Monday, January 31, 2005

Target 5 Takes Action Against Bird Shit

An actual headline from WLWT's website: Target 5 Takes Action Against Bird Droppings. Yes, bird shit is the topic of hard hitting investigative journalism in our fair city. I am just going to pack it in now, I think I have seen it all in Cincinnati Media spectrum of mindless drivel. Blogs

There are now more than just CiN Weekly's Staff Blog from the family of blogs, including bios or intros from the bloggers:
Tech Tipsheet -- Bio
Sports Roundtable -- Bios
Pop Culture -- Bio
Popo's Sports Blog -- Intro
The Arts -- Bios

I am holding judgment in addition to the blogroll until I see how they go. One thing you will notice that is missing, a political/current events blog. I am please they have comments on all the blogs. I hope they don't need to be approved before they are posted, but the legal department may have butt in.

Witch in the Old Mill Creek

Today is your last chance to send in comments to the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers on the project to widen the Mill Creek. You can still email your comments. Be sure to add "Mill Creek" to the subject line. Or you can call: (502) 315-6769.

Pete and Repeat Were in a Boat...

In reference to my post from yesterday and a comment from said post we get a history lesson via Kevin Drum.

Kids Today Are Uneducated

Kids today are either really uneducated on the workings of a Democracy or they are misled by equally uneducated parents.

Come on, have the government approve newspaper stories? Are these kids on crack or have they spent to much time in Pastor Bob's destroy the liberals bible study class?

Xer's or Just an Unknown?

Via Rob Bernard we get an article from the Dayton Daily News announcing changes to the paper, mostly the renaming of several weekly sections with the inclusion of "X" to the title. I don't know if this is some type of a marketing ploy to gain the attention of us slacker Gen Xers or if this is meant to trick teenage fans of the Xtreme Games into thinking their business reports are featuring Tony Hawk. Either way I don't think it will do much for circulation.

Chick Rock Fest

I don't know much about this event, but when you combine chicks, rock music, and the Southgate House it must be good. Look for it on April 8th and 9th.

More at their website

Everyone Hearts Berding

Jeff Berding has officially announced his candidacy for Cincinnati City Council. At his announcement once could not find a more motley crew of local politicians. Get this list as compiled by Greg Korte: Mark Mallory, David, Pepper, Charlie Luken, David Mann, Arn Bortz, Tom Brinkman, Pat DeWine, and Pete Witte. Are the last three actually going to vote for Berding? If yes, then I will applaud all three for being non-partisan, but does that make Jeff Berding another Dusty Rhodes, who is as much of a Democrat as Bob Taft.

I don't know much about Berding. I would surmise that as part of the Bengals organization he would likely be very pro-business. The article reports he already has raised $40,000. That kind of bread at this point in time puts him in line as the front runner to fill Pepper's open seat. The fact that he is only one of two declared challengers for council might have something to do with that as well.

Will Berding keep a Rucker or Harris from running? That I hope only depends on Reece's and/or Smitherman's choices to run for mayor, freeing up their seats as well.

Private Parts

When people push the privatization of Social Security they are failing to provide the details. Now, most people don't care about the details, even though the say they want to know them. When they start to hear about COLA's, administrative policy, and PIA's their eyes start to roll back into their head.

Even with that in mind I have a laundry list of unanswered questions, problems, and issues that would have to be answered, solved, and addressed before any private accounts were established.
  1. Who is eligible for a private account? What will be the cut off age?
  2. What percent of individual's contributions will be eligible for contribution?
  3. Will the tax status of the private account be on a Pre-Tax or After-Tax basis?
  4. If it will be Pre-Tax, that creates a tax cut, how will the massive loss in revenues be made up?
  5. If it will be After-Tax, will that point be made known when this is made to look like a 401K Plan?
  6. Who will administer these accounts? Employers? The government? Are Individuals forced to go to a Financial Institution on their own?
  7. Who pays the administration fees?
  8. Are administration fees included in Bush's Plan?
  9. What investments can be included? Private Funds? Stocks, bonds, options, futures, commodities? Anything? Who Decides what a person can invest in?
  10. Who manages those investments? Are they owned directly or in a mutual type fund?
  11. Who pays the brokerage fees? Are they straight fees or discounted?
  12. If these are collectively owned in mutual type fund, who does the accounting?
  13. If the private accounts are use, who then who votes the proxies?
  14. Will lump sum distributions now be allowed?
  15. Will beneficiary benefits continued to be offered.
  16. How will beneficiary, minor dependent, disability, and death benefits be funded?
  17. Does Bush's plan cap the level of earnings on private accounts to pay for existing and future "traditional" benefits?
  18. Is Bush using the "Cash Balance" type of retirement plan as his basis for this? Those type of Plans have not yet received favorable determination letters from the IRS.
I could on and on with questions that are not being asked by the media and not by politicians. This issues should be debated in public, and not just on CSPAN. CNN, FOX, MSNBC, PBS, talk radio, and we in the blogosphere should be discussing the details and understand it BEFORE a lobbyist writes the bill and passes it around an hour before the final vote.

In the Wood & Acropolis Chili Lose Battle to Stay

A Judge has ruled in favor of developers paving the way for the destruction of two long time UC and Clifton Heights establishments, In the Wood and Acropolis Chili. No indications on any appeals or other avenues to allow these property owners the continued rights afford to most all other property owners.

UPDATED for the Spelling Guy

Reaction to Police Shooting

Yes, it has been muted if you measure it by the media coverage. The Buzz appears to not have had a glut of angry callers. No negative comments outside the suspect's family have been heard, but since when has Cecil Thomas been a bellwether for the mood of black activists?

Allen - Collins Settlement

Mike Allen, former county prosecutor has agreed to pay Rebecca Collins $45,000 as part of a settlement of a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment. The lawsuit against the County is still pending.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Yet More Typical Bronson Blather

Peter Bronson is at it again, but this time E Goods takes him to the woodshed, not me.

Irrational Delusionists

Today is the day for the war supporters to wave their flags over their eyes, sing Amazing Grace, and blow their back slapping wad on the Elections in Iraq. It does not matter to them how we got here (no WMD) and it clearly matters not, or at least does not matter today what will happen tomorrow (civil war). Today Dear Leader was able to take a bow, and anyone who dares says "big fucking deal" is with the terrorists. How many free societies have curfews the day of elections? How many have bombers kill 25 people and would at least 71 on the day of elections?

People who feel good about today are so completely delusional about the situation in Iraq. To them it is all about Bush's policies and their support for it. This is not about them. This is not about Bush's image. This is about the people of Iraq and they are not in good shape. We, at this point, know not how many votes were cast. We don't even have any election monitors to show no fraud. We don't know who will be appointed the leaders of the country. We have so many open questions about what will happen next, playing PR cheerleaders does nothing but provide political cover for Bush on the eve of his State of the Union address. We now will not only see a pull back of the rhetoric by the Bush administration, but a pull back of the press. Iraq will become just like Afghanistan, a faceless back story where little has changed since the last dictatorial government fell.

So I guess now I am a terrorist for not waving a flag for Dear Leader.Sorry about that. Sorry for not accepting the propaganda. Sorry for not conforming to the dogma. Sorry for wanting real democracy in Iraq. Sorry for wanting people to face the reality of state of Iraq and not the PR drivel coming from Dear Leader’s minions. I am not sorry for anything I have written. If you don’t like it, then tough. If you feel the need to tell me to ‘love it or leave it,’ I think you have shown why I had to write what I did and why I can’t stand still and let PR pass as truth.

Image Boost?

As a company P&G has many, many problems, but they are a plus for Cincinnati in both attracting new people to the city as well as their sizable charitable giving to various groups including a strong commitment to education and the arts. Will their mergers with Gillette boost the image of Cincinnati across the country? In the short run I think it is simply good press, so the answer is yes. Cincinnati as a Midwestern corporate HQ center is something that has been slipping as of late with the sales of Star and Provident, and this adds a boon to the Perception of Business leaders that Cincinnati is still a white collar Mecca.

