Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Big Condemnation

I am impressed with Ray Cooklis Hot air Editorial about the Bush campaign's use of Hitler in an internet commercial. Ray put out both sides, citing's inclusion of a commercial with a Hitler reference in its national contest for political ads made by individuals. He showed correctly how Bush's people showed no class in using the Ad knowingly and with the intent that went beyond what a couple of people at did, a group not part of the Kerry campaign. Kudos for Ray.

Tall Stacks 2007: World Series of Poker?

Mayor Luken has called for riverboat gambling on the Ohio here in Cincinnati. Part of me, the freedom side, says sure, why the hell not? The image conscious side of me, one I am not so proud of, says, hell no. I have to agree with my image conscious side. The economics of riverboat gambling would be good for the city, but casinos change what the riverfront was gearing up to be, the family destination. If the Mayor wants to create new places to the West, past the Brent Spence Bridge, for gambling centers, then fine, I can live with that, but that will not bring in as much money as having them parked right outside Paul Brown Stadium.

Know Your Blog

Why are you reading this? Well, for those of you who are new to my blog or blogs in general, I welcome you! Some of you may have ventured over from Gina Daugherty's story on blogging in CinWeekly, so if you are new here and want the skinny on me please check out my FAQ or my Blogger Profile.

I have to thank Gina and the folks at CinWeekly for including me in their story on blogging. I appreciate the exposure. I do have one quibble: I don't think I "mostly" rail on Peter Bronson. I do write about other writers, other topics, and other things that often get people riled up. I am up to 48 comments on my Dick Cheney post, which may just be a record for me. Now, that being said, I take every opportunity to retort Bronson’s often trite GOP drivel posing as a column. We have few local liberals given much of a voice and the rest of us with tiny media voices need to shout against the beast.

If people read what I write and take everything I say literally, I really have to ask you do just not bother reading anything ever again. I am harsh, but 90% of my harshness is hyperbole. My disdain for the CCV and to a lesser degree BushCo are where my vitriolic language have little intended hyperbole and every intention of seriousness, while still trying to have an once of humor where I muster it up.

I hope those reading for the first time are not scared off by any of the commenters. I try to let things go free form. I will not edit anything unless I feel I need to or want to. Will I be consistent? I will be consistent with my own wishes. That is about all I can hope to do. Everything else on the rhetorical front is all gravy.

On a side note, if you have things you find out and about that are not getting play in the news media, drop me an email and I will take a look at it.

Now for those of you who are regular readers of the blog and don't really care much about this post, I can only say with a warm heart: kiss my Haloscan.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Altman Out as QCF Editor

As of July 5th Michael D. Altman will no longer be Editor in Chief of Queen City Forum Magazine. In an email Steve Fritsch, Publisher of QCF, states:
Due to Mr. Altman's removal as Editor in chief, QCF will be searching to fill his position to join newly appointed editors Jack L. Klinger and Daniel Brown on the Executive Editorial Board. In particular, however, we will be looking to fill the editor role with a liberal-minded individual, in an effort to keep balanced political perspectives on "the Board."
The Reasons given for the removal center on the changes to the board with the addition of Brown and Klinger in relation to Altman.

This change comes as a shock to me. I felt that both Fritsch and Altman worked well together and shared a similar view on what the magazine should be. I wonder what direct this will take QCF. Will it move to the right? Steve's email indicates he wants to keep a balance, but that will depend on whom he chooses. For the record, I am not interested.

Gangsta Tooth Fairy

Thieves Steal Man's Wallet, Gold Teeth

I am sure to get some grief for this one, but damn, how can I let it pass?

Something Missing?

Cheney visits but the news article has no Democratic response. How about a Nick Clooney quote to retort the free press for Geoff Davis??? It could have been buried at the end of article, not the headline, but it would have been nice to see something in the article letting people know that Clooney is ahead in the race. Instead we get mention that Clooney's fundraiser was in Cincinnati and not open to the press, which sounds like the reporter might have been pissed for not getting in to see his favorite movie stars.

Maupin Tragedy

News is not good for the family of Matt Maupin. Reports are growing that he was killed by Iraqi militants.

I personally wish to express my condolences to his family and friends. I hope that the media respects their privacy and leaves them alone.

I also hope that no one uses Mr. Maupin or his family as a political tool as a means to build support for revenge or more war.

Bronson: Propaganda Piece #44559

Peter Bronson has put forth the GOP myth that Iraq is comparable to WWII. Sorry Peter, Baghdad and Berlin may both begin with the letter "B," but they are not similar, and neither are the two wars or occupations.

The rhetoric sounds the same to Peter because that is what BushCo is trying to do, make people think this is like WWII, and using language and tapping into the conservative blood lust, it works on some.

Yesterday, with the transfer of faux sovereignty, Iraq took a closer step to a Vietnam model, where the US propped up a government hanging on to power by their fingernails.

Now, before the right-wingers complain, yes, I am comparing Iraq to Vietnam, just like Bronson did to WWII. The problem here is folks that in my opinion, my comparison has 100 times more parallels than Bronson's. You may disagree, but don't try to say I am a hypocrite. Bronson can compare Iraq to the War of 1812 if he wants, that does not mean I will not call it incorrect and question his motives for it, which I feel are based on its value in manipulating support for Bush instead of the sound logic of the facts.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Fountain Square Redux

I am not a fan so far. It seems to remind me of oh, I don't know, Piatt Park on Garfield maybe? Been there, done that, and still have the faded anarchy symbol to prove it too.

Waiter, Check Please

Now, you can rest easy folks. BushCo is all but ready to pay the bill, but with one big ass coupon Congress foolishly gave them. As fast as possible Bush will beat his feet towards the door, hoping not to have to leave a tip.

The game of lying begins again. The name of this game will be pin the sovereignty on the donkey. Sovereignty in Iraq is a long way from a reality. What happened today in Iraq was a Geopolitical dog and pony show meant to provide rhetorical fodder for Bush, but no real change on the ground.

What will be telling is how BushCo reacts to the coming violence. Well they say much about bombings against Iraqis? Will US troops just hang out in their green zones while a civil war brews out in the streets? I fear a disengagement on the part of the US military and government on Iraq in the coming months. Bush will push the economy and do his best to have no news out of Iraq. Starting now the ugliness of politics will begin a journey to reach a new zenith. My comments section is not immune either. I hope everyone can take deep breath before letting the blather slip out over the gums.

Cheney Visits Tri-State

When Cheney visits I hope to see some "Fuck You Too, Dick" signs in the protests outside the fundraiser. If the GOP says it is OK if you are pissed off, then hey, there are a hell of lot of people pissed off at Cheney.

