Friday, January 14, 2005

Flooding, Etc.

I drove this morning along Route 32 to Newtown and the Little Miami River has flooded all the way up to the edge of the road. The Clear Creek Park is more like a lake.

Today was renewing my car registration day. I had to get the eCheck and the nearest location is in Newtown. I was surprised on something. My car was not completely tested. I don't know why. I did not ask. It is a new enough car with a new exhaust system, so I am sure it met the standards, but I wonder why the car did not get the test where they "drive" in the car in place and measure the exhaust.

I then had to go get the renewed registration at the BMV. I got the typical wait in line. I waited for a while until I was the next in line. Then this old couple comes in and walks right up to the main counter and proceeded to ask a question in the form of telling a story about getting a ticket. Once the BMV clerk said they don't handle tickets, twice, and said they should go downtown, twice, I got my little 06 sticker and was on my way.

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