Saturday, May 31, 2003

Bronson: You can pay my taxes
Mr. Bronson, if I had a tax break to give you, I just might do it. Since I get no tax relief, I therefore can tell you to pound sand. If your boy Bush and his crew were honest, they would address the fact that I get nothing out of the latest tax cut. I wonder if Peter is expecting every parent to be eligible for that $400 in a tax credit. If he were to read the fine print he might realize that not every parent, not every lower income parent, will be able to get that $400 tax credit. Peter does not want to waste his time on the fine print while he can trumpet the trickle down economic policies of the Bush Administration.

Friday, May 30, 2003

Ohio workers' comp premiums to rise 9%; employers to pay full cost
So much for a raise next year.
Cincinnati's old-line third party wants big change
An interesting picture of non-incumbent Carterites. The question is, will they get the exposure need to be elected? This article will surely help.
Volunteer Slavery: Thoughts on Jayson Blair's screwup at The New York Times
An interesting perspective from Kathy Y. Wilson. It has the usual assumptive blame white people tone, but her own personal experiences add credibility to the situation. One fact I hope Kathy agrees with me on, but was missing from her column, is that Jayson Blair is finished in serious journalism. He will get offers from tabloidic outlets, but not any significant outlets, significant in respect to reporting hard news.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Bob Hope: Entertainer's local legacy
I had first hand exposure to the Bob Hope 100th birthday celebration on my visit today to the Ronald Reagan Library in California. They currently have a special Bob Hope exhibit, and they were serving cake today to all visitors in celebration. Four local TV news crews were in attendance to cover the event, and my backside was even filmed briefly. The Library, really a museum, is pretty good. One must accept going in the propaganda of the GOP on Reagan's legacy, but the place is worth the visit for history buffs. They are working on expanding it to include one of the old Air Force One jets. That will be worth visiting all by itself when they finish next year.
Tax-cut cash is on the way (not for me)
The Enquirer provides the GOP talking points on the Tax-Cut, but fails to include the fine print. For starters, I do not get a tax cut. As I have been screaming about for months now, I get nothing. I am in the 15% bracket based on my AGI. I have no children, and I am not married. All of my investments are in my 401(k). Add that all up, and you get the hard facts. My tax rates are not being lowered, and I do not get any increased tax credits. Not a penny. Let no one fool you into thinking that everyone is benefiting from this plan. Single people are not, unless they make some serious bread. This tax cut is far more tilted towards the higher income brackets than the 2001 tax was, by far. Add that to the fact that some of the child care credits originally set for lower income families was taken out of the final plan.
Columbia Parkway up for repairs
My drive in to work will now suck rocks. Well, it will suck when I get back from vacation.
I am on vacation. My blogging will go on, but at a pace that fits in with my tourism schedule.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Group steps up campaign against violence
Billboards are their answer? Why not just pass out flyers? This is nothing but a dog and pony show to make people think the Boycott A is "doing something" to prevent the out of control violence in OTR and other intercity neighborhoods. Advertisements are not going to deter drug gangs. If "Just Say No" will not stop the drug dealers, than "So Many Tears" has little more chance.
Cracks showing in boycott movement
Well, it appears the big media are agreeing with me on the state of the Boycott. At this point it is fun to watch. If it was not sad to watch people corrupted by the lust for power and wealth, I would really enjoy their self destruction. I think the credibility of Boycott B, Nate and Company, is as low as it can be. The Press should be on notice, assuming they read the Enquirer, that Nate and his crew are on the fringe, and represent no one but themselves. Any attention given to the Boycott B from this point on is nothing but sensationalism. I will try and avoid it myself, but sometimes the tawdry is just to hard to resist.

The AP's Version.

Monday, May 26, 2003

Al Qaeda’s Summer Plans
Did they include Ohio? This paragraph from the Newsweek Article indicates that there is an Ohio connection:
The Feds have identified a few Qaeda soldiers already in the United States. Intelligence sources tell NEWSWEEK that during his interrogation, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed fingered an Ohio truckdriver. In a major breakthrough, the Feds picked up the truckdriver, who began to cooperate. According to law-enforcement sources, the truck- driver was involved in plots to bring down a bridge and blow up an airliner. The truckdriver was asked by his Qaeda masters to obtain the proper tools for loosening the bolts on a suspension bridge. As for the airliner, the truckdriver said that cargo trucks could easily drive underneath passenger jets without arousing suspicion.
Cleveland has a significant Arab and Muslim population, so logically speaking the truck driver would be from the Northeast Ohio area, but he could have lived anywhere. What the article does not indicate is where the bridge or airport are located. The truck driver could simply live in Ohio, but could have been planning the attack anywhere he ran his route. Ohio has 43,075 bridges statewide, second in number only to Texas, according to this ODOT report(pdf). Most of those are small minor bridges. Logically in Ohio the bridges to attack would be on a major highway in a major city. I don't know of any major bridges in Columbus, and there are not that many in Cleveland. If you are going to go after a bridge in Ohio is would be in Cincinnati. The only other place would be trying to close down I-70, I-75, or I-90, causing the price of freight to jump in the region sky high. Gladly this person was caught, but this does mean that terrorists can target anyplace. Ohio is still much less likely to be a place where civilians would be targeted. Industry and commerce are the soft underbelly of the State and the country. I do wonder if this relates at all as to why Cincinnati and Cleveland got Federal anti-terrorism funds, but not Columbus. The more likely bottom line reason is that both Cleveland and Cincinnati have major Federal facilities to target, that Columbus does not. Targets include Federal Reserve Branches, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, a NASA facility, and an IRS processing center. Those would be bigger targets for domestic terrorism, instead of the Al Qaeda brand, which still is more likely in the this part of the country.
U.S. to host 2003 Women's World Cup
This is great news for women's soccer, but great news for Columbus, Ohio. Crew Stadium was listed as a site in the orginal proposal for the revised tournament.

