Friday, February 07, 2003

Xavier won't air Farrakhan talk
Why would XU even consider allowing what calls a hate group on campus? This is a no brainier. The Nation of Islam is a hate group. Their "program" is nothing but a manifesto for black separatists. They want to prohibit intermarriage. They want black only schools teaching their religion funded by the government. I wonder if this will make the grade for George Bush's desired to fund religion.

Many in the black community want the Nation of Islam to be a city funded private police/security force in some neighborhoods. This would be illegal under anti-discrimination laws. I don't know of any non-black and/or non-Nation of Islam people working for the NOI Security group. I also doubt that any non-blacks living in neighborhoods where NOI Security was patrolling would be protected. If that the idea of justice in some quarters of the black community, I then have no question why crime is higher in many quarters of the black community.

Additional stories from: WLWT-NBC, WCPO-ABC, UPI, ABC (AP)

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