Wednesday, January 26, 2005

El Cometa del Risque

A woman in a Chicken suit. You would think you would see that fairly very often, but for me last night it was a first. Yesterday at Drinking Liberally the Chicken suit was not the highlight, but still fun. It was not a young chick either, so I can say that the experience, which from afar, was not as exhilarating as a man like myself might wish for.

The rest of the night was almost as enjoyable. Since several bloggers where there, the issue of blogging came up and specifically on stuff to write about. I of course did not take any notes, so I can't really regale anyone with the many great stories folks told or interesting topics that were suggested as blog fodder.

The raging debate I kept having in my head was whether "Junkie Barista" would make a better name for a rock band or the title of a new Yoga position.

I can't get one image out of head though. It has to do with the topic brought up about a hypothetical columnist sorting through a box of sex toys. It is something I think everyone would find disturbing, if it were true. You might be surprised to know Funnel Cake was not responsible for such an image.

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