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Stars and Stripes: BBC, DOD differ on Lynch rescue news
Fair and Balanced reporting on the Pfc. Jessica Lynch rescue from a newspaper that is affiliated with the U.S. military, but is nearly exclusively published for the members of the U.S. military. This story is mostly a summary of the facts, but it presents them in an objective manner. This story is getting minor coverage in the U.S. media, and will likely get little more. The press is scared to death to dare question the veracity of the story surrounding an American "hero." This young woman's story is riddle with problems, none of which are her doing. The military PR machine at a minimum pumped up the story. The report that she has amnesia is the cherry on a skeptical Sunday. I was please to see that FOX News Watch did cover the story, and did so fairly credibly.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

Taste of Cincinnati

Above you can see the mighty boycott B in action. Can't make them out in the crowd? Well, there were less than 10 present, so they were easily missed. As I took this picture the man with the video camera trained in on me. I guess I made him suspicious. You never know when the "man" may try something dangerous with a digital camera. I was sure to wave back at the camera once I had taken my picture.

City Council candidates were also out campaigning. I had a very nice chat with Charter candidate John Schlagetter on his chances and city politics in general. I also briefly met Nick Spencer, an independent candidate for council. Pat Dewine was also out, but I doubt he would have been open to wasting his time talking to a blogger, even a fellow Miami Alumnus.

Friday, May 23, 2003

Oh the Things You Get in Emails
When someone calls you a white supremacist it can sting. When that someone is a black supremacist it tells you that you are in the right. In an email I was call just that. The email writer was a hotheaded boycott B bigot. Saying the pot is calling the kettle black does not do this irony justice. I am the furthest thing from a racial supremacist as most anyone can be. I am an individualist, if anything, but a humanist as well, creating one entertaining combination. What I am not, is supremacist. I am a bit of an intellectual snob, but I make up for that with my countless other faults. I laugh when I am labeled. I laugh because I am lumped into one group by one nutcase, and in another group by some other hardliner. Being called names is fine. I call people names all the time. I usually mean it when I do, at least when I being serious. When I am called a white supremacist simply because I refuse to bow towards a fringe group of black nationalists/racists bent on seeking revenge on non-black people for all of their personal failures, I tend to chafe a bit. I can be magnanimous however. When someone has to call me a racist, they must have little other ammunition to through at me. When I point out anti-Semitism and anti-homosexual beliefs in people and groups, they try to dodge my charges, but making stuff up, but I will not be fooled. I will maintain my observation and commentary. Bigots can hide, bigots can fool most people, but when you don’t worry about gaining influence on image, you can’t be muted. I guess Mr. “wanna be” Al Sharpton will have to find a new name to call me.
Tristate Fire department worker held in beating (last item)
I meant to link to this earlier. People wonder why the hate crimes law was passed? Here a fireman is accused of assault. The problem so far is that at this point no there's no indication that the hate crimes ordinance is being considered. He is being charged with misdemeanor assault, so when would the Hate Crime ordinance come into play? I think this case is set to go to the grand jury. I hope they are not swayed by the uniform.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

My XRAY Cincinnati column on understanding the media is up.
CityBeat: The Social Justice Crisis in Cincinnati
There is no "social justice crisis" here in Cincinnati. There are problems for poor people. Wherever there are poor people, there are problems, that is a fact in a capitalistic society that will never cease unless material wealth is cheap and simple to provide to all. Dan La Botz is making a political move. He is nothing new; call it socialism or him a transnational progressive. His goals are not for social justice; instead it is for political power. He praises the CBUF, while trying to paper over the anti-gay bigotry that runs rampant in that organization and in the black activist community. Opportunistic coalitions of convenience. Both the fringe progressives and the black separatists/nationalists want to take down the corporate economic system. The problem is that allies today, will be enemies later. Once one gets power, they will dump their partner, for power is the goal, not justice.
Lazarus adding Macy's to its name Aug. 1
Officially, I have no comment. Off the record... Jeff, I told you so!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Collaborative: City To Pay Plaintiffs $4.5 Million
Ok, yet another demand is met, but will it stop anyone? Of course not. The wallet is open and the greedy will just up the ante.
Ex-county investigator convicted of theft
The man who made off with $2,817 in 1996 under Joe Deters' watch has taken the deal. If Joe couldn't account for money in a locked property room, how can he handle the State of Ohio's money?
Church accused of hiding evidence
Gun Nuts get off, but the Catholic Church gets the third degree. Is this bizzaro world? Nope, this is a fundamentalist Christian's wet dream.
Bronson: One man who made a stand
Peter does his best to wave the flag of gun nuts everywhere. The quote that sticks out in my mind most is this from Mr. McKinny:
"That law about guns in a bar sure didn't stop those guys," he said. "
I guess this is what we should expect if the conceal and carry law passes. Even if that law does not allow people to carry guns onto private property where they are not allowed to carry guns by law, like bars and schools, then people like Mr. McKinney will not adhere to the those laws. If Mr. McKinny can't be indicted on a gun law now, why can I expect that gun nuts who break the law will ever be charged for carrying around their gun where ever they damn well please? It has been almost 200 years since Cincinnati was considered the "West." Well the Wild West was out in force in a Northside Saloon, and Frontier Justice is ruling supreme. Where is Wyatt Earp when you need him?
New publisher named for Enquirer
Interesting News. I am not knowledgeable enough on the interworkings of newspapers, but I have to give Margaret Buchanan the benefit of the doubt mainly because she worked at the newspaper in the town where I was born, Elmira, N.Y., at the Star-Gazette.