Paging Mr. Allen

I hope Mike Allen saw the news that Fahrenheit 9/11 did well here locally, despite being limited on the number of theater's showing it. He thought it would not do so well, when quoted in the paper last week.

I was disappointed in this article, however. This part has the strong odor of bias:
Some moviegoers who agreed with the message had a problem with the film's delivery.

"I know what Moore's about, so it wasn't surprising that it was pretty manipulative," said Adnan Mir, 25, whose family drove from Akron to see it with him. "It's more sensationalist fodder for arguments against the war."
Some? I would bet this was the only guy who had such a point, and if the reporter had more, he should have listed them or at least chose them more wisely. He had to get the quote with "Manipulative" in there, didn't he? WHY? I did not find it manipulative and any criticism I have for the film would be the deliver in artistic terms, not political terms. It felt like two movies and the transition had issues, but that was not an element of "manipulation," but likely more of what views could have seen as problems with the delivery.

I wonder who edited this story. I wonder who is getting their vote.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Oh, Canada

The Hegemo has a full summary and analysis of tomorrow's Canadian Federal election. Sarah reports that for the first time in 10 years it will be close, with multiple parties splitting the vote, and forcing odd coalitions to be formed.

I shall be watching on C-SPAN and Newsworld International.

Main Street Disturbance reported the following:
Over 20 police cars were called in to quell a disturbance last night in the Main Street Entertainment District. The trouble began when a nightclub was pressured not to open for an after-hours hip hop event, which left upset patrons with nothing to do but hang out around 12th and Main Street. The crowd eventually became unruly and police had to break it up.
No sources or the name of which nightclub did not hold the after-hours event were indicated. I will assume this story is based on limited information and that CincyNation is holding back the name of the establishment or those who "pressured" it to not hold the after-hours event, because of libel.

I have to wonder though, how can a bar stay open for an after-hours event and expect to keep its liquor license? Were there any arrests? Was there any damage to the club or surrounding areas? Were there any other witnesses to the incident? I will surmise that it took place on or around 2 AM. I hope to read about this in the papers tomorrow, but I will not hold my breath.

The Battle For NKY

A media struggle for Northern Kentucky news readers seems to be taking shape. Dennis Hetzel has been named General Manager of the Kentucky Enquirer. This comes on the heels of the announcement of a new weekly NKY newspaper. Along with the vibrant Kentucky Post things should be fun to watch.

Hetzel was quoted as saying he wanted to "make their online presence stronger." I hope that starts out by registering a domain name unique to the Kentucky edition.

This leaves me thinking though, who is going to keep on reporting news for the City of Cincinnati? We have CityBeat, but their news coverage is limited to three or four stories a week. Each suburban area has its own community paper. The Enquirer and the Post just don't give much of a damn about the actual day-to-day life inside the city. How much longer before we don't get any coverage of City Council? Is there room for a City of Cincinnati community newspaper?

A Religious Based Business?

A story on a coffeehouse started by religious people and its billed as a "Christian Cafe?" The reality and the journalism seem to me to be amiss or if not, then I am quite put off. If a couple has a business and their clients are built around their church and/or friends who share their religious beliefs, then I have no problem. If their business is billing itself and infusing religious dogma into the operation of a coffeehouse, then I for one will not be going there.

Why would I stay away? Well, when you base a business on difference, then I want no part of it. By differences I don't mean niches that cater to a particular market, like a Christian Book Store. There they sell Christian Books. That is fine. That is no different than having a market niche for Children’s books or Comic Books, or Rare Books. If a dry cleaner tried to say they were a Christian Dry Cleaner, then I would find that offensive, especially if I was a Christian.

In the case of this couple's coffeehouse, I do not feel they are trying to bill themselves as owning a "Christian Cafe." The article does not support that directly, as the title implies. There are a few comments that seemed odd and out of place like:
Poet Charlette Perry stopped in at Reality four years ago to get a doughnut and coffee. She's been coming back ever since to do poetry readings on open mike night and to enjoy the wholesome atmosphere.
Wholesome atmosphere? Is Starbucks really corrupting the morals of children when they play Jazz? This along with the title seem to be a shaping of the story that does not fit with the reality of the situation. I don’t think this a business that is trying to attract Christians just because they claim to be Christians. If I am wrong, please let me know.

The other odd part about this story was that it was in the business section of the paper. What is odd is that the cafe was created and is maintained in part much like a collective organization, where patrons give to it to keep it going. That smells of communism and any "good Christian" of the "appropriate" sects knows that communism, as an economic structure, is just plain "evil."

Taft on Toast

What is Bob Taft going to do after his term as Governor ends in early 2007 and he can't run again because of term limits? In most cases one would think he would try for the US Senate, but since Mike DeWine is not term limited, I don't see that happening. They are fairly close in political persuasion as mainline conservatives, leaning a bit moderate, so Taft really would have a hard time challenging him. Today's Enquirer has two editorials on Taft, one by the Enquirer and one by Taft himself, plus a whole section of letters to the editor about Taft which all paint him with a big negative sign. Now, I would have liked to hear something positive on Taft and I am sure there is someone out there with that view, but Taft has achieved something that is very difficult, making many in his own party dislike him more than the Democrats do.

The mood that one feels on the political street suggests rather strongly that Taft would be lucky to be elected Garbage Commissioner. His political future appears dead, and the Ohio GOP is set for the bloodiest primary in memory to fill his seat. Jerry Springer is running for Governor for the Dems, in case you missed the writing on the wall. It is not official, but with, you can bank on an attempt. Those add up to a fun 2006. At that point Taft will have to look at either a cabinet post in future GOP Administration, which I hope is long after he's hit retirement age, or just go into the private sector. It would appear to me that the Taft family dynasty is dead, or on its last rope.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

WOW!! 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

Saw it this afternoon and yes it lives up to the hype. I found it powerful. The movie will hit your guts hard, no matter what your party affiliation. Anyone who thinks otherwise after seeing it is a cold-blooded son of a bitch. The theater in Newport was close to full, I would say about 4/5ths full of one of the larger theaters AMC has. It was also odd that a security guard was posted inside the theater during much, if not all, of the movie. I am not sure as to why: young faux anarchists or Hitler youths would be my guess.

I saw nothing that was really "fact-checkable," even though many have tried and failed.

South of the Border

Northern Kentucky has a new Challenger for king of news. The Sunday Challenger will become a weekly starting on July 4th. Check out the staff of the paper here. You will see some familiar names from the local media.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Forbes Can Suck On These Cicadas

Maggie Downs slammed the Forbes article on Single life in cities released yesterday. This is the best column I have read from Maggie. She knows the topic better than any journalist in town and sums up wonderfully the failings of Forbes Magazine and its biased conclusions.

