims regularly mocks blacks. What a position to take: attack racist blacks while still attacking “whites.” I would consider this as an example of the Bill Clinton/Dick Morris triangulation method applied on a micro level. In this case it applies to gaining credibility and listeners instead of votes, but both stem from the same general human motivations.

“Give me liberty or give me death” was said by Patrick Henry, not Alexander Hamilton as Jay incorrectly indicated.

The caller “Lumpy” is considered to be a racist because he thinks that blacks have the same opportunity that he does. He used the same type of sarcasm, by saying whites are happy the Jazz fest is no more, as Jay does and he is labeled as a racist. “Lumpy” might be a cultural bigot, but he is not a racist. I think Jay and company need to stop using racism like a blanket label of all whites who oppose their views. If you are against quotas or “Affirmative Action”, you are not automatically a racist.

Jay is having a big day beating down the boycotters with another tongue lashing of the “Rebel Rouser.” More triangulation: beat down “Lumpy” and “Rebel Rouser” both in one day. Jay is playing both “sides” like a Stradivarius.

Jay indicated that the CBUF is working on documenting all incidents of police brutality. Why should I trust them? If these incidents are happening, then why are they not being reported? Why does the CBUF not start their own blog and report them unfiltered to the world?

“Harrison” said “Why does this boycott have to be so exact?” Could this be a better example what the boycott is all about and why will never end? “Harrison” illustrated a couple of popular notions in the black community: purpose through anger and revenge on “whites”. Jay said it best about “Harrison’s” comments: “some ideas should just die.”

The Nation of Islam, a known hate group, has no business being sanctioned by any mainstream educational institution by allowing its facilities to be used for a propaganda meeting for the group. Jay says this shows the school is failing be diverse, when the group itself is anti-Jewish. Most non-black Muslims see a large distinction between Islam and the Nation of Islam.

John Schlagetter was not able to raise the issue of Jay’s bigotry against homosexuals on the air, but it appears they talked about it either before the show or during the breaks. The Jazz festival issue kept the callers happy, so other issues did not get the play needed.

I will try to lay off Jay for a while, but the more his bigotry rises to surface, the more I will have to rebut the ignorance he professes.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Density of the Grey Matter (The Talk Radio Host as a Bigot)
Jay Love of 1230 the Buzz cleared up a few things today. He is against a "hate crimes" ordinance covering sexual preference. He thinks homosexuality is a "choice." He thinks Gays/Lesbians are not born homosexual. He stated, “Being a homosexual is deviant behavior.” Jay is obviously ignorant and a bigot. I have commented previously about his anti-gay stances, but he has let them loose today for all to hear. Jay is often a sensible person, but his clearly misinformed stances are signs of indoctrination from a bigoted community. Hypocrisy is a bigger issue for Jay to swallow. When is Jay going to call for the repeal of the provision of the "hate crimes" ordinance covering religion? Is Jay saying you are born with your religion? Most Christians believe you choose to believe in your religion, and they regularly try to convert people. Why is Jay contradicted? Answer: He fears a gay man hitting on him, so he can rationalize the inconsistency.

It might just be an act. Jay might just be playing the shock Jock radio talking head. He might be Jonesing for conflict, which I all to willingly give him. I guess my skepticism is just not paranoid leaning enough to see an ulterior motive. I think Jay is honestly stating his views on homosexuality. I am disappointed at his stance, but I am not surprised.

I wish his pigheaded stance on War was not so polarized. He railed against those who have labeled him a communist or a Saddam supporter, which are unfair labels. He in turn rails against anyone who does not think War is evil and must never be used. His warped Pacifism is befuddling. He claims America is basically an exporter of death and violence by using our military to defend our allies. While I am no fan of George Bush, Rumsfeld, or the Military, but they are not butchers. They are not evil. They generally are honest and are not trying to kill innocents.

