Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Krings Out, Grand Old Partisans In

We now have our first set of pointless political games from Phil BurressHeimlich and Pat DeWine. HMS has a full insider's story that includes some great instants of fly by the seat of their pants actions from DeWine and Heimlich:
After the passage of the resolution, Portune asked DeWine and Heimlich (almost a direct quote), "What now, what's your plan, what is this new direction?" DeWine stammered, but couldn't (literally, could not) give any answer.

Portune next asked how they planned to conduct a search to find the next County Administrator. DeWine said that the Board would probably talk with private companies to help conduct a national search. Portune asked if they had any companies in mind, and if they'd be accepting proposals from companies. DeWine had to admit that he didn't know of any specific companies ("I don't have a list in my back pocket, if that's what you mean"), didn't know about accepting proposals, but said they would "just talk to some companies for now."

Portune then asked if they had developed a timeline in which to complete the hiring of another Administrator. Again, DeWine stammered, but had no timeline or deadline. Heimlich said almost nothing except to hastily close the meeting.
What kind of situation could exist when right wing extremist Simon Leis actually sides with Liberal County Commissioner Todd Portune?

There is a back story to this that is not being talked about. What are the toxic twins (Pat and Phil) planning? Is there plan a campaign for county regional municipal government?

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  1. The appearance of no plan to find a Krings replacement? If there's a fix in place, don't hold your breath waiting for a search firm to be hired.

    The answer may be at the tail end of this story: http://tinyurl.com/4tedt

    "(Dusty) Rhodes also would like to see local candidates. 'The idea is always that somebody from far away is better, but I think somebody around here could do a good job,' he said."

    I'll bet Dusty thinks so.


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