Let Maggie loose on other topics!!! Let her provide a retort to Bronson's tripe.

Ooooo, An E-mail Apology

After the Enquirer broke the news to Bush that he had praised a person who was supposed to have reformed after committing a big white collar crime, but has not repaid what they stole, the White House e-mail an apology to the Fairfield business owners who were the victims of the crime. An e-mail? That's it??? What an effort. How compassionate.

Fuck You Too Dick!

Yahoo! News - Sen. Leahy Says Cheney Cursed at Him

Idiot at Forbes

Ignorant is as ignorant does. When Dan Lienert came to Cincinnati I guess he assumed that in a few hours he could figure out everything about Cincinnati. What a lazy putz. I will never admit to being a super outgoing person, but If you are trying to find the hot and trendy places to go, you might try and do some fucking research before you get into town. Maybe you ask for some help. Maybe that is how people in other cities find out where to go, hmmm ya think? If this guy really thinks that based on one day of going around on his own he saw everything, then he is not only lazy, but stupid.

Also, what kind of moron goes to the Art Museum at 3:30 PM on a Friday and expect to see 20 and 30 somethings? WE ARE WORKING!!!!! Does he think we all have time to just take off and show him around the city on a week day? It is obvious this fool takes the perception that the Peter Bronson's and CincyNations of the city want you to have; that life here is for married white people living in the burbs. Guess what folks, they are wrong. Everything we need to have a great urban center is there. The problem is that too many in the media buy into the hype because they are too lazy to do their jobs and just repeat what the Bronson's say or what the coffee cooler talk at Channel 9 is today.

UPDATE: Nick Spencer and the Apostate have more.

Worthless Article

This article about the opening tomorrow of "Fahrenheit 9/11", which questions the Bush Administration, is totally worthless. All it does is say that some people want to see it, and bunch of conservatives are pissed about the movie. WHY does it not indicate the specifics the conservatives are pissed about? Maybe because they have not seen the film and are just pissed about it because it is not a pro-bush propaganda piece, like you would find on FOX News? The classic quote comes from Mike Allen:
"'If I know this area, the film won't do very well here,' he said."
When I am watching it this weekend, I will let you know how the turn out goes. If it is being shown by the mainstream movies theaters, then I don't think they expect it to be the flop Allen hopes.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Cranley Beating a Dead Horse

Stephanie Dunlap reports onCranley, Cole, and Reece's meeting with John Elkington while on a visit to Memphis. This is the same Elkington who spewed anti-Chinese comments while in town trying to land a development deal with the city.

Shocking News: Negative Letters About Clinton in the Enquirer

Ray Cooklis couldn't find a single positive letter about Bill Clinton's book? I know that Peter Bronson's editorial page legacy still runs thick, but does it have to be that biased?

Bush is Tough on Crime

Well, if you mean tough by ignoring the plight of the victims of the crime, then you may be right. This story is just simply amazing. How did this not get vetted better by Bush's people? Could he fit any more egg on his face?

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

AFI Top 100 Songs in Films

I watched AFI's TV program last night. I love the AFI lists. I was disappointed by this list. I guess my problem was their use of "song" instead of music or score. The music in film goes far beyond what they listed, which ended up being the songs that were popular hits outside the movie. What they should have done was include the top music or musical moments. The person they screwed on this and who should get his own AFI musical special: John Williams. He, in my opinion, will be considered one of the greatest music composers of the 20th century. His music is "pop-classical," to some, but it gave Spielberg/Lucas a signature sounds that complete the idea of their movies better than the acting, script or visuals combined.

CiN Weekly Opinion

We have more!!!. I hope this becomes a regular element of paper. I hope to hear something with, how shall I say it, WITH SOME BALLS. We need a "voice" in the city to saying something and if Cin Weekly can have a voice, all be it one tied to the Enquirer's money gambit, then we have more competing ideas. More ideas begets more democracy.

City Hall Mess

What will City Government reform entail? Korte gives a summary of the proposals which are now coming forward to council for a vote to add the plans to the November ballot. I see currently no consensus on a plan and too many plans to really give people something to focus on. I hope council can weed down which proposals make it to the ballot to one plan that a majority of council can support.

City Beat' Stephanie Dunlap asked last week: "Council districts: real reform or clever backlash?" Is it all a sham? Are various groups just manipulating the form of government in order to gain power for their group? Is this the plan of the GOP (Brinkman) or Dems (Laketa Cole)? Who stands to gain or who stands to lose in the various forms of "reform?"

5/3 Bank Moves into 21st Century?

XRay Magazine is reporting that 5/3 Bank has agreed to change it's discrimination policy and include sexual orientation. The change comes on the heals of a campaign from local gay-rights organizations to move money out of 5/3 Bank next month. According to the XRay report the "Move Your Money" Campaign has been "Curbed." 5/3 Bank claims no connection between their revised policy and the activist actions.

The Enquirer has more.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Bronson: Blame the Evil Liberals!!!

Well, he is far more subtle, but he just might as well can come out blamed the Clenis® in column today:
Here's another reason STDs are out of control: Teens have been taught by our culture that oral sex is not sex - although it transmits STDs. They are seduced with a relentless background music of sex in media and entertainment. And when they think of STDs at all, they think of the disease that gets all the attention, AIDS.
Maybe sex education in schools that was not based on being what a fundamentalists Christian finds acceptable and more like what a reasonable human being find acceptable would help reduce the number of STDs. I also find Peter's, "kids believe oral sex is not sex" theme to be one not based on anything beyond recycled conservative dogma, not solid scientific data from reputable sources.

In fact, what is odd, is that this sounds like something Bronson would have written about 6 years ago. It could be a slightly modified retread.

Bush Coverage

Kudos to Korte for including opposition comments in his article on the Bush appearance. We got two retorts added in, so I am sure that will be seen as bias by the GOP, even though it was buried at the very bottom of the article, opposed to the top half for Rob Portman. We also got the full text of Bush's speech.

Korte and Weiser also had a briefs section and the stray plane story was played up like no one's business. It is almost like Bush is releasing the stories on stray planes to show how much he is "in danger" to the public or how much hyper protection he has to make the terrorist forget about attacking him. I wonder who pushed the news story on the plane incident? The DDN says there were two planes escorted down by military jets. The DDN also had a story on the fundraiser.

RNC Talking Points on Iraq

Atrios found this and is not sure how old they are, but here are the talking points from one well known RNC pollster on what Republicans should say about Iraq and terrorism. I wanted to post this just to make sure that Peter Bronson has a back-up copy. There is even a section about writing editorials, so I can Peter's sources more clearly.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Dayton Racial Problems

I never thought race relations were great anywhere, but Dayton did not seem worse than Cincinnati. This incident seems to suggest otherwise. This is something that I have not heard of recently happening in Cincinnati. I don't see a big fight happening because of race at a Main Street or Mt. Adams bar. Now, why is that? Unfortunately I think the reason is because here in Cincinnati people self segregate far more than in Dayton.

