Saturday, January 15, 2005

Cincinnati Advance

The Cincinnati Tomorrow Civic League has changed its name to Cincinnati Advance. Complete with a new website, the group is changing its name to maintain its independence as stated in the latest "Wire:"
Why the name change? We originally created the Cincinnati Tomorrow Civic League as a separate group from Cincinnati Tomorrow so that the original group CT would obtain 501(c)(3) tax status. That was intended to allow CT to do fundraising to perform more civic-minded efforts in our community. o­ne hurdle has been the name similarity of the CT prime and CT Civic League. 501(c)(3) organizations cannot endorse any commercial entities. That led to us cutting out great things like the calendar and links, not to mention limiting the type of stories we could publish o­n our main page. With the rebranding and separation of Cincinnati Advance, we eliminate this confusion: Cincinnati Tomorrow is the home of civic advocacy and non-profit projects; Cincinnati Advance has much greater latitude in doing projects like the After5 Walks, Culture Nights, and so o­n. This restructuring will allow both organizations to better focus o­n their projects and encourage their success.
To you the fine folks who attend the After-Five Walks, Culture Nights, and other events, you will not see anything different. I also will be taking a more formal position with the group as well, so look for more on what the group plans in the future.

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