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Monday, October 04, 2010

Cincinnati Film Festival Starts October 8th

Starting this Friday the Cincinnati Film Festival International Film Festival brings fresh short and feature films to venues across the Cincinnati area. Running from October 8th through the 16th, this festival (formally the Oxford International Film Festival) presents an ambitious schedule of events to complement the film screenings, including workshops on film making, a movie premier at the Hollywood Casino in Indiana, and a Gala at Memorial Hall.

Ticket information is here. More from the Enquirer.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Maltese Falcon and Fork Heart Knife

This Sunday July 11th get two tantalizing experiences in one place at one time. Venue 222 hosts dinner and a movie starting at 6PM. The movie is the Noir of all Noir films: The Maltese Falcon. The food is from Fork Heart Knife.

The Menu:
Bacon wrapped, manchego stuffed date
(the perfect bite)

Chimichurri chicken Skewer!
(skewers of finger food friendly on the stick chicken)

Peppadew devilled eggs
(who doesn’t love peppadew?)

Bloody mary gazpacho!
(served in cute cups, with classic bloody mary accessories- our pickled asparagus and olives)

Blueberry lavender jello mold
(yes we said ‘jello mold’ don’t judge…)

Mini brown butter sugar cookies
(like your kindergarten teacher used to make)

Cost is $6 for both dinner and the flick combined. What a deal! Get your reserved spot by paying via paypal on

The location is 222 E 14th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202. What a great way to end a Sunday that starts at Second Sunday in OTR!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Casablanca and a Burger

A late Spring Sunday evening is a great night to get out of the condo and join your community in watching one of the best movies ever made. The details:
WHO: Venue 222

WHAT: There’s nothing better than a neighborhood party at Venue 222, Cincinnati’s premier urban event space. Join us with a showing of ‘Casablanca’ one of the most popular romantic dramas of all time. Food for purchase available from CafĂ© de Wheels, Cincinnati’s first mobile food truck. BYOBB – Bring Your Own Blanket & Booze.

Casablanca was premiered in 1942, with such stars as Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman – the film has been lauded for its inclusion of all types of stereotypes in popular culture.

This event is free and open to the public.

WHEN: Sunday May 16, 2010 from 6:30 p.m. – 10 p.m..

WHERE: 222 E. 14th Street, Cincinnati OH 45202.
Sounds like the perfect date night too. Any ladies want to go?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cincinnati Has a Film Festival

For those local film fans who've been long waiting for a film festival to take place in Cincinnati can look forward to October 8th through the 16th when the Cincinnati Film Festival is scheduled to take place.

The festival is actually not a new one, just the transformation of the Oxford International Film Festival, which has changed its name and its location to be 100% in Cincinnati. This changed started last year when the festival was centered at the Esquire and will continue to be based there this year.

Details on submissions can be found at

Comments are being sought
from organizers via their Facebook page on what ideas festival goers would like to see be part of the event.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chase Dean Misunderstands Professionalism

Chase Law School (part of NKU) has made some national news this week, and not in a way that will make its administration happy.

Last week, Chase scheduled a mandatory lecture on "professionalism" for its first-year students. Such events are relatively commonplace. They're boring. They have little to do with what first year students are studying at the time, and first-year students aren't really able to put a lecture on professionalism into context, as most haven't so much as set foot in a law firm yet. But nonetheless, law schools love to schedule these kinds of events.

For some reason, Chase's administration thought the perfect time for the relatively useless exercise was Thursday night--right in the middle of the first round of the NCAA tournament. And during Kentucky's first round game. The results were predictable. Students showed up, and (as is common at law schools these days) had their laptops open to "take notes." Of course, CBS was live-streaming the tournament, so students with laptops turned the game on (without sound). Others used their phones to check scores or text friends.

So who cares? The panel of speakers, seated at the front of the room, couldn't have seen what was on the laptops. Apparently, one of Chase's deans was in the back of the room. He saw the laptops, and was not pleased. So he sent a nastygram strongly-worded email to the entire 1L class, telling them how "rude" and "unprofessional" they were. And now, the email has made its way to Above the Law, a blog with a national following devoted largely to law school news.

As a UC Law alum, I'm always happy to make fun of Chase. My glee at pointing out that the law school began at the Cincinnati YMCA knows no bounds. ("Where'd you get your law license--the Y? Oh, yeah, never mind....) Here, any ridicule needs to be reserved for Chase's administration, not its students. They scheduled a lecture to be attended primarily by twenty-somethings fresh out of college in the middle of the first round of March Madness and expected that attendees' attention wouldn't be diverted? Seriously?

Law school administrators often fall into the pattern we see here: treat law students as if they were still in high school, with little control over their own schedules or (frankly) lives, and then chide them for not being "professional." They forget that professionals have at least some control over their own calendars. Walk into the courthouse on Opening Day. You won't see anyone. Why? Because no one wants to schedule anything then. If a lawyer is a basketball fan, do you think he scheduled client meetings or court appearances last Thursday or Friday? Do you really expect a bunch of kids from Kentucky to abstain from March Madness?

Lawyers have lives outside of their practices. Law students are usually told during law school orientation to try to maintain some sort of life outside of their studies. Then, for the next three years, administrators and professors pretend as if law school is life. Such mixed signals will inevitably yield unhappy results.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lite Brite Film Test at Midpoint

Germans may have perfected beer, but they have not mastered the combination of cutting edge film and brilliant indie music. The Lite Brite Film Test moves its annual event to the CAC and in partnership with Midpoint starting on Thursday - Saturday. Films include compilations from the 2008 Ottawa International Animation Festival on Friday and the Best of 2009 International Film Festival of Rotterdam on Saturday.

Local films include two films by, including Questionable Taste and Robot Love From Another World.

Get the full film schedule here as well as the music line-up.

For another film event, check out the Best of Underneath Cincinnati on September 26th as well. Midpoint 3 day passes will get you into the screening for a discount!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oxford Film Festival

I was very pleased when I heard about that the Oxford Film Festival was moving the core of the event to Cincinnati, but doing that at the last minute appears to have contributed to poor attendance as seen through the eyes of CityBeat's Steve Rosen. I hope this doesn't dampen efforts to keep the festival in Cincinnati. Many have long tried to stage film festivals in Cincinnati with limited success. What might help is one of two things: partner with another festival (say Midpoint or CincyFringe) or find a way to bring together the often splintered Cincinnati film community. You need a team to run any festival and need to divide up responsibility. One important task is marketing and outside of CityBeat, I've not heard much about this festival, with no sightings on the core social networking websites.

There is still time to hit some screenings which are running through Thursday at the Esquire. For all of the rest of festival information, check out their website: