Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Year 2002 in Review
City Beat had several stories on the year in review on news stories and issues for 2002.
Year of the Status Quo covering the elections
Police Deals covering police-community relations
People of the Year
Sports: More of the Same
Hearing Voices a summary of letters and editorials from throughout the year.

The Enquirer provided the top stories, people, happenings, and moments of 2002.
U.S., World Year in Review: Top stories that shaped our news
Local News Year in Review: Top stories that shaped our news
Sports Year in Review: Five People Who Stood Out

Business Year in Review: Top happenings that shaped our news
Tempo Year In Review: Five moments that mattered

The Cincinnati Post settled on just a summary story on racial tensions: "City made effort to heal its racial tensions in 2002."
City Beat is not Immune
Reports are that Kabaka Oba, the main spokesperson for the racist black separatist group the Black Fist, announced last week that his group would be protesting in front of the City Beat offices. It is not clear to me why they are protesting City Beat, but it may have to due with Kathy Wilson's comments in a prior column:
Suddenly we're bigots of the loud-mouthed variety. We make generalizations based on revisionist history to further our own agendas and to reclaim the sick-hot spotlight of "they done done me wrong."

Case in point: The Dec. 4 "rally" on Fountain Square by the Black Fist, an ad hoc group of protesters and hangers-on who demonstrated against the placement of a menorah. This year it was a menorah and not a cross in the ongoing holiday festivities I like to call "Who's on First, and Is It a Religious Symbol?"
I don't know if this will turn into much of anything, but it funny seeing the Black Fist bite the hand of the only print media outlet that take them seriously.

Monday, December 30, 2002

Shooter's Wife Called 911 After Murder-Suicide
Sounds like a love triangle or a perceived one. This article has one problem. Is a suicide considered a homicide? If that is the case, I would be surprised if the number of 64 homicides includes all of the suicides from this year.
Ideas, etc.: Big Red Machine's Home Gone
Kevin Holtsberry, a fellow Ohio Blogger for the upcoming Polstate.org, comments on the implosion of Riverfront Stadium.
The Old South, Up North
In a surprise this column is not about Cincinnati. I am sure the boycotters are disappointed this story attacks Milwaukee, instead of Cincinnati, for not holding the hand of the black community there and telling them how to live their lives. This is the paradox vexing our society. The black community wants the white people to give them “stuff.” That is what the boycott is about, that is what this column advocates. The governments try and do that, and have tried to do that, but nothing short of large cash payments with no strings attached will satisfy the hotheaded boycotters (aka reparations). A No strings policy is not going to happen. Money will not cure the poor. All it will do is provide a temporary respite from suffering. If you want to reduce the number of poor people, education and personal effort are the only solutions. Additionally, boycotters expect instant gratification. Money will make their community prosper, is what they think. They are dreaming. It takes solid a community with a social structure that can function without handouts. Perpetual charity will only breed the need for more charity.

The problem that exists is the bottom line issue for the black community. Assimilate or fend for yourselves. Learn to fit into the general society, or make your own. On Friday Jim Clingman filled in for Jay Love on the Buzz. It was an afternoon filled with bigoted callers railing on what they claim has been done to “them”. They talked about assimilation, but failed to really talk about what it was. They just grunted out racist comments on why they would never allow themselves to fit into the mainstream culture. They sound to me like the Strom Thurmonds and Trent Lotts circa 1960 rallying against segregation.

I wonder how many reading me are going to say I have bigoted views or that I have made racist statements. I guess the boycotters who regularly read me will think that, which is too bad. It is understandable that they the see all white people who don’t agree with them as racist. That is a common human failing that has fallen on many conservative movements as well as this progressive-populist movement. Those who disagree are out to get you. It falls into “Themism” which I have talked about on my other blog. It spreads like a flu on a cruise ship, and will take down this city if everyone, and I mean everyone of every race/creed/color/religion etc, does not stand up to all instances of this kind of uncheck bigotry. Black separatists can’t go unchecked. Homophobic politicians can’t go unchecked. Theocratic fascist can’t go unchecked. No one can go unchecked. If you want to check me, the comments link is right below.

Sunday, December 29, 2002

Saturday, December 28, 2002

It feels good getting back from vacation only to turn around have another one Monday and Tuesday of this week. It will take me a little time to get back into the Blogging routine, and with the holiday the news is light anyway.

