Sunday, June 30, 2002

Billy Graham says he feels weaker than ever
More ass kissing attention for the religious bigot, but hey what do you expect from the "liberal" CNN.
BRONSON: Graham's words as soft as the gentle rain
This commercial message is brought to you by Billy Graham Ministries.
CROWLEY: Porn on candidate's resume Sonny Landham is running for KY Governor. I just have to laugh at this one. I will be shocked if the GOP goes for it. They seem to want to pin Clinton's past on him, smoking dope etc. However, politics is a game for hypocrites.

Saturday, June 29, 2002

Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Billy Graham Mission -
The Enquirer, Post, and most all of the local media have been kissing ass left to right and front to back, giving what many call religious bigotry all the free advertising they could. All of this coverage with No! criticism of the negative aspects of its methods and beliefs. Only on The Buzz could you find some criticism of Graham, but that was limited to his problem with his past racial related stances and current effectiveness of being here. With the pledge issue it feels like this city is a religious state, bent on forcing its theocratic and fascist ways on every single human. I am sickened by it.
Liquor stores, bars slow despite crowds
Duh! How much of a non-story is this? Why not cover the negatives of this gorup, bigotry, racism, and theocratic fascism?
The Cincinnati Post: One nation, under God
The Post is wrong of course. They want majority rules over individual freedom. They hint "the judges are technically right", yet they want to ignore the law and let the majority pick a STATE religion, namely monotheism.

Friday, June 28, 2002

BRONSON: Bigotry exists
I am again disappointed that I agree with Bronson again. A good column. I was surprised he did not tackle the Pledge issue. I would guess he will on Sunday, and I will be ready to rip him a new one on what I would guess is his opinion on that issue. Until then, all is well in muddville, except for the religious bigot fest on the river this weekend, but I again digress.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

CityBeat: Unsafe Refuge (2002-06-27)
They mentioned the ethnicity of the victims, but not the criminals. I wonder why????
CityBeat: Porkopolis (2002-06-27)
"With Graham, Crackers Filling the Stadium This is a racist term that has no place in the title of a column in the manner it was used. "Cracker" is a racial slur and should not be used. CityBeat seems to hate the "n" word (not Negro: see the previous post), but they don't mind the attacks on whites. However, I would surmise they fall into the trap of “blacks can use the ‘n’ word and whites can use ‘cracker’ mantra.”
CityBeat: Your Negro Tour Guide (2002-06-27)
No, I don't need "Jesus" or any religion. Kathy has point about the Graham's Jesus-stock. It is like the bible belts Grateful Dead tour of Jesus-Heads. I don't think this would help anyone with anything, unless they are looking to be told what to do. That will be available at no charge. The racial healing myths are fool hearty. No one wants to "heal" in this city. They want to feel better, they want to feel vindicated, and they want to feel justified. Both sides can't be any of these at the same time. Religion is doing nothing here but creating a new group to hate: the non-religious.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Cincinnati Fascism Rears its Ugly Head
Phil Burress and the Citizens for Community Values CCV have come up for another go at fascism. This add was run in today's Enquirer, Post, and next issue of the Business Courier. Mike McConnell on WLW gave Phil a slight beating on the radio today over this issue, but he held back a complete kill. Mike wants him back on the air in the future.

This whole thing strikes me as similar to the movie version of Dragnet. The Plot is around a religious zealot who agreed to go after a Larry Flynt type in order for both to gain PR. Could the CCV and WLW be doing the same thing? I don't think so, but it makes for a great story.
KORTE: City Hall
All of these stories seem rather petty or just frivolous. It is almost like E! at city hall.
BRONSON: Two crusades
I love it when the religious fundamentalists fight. I have no dog in the race, so I am just filling the cyberspace with some nice negative religious comments. Which is redundant, but I digress.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Gap in murder stats a mystery
Is the FBI messing up are they undercounting on purpose, or are local officials helping to hide the real number?

“It's not like we're hiding anything,” said spokesman Lt. Kurt Byrd. “We know we've had a rise in violent crime. We know how many homicides there were last year.”

I don't know what is up, but will the Enquirer continue to ask questions? The Shadow knows!!