The real benefit only comes with jobs jobs jobs. P&G states that the combined company will loose 6,000 jobs, but most of that will be overseas. On the surface this sounds like a plus for Cincinnati, but a loss for Boston. Over time this insures jobs here in Cincinnati and it could expand them.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Cincinnati Police Shoot Suspect

The Cincinnati Police have shot a suspect outside a local nightclub. Information at this point that "some woman," as the WLWT article states, tipped off police that suspects in a car near by the club had a gun. The police located the car and the rest is unclear as to hot the suspect was shot twice. He is reportedly expected to live. The report indicates that the police stated a gun was found in the car. Reactions I have heard or read so far have not been irrational, let’s hope it stays that way.

Friday, January 28, 2005

No Win for Winburn

Publius at SaveOurCity believes former Councilman Charlie Winburn could win the Mayor's Race with a divided Democratic party between Mallory and Pepper. Publius is wrong. Winburn can not be elected Mayor with either Mallory or Pepper in the race. Pubis is right that it is possible, though not probable, that Winburn could win a 3 or 4 way race, but that only wins him the primary. Only the top two make it to the general election. Curtis Fuller won the primary in 2001, but lost the Mayoral race significantly a month and half later. If Winburn were to somehow win the primary then any of the three of Pepper, Reece, or Mallory would crush him in the general election.

It's Freaky Friday After All

We have a profile of the local Cragslist: Cincinnati. It is something that I fear could make Si Leis get his shorts in a wad.

Also, it is Final Friday and the KnowTheatre is performing and CA has the details and folks will be heading to Milton's afterwords.

British/Irish/Scottish Films

Here is a list of British,Irish, and Scottish films I have seen and really liked. Some of these may not have been a Hollywood production, but the topic was based somewhere from the British Isles. These are not in any special order.
  1. Enigma
  2. In the Name of the Father
  3. Much Ado About Nothing
  4. Richard II
  5. Trainspotting
  6. Gosford Park
  7. The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill, But Came Down a Mountain
  8. Four Weddings and a Funeral
  9. My Left Foot
  10. Waking Ned DeVine
  11. Brassed Off
  12. The Quiet Man
  13. Shakespeare in Love
  14. Elizabeth
  15. Hope and Glory
  16. Braveheart
  17. Master and Commander
This is not a complete list of my favs, but a start. Anyone have any more or more importantly think I am out of my gourd on one of these actually being good?

Thursday, January 27, 2005

YNTG Done?

Kathy Y. Wilson is never an easy read, and her latest column is also foggy. I guess her weekly column Your Negro Tour Guide is done. I assume, but can't quite discern that she will continue to write for CityBeat, but not with the Race handcuffs. That I think is great. I like her writing, but the limits of race issues often left the same themes and same rhetoric. For her career I think it is best.

Unless I missed something cryptic, which is very possible, I think she is staying with CityBeat. If I missed something and she is not, someone please set me straight.

Ghiz Not Running

Stephanie Dunlap has a story on Leslie Ghiz which reports two issues: Ghiz will likely not run and Sam Malone was behind the snub to Ghiz. What I hope is just her public face, Leslie still defended the Party. She is a fool to stay in the local GOP. She should not believe that only Malone wanted her out. If the local GOP wanted to be fair and not let one person control them, then should have done something. Instead, they let the anti-homosexual bigot Sam Malone keep her off council. This has the CCV written all over it.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Me Blog Good

I am pleased that Cincinnati is well above the average in an intelligence ranking of cities. I hope this is just the actual city and not the Metro Area.

El Cometa del Risque

A woman in a Chicken suit. You would think you would see that fairly very often, but for me last night it was a first. Yesterday at Drinking Liberally the Chicken suit was not the highlight, but still fun. It was not a young chick either, so I can say that the experience, which from afar, was not as exhilarating as a man like myself might wish for.

The rest of the night was almost as enjoyable. Since several bloggers where there, the issue of blogging came up and specifically on stuff to write about. I of course did not take any notes, so I can't really regale anyone with the many great stories folks told or interesting topics that were suggested as blog fodder.

The raging debate I kept having in my head was whether "Junkie Barista" would make a better name for a rock band or the title of a new Yoga position.

I can't get one image out of head though. It has to do with the topic brought up about a hypothetical columnist sorting through a box of sex toys. It is something I think everyone would find disturbing, if it were true. You might be surprised to know Funnel Cake was not responsible for such an image.

Save Our City On Nate's Claims re 'The Boycott'

I don't like to say much about Nate, and I do not have to.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Pepper is In

Councilman David Pepper is officially in as a candidate for Cincinnati Mayor. He has money and business leaders on his side. A few interest points from the article.
  1. No mention of Tom Brinkman as at least a possible candidate for mayor? He has been listed previously as a possible candidate, but could he or his confidants popped that trial balloon?
  2. Pepper is dating a TV News reporter/anchor? I hope she does not report on any political coverage and I don't think I have to worry much, local TV news ranks local politics only above Pee-Wee Football scores in the level of coverage.
Who else will declare soon?


A man who thinks a sky fairy created man now spews right wing talking points about how to being the destruction of Social Security. Peter, as the rest of Social Security destruction movement does, fails to account for how his plan will add money to the trust fun to cover shortfalls, how they will pay for survivor benefits, how they will pay for disability benefits, how they will administer such a plan.

What they are not telling you is that they are doing what corporations are doing, putting all responsibility and RISK on the participant. What will people do if in 10 years we suffer another depression? That wipes out the market and with it the trust.

Peter and the money hungry idiots need to understand something that most miss; social security is an INSURANCE PROGRAM. It is not an investment plan. We have plenty of room in the IRA, 401(K) and 403(b) plans for people to make tax free investments.

This is about providing a safety net to people. Peter plays the game of trying to make people think it is an investment that can be quantified in Wall street terms. He needs to be thinking in Hartford terms. Does Peter want to let 18 year old kids opt out of Auto Insurance? I doubt it, but you never know. He may say if you are wealthy enough, then yes, because they can afford it. I guess that might be who he is looking out. The problem is that he is ignorant and that he is think about money now, and not about security in the future. Bill Gates could die a poor man. I could die richer than Bill Gates. That uncertainty is why we want to provide a safety level of income for EVERYONE to make sure they have a minimum level of income in old age. This is not about Frat boy Johnny spending his extra beer money. This is about the 20 year old shift manage at Burger King building a net to help augment their retirement.

The issue here is the get people saving in their 401(k) and IRA's. If you fear Social Security being gone in 40 years, fear not. If you still fear it, then get your ass saving. That way, as was designed, your PIA will be gravy.

[I have been working on a longer post on SSA. I will continue working on that and try and provide an outline of what BushCo is not telling you about how it plans on destroying Social Security.]

- Where's Mine? Clarence Paige asked that rhetorically over 10 years ago as a description of what the average voter was thinking. Based on comment to many people in favor of privatizing Social Security come across as only thinking about themselves. This is what is cause the variation. If you can't think beyond yourself, then you are missing the point. We can't have a plan that fit each person trying to squeeze out a new Benz at retirement. We can't have a plan where you can opt out if you can "afford it" because that is fool hearty.

To also answer a comment who said that my car insurance comparison was flawed because you don't have to drive. True, you don't have to drive. You don't have to earn wages in this society either. If he wants to avoid SS, I suggest he win the lottery and live off the interest for the rest of his life. The minute he is dead broke at age 85, then I wonder what he is going to do?

This sounds like to me trying to make people responsible for maintain their own street or fire department or police department.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Community Web Activitsts

A great use of technology, community web sites are great, as long as people are connected to the web. The web divide is both economic and generational. Much like cable TV, there are still those who do not have cable, and not because they gave it up, because they can't afford it, mainly installing it in their homes.

Hamilton County Loves Porn!

