Tuesday, February 04, 2003

City caught in another 'censorship' controversy
From this article it appears that one person has been able to get this play canceled. Majed Dabdoub sounds paranoid if he thinks his daughters are in danger from the play. The adults need to grow some balls, allow the play to go on, and stop the pussy footing around an oversensitive parent. These objections listed from the Ohio Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations are an insult. The play is fiction. The play is not defaming any individual. If the play portrays the negatives of some generalized groups, that is just too bad. If this group had its way, no negative portrayal of anyone would be used in fiction, ever. No WWII war drama could be made. No Civil War movies. No crime stories. No drama at all. We would see nothing but the milquetoast Leave it Beaver, doing nothing to offend anyone. Get just a little bit of ego Mr. Dabdoub.

If Mr. Dabdoub does not like the play, he has the right to keep his kids from seeing it, but this moron has no more right to try and censor society than the moron trying to ban John Steinbeck. The WLWT article supports the notion that the campaign by Mr. Dabdoub is nothing more than one man's crusade. All Cincinnati needs now is for this to get on Bill O’Rielly’s FoxNews show. The New York Times piece is more than enough. Cincinnati does not nee another censorship attention getter to increase the bad reputation we have for censoring everything under the sun. Now these nuts spin this as something best left in a rubber room. I hope they do not increase the fringe nut cases already living in the city. I am surprised our own local Black Fist or Nation of Islam leaders have not muscled in the on the issue to spout their racist rhetoric. I hope I did not just jinx it.

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