Monday, June 24, 2002

BRONSON: Raw bigotry
Fairly honest from Pete, but I wonder if the bigots in the Clown Posse that perform for the cameras at City Council meets will swallow this thoughtful story. I seem to doubt they will believe anything in one of the scapegoats for hate. Charlie Luken is one of the other scapegoats for hate. Chaz is the scapegoat for everything by almost everyone.
Cincinnati losing school superintendent
This seems to have come out of left field.
Slave 'Railroad' Buffs Question Museum Site
I wonder how much of this attitude results from the image of the riots and the race relation problems. I think it also may just be the big city beating out the small town for the development, or the minimalist/purist v. the mass appeal of popular formats.

Sunday, June 23, 2002

BRONSON: Drug Traffic
I think I like it when Bronson presents a pseudo-news article. He seems to be out in the street more and has more control over where he goes and what he writes about, than the average cub reporter at the Enquirer. I think that is a problem for the cub reporters that they either don't know how to deal with, or are prevented from dealing with by the editors or the business management.
P&G employees nervous about outsourcing
I would be nervous too. This is a very bad trend. It is part money shuffling games played by corporations. The company I work for did this with certain departments in the corporations about 2 years ago. This year all of those functions were brought back into the company. I would guess that it cost more money in the long run, but the short run it help the stock. I would bet this will be the same outcome for P&G. Corporations are far to tied to short-run stock price increases. They should instead focus on long run stock price increases. This attitude is similar to the short-run business method that ran the US economy down in the 1970's and early 1980's. The Japanese show a better model to production methods and the rest is history. What is happening here is similar. Short run cost savings is deemed more important to long run cost savings. I don't know if this attitude will ever change.

Saturday, June 22, 2002

Luken picks police review panel
I wonder win the screaming will begin? Only 3 of 7 are black. I will assume that the Buzz will be ringing with the scorn of the black bigots (aka activists).

Friday, June 21, 2002

Cincinnati Post Editorial: "More Statehouse meddling"
The Post takes a conventional position on the Pledge of Allegiance issue. I will take a bigger stance. The law that changed the pledge in the 1950's is unconstitutional. Forcing School districts to set aside time for it smells of forced patriotism. If I want to wave the flag and yell like a buck-toothed hayseed from Butt Lick County, Ohio, then I will do it. Indoctrinating children on a sense of blind patriotism is just what it appears to be, a cheap election year tactic. It is no surprise a Republican introduced this issue, but it is troubling that it passed the Ohio House overwhelmingly.
Boycotters won't protest mission
The local Cincinnati Boycotters will not be out protesting, but some other nutty fundamentalists will be protesting Billy Graham. I will gladly just stay away. My neighbor's advertisement on her door for the Graham gathering is the only forced exposure that I have to endure on this event. I will be staying away, as far as possible from it.

Thursday, June 20, 2002

PULFER: Channel surfing
I don't think I agree with Laura on this one. I don't want to make this society into one geared toward children. Adults rule the world. Children should not be what we shape our life around. Children are part of a parent’s life, mostly the focus of their life, but not a control.

I also had a real life sighting of Ms. Pulfer today while at lunch. The Tower Place mall had a fire alarm go off around 12:45 PM or so and she was waiting outside the same door as my co-workers and I were. I think she was just there for lunch or shopping, but she went right to work asking the security guard what happened, ever the reporter.
CityBeat: Porkopolis (2002-06-20)
A typical Greg Flannery column. I find myself seeing more and more of difference between the progressive/populist City Beat and my liberalism.
Cincinnati Copwatch: "The Streets is Watchin"
Thanks to City Beat I ran across this website and I hope it amounts to more than it is thus far. It has a good main page, but it has no content. I would have expected to see some type of reporting of accounts of the allegations the group makes in it premise. This site appears to be the work of activists close to the boycott backers. It is unclear as to which particular faction this group belongs to, but I will keep checking the site to see if it adds any content.
CityBeat: Your Negro Tour Guide (2002-06-20)
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Kathy Wilson wrote a fairly honest open letter to "black males ages 13-55 years old." Ms. Wilson has in the past not been as direct in address a big issue facing many people in this city. The only problem is that from my perspective she only pointed out a problem, and did not indicate any tangible solutions.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Suspicious package causes evacuation
I saw the bomb squad roar down Seventh Street. That is never a good sign. This is a very detailed story. I think it took me all of 3 seconds to read.
UC recruit Eric Hicks shot in leg
UC seems to have no luck with basketball players.
Quake rattles region

I live in Cincinnati, and work downtown. I felt nothing.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