Monday, December 23, 2002

Two sought in Lazarus robbery
They only took "food items"?
Bronson: Why Lott quit
Peter is playing the same game of moral equivalency that the Palestinians play.
Many Republicans in the Senate were disgusted by the double standard of media and the Democrats. Mr. Lott was barbecued while Democrats who have done much worse got a pass.
Peter and his ilk have been whining that the media did not treat Senator Byrd, who used the term "white nigger" within the last year or so, while "attacking" Lott. First, the media did not attack Lott. Columnists and pundits did. All the news outlets did was to heavily cover the issue after it was made into a story by the blogosphere and conservative pundits. Second, Byrd and Lott are not on the same scale with their comments. Byrd gets the same old man bye that Strom Thermond gets. His comments also were not as bad as Lott's. Using a racial slur in a bad context is wrong, but far from inferring that segregation should have been in place for "all these years." Also, Lott is the incoming majority leader of the Senate, while Byrd has little leadership in the Democratic Caucus. Peter is now following the lead of other conservatives and now blaming Democrats and liberals for this problem, not Trent Lott and the race baiting strategies of the GOP for the last 30+ years. He instead says:
Mr. Lott has taken a beating, but he has regained some respect by staying in the Senate, keeping Democrats from destroying his career and reducing the GOP majority.
I guess this means the real reason Trent had to be admonished a little bit was that it was bad politics to keep him majority leader, not his current and past statements/actions on race issues. Peter is more concerned with keeping the GOP majority, than cleaning out the image of bigotry in the GOP. Peter can now whine that the Democrats are really the party of segregation, but would be pulling a Clinton. He would label the party for actions, not the members who took those actions. If Peter were to ask today what party nearly all of the segregationists and their offspring are now part of, there is one party that would hold a vast majority, the GOP. The GOP of Lincoln is not in control of the GOP today. The moderate Republican is a dying breed. They are defecting to the Democrats, or joining the growing ranks of independents. Peter needs to get off the talking points of the Conservative Pundit's Union, and start taking an independent track.

UPDATE: I see Rob Bernard is a conservative dressed in Palestinian clothing as well with this post.

Sunday, December 22, 2002

Robbers Break In To Police Chief's House
Dozen's of police officers are working on this case? Are you kidding me? If my house was robbed I would be lucky to have a cop file a report. I would never see anything stolen ever again. The robbers would never be prosecute for the robbery of my house, unless they are really stupid or if chance played a part. The police chief should get the same level of police attention as the rest of us, not special treatment by his friends. The Enquirer version of the story.
Fire Destroys Former Fortune Teller Business
I will ask the obvious quesiton. Didn't the fortune teller know this was going to happen? Or is that why she is a former fortune teller?
Support for Lott is firm
Key section:
"Sen. Lott's remarks were out of line,'' said Rep. Rob Portman, the Terrace Park Republican. "Nearly everyone acknowledges this, including Sen. Lott. -- While what he said was inappropriate, the senator has apologized and Congress should now move on and focus on its important work, including getting the economy on track and combating terrorism.''
I wonder what Rob is saying now?
Judge throws out Jorg defamation suit
Police are public figures? I assume then Postal workers and City garbage collectors are open for public ridicule as well? One might argue that Jorg himself is a public figure because of the media attention of his case, but his position as a police officer is not one that is open to slander and libel statements.
Read this article, then read this article. I guess a good and free press is not something Ohio excels in.