This real issue to watch for is will the Enquirer start charging for online content. Let us hope no, but if that what it takes to keep it afloat, I think the print media is doom. The Enquirer has many many faults, but it is really the only semi-comprehensive news source for this region. All other outlets piggyback on it. I would wish that the Mrs. Buchanan pushes to increase it reporting staff, especially reporting from Columbus on State Government.
Texas agency destroyed records related to search for Democrats
What are the odds that the nation media picks up on this issue? I would say 1 to 3 against. What are the odds that there is any kind of either State or Federated investigation into this? I would say 1 to 20 against. What are the odds that anyone who dares to raise this as a political issue being labeled unpatriotic? I would say 1 to 1; take it to the bank.

[Link via Atrios]

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Captain Nate vs. Moby Farrakhan?
For some bizarre reason Nate Livingston is pushing for an investigation into a member of the Nation of Islam because he claims that person "did not report her earnings or pay her taxed to the city of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, the State of Ohio, or the United States government." Ms. Ava Muhammad reportedly broke the boycott and gave a speech at an event here in Cincinnati. Nate has written letters to various public officials of each entity mentioned above. Nate needs to check up on a few things. Regarding Cincinnati Law, when I read § 311-15 Exception to the Tax it starts off with one line “The tax provided for herein shall not be levied upon the following:” and then paragraph (h)
on the compensation of an individual if all of the following apply: (1) the individual does not reside in the city of Cincinnati; (2) the compensation is paid for personal services performed by the individual in the city of Cincinnati on twelve or fewer days in the calendar year; (3) in the case of an individual who is an employee, the principal place of business of the individual's employer is located outside of the city of Cincinnati and the individual pays tax on the compensation described in subsection (2) of this section to the city, if any, in which the employer's principal place of business is located, and no portion of that tax is refunded to the individual.
seems to indicate that Ms. Muhammad does not have to pay Cincinnati income tax, unless she earns income here for 11 or more additional days this year.

The main issue that Nate seems to miss, is that this is income is for 2003. The group who paid Ms. Muhammad does not have to immediately report that income to any government this soon, because she is not their employee. They may very have to report it, but not this quickly, and it is not Ms. Muhammad’s responsibility to report it until she files her tax returns for 2003 next April, which is why I assume Nate is going after Victoria Straughn.

Also, for the record, you don’t have to report income to Hamilton County. They don’t lay taxes on income.

Nate is oddly attacking groups that other members of his crowd would logically support. What is comical is that Nate is calling the CCFJ (Coalition of Concerned Citizens for Justice) a “gang.” He claims groups like the Nation of Islam and CCFJ “have threatened to commit vicious and violent acts against anyone who opposes them.” There are members of Nate’s boycott B “gang”, including Nate himself, that one might argue the same could be true. That is either ironic, or hypocritical or both.
Bearcats' Hicks is suspended
I hate to say it, but this is nothing new to the Cincinnati Bearcats. What I wonder is, now that the Cinco de Mayo Six might get booted, this basketball player might get booted, but when you read this
"University of Cincinnati sophomore quarterback Gino Guidugli was arrested Sunday for the second time in four months after he allegedly punched an opponent in an intramural basketball game."
but you don't here anyone asking if he violated school policy, I have to wonder why he is special? How many other basketball players did things wrong, but did not get expelled from UC? This incident alledged took place on UC campus, so all bets are off, this is covered by school rules no question. Will UC do the right thing and expel Gudugli? I will not hold my breath. {Full Disclosure: I am a Miami grad, so I am slightly biased.}
Boycott coalition targets concert
The concert still went on despite a lawsuit and the usual mini-carnival of militant racist boycotters.
An "Unindicted" Folk Hero
Chris Anderson comments on what some are calling the Northside Vigilante. Prosecutor Mike Allen was on 1230 the Buzz today, giving a typically bland performance. Mike has big balls. He dismissed the obvious fact that Mr. McKinney clearly was carrying a gun in a liquor establishment, a crime. He weakly tried to rationalize the grand jury's decision based upon being presented all of the affirmative defenses Mr. McKinney could employ. Couple this erroneous claim with the contention on the Buzz that only one gun was found at the scene. Mike could have easily refuted that claim, but instead of claiming he could not answer that under law, he said that he really did not know the facts of the case well enough to answer. This case smells bad. The case was a slam-dunk light sentence, but it still should have gone to trial. This does nothing but provide fodder to the criticism of the Justice System. If this man was not a Citizens on Patrol Program member he would have been indicted, and Mike Allen’s office would have gotten it done. The old cliché is more often than not true; the DA can get a ham sandwich indicted. In this case he could not get a soon to be NRA poster boy indicted. Guns for all, justice for the gun owner, and screw the rest.

Monday, May 19, 2003

Because things like this tick me off
Matt Weiler has a problem with the City of Chicago's snub of Cincinnati in its names of streets. Other Ohio cities are represented, but not Cincinnati. I think we should boycott Chicago until this injustice is overcome.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

BRONSON: Justified shooting by a 'guardian angel'
Another conservative who seems to have abandoned any pretense of supporting the rule of law. Laws seem to be avoidable if you happen to break one that opposes the cause celeb of the gun lobby.

