Sunday, June 27, 2004

Taft on Toast

What is Bob Taft going to do after his term as Governor ends in early 2007 and he can't run again because of term limits? In most cases one would think he would try for the US Senate, but since Mike DeWine is not term limited, I don't see that happening. They are fairly close in political persuasion as mainline conservatives, leaning a bit moderate, so Taft really would have a hard time challenging him. Today's Enquirer has two editorials on Taft, one by the Enquirer and one by Taft himself, plus a whole section of letters to the editor about Taft which all paint him with a big negative sign. Now, I would have liked to hear something positive on Taft and I am sure there is someone out there with that view, but Taft has achieved something that is very difficult, making many in his own party dislike him more than the Democrats do.

The mood that one feels on the political street suggests rather strongly that Taft would be lucky to be elected Garbage Commissioner. His political future appears dead, and the Ohio GOP is set for the bloodiest primary in memory to fill his seat. Jerry Springer is running for Governor for the Dems, in case you missed the writing on the wall. It is not official, but with, you can bank on an attempt. Those add up to a fun 2006. At that point Taft will have to look at either a cabinet post in future GOP Administration, which I hope is long after he's hit retirement age, or just go into the private sector. It would appear to me that the Taft family dynasty is dead, or on its last rope.

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