A great column from WaPo last month showing that despite the anti-porn crusaders of CCV and Si Leis, Hamilton County consumes more porn than the average county.
About a year after the Utah case, a similar scenario played out in Hamilton County, Ohio, a conservative Cincinnati suburb. In 2001, under pressure from an influential local antiporn group, Citizens for Community Values, prosecutors filed obscenity charges against two local video stores for selling adult videos. The Cincinnati Enquirer launched an investigation of community standards and found that:

"Last year, more than 21,000 Hamilton County residents purchased 26,000 explicit videos from one of the nation's largest mail-order companies. A company spokeswoman described those sales as typical for a community of this size. . . . In January of this year, 182,000 Greater Cincinnati residents -- an estimated 70,000 from Hamilton County -- visited an adult Web site at least once. Nielsen - NetRatings found that 21.8 percent of all residents here who went online visited an adult site. The national average for January was 21.4 percent. In recent months, Hamilton County residents bought adult movies on pay-per-view TV at about the same rate as viewers did in other mid-sized TV markets. The numbers suggest county residents are quiet contributors to the adult industry's rapid growth. And with every purchase, they change Hamilton County's long-held notion of a community standard."
The data comes from the Enquirer, but that seems to have not made much of an impression on the anti-porn zealots.

[Via, you guessed it, Funnelcake]

What Ever Happened Too: CopWatch?

Cincinnati Copwatch was touted very heavily a few years ago. They had a $13,000.00 Threshold Foundation grant. Copwatch was a group related to CONTROL(Citizens Organizing Neighborhoods To Regain Our Liberation) which is affiliated with the Nati Youth Center. The website that used to house copwatch,, is no longer functioning. I have so far found online only one showing of some of the footage in some type of production, but it only seems to be a 10 minute segment of a 1:48 “film.”

The group got other grants as well, for a total of around $16,300.00, including a small grant from the OTR community council. I am all in favor of independent media. What I want that media to do though is show their work. Where is this group's work? Their self proclaim job was the to watch the police and catch police brutality on videotape. It they have it, why has it not been shown? I can think of two reasons. One, is that the footage is not good. Getting close enough to tape something without quality equipment is difficult. The other reason is that they have little footage to show. That could be because limited time of staff watching the cops, or because few incidents happened that could be considered police brutality, or it could be that they are not bothering to do anything and have used the funds and equipment for other purposes. The main issue is that the group has fallen of the face of the Earth. I guess their commitment was lacking or they didn't find what they wanted to find.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

3rd Time the Charm?

No, Councilman Chris Smitherman will not get approval of a ban of taser use on children. He is grandstanding or hoping beyond hope that Mayday Malone will change his vote from 2 weeks ago. I think you can bet on grandstanding when it comes to Smitherman. It will make for a good campaign issue to run on in the Mayor's race. Something to use against Pepper? Where does Mallory stand on the issue?

Goodbye Johnny

The King of Late Night has died at age 79. I can only think of laughter right now. I think of Heeeeeere's Johnny, good jokes, bad jokes, Ed, Doc, comedians, and a great entertainer. He has been nearly silent since his retirement. He will be missed.

I hope Leno and Letterman can both do a great tribute, maybe even together.

Bronson's Ultimate Hacktacular

You know things are getting bad for Bronson when he crams three columns into one. What do we get? First we get some kind of Peter hates Detroit section that really makes no sense. That then has one of the most awkward segues in journalism history to a Peter Hates Cincinnati column, but then he tops himself with the No. 1 all time worst segue. He spins this all towards an attack on Jerry Springer. Now, people can hate Jerry Springer. That is understandable. Bronson's column is nothing but a hack job. It sounds like he visited a couple of websites and wrote a column, I mean does this think he just a blogger or something? Did they guy even listen to to the show?

Now, not only does he just not include anything specific, he makes what I believe is a false impression to anyone reading the coulumn:
But the old raincoat Springer is still slinging sleaze, like this "Shocking True Life Situation" on his Web site: "They haven't had sex in over a year! To complicate matters, Shavon's gay cousin Rob moved in with them, and now Rip has to confess he's been 'fooling around' with him!"

Right next to his "Springer for Ohio" Web site, his videos are reviewed by Amazon: "Breasts and brawls. Brawls and breasts. That pretty much sums up what this volume of the Jerry Springer home collection is all about."
Bronson is mixing up websites and I fear he is doing it on purpose. First he indirectly refers to, but does not list it, then he refers to "Springer for Ohio" which is not even a website. and are the URL's for Springer’s radio show. Bronson then adds in a video review. What the hell does that have to do with anything?

If Bronson is gong to hit Jerry for his slime TV show, then fine, do it. Quote a show. Don't try and link his show to his Radio show when there is no connection other than Jerry himself. If you hate Jerry, then don't listen, but to say that Springer's TV show makes him unfit to have a political opinion then that should mean that Bronson will directly slam Bill Cunningham who even as a conservative wishes with all of his heart that he could have a TV show like Springer's. Cunningham's radio show has been as close to a Springer show as any on radio locally, outside of Howard Stern. How many strippers or sexologists were on his show? All be it his night show, when it was on.

Bronson should just pick a target. If he hates intercity culture in Detroit, then attack it. If he hates Cincinnati, then attack it, as he often does while living out in the burbs. If you hate Springer's radio show, why not listen to it, write down some objectionable quotes, and then complain about it? Instead we get nothing but hookers and 'homo's' from Bronson. Hell, if you are going to hold a man down for his past, then I guess Bush's past should mean something, and Arnold's past and present as a perpetuator of violent movies should matter. They don't matter, at least not to Peter, but sex does matter.

All of this from Bronson, a guy who thinks a sky fairy played in the dirt 6,000 years ago and 'created' human beings, how can we take his views on Condie Rice, Iraq, science, Social Security, police actions, culture, art, music, movies, television, taxes, foreign policy, urban development, economics, media, or the price of tea in China seriously?

Saturday, January 22, 2005

And the Wolf Cried

In case you woke up this morning expecting to have a blizzard awaiting you outside, no, you were not imagining the local TV news weather reports saying such things, they were reporting up to 8 inches today. At this point they have stepped back just a bit from that claim. We might get an inch by night time.

Damn, I freaking changed plans for today because at worst I figured we get a similar level of snow as we had on Thursday. All we have right now are ice covered car windows, for those of us garageless, and a very light snow flurry here as of mid-day.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Paint the Town Blue

I made my way down to Alchemize for the event after skipping out early on the CA After-Five Walk in Oakley.

It was a great event. The snow hurt a bit, but local Dem/Liberal politicos were out in force. I saw Pepper, Cranley, too many Mallory's to count, Jerry Springer and his manwife Jene Galvin, and I even had an awkward introduction with Brian Garry. I don't think he is my biggest fan.

Jerry was introduced to the downstairs crowd and we heard a quick but painful "Jerry, Jerry" from the crowd. I was only mouthing the words, I swear.

Kaldi's Going Dry

Kaldi’s is giving up alcohol sales and changing its hours. Gone is late night food. This should be a plus to the Diner, but a negative to the Hipsters across the city.

Transplant Blues

Maggie has a follow-up column this week relating to her column last week.

I will take this opportunity to say to anyone who is a transplant to the city, or if you lived her all your life, or if you are one of a growing number of returnees: if you have a hard time finding something to do or meeting people, you should haul your ass to the next Cincinnati Advance event. In full disclosure, I am a board member for the group, as well as a regular attendee of their events.


Hitting close to home? I figure this Cincy Harold article pissed off the GOP a bit, but I believe Leslie laughed over it.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Praise JEEEEBUS!!!

It was an act of "God" that made this propaganda happen, not political campaigners who exploited a 9/11 victim’s kid. That's not what happened here now, is it? (Yes, the last sentence should be heard in an overly sarcastic way, complete with vocal intonations).

Typical Bronson, on the day his boy ushers us into four more years of the American Dark Age, he choose to invoke his religion as the reason for Bush winning. Yes, Peter Bronson is doing nothing but carrying the Ark of the Covenant in front of his cultural war army. Fighting us pinko commie heathens with every knock he can. I mean, looking forward on how Bush could possibly unite the country in an honest manner, not in a love it or leave it cowboy tone, might be a way to further the debate, or even depolarize the county. Instead, Peter uses a puppy to gain the prayers of the suckers to heap more praise on his new Lord and Savior.

Socializing in a Balkanized City

Ok, we've had a little 'fun' here lately with Dating discussions on a tangent level. Cincinnati has been ranked as the second worst place for singles. As a romantically-challenged stout man, quickly passing my prime, I take clear notice of such rankings. (Please spare me the personal jokes, comments, put downs, or other mocking statements that people will make even though I ask them not to.)