More here.

P&G: New Ivory Soap

P&G will be announcing a new line of Ivory Bar Soap. The question I have: will it float?

Odd Enqurier News for Website: Bias?

Ok, I don't have a problem with story being in the newspaper, but why did the Kerry-South Korean contributors story make it to the online edition of newspaper? This is not a local story and nearly all national stories that appear in the print edition of the paper don't make it online, usually because they are just AP Wire stories that are online in a 100 other places. This story is from the AP.

You don't suppose it is online because Bush is town today do you? Hmmm????? This story is listed on the front page of the website and on the Local page. It was in the Front Page Section of the Print Edition. Why was it online? I have sent an email to a couple of editors at the Enquirer asking why.

A side note: I hope that in tomorrow's coverage of the Bush Visit we get a rebuttal view from a Kerry supporter, like we got from Portman on Kerry's visit here. If we don't, then it will be for two possible reasons, laziness or anti-Kerry/pro-Bush bias.

Protest Predictions?

How far away will protesters be when Bush stops in Cincinnati today? I will guess they might get within 500 yards, but that might be pushing things. There will be no flip-flop type protestors inside the events; I will bank on that one.

The Last of the Cicada NY Times Articles

I believe this article from the New York Times is the signal that they have officially ceased their coverage of the Cicadas as a news story until about 16 years and 9 months from now. All I can say is ABOUT FUCKING TIME!

UPDATE: "Just when I thought that I was out they pull me back in."

Water is STILL Wet: Political Edition

Who the hell needs "expert" political analysis to conclude that Bush marriage proposal plays well among conservatives? These are Ohio analysts too, so go figure how they could have come up with that far reaching conclusion all on their own.

Propaganda Works #44561

Tom Vuksta of Fairfield really gets a lot from BushCo commercials. I've seen locally the ads that start with a positive Bush trying his best to be Reagan by sounding "positive" and then it switches and attacks Kerry for talking about the "Great Depression." Tom was suckered into this via this letter to the editor (last):

I have been reading newspaper reports and television reports in which Sen. John Kerry keeps comparing today's financial problems to that of the Great Depression of the 1930s.
If Kerry thinks we are now in the equivalent of the great depression, I can only say that I knew the great depression because I lived through it. Kerry does not know what the Great Depression was really like - he did not live through it. There is absolutely no comparison between today and the 1930s.
Thomas Vuksta, Jr.
Now, this is either an astro-turf letter or it is from an older guy who only reads the spin, and not the full speech of Kerry. When Kerry was in town he did not talk about the Great Depression, Rob Portman did>
"I know it is in John Kerry's political interests to badmouth the economy and compare it to the Great Depression, but the truth is we are experiencing the fastest economic growth in 20 years," said Rep. Rob Portman, R-Terrace Park, the communications chairman of Bush's Ohio campaign.
BushCo is pissed because Kerry regularly says that not since the Great Depression have we lost more jobs. Just like this from a Dayton Speech:
Under his watch, we've lost more jobs than at any time since the Great Depression.
That is not comparing it to the Great Depression, it is using the Great Depression job loss record as a bench mark. This how spinning is done. BushCo says something that Kerry does not say, and then get idiots to believe it because they don't know the details if original remarks. Now, I shall surely here from the BushCo folks saying that Kerry is lying or what ever else they want, but the fact is this is spinning. This is propaganda. Kerry's facts are "correct." If not, then BushCo would be calling him a liar, which on this they are not.

This is what I hate in politics. This is not debate, this is just playing "see who can hit the cookie first, last one has to eat it."

Clinton Haters

They will never die! They are the human version of cockroaches. CBS broke with precedent and aired anti-Clinton commercials during last night’s “60 Minutes” from a conservative group who seem bent on destroying Clinton's Book. Isn't that a actionable suit for Clinton's publisher? The commercials reportedly aired in here in Cincinnati. I was out and missed “60 Minutes” last night. Tom Hanks was very good in "The Terminal" by the way.

Did anyone see the commercials?

Saturday, June 19, 2004

"Kindness in women, not their beauteous looks, shall win my love"

It is Saturday so I am in the mood to kick back and post on something without any news value at all. There are certain movies with certain female characters that I have been very enamored with. In no particular order, here is a list of those who most tickled my fancy.

  1. Katharine Hepburn as Tracy Samantha Lord in The Philadelphia Story

  2. Maureen O'Hara as Mary Kate Danaher in The Quiet Man

  3. Ingrid Bergman as Ilsa Lund Laszlo in Casablanca

  4. Tara Fitzgerald as Betty in The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain

  5. Kristin Scott Thomas as Fiona in Four Weddings and a Funeral

  6. Emma Thompson as Beatrice Much Ado About Nothing

  7. Meg Ryan as Annie Reed in Sleepless in Seattle

  8. Alyson Hannigan as Michelle Flaherty in American Pie 2

  9. Winona Ryder as Josephine "Jo" March in Little Women

  10. Natalie Portman as Queen Padmé Amidala in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Now, please keep the ribbing to a minimum.

Anti-Red Cross Sentiment?

Where do idiotic attacks on the Red Cross come from? The Enquirer has a letter that puts forth condemnation of the Red Cross with an almost anti-UN style:
Will Red Cross act over Johnson death?

First, the beheading (on tape and all over the Internet) of Nick Berg in Iraq in May, and now, the beheading (again, on tape and all over the Internet) of Paul Johnson Jr. in Saudi Arabia.

Does the International Red Cross have any plans to determine whether these two incidents were 'acceptable forms of treatment of prisoners,' to the same extent as it has been doing with the incidents at Abu Gharaib Prison and elsewhere in Iraq and Afghanistan by the coalition forces?

Dan Nebert,
Most who know anything about the Geneva Conventions knows that the Red Cross has been charged with determining the treatment of prisoners of war and other detainees held during arm conflicts. It is not the Red Cross's job to inspect criminal organizations who have kidnapped individuals.

The letter implies that the Red Cross should not be worrying about the treatment of Prisoners in American jails. His other contention could only be to try and equate al Qaeda to the US Military, which I am fairly sure he would rebuke. Bottom line issue Mr. Nebert should think about: America is supposed to be better than torture. We are the beacon to the world on human rights, and when we fail, even if one thinks we did so only moderately (a real stretch), we must hold ourselves as highly accountable as any other country. Mr. Nebert likely would prefer to just let the military wipe out anyone who dares not follow American(BushCo) geo-political policy. I guess I am next on the list. Well maybe not next, but on the list.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Know in the News

Nice article today on the Know Theatre Tribe with reports of a fall production, Jason Bruffy news, and Know-to-Go specifics.

