Saturday, May 17, 2003

Jury clears bar 'hero'
This excerpt from the article sounds like something:
"The grand jury reflects the community," said Hamilton County Prosecutor Mike Allen. "The only thing that I can surmise is that the grand jury felt the elements of the offense were not there."
What does it sound like??? Grand Jury Nullification, or one could speculate it sounds like Prosecutorial manipulation. Was Mike Allen pressured by the gun lobby or the concealed and carry lobby (basically the same group) to help get the grand jury to look the other way on charges of possessing a gun in a bar?

If all it takes for a person to get off is “community” opinion to be in their corner, then I think there have been quite a few people demonized by the Prosecutor’s office that should not have been. Hustler was one, Mapplethorpe was another. Oh, wait, could this “community” Mike Allen speaks of not be the community at large, but instead is the “community” of Republican donors and activists? Hmmm, do you think that is possible.? Phil Burress, say it “ain’t” so.

UPDATE: Additional Press reports -- Enquirer, WCPO, WKRC, WLWT, Plain Dealer, and the Dayton Daily News.

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