Now, the first point to mention is that the poll is way way off in some of the ways it ranks Cincinnati, which stems mainly from unfair comparisons to NY, LA, and Chicago. This has been hashed over in the past, so I will not dive into it.

My question: Is there a special secret to the people in Cincinnati? The elements of the ranking are moot when it comes to dating. The issue is not do singles have things to do here, we do. The issue is: what makes people here so cliquish? Am I getting back into the native v. transplant debate? Yes, I think that is part of it. The other part that plays into it is the urban v. suburban divide.

I don't 'like' the suburbs. I never want to live in a cul-de-sac. I don't like spending time there. I have no reason to spend time there, outside of my job requirements. Many or most of my counterparts living out in the burbs I believe have a similar view to the city. Why this is I will not go into, but it exists and is not changing.

How does this hurt singles in our quest to find the perfect mate (or mates)? Is there a cultural or regional divide in the area that blocks off social interaction? I could throw in the West Side - East Side rivalry inside the city that could be just as divisive. Are we regressing back to the right-side - wrong-side of the tracks type of prejudice? It is not based so much on class, but on culture. If taken to an extreme and coupled with the growing political polarization, religious division, and socio-economic differences, this type of cultural divide could build up into something more strict or costly to the society, resulting in a Balkanized metro area with a caste system or social order with signs of the olden days, but with modern twists.

We now live in a city with localized fiefdomsgovernments, how much longer before those tribal like structures take hold in social relations, not just political relations?

Also, is this something unique to Cincinnati or significantly different here than other cities?

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Fact Cat or Local Pol?

New blogger Publius atSave Our City revels a little about himself in a post today. He is headed to DC for the Inauguration. Now, my guess would be that Publius is either a local fat cat Republican who is going to cash in on his campaign contributions or is a connected politico who was able to score a hotel room and tickets to something related to the Inaugural.

He could just be a guy who can afford to go the event, but that is not as interesting or entertaining.

Strickland Out of Governor's Race

U.S. Congressman Ted Strickland is not running for Governor of Ohio. Those left in contention are Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman, Akron Mayor Donald Plusquellic, U.S. Congressman Sherrod Brown, State Senator Eric Fingerhut, former Attorney General Lee Fisher, and Jerry Springer.

Coleman takes the lead in electability. Fingerhut has some name ID and organization, but lost big against Voinovich.

Stand Up to the FOP

Where are the union busting Republicans when you need them? The Police Union is once again trying to remove all power and control over the police from the City and keep if for themselves and their odd counterparts in crime, CPD management. I don't understand a union where your bosses get more attention and are protected more than the rank in file member. The FOP will put into jeopardy the contract negotiations for a 1,000 members because they wish to choose who becomes an assistant chief and other senior CPD managers, thus protected the jobs of a handful of people. The views of the City residents are just ignored.

This is representative of the biggest problem of the CPD, its 'us and them' mentality. A large portion of the CPD, and many many of the senior officers do not live in the city, and resent or even hate the people who live in the city. This I believe is a core reason for the bad community police relationship. Race is a factor in that. Culture and class are as well. It is a parallel to the city-burbs rivalry (feud) that exists in the county and metro area that is taking shape in the form of the new GOP cabal in county government.

A battle for county wide government is in the works and part of that is the goal of the GOP to take control and subdue the city, riding on its back on the way down into destruction.

Tsunami Relief, Inauguration Balls, & Paint the Town Blue

Queen City Forum has the lowdown on "Paint the Town Blue" an event at Alchemize sponsored by the Progressive Alliance. A night to help out people and a call to action for progressive/liberal minded people.

UPDATE: Link fixed.

Jammin' on Main, Dead

How did it die? Lack of turnout, or the cash strapped CSO?

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

WMD Denial

Living in denial is not a great way to live:
Iraqi WMDs did, could still, exist

Regarding the letter 'Bush's Cincinnati claim proves false' (Jan. 15): A lot of people seem to be missing a significant point regarding the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. There is no disputing the fact that Saddam Hussein did possess them and had used them before on the Kurds.

United Nations weapons inspectors did find that Iraq had large amounts of biological weapons and other precursor compounds for nerve gases. They also reported that Saddam willfully deceived the United Nations in regard to what they actually had.

The question isn't if he had them, it's what did he do with them? Keep in mind that some weapons of mass destruction can be so small they can be hidden in a toolbox or buried in the sand.
Steve Elmlinger, Florence
Steve, no the question is not what did he do with them, the question is either who lied to Saddam about having them or why did he lie about having more than he did. We went to war over an accounting problem. Iraq had not account for all of its weapons, which for BushCo meant that he still had them, even though 7 years of inspections, 12 years of sanctions, and another round of inspections found not evidence of anything other stockpiles. Time to admit that either Bush was lying (misleading) about WMD or he was so incompetent that he went to war with fully reviewing all relevant information. Oh, I forget though, Bush is infallible and has no responsibility for his actions.


Councilman Chris Smitherman has decided on whether he will enter the race for Cincinnati Mayor, but is not going to tell anyone until the end of March. Hmmm. Does this strike you as yet another amateur move by someone in way over his head? Smitherman has not a chance to win one of the top two spots if Mallory and/or Reece is in the race for Mayor. He should instead focus on being a force on council and maybe trying to get Ghiz to join the Charter Committee. Maybe in 4 years he could run for Mayor and lose then, instead.

Krings Out, Grand Old Partisans In

We now have our first set of pointless political games from Phil BurressHeimlich and Pat DeWine. HMS has a full insider's story that includes some great instants of fly by the seat of their pants actions from DeWine and Heimlich:
After the passage of the resolution, Portune asked DeWine and Heimlich (almost a direct quote), "What now, what's your plan, what is this new direction?" DeWine stammered, but couldn't (literally, could not) give any answer.

Portune next asked how they planned to conduct a search to find the next County Administrator. DeWine said that the Board would probably talk with private companies to help conduct a national search. Portune asked if they had any companies in mind, and if they'd be accepting proposals from companies. DeWine had to admit that he didn't know of any specific companies ("I don't have a list in my back pocket, if that's what you mean"), didn't know about accepting proposals, but said they would "just talk to some companies for now."

Portune then asked if they had developed a timeline in which to complete the hiring of another Administrator. Again, DeWine stammered, but had no timeline or deadline. Heimlich said almost nothing except to hastily close the meeting.
What kind of situation could exist when right wing extremist Simon Leis actually sides with Liberal County Commissioner Todd Portune?

There is a back story to this that is not being talked about. What are the toxic twins (Pat and Phil) planning? Is there plan a campaign for county regional municipal government?

Priase to 'Dear Leader' Continues

I guess we will get a story every day worshiping the 'Lord'. We don't want to make a big deal out of this event now do we? It is not like anything is going to change. It's not like we have a new leader or something. The future of freedom is as bright as a Black Hole.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Ouch, Off Point

I agree with Brendan's lunch scene and can picture the gaggle of gals he illustrates. I think he is way off point with who he links to.

Interesting Anchor

Here is a very interesting profile of Sandra Ali, Channel 5 news Anchor. She has Network written all over her. I don't envision she will be long in town. Maybe a few years, but not much beyond that. As everyone can see though, she is very photogenic.

Springer Radio

I have the Springer on the Radio on and am listening. So far, they are starting out like any other people fairly new to radio, a bit slow. Jerry is being a bit too nice. The jabs at Dusty Rhodes were hilarious though.

Anyone else listening?

UPDATE: I like his blog. It is modeled after, which now points to the same blog, as does I like it most because they carried all of their links to the radio show blog, which of course includes one for my blog.

UPDATE #2: The Post has a story today and the press on the show nationally is huge.

Remember MLK

The Enquirer lists events around the area, then goes into how gay-rights is not something all followers of King care about.

A reader sent me another way to remember MLK that should be read and remembered more than one time a year:

"I had a dream speech"

Read and listen. It has a value and meaning to all Americans, and all people of the world.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Enquirer's Coronation Coverage

News coverage is fickle and the Enquirer is no different than most other news outlets. What caught my eye today though was their coverage of the upcoming Inauguration of the President. As a means of comparison, let’s first look at the past:

1997 Clinton II coverage:
On the 20th we had one article and a photo. That is it. Well to be fair, that was all that is online. There was likely much more from the wire services in the actual print edition. This time period was early still for the Enquirer's web edition, so what we see here is limited. The day after there was more coverage with another photo, two Local Wilkinson articles here and here, a Gannett story, and a Borgman Cartoon.