I again understand not charging the man with assault. I don't agree with it, but I understand it. I do not understand not indicting him on the charge of possession of a firearm in a liquor establishment. The trial jury could have found him not guilty or even given a very light sentence, or better yet, the guy could have cut a deal and served no time. This grand jury should be reviewed as much as the Twitty grand jury was. I would like to know the racial make-up of the jury. I would like to know if any witnesses were called. I wonder if this will be talk radio fodder tomorrow. My guess is that the usual suspects will comment on it in their predictable fashion, a cheer from WLW and a boo from the Buzz. Bronson’s advocacy of vigilantism is not new, but is expected when it is politically constructive.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Rival boycott groups in court
On today's episode of As the Boycott Turns Juleana Frierson quips, "They're crazy and -- they're acting more like a gang." The judge agreed and issued restraining orders against Boycott B members: Nate Livingston, Steve McDaniels, William Kirkland, Kabaka Oba, Monica Williams, Shannan Clark and Amanda Mayes. Which by all known accounts, makes up nearly 75% of their membership. The straw that broke the camel's back was Frierson's contention:
She accused them of surrounding her car at a boycott event sponsored by her group last Saturday and then rocking the car, pounding its windows, hood and trunk and cursing at and harassing her.
Will the Boycott B group dissolve? Will the Boycott A group cower in fear of the militant tactics of the Boycott B group? Will Nate and Juleana settle their differences by taking a private moonlight cruise on the Ohio? Will Kabaka find the “White Man” pulling all the strings that “made” his son break the law? Will Amanda Mayes bash the Jews again? Will Damon Lynch III actually move to the neighborhood he seeks to champion, or at least live in the City of Cincinnati? To find out, turn in to our next episode of As the Boycott Turns.
Jury clears bar 'hero'
This excerpt from the article sounds like something:
"The grand jury reflects the community," said Hamilton County Prosecutor Mike Allen. "The only thing that I can surmise is that the grand jury felt the elements of the offense were not there."
What does it sound like??? Grand Jury Nullification, or one could speculate it sounds like Prosecutorial manipulation. Was Mike Allen pressured by the gun lobby or the concealed and carry lobby (basically the same group) to help get the grand jury to look the other way on charges of possessing a gun in a bar?

If all it takes for a person to get off is “community” opinion to be in their corner, then I think there have been quite a few people demonized by the Prosecutor’s office that should not have been. Hustler was one, Mapplethorpe was another. Oh, wait, could this “community” Mike Allen speaks of not be the community at large, but instead is the “community” of Republican donors and activists? Hmmm, do you think that is possible.? Phil Burress, say it “ain’t” so.

UPDATE: Additional Press reports -- Enquirer, WCPO, WKRC, WLWT, Plain Dealer, and the Dayton Daily News.
Voinovich feeling heat for tax vote
More criticism on Voinovich, who by all accounts deserves some. George was more concerned about a fictional number, the 350 billion. In typical political fashion George PR campaign as a GOP maverick was a scam. He found a way to appear to appease both sides, while pulling the wool over the voter's eyes. Same bat time, same bat channel.
Equirer: Forum Race relations
Yet another dialogue calling for more dialogue. Let us talk about the need for people to talk to one another. Why don’t we ever discuss the need for breathing?

The need for people to feel they are doing something is only outpaced by the need for people to think they should be doing something.
A FEW unkind words from The New Republic Online: etc. on Senator George Voinovich. He held to his 350 billion number, but caved on the dividend tax semi-repeal.

Just as a reminder to all concerned, I will not be getting any kind of tax cut under any of the plans put forth by the House or Senate or the President. That is Zero, nada, none, a doughnut, el blanko, nil, nothing, zilch, zip, not an iota of a tax cut.

Friday, May 16, 2003

No indictment for man who shot accused bank robber
Grand Jury Nullification at its worst. The man is clearly guilty of having a gun in a bar, no question about it. I wonder how forceful the Prosecutor pushed this case. I would guess not very hard. I am not shocked he was not charged with murder, but shocked he got off completely. I am surprised it went to the grand jury this fast. I wonder if any witnesses beyond police were even called. On the surface this looks like a white man getting a pass for being white. That is not what happened, but I can understand it if someone were to think it true.

Ethan Hahn has thought on this result as well, and shares my overall thoughts on this outcome, but disagrees with at least part of my post from yesterday on the concealed and carry law.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Vigilante man: Hero or felon?
Reluctantly speaking he is a felon. His ends were just, but his means sucked. For many in the conservative camp, that sits just fine with them. To those of us who believe in the rule of law, it does not. This raises the issue I have been talking about for a while in regards to the Conceal and Carry Law many gun nuts have been pushing here in Ohio. Why do they wish to take away the rights of private property owners? Why do many think people should be able to carry a gun anywhere they wish, without consideration of the owner of the property on which they wish to carry the gun? If I own a store, I do not want your gun in my store, regardless of my stance on the Conceal and Carry Law. As the storeowner I have liability to consider. If I allow you to carry your gun on my property, knowingly, I am potentially liable if you use your gun or if it accidentally goes off. Do I have to protect myself by putting up metal detectors at the doors?

The answer many gun nuts will give is "you don't have to worry about a trained law abiding person carrying a gun." My answer is: I sure as hell do have to worry about you. Why kind of idiot thinks that any smart business owner would trust anyone at face valuel? Why would I want any kind of lethal weapon in a shop carried by a person who could at any second shoot me in my store? If you "need" your gun everywhere you go, then I do not want you in my store. If you are in fear of being killed, then keep it out of my store.

