Thursday, February 27, 2003

Spin or Bias?
The UC News Record reports on BET's Ed Gordon's cancellation stating:
He has not disclosed his reason for canceling.
Where the "he" is Mr. Gordon. The Cincinnati Post reports
UC Student Government said Gordon's cancellation wasn't related to the boycott. He decided not to participate in the event because certain requirements he made weren't met, Tolliver said.
Where "Tolliver" is UC Student Body President Darren Tolliver. I find this conflict interesting. Either Mr. Tolliver is spinning the issue to his benefit, not acknowledging that the boycott may have influenced Gordon's cancellation, or more likely, that the News Record omitted Tolliver's opinion because it editorially favors the boycott, and preferred to have Gordon cancel. It is obvious that Tolliver talked to Laurin McLain of the News Record, he was quoted for the story, and it is logical to assume Mr. Tolliver would have made it clear to both the Post and News Record that Mr. Gordon's cancellation had nothing to do with the boycott. So which is it? Spin from Mr. Tolliver or Bias from the News Record?

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