By the way ANOTHER AMERICAN: Asking and Telling still has performances on June 18th, 19th, 24th, and 26th.

New College in Warren County

The Ohio Board of Regents annouced approval of a plan to start a community college in Warren county, likely in the Lebanon area. The school has no permanent facility and will be cooperating with three different state schools until they are on their feet.

Countdown to Election Day Rally

Sign up HERE if you want to attend the Countdown to Election Day Rally and Citywide day of action which is part of the Campaign to Repeal Article XII.

Help take a bite out of Phil Burress’s ass! Stop the theocratic fascists in their tracks come November.

'Back in the Day'

Last night while enjoying a wonderful CT walk up in Mt. Adams I got into a great bar debate with a woman whom I shall only call Ms. A. Now, Ms. A commented on the phrase "back in the day" that I used in a discussion we were having about Cincinnati and indicated that she had only heard that phrase used here in Cincinnati, and she hears it a lot. Now, I am not a native of Cincinnati, so I am more than willing to bash us for being 10 years or more behind the times, which made me state that I was sure that they phrase was not unique to Cincinnati. Well, I was right. The Urban Dictionary has it listed: Back in the day. Most of the entries put it forth as an intercity phrase, which has been co-opted by the mainstream society, including myself. Now, this phrase is, as it is put in one of the definitions, really old-school. Cincinnati is not known for cutting edge urban language, so my guess is that we here are finally catching up with a phrase that was "hip" back in the day, say around 1988.

Oh, the coolnees we infuse on the culture. Please?

Crock of Beans

Bush is coming again to Cincinnati. It is just odd how both candidates just follow each other around.

Bush's reported topic will be hismarriage plan. Now, not his anti-gay stances, all though this is a "great" place to push that, he instead is trying to push a social agenda through the law. I thought that the GOP was against that? Oh, right, they are only against it when they are not either reaping the benefits of the cash flow, or their religious dogma is not the social agenda being pushed. He is seeking to push marriage, or should I say encourage, on poor people. If you have to be poor, what better way then to have more mouths to feed and more people to argue with about money.

I was most amused by the comments in the article from a Bush spokesperson:
'The president is going to be talking about his compassion agenda, highlighting his goals to create a more compassionate society,' White House spokesman Jim Morrell said. 'He will be touching on his Healthy Marriage Initiative as well as focusing on ways of building a culture of personal responsibility.'
Now, how is a president supposed to be taken seriously on creating a compassionate society when he rejects support for Stem Cell research on the heals of a call from the Reagans to increase government funding of Stem Cell research in hopes of curing diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s? How can this president seek a society that builds personal responsibility when he can't take personal responsibility for misleading the American public on why we went to war in Iraq? He blames the CIA or some other nameless intelligence agency. He shows he compassion by leading a war that killed thousands of Iraqi civilians and over 800 Americans. That is a great model for American kids. I mean Clinton played semantics with lying about blowjobs and Bush is playing word games with what constitutes "links" with al Qaeda.

More on Bush's visit from the Post and WCPO.


Down in KY the conservative fundamentalists have taken hold of the state with an iron hand. The new law they have created has to been seen for the intent, not just the anecdotal example used to sell it.

The intent of this law is to try and criminalize abortion. It does not do anything to prevent crime. It does not do anything to deter someone from killing a pregnant woman. The purpose is to put forth a conservative religious agenda by using the law.

Hmmmmmm Doggie, I love opening up a can of worms, and there is no can as big as the abortion debate.

QCF Scoops the Enquirer

The Tyrone Yates letter to the governor hit the pages of the Enquirer a day after the Queen City Forum broke the story by publishing the letter.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Yates to Taft: Summer Riots Possible

The Queen City Forum has a letter from Tyrone Yates, Ohio House Rep, to Governor Bob Taft. In the letter Taft warns that if Ohio does not provide summer jobs funding, there will be summer riots.

Is this over the edge? Are we that close to summer riots? Does Yates really think more jobs would stop riots this summer? It would help in the future, but that fast?

UPDATED for Grammar. Damn, I was almost late to work for stopping to post on this.

America as the Bully

Jack Sinkking of Batavia wrote in a letter to the Enquirer:
Those railing against the war in Iraq could learn a lesson from these young people. No sane person wants war but it's like the old schoolyard bully where every once in a while someone needs the guts to stand up and smack him in the mouth.
I think Jack should take a look around. America is now viewed as the bully in the world. Saddam was a dying despot. He was not bully anyone but his own people. Jack might want to worry about the rest of the world pulling a "Bush" on us and invading. (Yes conservatives, that is called sarcasm. I am not serious about the US being invaded.)

CiN Weekly's Editor's Note

Beryl Love, Editor of Cin Weekly has written a blog like quick take column. I like it. Cin needs opinion. It needs real opinions on culture, current events, and politics. Their business model likely has no room for those, but this small piece is a good start.

Bam! The Future of Rock Lives

It's Alive!!!!! 97X willbegin web broadcasting within two weeks, according to Doug Balogh, former owner of 97.7 FM. Two mystery investors have come to rescue and help get 97X back on the web.

I wonder about several issues: Where will the broadcast studio be? Still in Oxford? I would suggest they move it to Cincinnati. Set up shop in OTR and have a window studio on its worldwide home.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Portune on Drake

Why was Todd Portune worried about voiting on the Drake? The Drake is, by the way, a rehabilitation center publicly funded here in Cincinnati, something you did not get from the article, but should have.

I guess the school board can't vote the school related issues if their kids go to the same school district they live in. Well, they should at least consult the ethic committee so they don't have their childless political foes attacking them. Todd's grief likely comes from those who don't need a wheelchair.

Kerry Visits Cincinnati

Korte has a pretty good articlesummarising the speech Kerry gave at the fundraiser. The Enquirer also added a second story of breifs including a section on one of the attendees who was an old personal friend of Kerry who now works at UC. The second story included more of the political holders-on who spun the event with the usually blah blah blah.

What was missing from the Enquirer? Not what I expected. They included a non-AP wire story from the Columbus rally. The Blade also ran a story as did the DDN and PD. The Plain Dealer also gave us the "Pickle," infamous AP reporter whose negative bias towards Kerry has been known to be biased.

P&G Aiding Sexual Revolution

Does the CCV know about this? One whiff of this news and I am sure that the letter writing campaign will start to keep women from using what will likely be called the female Viagra.

