Tuesday, June 11, 2002

City Beat has a Problem
It appears the Editor can't tell the difference between a news story and a column, which is opinionated. The evidence lies with this "news" story in the June 6th, 2002 edition of the City Beat. In this column two writers proceeded to slam a Peabody award winning television documentary originally aired on WCPO TV, the local Cincinnati ABC affiliate. They basically are trying to claim the same dogma the "Restoc" group claimed about development of Vine Street. That claim is simply gentrification. They are of the opinion that poor people can afford new and refurbished housing. That is just a misguided belief. Poor people can only afford low rent housing. That will never change, until we live the Star Trek future of economic utopia. If one can't see this column to be more opinionated than the New York Post editorial page, then one must believe that monkeys have powered wigs and can sing all the arias from The Magic Flute while floating two feet of the ground

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