Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Bronson is a Jerk

What a fucking jerk. Think I am being harsh? Well, when I read Bronson's column today I wanted a harsher title, but held my tongue. Bronson is a jerk for a simple reason, he is using Reagan's death as a means to make a political attack. He is doing what he thinks every liberal is doing. I for one have not said anything about Reagan's death until now. I did so out of respect for the man. I grew up in a moderate Republican family who like him as President. He was a good man. I felt his political views were wrong. His followers have deified him and taken his views to a level of extremism that I don't think Regan himself actually wanted.

Bronson instead of using his column to make a solemn tribute to the man, instead goes on a bullshit rant against liberals who dare say the TRUTH about Reagan. He was not a deity Peter, he caused many problems. It is not only FAIR AND BALANCED to report his good elements and faults; it is the honorable thing to do.

No conservative can honestly complain about the media coverage of the death of Reagan. It has been 98% positive, approaching the level of Princess Diana on some levels, certainly on FOX. I don't mind it. I understand that many people really like the man. Why I can't stand is for some of those people, specifically Bronson, is pissed about the positive coverage. I guess he can't stand anyone mocking his "god."

Was is so divisive is the blood thirsty drivel here:
He made a jaded nation believe in itself, and proved conservative ideas work.
So, Reagan forced us to live under his conservative rule? How fascist of him. I guess Bronson likes being forced to live under conservative doctrine. I for one Peter don't like it. You can't force-feed us, you must lead us. Reagan was a good leader. He lead us poorly in the end, but he tried. He was a just a man, and the way he is held up is akin to worship that not only would be considered sacrilegious, if he were a Democrat, it would be skewered in the conservative media as a partisan use of the death of human, just as was done after Paul Wellstone's funeral. Bronson has topped anyone at the Wellstone funeral in my opinion. I don't think he cares though. I think he just wants to bath in the glory that trails a Presidential funeral all the way to the November election.

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