2001 GW Bush I coverage:
On the 20th we only got a front page link to the AP Wire reports, and a Kentucky Edition local story.

On the next day we got a bit more with a photo on the front page, a happy family of Bush supporters, anti-abortion people frothing at the mouth, and another Wilkinson article, the only constant from 1997, outside of a Borgman cartoon.

2004 GW Bush II coverage:
This year things are just a bit different. It is Sunday, January 16th as I write this. Today the Enquirer has unleashed a blizzard of coverage of the Bush Inauguration as if it is a Coronation. First we get an overview Party Story. Next we get a full Inauguration Section unique to the Enquirer. In that we get a story on what to wear to the event, which local fat cats are going, where brain washed kids are doing, plus eight (8), yes eight, additional local stories, mostly profiles on people going to the event. Those stories plus AP links galore. The only mention of anything negative, at least that I was able to find, was in the main "party" story linked again here, which had a sidebar listing some websites about protests. We are told from the special section of what is planned for the rest of the week's coverage:
Thursday: Your guide to the inauguration with schedule, maps and more.

Friday: Complete coverage of Thursday's events.
The only thing missing are an actual crown and the Beefeaters, and then we would have a coronation.

What has caused this change in coverage? Not even the 2001 Bush event got this much attention. Here are my ideas/theories:
  1. Real Life, Real News, Real Crap?: Retail Journalism has taken on a political meaning as well one for human interest stories. Give the people what they want to hear and what the local lemmings want is a way to show how much more they support dear leader than their neighbors do, or they just want to hear a confirmation of their faith in dear leader. That certainly got plenty of that today.
  2. Expansion of web coverage: Yes it is possible that the print version of the prior year's issues covered much more information, and the AP wire sections may have even had plenty of profiles of people going to Clinton's 2nd Inauguration in 1997, but I doubt we saw many or any local profiles.
  3. Dear Leader Worship: I still feel there is a type of deification of Bush by many and the newspaper either wants to appease that element of the community or they too suffer from the desire to have a glorious leader to worship in what they told are dark and evil times with evil doers out there doing evil in places with lots of oil or sand or Muslims.
  4. Partisan Coverage: The simple answer is that the Enquirer was a Bush supporter and are giving their boy good coverage. This is not supported by the level of 2001 coverage since they pushed Bush back then too. One different factor was the general level of tension after the 2000 elections which made the whole 2001 Inauguration low key. This year they boy won with little, and in their minds, no controversy, therefore they can party it up with a bit of guilt.
What is it most likely? I think it is marketing. Bush people locally are fanatics and they demand to hear what they want to hear, and the Enquirer is giving it to them.

Theocracy In Action #23

A second hand statement from a judge, who I trust is not lying yielded this bit about US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas:
The 1,200-seat theater was packed with relatives and friends of new justices Tom Parker, Mike Bolin and Patricia M. Smith, and civil appeals judge Tommy Bryan.

Many stood and applauded former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore as he walked to the stage to administer the oath to Parker. Moore's action was ceremonial, since Parker took his formal oath of office Thursday before U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in Washington. Parker said Thomas told him a judge should be evaluated by whether he faithfully upholds his oath to God, not to the people, to the state or to the Constitution.
Glad to know that religion takes precedence over the Constitution in the mind of a Supreme Court Judge.

[Via Sam Heldman and Atrios]

UPDATE: Atrios has more which reportedly gives a more direct comment from the Alabama Judge, making the article comment a bit more subjective, yet still valid.

DDN Weight-loss blog

The Dayton Daily News has enlisted the help of Maggie Short in starting A little will can go a long way, a blog. Maggie is an online content coordinator for This is a great idea for niche blog. Unlike some of the short lived blogs at the Enquirer regarding the Olympics, this one looks better and is run by an IT person, who is more apt to keep current. Blogging an event requires a lot of attention and more specifically needs the right technology to keep up.

I don't know how tall Maggie Short is, but her weight is not at a level though where I would say there is a significant health issue, but of a fitness issue.

Chandra Yungbluth Named Dem Director

The Hamilton County Democratic Party has named Chandra Yungbluth as the new executive director, replacing Adam Rosenberg. Yungbluth work on the Greg Harris campaign and is native to Hamilton County. The most interesting thing, is that Googling her comes up with little. I don't know her or anything about her. The views of those who know something about her (and who I know) say she was the right choice for the job.

I am wondering if she has called anyone form the Ghiz camp. I don't see Leslie jumping ship, other than to Charter, but you don't know until you try.

Cincinnati Magazine

I am included in Cincinnati Magazine Article in the February edition. It was just published, but I have not seen it yet. Nick Spencer, who was also included in the article has reviewed it and feels it was a good article. When I get a copy I will post more. At this point it is not online and will not be. Cincinnati Magazine doesn't generally publish articles online, only in hardcopy. I hope they put this one as a special considered, considering the topic. I mean, if I can't link to story that mentions me personally, would is this blog good for anyway?

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Delusional or a Liar?

When you read stuff like this from Bush do you think he comes across more as a liar or is he just living in a delusional state?
President Bush said the public's decision to reelect him was a ratification of his approach toward Iraq and that there was no reason to hold any administration officials accountable for mistakes or misjudgments in prewar planning or managing the violent aftermath.

"We had an accountability moment, and that's called the 2004 elections," Bush said in an interview with The Washington Post. "The American people listened to different assessments made about what was taking place in Iraq, and they looked at the two candidates, and chose me."
When he says stuff like this I think than man's mind is just off on a different planet or filled with a really thick haze.

Tsunami Relief Effort of Cincinnati

If you care to help out, a local effort called Tsunami Relief Effort of Cincinnati is having a benefit dinner next Wed January 19th at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza, Hall of Mirrors. The full details:
WHAT: Tsunami Relief Effort of Cincinnati Benefit for the American Red Cross International Response Fund. Dinner by the bite, local djs, a balloon pop raffle and much more.

WHEN: Wednesday, January 19, 2005, 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

WHERE: Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza, Hall of Mirrors 35 W. 5th St., Cincinnati.

WHO: Tsunami Relief Effort of Cincinnati, area restaurants and businesses: Pho Paris, Cumin, Beluga, Teak, Celestial, Mt. Adams Fish House, Boca, Maisonette, Carlo & Johnny, Orchids, The Quarter Bistro, Embers, Sturkey's, Encore Cafe, Aioli, Sake Bomb, Shanghai Mama's, Vineyard Cafe, Bella, Riverside Korean, Lemongrass, Jag's, Cutting Edge Selections, Cincinnati Wine Garage, Heidelberg Distributing, Dennert Distributing, Ohio Valley Wines, Sprouts, Deux Design and more.

TICKETS: $65 per person -- suggested donation.
Available by calling 513-533-9111. Tickets are also available at Cumin, Beluga, Aioli, Jean-Robert at Pigall?s, Boca, Carlo & Johnny, and Mt.Adams Fish House, or any participating restaurant.


Tsunami Relief Effort of Cincinnati
3514 Erie Avenue, 45208
phone: 513-533-9111
fax: 513-871-3287

Right now you could also check out NBC's Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope on all NBC Universial television broadcast and cable channels.

Why TV News Sucks

In this WCPO story about a rape at Cincinnati State we read in the second sentence:
As 9News was first to report, school officials said a woman was raped Thursday night while working in the 3rd floor computer lab of the school's new Advanced Technology and Learning Center.
First? FIRST? Who gives a damn if WCPO, WWE, or my back fat was first to report the story about the rape of a 21 year old person? No more whoring for ratings using rape victims, please. Hell, it is not even sweeps yet.

Yes, that is a common phrase used by WCPO and other outlets, but here it just sounds despicable.

UPDATE: To clearify one thing, this web story is just a transcript from a broadcasted story.

1530 WCKY Website Up

The "Revolution of Talk Radio" 1530 WCKY's website is up and nearly ready to go with content from Air America.