No jail for man in theft at paper
This is just an interesting story about the Cincinnati Herald. What I wonder more is why the Herald does not have a website? They could make one fairly easily and on the cheap. I wonder if the reason lies in the popular belief in the "digital divide", meaning the gap between blacks and whites regarding Internet usage or access. The Herald is market mainly to the "black community".
TV no prime time for real families
I have to say that Lynn Elber is either just really biased against nontraditional families, or she is just not careful in what she writes. She seems to not like nontraditional families, and considers them not to be “real” I guess they are just “fake” families. This is an AP story written for the Cincinnati Enquirer, so Lynn may not have written that part, and the Enquirer's Ann Hicks, who is credited in the story, may have the bias instead. What Lynn and Ann are really guilty of are being lazy reporters. They took a partisan special interest group’s biased report, and wrote a plain story about it without any research into its motivations or agenda. I am surprised the editors at the Enquirer let this pass, it is even in the title.

Now, if you read between the lines you see it was just a poor choice of words. It had a meaning that incorrectly reflected what I perceive as the point of the article. The point being most TV families are nontraditional, while in real life most families are traditional. There you go gals, that is how “real” should have been used.
Clear Channel donates air time to Freedom Center - Cincinnati Business Courier
Clear Channel is cheap. They could have shelled out more than 3 million worth of advertisements.
First lady wants students to hear tales of freedom
This type of attention can't hurt the city at all.
Ky. Agency to Vote on Birth Control
I hope these people don't go nuts on this issue. It is a no brainer. The pill has been demonized by the extremists, and should be funded by the government. Reproductive choice is not something to be trampled on by religious zealots.

Monday, June 17, 2002

The Graham makes Cincy Plans
This is included in a "Buzz" column in a South Mississippi newspaper. If this is their idea of a "buzz" issue, then I am very glad I do not live in Southern Mississippi.
Underground Railroad museum to trace road to freedom
This museum should be great, as long as it sticks to history, and not politics. It could go much further if it also covered the history of "freedom" movements or activities, instead of just the specific Underground Railroad.

Sunday, June 16, 2002

Friday's Enquirer Editorial
In the weekly Weekend Memo editorials where individual editorial board members "express their own opinions", Linda Cagnetti seems to have a new manner in which to determine science. Linda wants Science to be up to a matter of a popularity contest. Since a majority of the mail to the State Board of Education favors including the "Intelligent Design" philosophical/theological argument for a god or gods as part of the State Science curriculum, then the major should rule and include the non-science philosophy/theology in with science. Linda wants religion in schools. She will say this is not religion, I would surmise, because it is not formally part of an established institutionalized religion, but is still a religious teaching. It is not science. It is so clear not science is laughable.

ID is nothing but assumptive circular reasoning. It forces students to assume there is a god, gods or supernatural creator(s) in order for the concept to even be comprehendible. Secondly it assumes that complexity is a sign of intelligence. Complexity is a relative concept, so is order. The assumption that a derived purpose can be construed simple from the existence of an assumed complex structure is just drivel. You can't assume that just because an apple exists, that is "had" to have a purpose created by someone or something intelligent. A tornado is a complex thing in my opinion. Tornados are not created by supernatural forces. They are created by specific meteorological events and conditions. ID supports instead want you to believe that, unless you can prove otherwise, it was an act of a supernatural creator that usually is personified to fit the emotional needs of the believer.

I could go on and on about this. It makes me think that we have not come very far since the Scopes Trial. We instead have a revised religious theocracy underway here, a pan-monotheism that is trying to take root. It is a really just a tenuous coalition of denominations of Christianity with Jews and Muslims. It will not succeed in the end. The groups will just turn on each other once their common goal of pushing out the “non-Abraham” based religions and non-religious people from any level of freedom of expression in this country, but that is can of worms that I will save for another day.
The Cincinnati Post Editorial - 'More risky secrets'
The Post is on mark in Friday's editorial. This issue is not being covered, as is much news in this country and the world, by the American news media. Whether you agree with missile defense or not, the secrecy must stop. The Bush administration is starting to rival the near despot status of Nixon
BRONSON: Top complaint about cops: 'There aren't enough'
Today's Column from Pete is more of an interview, than a column. Pete is not a bad reporter when he leaves his opinion out of it. He basically left out his opinion in this, except to say "amen" to most of the comments he listed from the Mayor.
Falwell's speech focuses on dignity
I find no dignity in this bigot visiting Cincinnati. I am shocked it had no other news coverage beyond this little story that was limited to simple coverage of the event. It comes across as an unopposed commercial for the Bigotry of Falwell and his ilk.