How can any libertarian say that I, as a storeowner, must be required to let a person carrying a gun into my store, especially without my knowledge? Why are the gun nuts that feel the need to pack heat not addressing this issue? Is this addressed in the law? I read this section (pdf) from a copy of the gun law passed by the Ohio House and I am not completely sure how it affects the issue I am referring to:
Sec. 2911.21.
(A) No person, without privilege to do so,shall do any of the following:

  1. (1) Knowingly enter or remain on the land or premises of another;

  2. (2) Knowingly enter or remain on the land or premises of another, the use of which is lawfully restricted to certain persons, purposes, modes, or hours, when the offender knows he the offender is in violation of any such restriction or is reckless in that regard;

  3. (3) Recklessly enter or remain on the land or premises of another, as to which notice against unauthorized access or presence is given by actual communication to the offender, or in a manner prescribed by law, or by posting in a manner reasonably
    calculated to come to the attention of potential intruders, or by
    fencing or other enclosure manifestly designed to restrict access;

  4. (4) Being on the land or premises of another, negligently fail or refuse to leave upon being notified by signage posted in a conspicuous place or otherwise being notified to do so by the owner or occupant, or the agent or servant of either.

(B) It is no defense to a charge under this section that the land or premises involved was owned, controlled, or in custody of a public agency.

(C) It is no defense to a charge under this section that the offender was authorized to enter or remain on the land or premises involved, when such authorization was secured by deception.

(D) Whoever violates this section is guilty of criminal trespass, a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.

(E) As used in this section, "land or premises" includes any land, building, structure, or place belonging to, controlled by,
or in custody of another, and any separate enclosure or room, or
portion thereof.

If this means that I, as a store owner, must tell you the gun carrier that you can’t carry a gun, then the burden is tougher on the property owner. That is clearly harmful and risky to the owner. Why should the owner have the responsibility to prevent you from carrying on a gun on their property when it is concealed and costly to take steps to prevent it?

The only even remotely rational reasons to carry a gun are of these two possibilities. (1) You have a direct threat on your life or of your immediate family while they are with you, or (2) your employment is deemed as “risky” like the pizza delivery person often used as an example. The carrier of the gun would be limited to time while working. These methods cover where real risk might occur. Others wanting to carry guns, in my opinion, suffer from an over abundance of fear, many of the lack of control of their own safety. If you fear other people so much to want to carry a gun, without any credible threat or risk, then I think you are more likely to use the gun in haste like our Citizen on Patrol mentioned in the editorial.
CANNOT Commission
It would appear that the CAN Commission has amounted to what I expected it would, nothing. Much like all commissions and groups that seek "dialogue", not much results from their actions. Talk is cheap, and no one usually objects to it, so it is the wimp’s answer to a difficult question. Mostly what we got was a dog and pony show to quell critics of the city leaders. They will have succeeded in created a few small programs that will in the end help a few people, but nothing that will amount to much in the short term, and little more in the long run.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Officials blast critics of police
The Post did not single out Heimlich as the Enquirer did.
Charter Party to field three for Council
In total that makes 19 candidates from the GOP, Dems, and Charter. I would guess there will be a slew of independents, maybe as many as 10 or 12 more. Whether or not the Greens or Libertarians endorse anyone is yet to be seen.
Joshua Micah Marshall comments on the most recent terrorist bombings in Saudi Arabia and wonders why their are so few western reporters are in the Saudi capital, Riyadh. I wonder why as well. This story is huge and killed at least 10 Americans, but the Media had no pictures to run last night so the coverage was lacking. It appears they had few print reporters there as well, so no information came in, beyond a few phone calls with witnesses. I guess since the U.S. Military is leaving the country, the Press is as well. The other reason for few reporters is the oppressive Saudi government, which limits the access of the news media to the country and limits its movement in the country.
Heimlich blasts police reforms, judges
I always thought that Bronson was the FOP's "Bitch," but move over Pete, there's a new FOP "Bitch" in town, and his name is Phil. Well, Phil Heimlich has been the FOP's stooge for a while, but this solidifies is role as the #1 shill.

Monday, May 12, 2003

BRONSON: Pure Country
If you have never been able to see why conservatives tend to have little understanding of art or music, please let this column be your eye opener. When Bronson says:
I should have known you can't find the meaning of life in rock 'n' roll. For that, you need Country. It's America's music.
you have to wonder if he has ever listened to a little thing called JAZZ! Jazz is America's music. Country music is pure crap. It has few artists that produce anything beyond a shallow cookie cutter song with a twang and a tear. It has the depth of fly paper, and the value of dirt. Now, there are a few "Country stars" that have produced a few good songs over the years, but modern country, like the example of George Strait, is drivel. Peter seems to be ignorant of the music he praises. He needs to listen to blue grass, or Western music, or older country. Old Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline are good. The bland Randy Travis is as fake as anything Hollywood produces. Peter is just searching for a way to praise his new "god" Dubya. The Cowboy he wishes to praise is a myth. I am glad however that Peter did not reference Donny & Marie Osmond.