The switch will reportedly begin at 9 AM on Monday with Springer's Show. What Jerry will cover is up in the air. On a radio insiders message board discussion hovered around whether Springer will cover local issues or stick to national issues. Well, the current bio page on the WCKY site gives one answer:
He's baacck! At home and on the air in Cincinnati! No, not Jerry Springer Trash TV host, rather Jerry the lawyer turned politician turned anchorman, father, talk show host, country music singer - New York Savvy with Midwestern warmth. Along with sidekick-Jene Galvin expect the unexpected! Social activists that will cover Local, Regional and National issues that are both entertaining and topical!
What will be interesting next is to hear the outcry and rantings from the conservative media. That is, all but Clear Channel radio stations. I can't wait to hear Bill Cunnigham's story of leaving Jerry a basket of porn on his desk as a welcome gift.

Jake Speed Interview & Folk Life Benefit

Cincy Music's Venomous Valdez has an interview with Jake Speed. It is light, yet interesting.

If you have not already, make sure you pick up Jake Speed and Freddies latest album 'Huzzah!'. If you go to one of their shows you usually can get it cheaper.

Jake Speed is also scheduled to appear tomorrow (Sunday Jan 16th)at the Cincinnati Folk Life Benefit:
What: Musicians' Benefit for Cincinnati Folk Life and the Celtic World Festival

When: Sunday, January 16, 2005 3:00-11:00pm (Doors open at 2:30pm)

Where: 20th Century Theater 3021 Madison Rd (on Oakley Square)Cincinnati, OH

Suggested donation: $10 per person (at the door)

Schedule of Performers:

3:00 Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Glee Club
3:30 The Hooley Band
4:00 Riley School of Irish Music Ceili Band
4:30 Silver Arm and Celtic Rhythm Dancers
5:30 Jake Speed and the Freddies
6:30 Acappellics Anonymous
7:30 The Cincinnati Dancing Pigs
8:30 Roger Drawdy and the Firestarters
9:30 Dave Gilligan and The Flock

Cincinnati Advance

The Cincinnati Tomorrow Civic League has changed its name to Cincinnati Advance. Complete with a new website, the group is changing its name to maintain its independence as stated in the latest "Wire:"
Why the name change? We originally created the Cincinnati Tomorrow Civic League as a separate group from Cincinnati Tomorrow so that the original group CT would obtain 501(c)(3) tax status. That was intended to allow CT to do fundraising to perform more civic-minded efforts in our community. o­ne hurdle has been the name similarity of the CT prime and CT Civic League. 501(c)(3) organizations cannot endorse any commercial entities. That led to us cutting out great things like the calendar and links, not to mention limiting the type of stories we could publish o­n our main page. With the rebranding and separation of Cincinnati Advance, we eliminate this confusion: Cincinnati Tomorrow is the home of civic advocacy and non-profit projects; Cincinnati Advance has much greater latitude in doing projects like the After5 Walks, Culture Nights, and so o­n. This restructuring will allow both organizations to better focus o­n their projects and encourage their success.
To you the fine folks who attend the After-Five Walks, Culture Nights, and other events, you will not see anything different. I also will be taking a more formal position with the group as well, so look for more on what the group plans in the future.

Friday, January 14, 2005

"Words, words between the lines of age"

Is Bush starting to feel a bit guilty?
Washington- President Bush expressed misgivings Thursday for two of his most famous expressions: "Bring 'em on," in reference to Iraqis attacking U.S. troops, and his vow to get Osama bin Laden "dead or alive."
Is it possible for him to eat his words, or is this just another case of targeted audience speak, where Bush takes a page from Clinton and plays to his audience's desires, while Bush's blood lusting supporters would not be listening to this crowd anyway?

Flooding, Etc.

I drove this morning along Route 32 to Newtown and the Little Miami River has flooded all the way up to the edge of the road. The Clear Creek Park is more like a lake.

Today was renewing my car registration day. I had to get the eCheck and the nearest location is in Newtown. I was surprised on something. My car was not completely tested. I don't know why. I did not ask. It is a new enough car with a new exhaust system, so I am sure it met the standards, but I wonder why the car did not get the test where they "drive" in the car in place and measure the exhaust.

I then had to go get the renewed registration at the BMV. I got the typical wait in line. I waited for a while until I was the next in line. Then this old couple comes in and walks right up to the main counter and proceeded to ask a question in the form of telling a story about getting a ticket. Once the BMV clerk said they don't handle tickets, twice, and said they should go downtown, twice, I got my little 06 sticker and was on my way.

Post Mortem on Monzel v. Ghiz

It's official. Councilman Sam Malone, the anti-gay bigot, has appointed Chris Monzel to City Council. The man who has been appointed to council more often than he has been elected.

This should now be an opportunity for the Dems. The East Side moderates are a source that have been ignored as fickle and too willing to vote for the GOP. This episode should be exploited for all it is worth. The County GOP has for some unknown reason gone to the right to try and keep someone on council in the city. The idiots in Sharonville (Phil B. and his thugs) have cracked the party. Now is the time for the Dems to open up that crack and bring the social liberals on board.

The article indicates Ghiz may not run this year and even got a job offer from Joe Deters. She reportedly turned it down.

This is a gut check for the Hamilton County Democratic Party. If if they don't find a couple more David Peppers (not money wise, just position wise) to run for council, then they will be lucky to keep the 5 seats they have and will likely drive the East Siders into a devil's bargain with the bible thumpers in the rest of the county.

I Have No Words

Discuss, but be nice.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Vice Mayor's Pub Crawl

Vice Mayor Alicia Reece is pushing for a restaurant/bar smoking ban in the city.
First, Reece said she will launch a stop by campaign where she will make visits to restaurants, bars, bingo halls, bowling alleys and other establishments to talk with owners and citizens about the issue.
This amounts to a city sponsored pub crawl. As someone who has been on many a pub crawl, I would offer this simple advice: pace yourself. Also, prepare to feel the wrath of the smokers. I myself am torn on this issue. I don't like smoke in restaurants at all and would not shed a tear if the ban goes in.

I do have a problem with private business being forced to remove it. Having the city ban gives cover to bar owners who would want to do it, but have no juice to enforce it. I guess I would give an out to business that allow it, but make some kind of accommodation for their employees, like great air filters, or a money settlement to find another job.

GOP Chooses Anti-Gay Bigotry, (We Think)

It is nice to know who you are up against. In this city the GOP has reportedly given in to the bigots of the party and will appoint Chris Monzel to council.

What a bunch of fucking idiots.

Are these guys really this stupid? [Note: I wonder if they are were men?] Monzel lost last time, not just to Leslie Ghiz, he lost to Damon Lynch III. Unless they promised the White House to Ghiz, I would advise her to become a Charter Candidate the minute after they give it to Monzel. The only way they could insult her 2003 campaign more would be to issue a retro-active revocation of the GOP endorsement. She appears to b a loyal Republican, but can she honestly stay in a party when it is clear they did not pick her because of her support for gay-rights. Their logic is mostly likely the belief that Ghiz could win next time, but Monzel could not, unless he was on council. The logic fails because he already lost as an incumbent and he would likely loose vital East side GOP support for this debacle.

How honestly could the GOP not respect the voters? Well, that is the silliest question I could have asked. We are talking about the Hamilton County GOP.

Now more than ever I would like to know who voted on this. I would like to know more if that vote actually was for Monzel or if the bigot vote said they would raise a stink if they did not appoint their person.

Phil Burress must have a really big hard-on at this very moment. Hurting people who support gay-rights, especially in his own party, will likely now become his pet project.

[Note: official word on this has not yet come. A press conference is expected later on today.]

UPDATE: More from Wes Flinn and Nick Spencer.

UPDATE #2: WCPO reported last night that Monzel has been picked.

UPDATE #3: The Post's story brings a whole new level into this.
Although the party's selection committee favored moderate Leslie Ghiz last month in an informal straw poll, incumbent Council Member Sam Malone nixed that choice, said sources close to the process. Malone prefers conservative Monzel, who lost a reelection bid in 2003.


"It's almost certainly going to be Monzel," said one high-level party source. "That's what Sam indicated to us."