Saturday, June 15, 2002

Luken Showing off?
Luken touts new powers at meetings Charlie is off gaining some knowledge about being mayor. He has done well so far, under the circumstances. Everyone seems to use poor Chaz as a whipping boy, but he has gotten treated far to harshly.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

UC Attracts Some Winners
UC student Jesse J. "J.J." Wilson, 20, of Sharon, Pa, was recently sentenced to 60 days to 18 months jail and ordered to pay a $100 fine for his involvement in a brawl February 2 at a Sharon, Pa area high school basketball game. This kind of person would not be the ideal student at any university. I wonder if he will return?
Fluff News Article
Here is an example of a TV News station running a fluff news article about something that is meaningless to the average viewer. This is a story about a local case of animal abuse, but his link comes from a Cleveland TV station. This should not be on their website. It should not be on mine either, but I chose to show an example of the pure drivel Local TV stations are covering these days.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

City Beat Discovers there are Republicans
Greg Flannery of City Beat has discovered there are Republicans to criticize in his Porkopolis column in the June 13, 2002 Issue.
Even a blind chipmunk can find a nut, link. I hate it when I agree with Bronson, but I can't automatically take the opposite position than he does. It seems that I do, but it is just a coincidence. No, really it is.
Gun Lawsuit
This story is a hot button issue that people seem to go nuts over. So here is the Link to it. This issue is as meaningful to many as reproductive rights (abortion for the confused). I find it to be a meaningless issue. Gun nuts will never cease to obsess on their need for power. A little metal will make them feel better. I don't care. As long as they keep their guns on private property, they can keep them. The bullshit issue is really the "conceal and carry" movement. If they want to strike fear into their neighbors, why not strap on a leg iron and go Old West. Get the Billy the Kid style gun belt, some spurs, and ten-gallon hat. If you want people to know you have a gun, show them the hard steel with a shine that could freeze a jumping bean on a hot pan. Now I am sure to be labeled as anti-gun. I am anti-gun. I hate guns. I am related to people who have died via guns. Keep your guns to yourself is what I believe, and you can keep them until they pry them from your cold dead hands, or from the hands of the person who kills you with it, which ever comes first.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

City Beat is Off the Reservation?
Does City Beat even attack any of the Republicans anymore? The last Porkopolis Column seems to just beat on little Johnny Cranley, a Democrat. I bet they call me a racist, if they read the headline of this post.
City Beat has a Problem
It appears the Editor can't tell the difference between a news story and a column, which is opinionated. The evidence lies with this "news" story in the June 6th, 2002 edition of the City Beat. In this column two writers proceeded to slam a Peabody award winning television documentary originally aired on WCPO TV, the local Cincinnati ABC affiliate. They basically are trying to claim the same dogma the "Restoc" group claimed about development of Vine Street. That claim is simply gentrification. They are of the opinion that poor people can afford new and refurbished housing. That is just a misguided belief. Poor people can only afford low rent housing. That will never change, until we live the Star Trek future of economic utopia. If one can't see this column to be more opinionated than the New York Post editorial page, then one must believe that monkeys have powered wigs and can sing all the arias from The Magic Flute while floating two feet of the ground
Rick Bird has it Right!
Rick Bird has it right about what MSNBC is becoming and what FOX News is, nothing but talk radio with pictures. He is also right that CNN is slipping in the same direction. TV cable news is quickly loosing all of the gains it made in coverage and credibility after 9/11.

Monday, June 10, 2002

Mike McConnell Can Whine with the Best
Todat on his WLW-AM Midday talk radio show, host Mike McConnell was whining about a newspaper Column from John Kiesewetter of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Mike was acting like a child. I sent an email while he was on the air. Here it is:


Could you whine more? Is it possible for you to actually break out into
tears over a newspaper column? Kiesewetter was right for the wrong reasons
and has attracted the real fascist police to his cause. The ads are
tasteless, but they fit your WWF world that WLW seems to live in now (my
Cincinnati blog covers that point John's
tired old "for the children" rant was tired and just vomit inducing but
your whine has missed the real story. He got tons of support from Phil
Burress of CCV!!! I advise taking the free publicity with a smile, and add
a bit more overt sarcasm to your on air bitch session.

Mt. Washington

I got no reply so far, and I did not hear one on the air, but I he has read one of my emails the next day on the air so I will wait and see.