Phil Burress and the boys love to control women's sexual practices, so I am sure this will be next on their list of companies to boycott. No more Tide! No more Crest! No more Charmin (its the best!)

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Punting on Third Down

SCOTUS took the easy way out and punted. They did this I think in part because of avoiding making a ruling in the current political climate where riots in the streets are not just something in the movies, but instead something people realize could happen. I do admit that the thought of being attacked for not being religious is something I think is very possible, especially in this city.

Kerry in Ohio

Kerry will be in town today for a fundraiser and then go to Columbus for a rally. Will the flip-flopping college kids return? Will the coverage of them be as high from the Enquirer if they do come? Will the paper even cover the event? We might get a report on the fundraiser, but we will likely only get an AP report on the Columbus rally, if they are feeling chipper.

Bronson: Still Pointless

Bronson's latest column is rather all over the road with out much of a theme, beyond being rather incoherent. It is as if Bronson is trying to channel Stan Lee (ala Peggy Noonan), but then faking it when he realizes Lee is not dead.

Cincinnati Connection to Terror Suspect

Cincinnati attorney Doug Weigle previously represented Nuradin Abdi, who is the man charged in the plot to bomb shopping malls. Abdi was from Columbus.

Huggins Got a Pass?

The Enquirer is reporting that in April 2003 Huggins was stopped by the same police force for bad driving and listed he was taken home "due to feeling ill." That smells like a case of the police giving the big time college basketball coach a pass. If it were provable, I wonder if Fairfax police lied on their police report? I wonder if other police departments in the area have done the same for Huggins.

Starship Troopers

The new military uniforms look to me like the uniforms from the movie Starship Troopers. There is a bit of an East Block meets Hollywood feel to them that I find rather unsettling.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Self Fisking

A trend I have seen in the Blogosphere is one called 'Self Fisking', where you attack and destroy your own points without anyone else having to do so. Well, Otto Perry did just that in his column: Don't belittle our nation's efforts: He wrote:
3) Like Professor Leising most citizens do not favor wars, but after 9-11 the decision was made to confront terrorists on their soil before they get to ours.
Most people in Iraq are not terrorists, but the war has drawn terrorists into Iraq from all over the Middle East. It is a preference that they be faced there rather than in our neighborhoods.
Now, Mr. Otto, if we were supposed to be fighting "terrorists" on their own soil in Iraq, then why did we attack Iraq to bring terrorists there? If Iraq had al Qaeda terrorists there before the war, then why did we not say so with the proof? Why would we have to kill thousands of Iraqis to attract a few dozen terrorists to Iraq? How is this rational? How is this logical? How is this actually making it into the Enquirer?

Republican 'Family Values'

Rush Limbaugh, Wife divorcing

Phil Burress's Nightmare

I hope this article on the Gay Pride parade is making Phil Burress cry like a baby. His anti-homosexual group has but one goal, to keep peaceful people like these from living a fair and equal life. Burress wants them removed from society, a cleansing of the culture made in the image of his theocratic delusions. I bet Peter Bronson had to censor is own copy of the paper today. I am sure he can't bare to so a gay person's picture, at least not one having fun out in full view of the public.

Privacy Solution

There is a very simple solution to quell the concerns of people about the Court Clerk's website online publication of court records. It is simple; just require a registration to view the pages in question. Either make it a heavy security where you must mail or phone in to register or at least require a valid email and or IP trace.

This should quell the problem. Most people should understand that the records people are getting are still public record that anyone can get with a trip to the Clerk's Office. The difference is that they have to show their face, which keeps out more crooks. Apply the same concept to the web.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Special Treatment?

Was last Tuesday's DUI stop the first time Huggins has been stopped by police? The Enquirer is reporting that comments from the police indicated that it was not the first time police had stopped him for erratic driving. With news like this I have to laugh back at comments I heard on Saturday from Andy Furman who opined about the treatment of Huggins. He wondered if a history professor would get the kind of attention that Huggins arrest got. Furman was playing the PR agent for Huggins, trying to blame this on the media, on the college, and on everyone else who does not get what it is like to be Bob Huggins. He wants Huggins to be treated just like everyone else. Well, if he were treated like everyone else, "Furball," then his ass would be in jail now for a getting a second DUI instead of being let off the first time. His fame got him a pass. He will likely get a pass from his fans, who only want to win. He will get equal treatment from society, when he starts getting the same treatment as everyone else, not special celebrity get of jail free cards.

I give credit to the local media for covering this story. Huggins has not been Mr. Popular, outside of WLW, but has a fan base that care more about National Championships, than they do graduation rates. This guy should be fired. He was reportedly drinking with the families of recruits, almost certainly with the kids their too. That is not a role model, that is a man breaking the rules for wins. If UC wants to break the dirt stain that is their basketball program's reputation, they better start with a new head coach.

"Don't do this to me." Huggins did it to himself. He is lucky he did not do it anyone else, then not even the boosters could get him off.

Bronson: Pointless

I really don't see any point to Bronson's column today other than to harp on Coretta Scott King.

The only thing he tries to pull out of his ass is the complaint that King did not give a support the troops speech. Why would he expect that? What good would that speech really do? If people want to help the troops, why don't we work on not sending them off on pre-emptive wars? That will save far more lives than a few meaningless words that no solider will ever read.


Someone has started a blog about the TV show WKRP in Cincinnati. It is a stale blog, but the thought is much appreciated. One of the most under rated shows of all time.

Sitting on the Stairs

I was watching part of a movie today, Adam's Rib, and I was a taken back by a simple scene where Katharine Hepburn is sitting on the stairs waiting for Spencer Tracy to come home. I miss having stairs to sit on. I can remember growing up and on the stairs is where many a big family discussions took place. Often it was when someone came home, like my brother or sister. Other times that is where you got lectured for doing something wrong.

Having lived in an apartment for 10 years now and since my parents moved south to Florida one floor house, I don't get to sit on the stairs much anymore. I could go for some carpeted stairs with a cast Iron railing like our old house had.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Like Coach like Players

Bob Huggins has been charged with a DUI after drinking with a recruit's family. Got to love the cops keeping it hidden since Tuesday. There sure is a good clean college basketball program there in Corryville. If he gets harsher treatment than some of the many college athletes in Ohio who have DUI's, then I will be shocked. I am shocked he was arrested in the first place.

More from the Post, including the police report.

Wagons East!

Boca is moving from Northside to Oakley. The owner, David Falk stated in the article he was influenced by the "begging" of many of his patrons to move east. Is Eastside money winning another one? Northside is a cutting edge neighborhood with a socio-economic mix, while Oakley is the ugly sister of Hyde Park. Is Northside too "urban" even for the urbanites?

