Saturday, May 03, 2003

Man shot on Fountain Square
Details are limited on this case, but damn. I hope this story gets wall to wall coverage in local media. The City can kiss a Fountain Square upgrade if they don't address crime. No more pussy footing around about it. No more worrying about they boycotter's propaganda. No more police slowdowns. Break out the “Batman and Robin” costumes if you have to, but start fighting crime. When someone is shot in the heart of the city, you don’t just tape over the wound, you call in the heart surgeon. Everyone at city hall needs to get off their asses and start cracking down on the criminals in this town, no matter who they are, or what groups are trying to shield them from justice.

More from WCPO:
"Everybody seems to be cooperative," said Thomas. "They stayed around. They're willing to come talk to us."
If every crowd who witnessed a shooting in this city were as cooperative, we might get a handle on crime. If this had happened in OTR, I wonder if any of the witnesses would cooperate with the police. Based on prior incidents, I would bet few would care to get involved and help fight crime in their own neighborhood.

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