I don’t trust Bush’s motives on his timing of War, but I don’t automatically think he is lying about everything. I respect Powell, and I don’t think he will knowingly lie. Making baseless claims that his information is not compelling is just being closed minded. Jay does not like what he hears, so he ignore the information. He cannot refute any of it, beyond doubting it. I just don’t understand how ginning up conflict for his radio programming in this manner can be viewed as entertaining.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Cincinnati Expands Hate-Crime Ordinance
The vote was 7-2. The usual suspects voted against it. The CCV and the bigot brigade will likely sue the city. I have to ask them the same question I asked Peter Bronson. If you don’t want special protection for gays, then why do you accept special treatment for the religious? If a “hate crime” based on religious bigotry is a valid motive to consider in punishment, then why not homosexuality? Under their twisted logic both are a matter of choice. Why are they not calling for the repeal of the entire ordinance 908-3? The answer appears simple to me. They are hypocrites and bigots. They want to oppress gays because of their religion’s “footnotes.” The CCV is a plague on the Cincinnati community, but a large number of citizens are being willing infected with their hateful fascist propaganda.
If you can get past the picture of me and my dumb comments, then you can learn a bit about blogs. I will need to read the story a few hundred times before I can comment on it fully, but at first glance it is pretty good. Yes, that is really a picture of me, and neither City Beat or I am responsible if you turn to stone after viewing it.
Jay Love: A Mind of Stone
Jay Love of 1230 the Buzz seems to have his mind made up that George Bush is another Hitler and is out to destroy the "black man" like Nelson Mandela has indicated. That "black man" according Mr. Mandela includes Iraq’s Arabs. Jay must have been listening to "Reverend Shannon" a lot lately. His acceptance of conspiracy theories is quite surprising. I myself do not trust people, however I do not assume they are lying just because what they say supports their side of an issue and not mine.

Jay is against war. He is a pacifist, except when it comes to spanking his children. Using force on kids is ok, but using force on tyrants is not? Jay would be willing to call out the Army once a foreign government landed its troops on our shores. I guess Jay also would not want to do anything if the UK or Canada or any other ally was attacked.

Jay Love agrees with the current "Hate Crimes" ordinance covering race and religion, but did I hear him correctly that he is against it for homosexuals? So Jay is a hypocrite and a bigot, or just a hypocrite? I hope I heard that wrong, but I fear not.

Jay is also ignorant of history if he thought the Pulitzer Prize winning picture of Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing a Viet Cong prisoner was the picture of an American killing a VC prisoner.
Korte: City Hall
Booth not to seek re-election? He might even resign early to allow a Democratic candidate to run as an incumbent. Booth has not been a great councilman, and his has not been the worst. If he goes I for one will not miss him, but if he can do good by keeping another Republican off council, I will not mind.
Council votes today on hate ordinance
This will pass, maybe 7-2, but at least five will support it. DeWine and Monzel's reactionary religion will most likely keep them from fairness. Separation of Church and State must be a pipedream for us secularists.
Bronson: Victims should all be equal
Peter admits the issue at hand here:
So why is City Council starting another culture war to make some victims feel more special?
The bottom line is that Peter and his fellow conservatives do not like homosexuals. Peter and friends, like the CCV, use their religion's minor references to persecute homosexuals. Peter and fellow fundamentalist Christians constantly cry about religious bigotry, even though they have as much religious bigotry as anyone else, if not more, yet Peter doesn’t have the courage to call for the City to ends its "Politically correct 'affirmative action' for some groups of crime victims" by revoking the current hate crime ordinance that gives "preferential" treatment to people based on their religion. Those without religion are fair game to be hated, or those religions not considered religions by pious politicians and self-righteous clergy. If Peter wants to avoid special treatment, then give up his special rights for the religious. Also, when Phil Burress moves back into the city, then his theocratic fascist hate group can sue the city. I for one prefer to keep the bigots out of the city, so Phil…stay in the burbs.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