"Ultimately, it's Sam's choice," another source said. "At best, we're an advisory board, and he's not taking our advice."
So it was all Sam Malone? A personal vendetta against Ghiz? The bigot in Sam just couldn't let go.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Is it Ghiz?

The Whistleblower thinks maybe yes, if Mike Barret's votes counts, via the Blue Chip Review.

Korte is reporting that county GOP will meet today at posh 4th Street club in secret. Greg takes a shot at the smoke filled room scene:
Whenever Cincinnati Democrats meet to decide whom to endorse for City Council or the school board, they do it in an open meeting - usually at the Letter Carrier's Hall in Northside. Though anyone can watch, only precinct executives in the city get a vote.

When Republicans do it, it's behind closed doors at the coat-and-tie Queen City Club on - where else? - East Fourth Street. The county party - dominated by suburbanites - controls the process.

And so, today at 4:30 p.m., 30 to 40 members of the GOP nominating committee will meet secretly to determine who will get the City Council seat vacated upon Pat DeWine's swearing in as a Hamilton County commissioner last week.
The party of the people! Well, the rich people.

I think the only thing missing from the meeting today would 40 cones of silence to help dull the sounds of apathy coming from their suburbanite minds. Will Greg have a list of who attends? It would be good to know how many are actual city residents.

Councilman Sam Malone has the final call. Would he dare buck the local party if they want Ghiz? Does Pete Witte have a shot as a compromise candidate still? Will Malone announce his choice today or wait? Can I ask any more questions?

Mean Jene Galvin In Bed With Springer

Jene Galvin will be the side kick for Jerry Springer's new radio show starting next Monday.

I will be tuning in the first day because I will off work, but otherwise I will be missing how this program goes. I plan on being a regular listener to 1530 WCKY once it switches to liberal talk. Will Galvin have to go solo for Jerry often?

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Jazz Fest Back?

Maybe. If it comes back it would be staged in conjunction with the Ohio Classic.

Game of Chicken Getting Serious

John Cranley's game of Chicken with SORTA is getting serious. Today SORTA is expected to vote to eliminate Sunday bus service starting March 6th. Cranley and Portune are working towards disbanding SORTA and moving control of the Bus service to the City.

Their plan includes possible privatization of the service.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Spencer Picks Campaign Manager

Nick Spencer, City Council candidate, has tapped Ted Jackson to be his campaign manager for his council run. Ted helped run the effort to repeal Article XII with the group Citizens to Restore Fairness. I was introduced to Ted while at the Know Theatre benefit on Saturday and anyone who was able to get the repeal passed has good experience under his belt to help Nick's campaign. This is a positive move for Nick. I don't know if Nick can tap into the same money sources Ted might have contact with from the Repeal XII campaign, but it is a good bet he will have an opportunity to tap into those.


As stated before, Enquirer columnist Peter Bronson has moved from the Metro front Page to the editorial page. Sunday marked his first column in that spot and in doing so wrote a very revealing and interesting column. Not very often to journalists talk about the world behind the velvet ropes. Well, they talk about it all the time, but not so directly as Peter did. He talked about how he had a column spiked this year by the Editor.
When I started out as editor of the Enquirer editorial department in 1992, we almost never punted. But by the time I left 10 years later to be a columnist, it seemed like we punted all the time. I wanted to throw right, but the head coach (now gone) wanted to run off left tackle or up the middle. So we punted.

I don't do that anymore. Or at least, I try not to. Once this year, I had to punt, but that was the coach's call.

When the Mike Allen scandal broke, I wrote a column urging Allen to resign, pointing out that I once supervised the woman who accused him of sexual harassment, Rebecca Collins, when she was a clerk in our editorial department.

Editor Tom Callinan decided I should stay on the bench and avoid piling on if I might end up as part of the story. It was a good call. But I hated to punt.

I don't know how much of this inside-the-huddle stuff is interesting to readers, but thousands of e-mails, phone calls and letters have convinced me that most of our subscribers are very curious about what goes on behind the gray walls of the Enquirer Wheaties box at Third and Elm.
Now two interesting things here. First, I am torn on whether Bronson's column should have run, calling for Allen's resignation. It would a refreshingly principled position to take, but Callinan was right to not have Bronson become part of the story. Bronson in a way was, and is now with admission, shoring up his reputation as a conservative prude. Something I think he would consider a positive.

The second element of the column is nothing but a swipe at the editorial staff. He claims that the former publisher or editor, referenced as "head coach" wanted to take things to the "left," and which I read to mean that he thinks he was forced out as chief of the Editorial pages because he was to conservative. I have to ask what significant positions has the board taken which he would think are so radically off base to his views? Where will his opinions divert from the editorial board? They support Bush, and the War in Iraq. They are not keen on abortion. The only difference I can see is on gay rights, and maybe some economic policy, but Bronson rarely delves into the dollars and cents issues.

My belief as to the underlying reason for Bronon's shuffle is that he is going to write nothing but politically based opinion, which I think he prefers. Instead of the assignment articles that have been called columns in the Metro Section.

What I wish the Enquirer would do is to offer up a counter voice to the right wing views of Bronson on its editorial pages. I know they have national liberal columns there, but nothing on a local basis. We get no local retort to Bronson's attacks on the city for not letting the police rule with an iron fist. We get no retorts to Bronson's attack on teachers or on liberals in general. His conservative voice will be front and center on local issues and maybe sometimes there may be a guest columnist on an issue, but no one, unless something else is planned, will have a chance to give the paper the balance I believe they are trying to provide.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Nutty Newt?

Someone must be joking here. Could a man on his third marriage after two divorces who was run out of congress on a rail by his own party actually think he could win the nomination for president in 2008? Not to mention the man who lead the fight to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about an affair, who while he was leading that fight was having an affair with a staffer over 20 years younger. He should stick to writing books and blathering on FOXNews.

Convergys to Add 10,000 Jobs (In India)

Glad to see business is booming for Convergys, but why can't a couple thousand of those jobs be added here in the states and right here in Cincinnati?

What keeps call center jobs from being expanded here? There are no or few call center unions. Call center people get paid dirt wages. You don't need a college degree to work in a call center. The obstacles seem few. I can understand that in theory because of the standard of living differences between the US and India, the wages paid attract a more educated crowd than here in the States. That does wonders for the bottom line in the short term, but how can starving the American workforce be a good long term strategy?

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Armstong Williams: K Street Bagman

Is the world to end soon? You have to wonder when Nate and Rob Bernard, and I actually agree in general on something: we all believe Armstrong Williams, an opinion journalist, was wrong for taking money from the government to promote NCLB. We might have different reasons for why it was wrong, so hopeully the sky will not fall today.

It was wrong in my opinion to use tax dollars to buy propaganda, which ends up being an indirect political advertisement. Additionally, Williams committed the cardinal sign for a journalist, selling out. Selling your opinions, even if you don't have to change them, means you are no longer a journalist, you are just a PR hack.

TPM asks the most pressing point, "Question: who else has been on the payroll?"

American Sign Museum

The LA Times has taken notice of the American Sign Museum located right here in Cincinnati. The museum is located on Gilbert Ave and is open via appointment 7 days a week. You can take a video tour,or email for info.

UPDATE: The business office is on Gilbert Ave, the actual musuem is on Essex Avenue in Walnut Hills.

Anderson Township Economy Dying?

Tumbleweeds in Anderson Township has closed, so my title I thought should reflect the same level of panic given when any restaurant or business closes downtown. The restaurant is located in the Sky Top Pavilion near Beechmont and 32, which actually is in Anderson Township, but barely. The plaza has done fairly constant business, but has had empty store fronts since the place opened over four years ago. A new fish store is close to opening up. It looks interesting, if you like fish. I like to eat fish, but not keep it as a pet.

Now, to truly put Anderson township readers at ease, I can attest that as I type this I am sitting in the Panera Bread located in the heart of the Anderson Township area and I can report that the place is packed. I love this restaurant, as I love Chipotle. Now, both restaurants are chains. Both are not faddish or cutting edge or anything to attract the dining snobs out there. They make good food. They combine a "fresh made" feel with the speed of fast-food. It works. Just based on the amount of money I spend there, they have to be doing well. What keeps these places out of downtown? The same problems that keep everyone else out of downtown?