Sunday, June 09, 2002

Roxanne Qualls Lost?
Laura Pulfer asks that question in her latest Column. Has Cincinnati lost Roxanne to Boston? I fear yes. I think Ms. Qualls would be the new scapegoat if she came back into town. Everyone needs a scapegoat. The GOP would gladly blame her; she was their whipping gal before she left. I wish she would return, she might me an interesting change to city or maybe Congressional Politics.
I am torn on the issue of profiling. Denise Smith Amos appears not to be torn on it, based on her column.
Bronson has been Sniffing to much Flag
Peter Bronson appears to be getting lazy again. In today's Column he is whining about everyone and our inabilities to take things seriously, instead focusing on the superficial aspects of personal gain. He does attack everyone, Democrats and Republicans, but he ends the whole thing on this blind patriotism note. Has Pete been smoking his flags as well as waving them? He is more concerned about have his kind of superficial and meaningless patriotism at public events, than to honestly discuss the structure of the Federal Government. I think Pete is just being Pete, once again. Let your freak flag fly Petie!!!! Don't forget to salute, but don't bogart the flagage.
John Kiesewetter is on the Mark about TV News
John's column today points out the obvious about local TV news, but someone needs to say it again and again. John's message will go on deaf ears, because the public eats up the smoke and mirrors the local TV news puts on every day. If the public cared about information and the events of the day, instead of being entertained 24 hours a day, we might get local news at 6 and 11 everyday, instead of entertainment.

Saturday, June 08, 2002

When is WLW Changing its Call Letters to WWE?
Since the World Wrestling Federation lost the WWF abbreviation to the World Wildlife Fund, when is WLW changing its call letters too? WLW is the WWE of talk radio. Or is WLW just a wannabe WWE? Darryl Parks, the program director, seems to worship Vince McMahon. Darryl appears to wish people could see the wrestling tights he wears while on the air.
Willie Cunningham is even trying to recruit some wrestlers to be on air "talent":

Friday, June 07, 2002

Cincinnati Tourism Groups are Reaching Out Far
The Louisville Business Journal reports on Officials from the Greater Cincinnati Convention and Visitors Bureau actions to target Louisville as a source of tourism for Cincinnati. I hear the hour and a half trip is a killer.
Cleveland Based Church Joins Boycott
The Plain Dealer reports on the latest group to join the bandwagon. The AP joined in with a report. This group had no plans to hold any meetings in Cincinnati and appear to not have intended to either.
Another Catholic Sex Scandal Column
I have nothing much to add to the sex scandal, but here is Denise Smith Amos's Enquirer column on that subject.
Wells Gets to the Bottom of the Amnesty
In today's Enquirer Column by Associate Editorial Page Editor David Wells, the valid point to the anti-CAN fanatics was made clear. The actions being taken by CAN are nothing it has not been doing already for first time offenders. Since one of the CAN bigwigs is a bigwig at the company I am employed at, I was well informed of CAN's activities. It is making a small, very small dent in things so far, but it has potential.
Bronson and Homophobia Appear to Go Hand in Hand
Not that there's anything wrong with that, so to speak. Peter can hold hands with anyone he wants to, but in his latest column he once again perpetuates the myth of the connection between homosexuality and pedophiles. He tries to dispel his allusion to the myth at the END of his column, but the damage is done in earlier on. Bronson is just being Bronson.
Home Town Reporter in Harm's Way
The Enquirer reports about AP reporter and Butler County native Paul Alexander who is currently on assignment in Pakistan. This story also made its way to Jim Romenesko's MediaNews.

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Subjective Freedom of Speech and Property Rights
Denise Smith Amos's heart may be in the right place, but her opinion in her Enquirer Column is wrong. People can hate burning a cross. They can view it as intimidation. They can view it as hatred. Flag burning brings the same level of opposition. People hate it and people clearly view it as a hatred of the country. All forms of boycotting, especially the current type in Cincinnati, can be viewed, and in my opinion are, a form of intimidation. Should we ban flag burning? Should we ban Boycotting and the right to assemble to protest?

The biggest issue Ms. Smith Amos failed to identify is the difference between the two Virginia cases. Each has a different set of facts, and the only issue really decided by the court was the act of “burning a cross". One case should be legal to me in all aspects. That is the case of burning a cross on private property. The only reason they were caught is that they were seen. If I burn a flag or wave an anti-Cincinnati sign from my front lawn, should I be punished? The clear answer is no. The other case cited has two factors. This is the case where a cross was burned on another's property, where no authorization was given for the act. The act of burning anything on that property without permission is illegal. Harassment or threatening an individual is against the law, and burning a cross can be considered a threat. Additionally, burning a menorah, a tire, or a pile of dry leaves could be considered a threat. The item burned should not itself be a crime, how it is used or where it is burned can be.