Sunday, May 11, 2003

The Tripods Trilogy
Steve Novotni over at XRAY brings up a book series that reminds him of the War of the Worlds. The 1950's movie version of the War of the Worlds was on TV this weekend, an all time Sci-fi classic. I have never heard of the Tripods, but the premise does sound like a Wellsian type story.
Art museum's new wing tells about 'Queen of the West'
The Louisville Courier-Journal takes note of the Cincinnati Art Museum's new exhibit about Cincinnati area art.
Loner's rage burned after ruin of Web site
It appears the Case Western Shooter was a bona fide nut case. He is 62 year old Biswanath Halder's, originally from India, who lived for his website. The Volokh Conspiracy has a post of some extraneous information on the incident dug up by one of his readers. I am not sure what to make of the information. It reeks of tabloid fodder.

UPDATE: Volokh has more here and here. Both posts are warblogging at their best or worst, depending on your views.
Is this the face of Christianity today? Jim Boulet at NRO linked to this story at a Christian-Right website. The comments that made me take notice are:
This domestic war has been simmering for decades, but fighting has intensified since 9/11 and more recently the Iraqi war. It is the struggle for the soul of America, which is being carried out by two diametrically opposed armies. One is made up of traditional Americans with Judeo-Christian beliefs, who contend as President Bush does that America is a force for good in the world, which is ruled by God.

The other army is made up of the secular left, who don’t like words like “cowboy,” “evil” or “war.” They worship at the altar of the United Nations. Ironically, one of the strongest regiments in this godless army is America’s mainstream Protestant leaders. But they are mainstream Christians in name only for they gird themselves for battle with the breastplate of left-wing ideology.
This is a Hollywood guy to boot! How can any person who is not a theocratic fascist really believe this simplistic contention? Last I checked there were plenty of mainline Christian Churches. They generally do not get very political, at least when I went to one as a kid. Mr. Berg's comments are classic examples of "Themism," where he paints "them" as non-fundamentalist Protestant Christians. I think Mr. Berg also seems to not know much about religious demographics. He states: "Leading the charge for the Protestant fringe left are the leaders of the United Methodists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians and Evangelical Lutherans, but especially the Methodists." Ok, those four Protestant sects have populations as follows

United Methodists8,340,954
Evangelical Lutherans 5,125,919
Total 19,252,666

When the leaders of over 19 million people take a stand, is Mr. Berg somehow suggesting they are "bad Christians," and are "leftist" anti-Christs trying to destroy their respective sects? What is Jay Leno feeding this guy? Is Mr. Berg familiar with the quasi-pacifist interpretation of Christianity that is very common in mainstream sects? Turn the other cheek was something he missed in Sunday school? If this kind of thinking is common among most fundamentalist Christians, then I honestly think there will someday be a religious war in this country. If people seriously want a theocracy, then there will be problems. I hope Mr. Berg is on the Fringe of Right Wing Christians, but I am starting to have more and more doubts. On the surface today it appears that the only people who are involved in religious churches or groups are the most fervent and/or fundamentalist incarnations. This movement has a parallel in the Roman Catholic Church, were "Orthodox Catholic" is becoming a term that I think will be its own sect at some point, unless a Reformed Catholic Church breaks away.

Bottom line: Religion and politics don't mix well, but it if one sect or party is going to mix the two, then opposing parties have the right and often the duty to mix them as well. We live in a secular state, but with people like this, I fear that more conflict is ahead on this front. I feel like Chicken Little or the boy who cried wolf, but I fear the polarization of ideas, opinion, and ideologies that has plagued American Society today has now found its way to religion. Zeus help us all.

Saturday, May 10, 2003

Hamilton soldier shot dead in Iraq
Tragic and sad. He is the fourth Ohio military person to die in the Iraq War.
Pathologist's conviction reversed
Some sense from the Courts. I hope the civil suit pending against the County Morgue is able to take on the senior management, and not pick on Tobias, who appears to have bee the scapegoat Mike Allen chose to make his political hay. I would not be surprised to see Allen sued as well. His office could have purposely chosen to prosecute Tobias instead of Mike's fellow Republican Carl L. Parrott Jr., the County Coroner and Tobias's former boss. It is not like Parrott has a clean record as Coroner either. The pending civil lawsuit against Parrott and company for allegedly allowing Condon to photograph cadavers will have to suffice, bringing justice and closure to this bizarre incident.
Fire captain accused in abduction
Is this guy nuts? Did he crack? Or is he just smart enough to hide his criminal side from the affluent neighborhoods he served? I hope police in every town this guy has ever been in take a look at any similar crimes and determine if this guy could have been the perpetrator.
Suspect Caught in Cleveland Univ. Killing
Only one person was killed, not two as was reported last night.
Why Two Newspapers are Better than One
If you were wondering how the first night of Jammin' on Main went last night you might get a different impression on how it went, depending on which newspaper you read. The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that
"Pepsi's Jammin' on Main festival got off to a slow start when the gates opened at 7 p.m. Friday, and did not improve a great deal after night fell."
The Cincinnati Post reported a slightly different take:
"It was a late-arriving crowd, perhaps scared off by the threat of rain, but by 11 p.m. thousands packed the area around the courthouse. Still, attendance was likely down slightly from last year's first night crowd of 20,000."
Both papers agreed however that the one missing element was the boycotters. I guess the main boycotters don't care, and the militant boycotters don't seem to function unless their leader is available.

Here is the review of the first night in the Enquirer.

Friday, May 09, 2003

Univ. Shooting in Cleveland Wounds Two
Information is still sketchy, but the University is Case Western Reserve. Surprisingly this story is not on any of the national cable channels, but kudos goes to ONN for providing live coverage of a local Cleveland station's broadcast.