'Fahrenheit 9/11' to Play in Cincinnati

The The Cincinnati Post is reporting that the Esquire and Mariemont theaters will show Michael Moore's movie starting June 25. Will we see any local BushCo Storm troopers come out and protest or try and prevent it being shown? I doubt it, but you might get a little grief from the usual blowhards.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Kerry Up in LA Times Poll

In a head to head race Kerry leads Bush in the LA Times poll 51% to 44%. A Cincinnatian had this to say in the article:
Joseph Rechtin, a retired postal worker from Cincinnati, said Kerry had made little impression on him but he wanted a change.
'It's more than three years now and we don't seem to be going anywhere at all, and this involvement in Iraq is taking us down the wrong path, so I definitely feel we need a leadership change,' Rechtin said.
I don't know how Reagan's funeral will affect the race, but this is the month that I believe people freeze their opinions on the candidates. From now until November the issue is will they vote or will some disaster happen to shake things up. Ohio is still going to be the key trend. So goes Ohio, so goes the election.

A Kentucky Opps

Yesterday the Capitol and Supreme Court in Washington D. C. were evacuated because a plane had entered the closed D.C. air space. Well, now it appears that the plane held Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher on his way to the Reagan funeral. I hate to hear the tongue-lashing Senator Mitch McConnell gave him last night for having to dash out of his office in terror.

Translating Bronson

If you want to know what Peter Bronson is saying in his column How to get 'creative': Help middle class I am here to help translate.

Bronson is saying: Fuck the liberals, Fuck the City, give all the money to white suburbs, Let the gays rot in hell.

Peter Bronson is going beyond conservativism, his attacks on the creative class and intellectualism is creating a new round of reactionary dogma that needs a new name. I would call it 'Leave it to Beaver' syndrome, but that might be a copyright problem. His level of running in place for Jesus is really holding back society. If people really agree with Bronson then our society is heading toward a repeat of what hit Islam during the middle ages, stagnation. Islamic/Arabic culture did not significantly progress for about 500 years. That seems to Bronson's goal. Well, that and conformity of every element of life, until we are all just milquetoast residents of the Great West Chester Metropolitan Area.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


I guess it was all about the pieces of silver.

Shocking News

An anti-abortionist is pissed about a judge not listening to anti-abortion group's hired guns and ruling to uphold case law.

Club Clau Hype

As trends go, Cincinnati is to chic as Zoot Suits are to fashion. CiN Weekly is trying to buck the trend and likely help Club Clau boost its profits by keeping the hype alive, but making it a little more accessible to the timid West Chester 28 year olds still chicken to come downtown.

I have never been to Club Clau and I doubt I will ever go. The reason I would go would be for a woman, but I hope I that any woman I date would not have the desire to go "clubbing" very often. Ok, enough of the personal.

Interesting trivia reported by Cin is that Clau is an acronym which stands for "Change Lies Ahead of Us." Club Clau does get credit for doing well, when you get listed as one of the best bars in the world you have done something right.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Wasting $400,000

What were 'philanthropists' Donna and Pat Carruthers thinking when they gave 400K bucks to build a bronze sculpture of George Bush as part of a plaza at Hamilton High School. How about buying something for the troops in Iraq instead?

CT's Barry Gee

Give it up for Barry Gee, CT's Executive Director, who was interviewed for an NPR story on the Cincinnati subway.

Bronson is a Jerk

What a fucking jerk. Think I am being harsh? Well, when I read Bronson's column today I wanted a harsher title, but held my tongue. Bronson is a jerk for a simple reason, he is using Reagan's death as a means to make a political attack. He is doing what he thinks every liberal is doing. I for one have not said anything about Reagan's death until now. I did so out of respect for the man. I grew up in a moderate Republican family who like him as President. He was a good man. I felt his political views were wrong. His followers have deified him and taken his views to a level of extremism that I don't think Regan himself actually wanted.

Bronson instead of using his column to make a solemn tribute to the man, instead goes on a bullshit rant against liberals who dare say the TRUTH about Reagan. He was not a deity Peter, he caused many problems. It is not only FAIR AND BALANCED to report his good elements and faults; it is the honorable thing to do.

No conservative can honestly complain about the media coverage of the death of Reagan. It has been 98% positive, approaching the level of Princess Diana on some levels, certainly on FOX. I don't mind it. I understand that many people really like the man. Why I can't stand is for some of those people, specifically Bronson, is pissed about the positive coverage. I guess he can't stand anyone mocking his "god."

Was is so divisive is the blood thirsty drivel here:
He made a jaded nation believe in itself, and proved conservative ideas work.
So, Reagan forced us to live under his conservative rule? How fascist of him. I guess Bronson likes being forced to live under conservative doctrine. I for one Peter don't like it. You can't force-feed us, you must lead us. Reagan was a good leader. He lead us poorly in the end, but he tried. He was a just a man, and the way he is held up is akin to worship that not only would be considered sacrilegious, if he were a Democrat, it would be skewered in the conservative media as a partisan use of the death of human, just as was done after Paul Wellstone's funeral. Bronson has topped anyone at the Wellstone funeral in my opinion. I don't think he cares though. I think he just wants to bath in the glory that trails a Presidential funeral all the way to the November election.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Cicada Me to Death

Not only did we learn today about the woes of lawn groomers and their plight of dealing with Cicadas, we also read about kids eating the bugs.

Enough already! We get it! There are a shit load of the damn bugs. I know. Their "ekkkk" fills my ears if I don't turn my TV/Radio up while sitting in my living room. I don't really need the 745th and 746th story about people's reaction to the damn bugs. There is a freaking special section on the things. That is it, no more, please no more. Just tell me when they are finally all dead. At that point I shall pour a beer on the ground in tribute to their lives and with hopes that it kills as many of them still crawling down there.

Washingtonienne Story Continues

Much to the chagrin of Mike DeWine, Enquirer columnist Carl Weiser updates Ohio on the story of Jessica Culter, the former DeWine staffer who ran a "racy Web log."

I too felt the surge of attention on this story. My traffic rose considerably from those searching Google for a picture of Ms. Culter. I did not have one on my site, but I did mention stories that included her picture. She was very attractive by the way, which makes this story all the more titillating. It still did not really get the level of press that Carl insinuates. Sure it was around the world, and he of course was reporting on it, but if you did not know what a blog was before the story broke, you likely did not follow what it was about, even though it was linked to the office of a US Senator. CNN, FOX, and MSNBC barely touched it, if at all. TV coverage pushes the level of overall media coverage. The Internet and even Print can't push the story on TV unless TV wants it, and for some unknown reason, TV does not seem to want to run with this one. I guess the liberal CNN could not help running this 24/7. If this was a staffer of a Democrat Senator, you know it would have been on FOX and talk radio until that Senator resigned.