The example that fits this concern is talking on the telephone. Is it a crime if I call my girlfriend and we talk dirty to each other? No, it is not. If I instead call someone else and talk dirty to them, that could be a crime. In your yelling fire in a crowded theater example, yelling the word "fire" alone is the not the issue. I could yell, "there's a nude girl in the lobby" or "the first person out side win 1million dollars", or "free beer", and all three things could cause the same result in that crowded theater. The bottom line is not banning the actions if no none is harmed. The actions are just tools of different goals. Reaching that goal by whatever means is the concern. How you get there is not the issue.
Another Reason I live on the East Side
Peter Bronson has a good column describing life in a "stereotypical" west side town, St. Bernard. This seems to rival the clown posse the congregate at City Council meetings.

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Teacher's Union Rejects Performance Pay Plan
An older story, but it made a national education magazine, Education Week.
Oprah makes Grater's Ice Cream Big News
Local ice cream maker is riding high on the big O, not Oscar Robinson you silly fool, Oprah! The press across the country is hopping out of their ice parlor chairs over this grating story. WCAT-TV Burlington, Vermont and ABC28 Lubbock, Texas both carried the tiny AP wire story.
Cincinnati Post and WNKU to Join Forces
Rick Bird of the Post reports about the Post providing news gathering and on air news reports for WNKU an NPR affiliate. The question arises: is this a signal of things to come? Will the Cincinnati Post become only the Kentucky Post when the Enquirer/Post printing agreement runs out in a few years as has been rumored?

Monday, June 03, 2002

This is Just a Disgrace
From via report. Taking the pictures of women going in and out of reproductive clinics is legal but stupid. Putting those pictures on a website is just reprehensible. People can have political or social views on any subject they wish, but when they try and force it on others, they should be stopped. There is a free speech issue in this case, but scum like this should be root out of the society. This was a national story, but WLWT covered it and reported some locals took part in the picture taking.
Peter's Throwing Stones
Peter Bronson is attacking the "press" in his column today, but I wonder if he looked into the mirror this morning? Last time I read his column, before today’s, he was a member of the press. Now he is off on a gun rant. Pete must be of the gun nut persuasion that believe the only solution to fear is adding a gun to situation. This type of person also tends to think that Tax Cuts will cure cancer and run the mile in under three and a half minutes.

Sunday, June 02, 2002

Ad for Tom Jones for Office
Today's Peter Bronson Column is brought to you by the Committee to Elect Tom Jones.

Saturday, June 01, 2002

Alicia Reese in Bigger Trouble?
City Beat places credence in a report filed by Nate Livingston a local "activist" who is known better as a convicted criminal with a history of domestic abuse related court appearances. The report was filed with the Ohio Ethics Commission and accuses Reese of a conflict with her votes on Council and the business interests of her Father's (Steven Reese) company, of which she is also an employee.
Tour of Religion
Kathy Wilson's column in this week's City Beat was entertaining. I lucky do not get visited by any J Dubs in my current abode, but as a kid we were targeted. I was surprised to read an awkwardly added comment that her commentaries can be heard on NPR's All Things Considered, my favorite radio program. Searching in on the NPR website I only found only one commentary from her listed back on 12/17/2002.
Porky's Revenge?
City Beat's Porkopolis column this week goes on the war path against the Enquirer, the CCA, City Hall, and the Police. Cheap shots mostly, but entertaining.
Fear impedes the Mail
The Cincinnati Post reports that the US Postal Service has removed drive up mail drop-off boxes around the Federal Court House in Downtown Cincinnati. The reason given was "a general concern with bomb threats." No specific bomb threats have been reported. The Federal Court House was also previously the Post Office, but was moved to a new and larger building west of downtown.
Soccer and the Pill Debate
Karen Samples seemed to be short on information for her column, so she combined two unrelated topics. My opinion: I like soccer and will watch the World's Cup. I also am in favor of public funding of the pill and all other contraceptives. The nuts that oppose it are in my opinion just religious zealots or in some cases theocratic fascists. Am I laying it on too thick? Maybe for some, but not as much as a reasonable person might believe.
Boycotters Backsteps
It appears one of the many fringe groups part of the "boycott" of Cincinnati are objecting to the Collaborative Agreement to help settle the class action racial profiling lawsuit against the city, so reports the Cincinnati Enquirer.