Is a there a reason for blogging? Yes, you guessed right if you look at the time of this post. It is late at night and I just got hope from a nice night out a local watering hole where myself and a great number of friends celebrated the Birthday of a common friend. It was great. It was an interaction of people out doing what we do. Drinking beer, eating food, playing pool, listening to the Violent Femmes really, really loud.

In the midst of it all I pondered why I blog, why I write, why I bother putting thought down in print. The answer: it is fucking fun! I live for this shit. Writing my ideas and thoughts and commentary on what ever the hell I want is one of the most free forms of expression known to human kind.

What is a more puzzling question to me is why people read my blog. I should not be asking this question. Does P&G ask why people buy Tide? Well, they do ask it, but they don't ask it in print on the box.

I am taking such a tact here. I am asking why. I ask why when ever I post on something, so now I am posting on myself. Think of it as the ultimate comment card from a Perkin's.

What do people like and what do you hate? Let me hear it.

Now, don't expect me to kneel down and partake in your suggestions with an open embrace. I will still do what ever the fuck I please on the blog. I do like having readers, and if your wishes coincide with mine, then I hope to give you something you will like reading, or at least like commenting about.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Generational Generalizations

As a card carrying member of Generation X I often wonder what is instore for me in relation to the other major generational groups: The boomers and Generation Y. Each of those group is vastly larger than us Xers, which causes me to consider that my generation will be lost in the game of influence as we enter into the 'prime' of our lives.

When I think about the generation differences, I define each group into crude yet descriptive terms:

Boomer Generation: The Fuck You generation - They are collective and very confrontational. The are greedy and altruistic, and yes they contradict themselves.

Generation X: The Fuck Off generation - We are skeptical and lack trust in anyone or anything. We are non-conformists, yet really just want to fit in, but are forced to fend for ourselves.

Generation Y: The Fuck Me generation - They are conformists, modernistic sheep that long to follow and get along, reacting to the older generations with quick remedies and easy answers.

Is this all bullshit, yea, as most generalities about generations are, but there are tones and commonalities which are true with the various generations on a macro-level. We certainly don't all fit into each mold. On a wide scale these are commonalities that are more true then we would like to admit.

What specific issues will cause significant generational conflict? Gay Marriage seems like one happening now. What else?

UPDATE: Via comments the idea for what we would call Generation Z: Oh, Fuck Generation.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Oh Sam? Oh Michael?

Will you guys get off your ass and appoint someone to council? Have you heard of telephones, email, paper and the US postal service? Stop the games, and bit the damn bullet. Either appease the bigots or piss off the bigots, that is your choice.

Crime, What Do We Do About It?

Stephanie Dunlap has a great column in CityBeat about a New Year's Eve violent crime. How do we rid the city of this type of crime where young adults, mostly black men and often drug related, use violence as a means to their ends? This is not a black thing, but most of those committing this type of crime are black and we can't understand why. I don't know why. Activists don't know why and are doing little to stop it. The cops appear powerless to stop it. The justice system appears weak. The local citizens who live in the area are either having their cars shot up for fighting crime, or they are sitting on their hands.

We are letting this happen. We have no solutions, only more questions as to whom do we blame for it. We are not doing anything about it, and yes, I am not doing a damn thing either, but I have a luxury of living in low crime area, so I have little motivation to do much. I really can't do much if I wanted. People like me, most people, can't change this. The people of Over-the-Rhine, City Hall, the local media, and the Police are only ones who can find and enact a solution.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Hi, I'm a Military PR Clerk and I have a Story My Boss Wants Told

This kid is the classic definition of a shill, and he is doing it for the Pentagon. His opening and the ending bio sum up all you need to know:
Something struck me as odd this fall as I watched a U.S. satellite news broadcast here in my Baghdad office.
Marine Cpl. Isaac D. Pacheco of Northern Kentucky enlisted in the Marines on Sept. 12, 2001, and arrived in Iraq last fall. He serves with the Combined Press Information Center in Baghdad.
This kid may mean well, and I am sure he is doing his duty as a solider, but sitting behind a desk in the Green Zone does not really put him in the best place to see life for the Marines fighting in the streets. More importantly, THIS KID WORKS FOR THE PR WING OF THE PENTAGON IN IRAQ. It is his job to make the Military look good and yet the Enquirer prints this? If it was from a Marine out in the field, then I would not have commented on it at all. This is propaganda, plain and simple.

The Cincinnati Harold

New local satire site. Have a read.

CincyBlog readers might find this story of big interest.

I can attest to having met one of the writers "Blaine Chowder."


Do you have a voice that only turtles and snails can hear? Do you have to scream to be heard over the rustle of the wind through trees? Well you may just have Fog voice, yes that's fog voice.

Ok, enough of the infomercial rip off. If you have ever talked to me in a bar, which I will say many readers actually have done, you will learn that I have a voice made for print (and yes a face for radio). I have a fairly low pitch and no volume. I have to really talk loudly in a bar, at least what I consider loudly, to be heard. I was Drinking Liberally last night and my many 'brilliant' tracts on maintaining Social Security were surely lost in the Latin music.

If you are ever talking to me a bar and can't hear me, scream at me to scream back. Then you might hear me.

In all seriousness, do not scream at me, I am joking. (This means you FunnelCake)

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Bronson's Column Moving

Peter's column is going to the Editorial Page of the paper, out from under the heal of the Metro section. What should we expect? More of the same reactionary bible thumping and theocratic goose-stepping. I think this way Peter maybe can avoid the touch feely fluff he has written often. I think this is he bid to be the next in the line of 50,000 right wing syndicated columnists. I think his problem here is that he is starting out a little late and he is just one more conservative in a pool gun toting bible thumping sharks who vive for every slot on FOX News they can muster.

Ego or Just Plain Nuts?

Is a suburban Judge Out of his Gourd or just pissed off at people over being sued for sexual harassment? This small town judge certainly is not ready to be appointed to any higher court.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Deters fires Collins

Firstly, how can a Deters fire anyone before he is in office? Second is it wise to fire someone who has a pending sexual harassment lawsuit pending against your office?

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Piss or Get Off the Pot

Sam Malone is dragging his feet on picking a person to fill Pat DeWine's Council Seat. Malone has had a month to make his choice, but he can't find the time to meet with the county Party. Who is pulling his strings?

Wes chimes in with more.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Nick Spencer Targeted?

Nick Spencer believes his car windshield was purposely shot by someone last night. He believes it was likely the drug dealers around his bar.

CincyBlog's International Top Ten 2004

Here is my list of the top ten events/people/places/things/whatevers of 2004. The ranking is my own and uses very nonscientific methods
  1. Indian Ocean Tsunami
  2. American Presidential Election
  3. Iraq War (including Abu Ghraib)
  4. Ukraine Election Crisis
  5. Yasser Arafat's Death
  6. Madrid Bombings
  7. Russian School Seizure
  8. Sudan Genocide
  9. Florida Hurricanes
  10. Iran & North Korea's Nuclear Weapon Programs
Honorable Mention: 9/11 Report Issued, Reagan's Death, Marlon Brando's Death, Anti-Gay Laws Pass, Hati Falls into Turmoil, FCC goes Puritanical, Lance Armstrong with 6th Tour de France, and the EU Expansion.

Also the Top Ten stories of no importance that got way, way to much news coverage:
  1. Scott Peterson's Trial
  2. Martha Stewart's Trial and Jail Term
  3. Kobe Bryant's Trial
  4. NBA Brawl at Pistons-Pacer's Game
  5. Michael Jackson's Indictment
  6. The "Attack" on Christmas
  7. Anything with Paris Hilton in the Title
  8. Nick and Jessica
  9. Janet Jackson's Boob
  10. Mel Gibson

Conservative News Top Ten

Damn, FOX News never fails to show its stripes as a conservative news outlet when they for the top news stories of 2004 they include the Oil for Food scandal and have the number one story titled "W for President." They also showed their tabloid stripes by including all of the celebrity trials as a top story. We can look forward to yet another year filled with FOX's brand of right wing news.

The Diner Is Open For Business

If anyone has been there or plans to go to the Diner on Sycamore, let us know how it was or when you plan on going.