City "Hate Crimes" Ordinance Up for Revision
John Schlagetter's statement to today's City Council Law Committee meeting covering the proposed "Hate Crimes" ordinance. The Law Committee did vote to adopt a change in the "Hate Crimes" ordinance to include crimes based on sexual orientation, gender, disability or age. It goes to the full city Council on Wednesday. I would assume Pat Dewine voted against it, based on his political parties history of bigotry towards homosexuals, but I can't find a roll call of the vote.
Chris Anderson on the Broken Windows Theory. I think Charlie might be up to it, but I don't think he has the support to succeed. The police leadership are out for themselves, city council is out for themselves, the boycotters are out for themselves, business leaders are out for themselves, and of course the criminals are out for themselves. We all of these groups fighting for their own, how can anything happen for the rest of us?
City caught in another 'censorship' controversy
From this article it appears that one person has been able to get this play canceled. Majed Dabdoub sounds paranoid if he thinks his daughters are in danger from the play. The adults need to grow some balls, allow the play to go on, and stop the pussy footing around an oversensitive parent. These objections listed from the Ohio Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations are an insult. The play is fiction. The play is not defaming any individual. If the play portrays the negatives of some generalized groups, that is just too bad. If this group had its way, no negative portrayal of anyone would be used in fiction, ever. No WWII war drama could be made. No Civil War movies. No crime stories. No drama at all. We would see nothing but the milquetoast Leave it Beaver, doing nothing to offend anyone. Get just a little bit of ego Mr. Dabdoub.

If Mr. Dabdoub does not like the play, he has the right to keep his kids from seeing it, but this moron has no more right to try and censor society than the moron trying to ban John Steinbeck. The WLWT article supports the notion that the campaign by Mr. Dabdoub is nothing more than one man's crusade. All Cincinnati needs now is for this to get on Bill O’Rielly’s FoxNews show. The New York Times piece is more than enough. Cincinnati does not nee another censorship attention getter to increase the bad reputation we have for censoring everything under the sun. Now these nuts spin this as something best left in a rubber room. I hope they do not increase the fringe nut cases already living in the city. I am surprised our own local Black Fist or Nation of Islam leaders have not muscled in the on the issue to spout their racist rhetoric. I hope I did not just jinx it.

Monday, February 03, 2003

Cranley pushes hate-crimes law
An election year brings out the best dog and pony shows money can buy, and John Cranley is the stable master esquire. I am all for equal rights for homosexuals, but I don't like a Johnny come lately making hay from the body of a dead man.

This issue is bringing in the bigots from out of town to make it a media circus.
Meanwhile, the Rev. Fred Phelps, pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., said Sunday that he plans to bring a group to Covington and Cincinnati Feb. 11 to protest ordinances dealing with protection for homosexuals.
This is the scumbag fundamentalist theocratic fascist that preaches hate and bigotry. I wonder how many locals will cheer him on. I also wonder how many local talk radio shows will have him on the air.
Taft plan resembles defeated opponent's
A Clintonian move if there ever was one on the part of Taft. I wonder if Kevin Holtsberry would care to revise and extend his remarks.
CJC Meltdown
Chris Anderson comments on the Meltdown of the CJC and the boycott. John Schlagetter is moving to a level of Comity. I guess shooting fish in a barrel over at the CJC website has become too monotonous.
Banning Of Mice and Men
It appears that local yokel Lloyd Caldwell is on a puritan tirade. He is upset over a few swear words in the classic John Steinbeck novel Of Mice and Men. Hopefully the school board will ignore the ignoramus. When a man allows himself to be qutoed in the newspaper for saying
"Every page in this book except four, and that’s right at the beginning, has swear words of one nature or another —

and some of them are just dern right, down rotten filthy."
his judgment must be questioned and his lack of education must be evident. Erin O'Conner at Critical Mass had a few comments on the subject, and sugguests that Mr. Caldwell needs to study what the book is about, before objecting to the superfical level of the atmosphere, no matter how real it is.

Sunday, February 02, 2003

CalPundit writes much the same ideas I had after reading Instapundit recently. The Blogosphere has been far to harsh and petty the last month or so. The pro-Iraq crowd has become as shrill and short; they make the transnationals look well thought and sincere. Glenn Reynolds is sounding more and more like a talk radio host, saying the most outlandish thing, just to get a rise out his audience. Now, if we combine talk radio with the printed word, don't we just get a tabloid?
Nate States the Obvious
In yet another email, Nate Livingston is off on a mindless and incomprehensible tangent. He writes:
Greg Flannery, John Schlagetter, Brian Griffin and other white liberals are no friend of the Cincinnati Boycott or the movement for justice and equality being waged in Cincinnati. We can never allow them to intimidate us. We can never allow them to bully us into backing away from our righteous position that African Americans are equal to white Americans.
Yes Nate, it is obvious I do not support your group's boycott or your "movement". I am not a white American. I am just an American. As along as you cannot understand that much, there will be end to your boycott, no end to your bigotry, and no end to your racism.
Columbia Lost: A Special Section of The Enquirer, WCPO-TV9, The Post and Cincinnati.Com
Excellent page and excellent local coverage from the Enquirer/Post/WCPO. I hope yesterday's call for local stories was worth it.

Saturday, February 01, 2003

DeWine attacks police slowdown
Historians say only Nixon could go to China, so could only a Republican get police to get back into gear?
Columbia, The Gem of the Ocean
O, Columbia! the gem of the ocean,
The home of the brave and the free,
The shrine if each patriot's devotion,
A world offers homage to thee.
Thy mandates make heroes assemble
When Liberty's form stands in view;
Thy banners make tyranny tremble

When borne by the Red, White and Blue!
When borne by the Red, White and Blue!
When borne by the Red, White and Blue!
Thy banners make tyranny tremble
When borne by the Red, White and Blue!

The wine cup, the wine cup bring hither,
And fill you it true to the brim!
May the wreaths they have won never wither,
Nor the star of their glory grow dim!
May the service united ne'er sever,
But they to their colors prove true!
The Army and Navy forever,
Three cheers for the red, white and blue,
Three cheers for the red, white and blue,
Three cheers for the red, white and blue,
The Army and Navy forever,
Three cheers for the red, white and blue.

If you can sing along with it and not tear up, you are stone cold and emotion free.
Hail Columbia
Hail Columbia, happy land!
Hail, ye heroes, heav'n-born band,
Who fought and bled in freedom's cause,
Who fought and bled in freedom's cause,
And when the storm of war was gone
Enjoy'd the peace your valor won.
Let independence be our boast,
Ever mindful what it cost;
Ever grateful for the prize,
Let its altar reach the skies.

Firm, united let us be,
Rallying round our liberty,
As a band of brothers joined,
Peace and safety we shall find.

MP3 from USAF Band with an alternate version.
John Glenn reacts to the Columbia Disaster.
Columbia Disaster
I remember the day vividly back on January 28th, 1986. I was in my 8th grade social studies class at Washington Junior High in Jamestown, New York. All day long most teachers keep their classes in the auditorium watching television coverage of the Challenger tragedy. To this day I hate watching the video of the Challenger exploding. Feeling the fear then as I do now is horrible and the pain of the families of the astronauts is unimaginable. Those feelings must be respected and the reason for the loss of Columbia must be investigated fully. However, now that another shuttle has been lost, I have but one thought. Space flight must continue. NASA went 3 years without launching a shuttle. That cannot happen again. The United States must continue with manned space flights, and must work towards new and brilliant goals. We must take this horrible event and the grief it will and has brought to the world and use it to build a new effort to go back to the Moon and on to Mars. Fear cannot be let to rule space exploration. The reaction after the Challenger disaster held back space exploration in an untold number of ways. We must not recoil into the shell of hyper-caution, and instead honor the 7 astronauts and all past space explorers by living the dreams of pushing the envelope and breaking out of confines of our planet and our star system. As a society we must understand the risks of exploration and not let the knee-jerk culture of fear to hold back the progress of knowledge. Humans must strive to better themselves. We must go where no one has gone before.
Seeking informationIf you have any connection to the space shuttle or if you have friends or relatives who live in the area where debris from the shuttle Columbia is falling in north Texas, please call the Enquirer's Metro desk at 768-8600 or send an e-mail to the Editor(s) actually approve this as a front page link? This rubs me as a bit crass.