UPDATE: Two people are confirmed dead. More are wounded, but numbers are not known.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

FOX News, among others, has begun the drumbeat for Bush's re-election [sic]. I expect to hear the words inevitable, certain, and anticipated out of pundits' mouths regularly for the next 18 months. The more they say it, I guess the more they think everyone will accept it. The opinion makers could not be more negative on the Democrat's chances. If is as if they want Bush to win. Impossible you say? The so-called "liberal" media could never support Bush? Well, a dirty little secret out in the media world is that conservatives have a large advantage in numbers with editorials pages, columnists, commentators, and pundits. These opinion makers are by definition biased, and they are already letting it show. The presumption has set in, the Democrats can't do anything to win. Bush can't be beat, so they say. I hope people remember what they hear, over and over again this political season. I hope the myth of a "liberal" media bias dies along with political discourse.
Black vote called key for issue win
According to Howard Wilkinson, it would appear the increase in voter turnout was due to a huge increase in blacks voting. In most predominately black neighborhoods, voter turnout exceeded the overall county rate. Targeted campaigning seems to have been effective. This headline is much better than yesterday's spin of: "CPS can thank a small turnout." So the CPS can instead thank black voters.
Iraqi Blogger Resurfaces, Says War 'Sucks'
With this headline, how much longer will it be before "Blog", "Blogger", and "blogging" makes the dictionary?
Activist files suit to halt concert
Well, the "activist" in question is of course everyone's favorite, Nate Livingston. This issue has been raised by many Conservative groups as unconstitutional, so I wonder if they will be happy that a black separatist group is on their side. Strange bedfellows indeed.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Committee system not getting the job done for City Council
It appears that one city council person is still a little green:
Tuesday, Councilwoman Laketa Cole showed up more than an hour late to a Neighborhood and Public Works Committee meeting to ask Police Chief Tom Streicher the same questions about the Sunday morning riots on Stratford Avenue he'd already been asked by other council members.
Hopefully Councilwoman Cole will be on time next week.
Condon's plan no surprise, tape says
Was this tape used at the Condon trial or was it made after the fact? It seems that if it was not used at the trial, and was known to exist by respective concil it might have been enough for reasonable doubt. On the other hand, the torch and pitch fork crowd was out for a hide to sink their teeth into.

UPDATE: Greg Flannery of City Beat wonders about Mike Allen's Letter to the county Coroner's office. Does it also indicate that Condon's actions were legal?
CPS can thank a small turnout
The title of this article must be considered idiotic when you read this part of it:
The turnout Tuesday was 21 percent countywide, which, strange as it seems, is a fairly high number for a spring primary election in an odd-numbered year, when there is little else on the ballot.
The turnout for last year's May primary election was 14%. I blame this on the editors, who often write or change article headlines.
Voters Approve $480 Million Cincinnati Schools Bond Issue
This was a fairly close election, with over 47,000 voters casting a ballot. For there only being one issue on the ballot, I think that number is not that bad compared to other elections. I am glad this passed. The naysayers are concerned about the state of schools now. I care about the state of the buildings for the next 25+ years. I hope this prevents the need for more building funds for that length of time. If not, then we can bitch about it. The trick of course is that we will not know the answer until it is too late.

Monday, May 05, 2003

Sensationalist of the Day: Jay Love of the Buzz

On the second annual Cinco de Mayo Min-riot: Jay is playing "gotcha." He has the "goods" to show something. What he is trying to show was unclear. He is trying to show that the police are evil demons who let whites riot, while acting against blacks. That analysis is horribly flawed if that is his intention. He is trying to compare last year's black family reunion to this riot and he thinks the police or the news media have double standards. Well they have double standards, but not the one Jay is trying to paint. If anything, the police reacted far to restrained with last years Black Family Reunion, but they did act with strong enough force for the Cinco de Mayo Riot.

The only problem with the police action was they were slow to respond to this most recent incident. The cause for their delay is unknown, but Jay is trying to infer it was based on race. Jay is trying to infer that because he is trying to stir up conflict to attract listeners. Conflict is the lifeblood of talk radio, so his actions are expected.

A second level to the invalid analysis of Jay Love is in lack of excuse making on the parents of the rioters. When high school and younger kids ran rampant downtown the media showed light on the lack of parent supervision at a family event the media called out the parents of the kids. Many in the black community defended the kids, as was done after the 2001 riots. No one defended the Cinco de Mayo rioters. They were not supported nor were their actions called a "rebellion." They were just called thugs and everyone moved on. Jay wants them raked over hot coals by the media, which he is doing a bit himself, but he is more outraged that the media has not jumped all over this. The difference between the two situations is simple: the college students are adults. Their parents are not supposed to be in control of them, as the kids at the Black Family Reunion should have controlled.

Jay is grasping at straws. He has to play the race card to get his audience into a frenzy. Jay is being a typical hate radio host, like Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage.

Sunday, May 04, 2003

Matt Weiler: Coaster Safety
I share Matt's comments on politicians jumping the gun, and calling for something to be done about roller coasters. What that something might be, I have no clue. I myself don't really like to ride roller coasters. I am not the most agile person, and extra g-forces are not something that does anything for me, but make me feel like crap.
Open air waves
The UC News Record profiles WAIF 88.3 FM. The "all volunteer" radio station has been rolling on for 25 years. They have online streaming, so have a listen.
Fountain Square shooting alarming
Update: WLWT is reporting the victim, 26 year old Antonio Owens, has now died from his wounds.
Cinco de Mayo Mini-Riot 2.0
It appears that a drunken mass of UC students could not help themselves and lost control. Why do people act like this? Why do allegedly semi-educated people feel the need, drunk or not, to act like common criminals? The police also appeared to be slow to respond to this riot. According WLWT, police did not move in on the crowd until nearly an hour had passed after at least 2 cars were overturned. Last year the moved in hard on the crowd, this year they let it linger. Was this somehow tactical? Was their plan to let the frenzied crowd vent a bit, and then move in on a softer target? I hope that is the case. Running commentary from amateur video of the riot shows a police helicopter overhead, but the camera operator asked where the police are. I predict police will be attacked for letting what boycotters will likely call a "white riot" to go on unchecked. The reasons for it will be painted in simpleton racial terms, but what else can one expect from the one-track mind boycotters.

