Saturday, January 08, 2005

Anderson Township Economy Dying?

Tumbleweeds in Anderson Township has closed, so my title I thought should reflect the same level of panic given when any restaurant or business closes downtown. The restaurant is located in the Sky Top Pavilion near Beechmont and 32, which actually is in Anderson Township, but barely. The plaza has done fairly constant business, but has had empty store fronts since the place opened over four years ago. A new fish store is close to opening up. It looks interesting, if you like fish. I like to eat fish, but not keep it as a pet.

Now, to truly put Anderson township readers at ease, I can attest that as I type this I am sitting in the Panera Bread located in the heart of the Anderson Township area and I can report that the place is packed. I love this restaurant, as I love Chipotle. Now, both restaurants are chains. Both are not faddish or cutting edge or anything to attract the dining snobs out there. They make good food. They combine a "fresh made" feel with the speed of fast-food. It works. Just based on the amount of money I spend there, they have to be doing well. What keeps these places out of downtown? The same problems that keep everyone else out of downtown?

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