Friday, May 23, 2003

Oh the Things You Get in Emails
When someone calls you a white supremacist it can sting. When that someone is a black supremacist it tells you that you are in the right. In an email I was call just that. The email writer was a hotheaded boycott B bigot. Saying the pot is calling the kettle black does not do this irony justice. I am the furthest thing from a racial supremacist as most anyone can be. I am an individualist, if anything, but a humanist as well, creating one entertaining combination. What I am not, is supremacist. I am a bit of an intellectual snob, but I make up for that with my countless other faults. I laugh when I am labeled. I laugh because I am lumped into one group by one nutcase, and in another group by some other hardliner. Being called names is fine. I call people names all the time. I usually mean it when I do, at least when I being serious. When I am called a white supremacist simply because I refuse to bow towards a fringe group of black nationalists/racists bent on seeking revenge on non-black people for all of their personal failures, I tend to chafe a bit. I can be magnanimous however. When someone has to call me a racist, they must have little other ammunition to through at me. When I point out anti-Semitism and anti-homosexual beliefs in people and groups, they try to dodge my charges, but making stuff up, but I will not be fooled. I will maintain my observation and commentary. Bigots can hide, bigots can fool most people, but when you don’t worry about gaining influence on image, you can’t be muted. I guess Mr. “wanna be” Al Sharpton will have to find a new name to call me.

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