Saturday, May 03, 2003

Man shot on Fountain Square
Details are limited on this case, but damn. I hope this story gets wall to wall coverage in local media. The City can kiss a Fountain Square upgrade if they don't address crime. No more pussy footing around about it. No more worrying about they boycotter's propaganda. No more police slowdowns. Break out the “Batman and Robin” costumes if you have to, but start fighting crime. When someone is shot in the heart of the city, you don’t just tape over the wound, you call in the heart surgeon. Everyone at city hall needs to get off their asses and start cracking down on the criminals in this town, no matter who they are, or what groups are trying to shield them from justice.

More from WCPO:
"Everybody seems to be cooperative," said Thomas. "They stayed around. They're willing to come talk to us."
If every crowd who witnessed a shooting in this city were as cooperative, we might get a handle on crime. If this had happened in OTR, I wonder if any of the witnesses would cooperate with the police. Based on prior incidents, I would bet few would care to get involved and help fight crime in their own neighborhood.
Jerry makes his case: Springer selling 'authentic' image
Jerry is making a hard push for support. Some of his political positions can be found here. The Dayton Daily News reports he will make up his mind officially on running for office in July.
Minority and small firms win a share
It appears that either alot of out of town firms were used, or a new form of affirmative action was instituted.
About 32 percent of a projected $65 million in building, design and management contracts went to black-owned firms for a total of $21.2 million. Small businesses accounted for 42 percent of $38 million in building contracts, or $16 million.
32% is rather high for a county that has a population of blacks less than 25%. For Paul Brown Stadium there were not enough "black-owned" businesses in the region to provide 32% of the building supplies, but here it happened, granted on a smaller project. I have to wonder how "black-owned" is determined. I assume it means any company that is at least partially owned by a "black" person.

Friday, May 02, 2003

Prep star Mayo's debut moved back
The kid does not need a "debut." I really hope Jamie Mahaffey, former Miami University basketball standout, does not let this kid’s life become any more of a circus than it already is. I hope the kid has the skills to go to college, but the kid is already behind at least one grade and maybe two. If he has the talent for the NBA, but not the intellectual ability for college, then I say let him go to the NBA. To many college athletes are taken who don't meet the standards of the college they are attending. That must stop, or at least any school that wants to be considered anything more than a sports franchise should not accept any athlete who could not gain acceptance to the school on their own.
BRONSON: What do the unions give back to schools?
Peter, what do the unions give back to the police department? All the FOP gives back to the police department are slow downs, and arbitration that would make major league baseball players jealous. Why does Bronson regularly attack teachers? I know he has fits because most teachers no longer indoctrinate their pupils in the teachings of Christianity, but you think he would have grown out of the belief that everyone shared his brand of religion. I guess his ability to contradict himself on the value of unions seeps into his interpretation of the 1st amendment.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

The Bush Speech
More of the same propaganda. How much money did this photo-op cost? The penny pinchers bitched left and right about Clinton's trips, and Bush stages a free campaign commercial and is praised by the jingotastic media. The "Mission is Complete" but we are not done? I don't grasp the concept. We won the battle but the war goes on is the cliché that comes to mind, but our mission is complete. That just does not wash with me. This is not WWII. We had the Afghanistan speech last year, now we have another, but we were not really done. WMD are nowhere to be found, but we are going to find them.....ya. Saddam is on the loose. Osama is underground, and they are moot, but when we find their bones in October 2004 how loud with the monkey press shout for joy? We know the Fox Whores will be in such a complete stupor Geraldo will actually be made a human sacrifice live on air. The blood lust needs a sacrifice to quell its thirst, and Combs has been screwed by Hannity so many times, he is not virgin enough to satisfy Lord Ailes.

I am sure the conservatives out there will be scream at me for daring to dissent. I guess I don’t have a taste for trite horseshit. I can only swallow so much, and the stinker Bush dropped on the U. S. S. Abe Lincoln was foul enough to sink the Bismarck. Don’t get me wrong, however, the cretins will eat it up like the good little lemmings they are. It was “bold” and “powerful” no doubt in the minds of the chattering class. Bottom line, it was a elementary school pageant with big ass props. Nothing profound, just vetted buzz phrases placed to make little sound bytes that Betty and Joe will eat like candy while watching the morning media monkeys dance. Give me conformity or give me death! (Cough, Cough)

UPDATE: It appears Matt Yglesias agrees with me, on a much more muted level of course.
The 800 Pound Gorilla noticed that Cincinnati is dropping the gun lawsuit.
WHY IS JOSH MARSHALL blogging about Laci Peterson? Why is Josh Marshall blogging about Larry King? Why is Josh Marshall watching Larry King? Josh is one of the best bloggers out there and he is letting the tabloid media creep into blogdom. I beg Josh to keep the "King" out of his blog, unless a particular show of Larry's actually has more depth than a New York Post lead story.