Horrific Crash in OTR

Varying reports indicate that 17 were injured and one saying 19 were injured after a bus plowed into an empty building in Over-the-Rhine.

This is horrible news to those who are close to the downtown community. The bus was part of a tour of downtown homes occurring Sunday afternoon. If there is anyone who knows those injured, please send me an email, please don't comment on their names.

The Enquirer did a positive story on the tour. I hope no one mentioned was injured.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

June is Busting Out All Over!

We have new local blogs:

QCF Blog


The Dean of Cincinnati Blog

QCF's blog is out to open up a place for readers to respond to stories. The Dean seems to be playing games with his "blog". He has even copied the same format of the QCF as an attempt at some type of slight. I don't get it. I don't get the Dean much at all anyway. The Dean of Cincinnati is the Internet version of Andy Kaufman.

Boss Tweed in the Making?

City Council is considering beefing up the Mayor's powers. I see this as mainly a means to shift blame for the actions (inactions) of the police from council to the Mayor's office. Other than that I don't really like the idea of consolidating power. Yes, a stronger Mayor could "get things done" without the grandstanding of council, but council would still be needed as check against a Mayor off his political rocker. It also appears that a district plan for Council Seats will have to get on the ballot the hard way.

In the article Greg Korte reports that "anti-establishment Republicans" are supporting the district election plan. I would say that anyone who is anti-establishment could not be a Republican, almost by definition.

The text of the strong Mayor proposal is here.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Blogus Interruptus

I am off to Cleveland for the weekend, so blogging should be not just light, but a void until Sunday night. If I get near a computer, I will try and post, but I will be at a friend's wedding, so I will be trying to have a good time instead.

In other words, you are on your own in your search for bloggy goodness.

'Cops!' Comes Back

In case you missed the news Chief Tom Striecher reinvited the TV show to film the Cincinnati Police.

This to me seems just as pitiful as Smitherman and Reece getting their girdle's caught in their garters of 'Cops!' in the first place. Sam Malone pushed to get the show back, but that action looks like groveling. The sauce has stained the tablecloth, we can't just through on club soda without someone noticing.

Nick Spencer has more

Smoke and Mirrors Works?

Miami's applications for enrollment increased 10% in spite of their change to a new tuition program that repacked the in-state discount. This ultimately will raise tuition for in-state students once the discount amount does not increase at the same level as the tuition.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Politizing Religion

The liberals and Democrats have been accused of opposing religion on a political as well as personal basis, making religion and Bush's religion a political issue. In reality the GOP is doing the same thing and does it far more egregiously. Locally we have Catholics making an issue of religion or religious issues, with their opinions, and the opinions of the religious leaders.

Bush's campaign has gone a step beyond. They are seeking to have churches allow or support direct campaigning in the church. This is in my opinion going to make a slew of churches loose their tax exempt status, unless of course Bush wins and has the IRS ignore the political action by non-profit organizations.

If people want to play the game of using religion as means to gain power, then they cheapen it beyond its naturally simplistic state. It is so sorry that Bush feels the need to tap into the fears of people and their religion and use their religious conventions, however so subtly, to turn the vote one way. Vote for Bush or go to Hell is not what they are saying. They are saying vote for the guy who shares your religion and who will push your religion on others. That is what we are getting. Not every religious person wants this and most would not be swayed by it anyway, but there are many idiots who vote based on either one issue, like abortion, or on religion. So when I rail against people's use of religion as a means to gain power, a faux theocracy if you will, I hope people see that I am not just blowing smoke up my ass. Well, at least not on that issue.

Bronson: Enhackment

Peter Bronson blathers on about a made up word and does so by dragging in old and tired political jabs that really have no meaning and no context to politics and current events today. What he is doing is just recycling other's views and cliché ideas because he just a shill for the GOP. I hereby term this "Enhackment."

Also, If Peter is going to mention a "blogger" by name in his column, you might think he would link to the guy's blog. What is odd, is that I can't find a blog for the guy, only a website with columns. I guess Bronson can't tell a blog from the rocks in his head.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Return of the Apostate

Adding the Apostate to the blogroll. Dmitri Iscariot gives a new bent on things local. Have a read.

She Fought the Law

Gina Daugherty, of CinWeekly, fought the law, and of course lost. Chalk up another Perry Mason moment to posterity.

More Plans Than Action

We have the Riverfront, Fountain Square, Main street, and now a new development plan for Washington Park. This sounds great, but how can we do all of this? Who pays for it? How much is publicly financed? If this is all privately funded and the school board is happy with the changes to its plans, then I say go full tilt on this.

This will surely pissed off the homeless advocates, who will gripe about Washington Park and the daily drug addicts who will be forced out. Is that really a bad thing?

Final Stage of Abandonment

The Radio Beast has nearly completed its move from Mt. Adams to Kenwood. With it goes any tie to the City of Cincinnati. We already had lesser and lesser city news coverage, I would expect even less, except when the hosts can complain about something. I do expect Cunningham to walk from work from now on. He needs to shed a few pounds of fat from his head.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Cinco de Memorial Day

We got a mini-riot in Avondale at a party at a community center. Yes, that was a community center that spawned fights and forced the police to close 10 blocks of reading road for an hour.

Breaking News: Water is Wet

Hip-hop fashion no longer just for urban black kids.

Torn, Very Torn

In reading Peter Bronson's column today I am very torn. I agree with some of his attack on city council for botching the whole 'Cops!' episode, but his defense and worship of the Cincinnati Police really is sickening.
The Police Division would have had final approval for anything put on the air, he said. Cops is unabashedly pro-police.

Maybe that's the real problem. Before the plug was pulled, Lt. Col. Richard Janke said, "It's a chance to reverse the very negative image the media have shown of Cincinnati police." He wondered if council members "are actually afraid the Police Division will look good."
You know Peter, I could say the same thing about embedded journalists in the Iraq war. Or better yet, I could say 'Cops!' is to CPD as FOX News is to the Bush War in Iraq.

'Cops!' would show a one sided image of the police here in Cincinnati. That is a political statement. It should not have to be, but the police union has made it one. Fangman and Bronson do more to hurt police-community relations than any councilperson or drug dealer could do. Both men create an "us vs. them" mentality with a goal of dividing the city with hopes that Republicans can gain power.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys

In a fight that broke out at the Yucatan Liquor Stand in Covington 5 men were arrested including two off-duty Hamilton County Sheriff's Office deputies. The question goes out to Simon Leis, will you investigate and fire thugs who fight in public places? I am sure they would have just been "defending" someone. The were likely shaking hands with a few faces, so much "defending," that the Covington police arrested them just for fun.