Friday, December 20, 2002

Supporting Cops???
What is Peter Bronson smoking? His column today: Don't shoot takes on the treat of police by the city. He thinks that council's rejection of the contract for supervisors is a lack of support for police? Peter, wake up and smell the Union! Peter, you and your right wing brethren hate unions. They make you vomit up your dividends. How could any GOPher possibly support a contract that ties the hands of management? Peter's own beloved George Bush held up the Homeland Security Bill because he did not want his hands tied by unions. Mr. Bronson let me reintroduce you to your old friend: HYPOCRISY.
Wells' A Grinch for the Republicans has a providential aura around it.
Whitehouse Claims to Have Helped "Heal" City's Racial Tensions
In today's White House press briefing, Presidential spokesman Ari Fleischer touted George Bush's actions in the aftermath of the riots in Cincinnati. He claimed that the Bush administration played a role in helping the city heal the racial problems after the April 2001 riots. How exactly did they do this? Bush considers investigating the Police department as healing? Bush has done little to help the City of Cincinnati. If he thinks that giving a speech here in front of a partisan crowd is a way of "healing", then he has had one too many pretzels. Bush, or more likely Fleishcher, should not boast about doing nothing for a city he couldn't care less about. He has this region's votes locked up solid no matter what he does. He will just let those in power here rule as the despotic tyrants they like to be.
FOP isn't calling for cop slowdown
Is calling for a slowdown against the law? I would say it is at least a dereliction of duty. The FOP is playing a game, and specifically Fangman and Webster. They are using the rank and file officers as bait to get the city to violate issue 5 and give over a few senior positions to current internal police officers, when those jobs by city charter are open to a nationwide search. I find it odd they are willing to play chicken with the lives of Cincinnati residents. If police begin a slowdown criminal investigation should be considered, if nothing more than a RICO violation. If not a criminal case, a civil case from the citizens against the police union would be something I would support on this issue.
A Tale of Two Headlines
Enquirer: Council rejects a police contract
Post: Council OKs one police contract
Can we spin a story any more folks? Ok, the facts: Council approved the contract for non-supervisors, the vast majority of officers, and rejected the contract for supervisors. Did the police union treaten a slowdown or did the not? Unclear at best is the only answer I can come up with. Did the Vice Mayor goat Fangman into talking about a slowdown? Can you say mountain out of a mole hill?

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Couple Indicted In Horse Thefts
Do we still hang horse theives? Is Simon Leis building a gallows as I type?
Bronson: A wrong choice on earth
Peter needs to practice what he preaches. If you don't like political correctness then don't practice it yourself. Peter needs to pick an offensive comment instead of an inoffensive one. What if the "School Choice" lobby used his slogan "Choice on Earth? Would Peter have a cow at them? Of course not. The issue here is Peter's reactionary stance on abortion and his hatred those who oppose his theocratic opinions. I think Peter should keep to writing the CCV's press releases instead of worrying about a little slogan. He has been saving postage by hand delivering them to the Enquirer, so I would think he could lay off the Scrooge tone for a while.
Boycott organizer picked for ethics oversight board
This is progress? I guess it is better than say appointing a member of the bigoted filled CJC. The article states she is a 46 year old retired federal empolyee. Who retires at age 46? I wonder if there is a reason she no longer works for the government. Maybe it is a disability, but what made her quit?

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Blogging will not be consistent for the next week. I am off to the Griffin Homestead.
You can't beat Jack Handy
New Racial Profiling Monitor Named ... Again
Is everyone finally happy? Can we move forward now?
Chabot enters squabble over English Woods
Was this action influenced by the Trent Lott affair?
The CCV and Enquirer are at it again. Chris Anderson has the scoop.
Local Teen Missing, Parents Point Finger At Activists
What is the name of the extremeist Animal Rights group?

Monday, December 16, 2002

BRONSON: Not a Lott of courage
I applaud Peter for jumping on the bandwagon and calling for Trent Lott to step down as majority leader. I laugh at Bronson's attack on the democrats. Peter can't help but drag everyone one else down with his party when it falsl into a pit of crap. Peter, Trent is your party's mess, you guys clean it up. We non-right wingers will sit back and wait until you send Trent packing, meaning back to Mississippi, not just to the backbench.
CHRIS ANDERSON goes to town on the Enquirer's Laura Pulfur and has mixed feelings on NKY's proposed gay rights ordinance.
PULFER: What makes us bigots
There is not a person on earth who is not two things: ignorant and bigoted. Ignorance is rather obvious to understand, we don't know everything. Our bigotry is not so easy. Bigotry is normal. I am bigoted about many things. I am bigoted against those who are willfully ignorant for one. People, who don't want to know about politics for example, drive me nuts. Most people are culturally bigoted. They prefer to adhere to one particular culture. Most of what are called race problems are really just cultural problems. Too many people equate race to culture. Those who do in my opinion are the real racists. When a David Duke tries to define "white culture" I am disgusted, and when Kabaka Oba tries to define "black culture" I am just as disgusted. I refuse to be part of either of their cultures. I like my own culture. Can I define it? Not in the least. Is anyone excluded from it? Yes, not because of who they are, but the ways they act and beliefs they hold.
2002: The Year of America’s Moron Terror
John Schlagetter's year end rant. It is a bit hard on the mind with the Rand influenced objectivist philosophy chopped into it like a mental goulash. His website is cool, it changes colors as your read it. John needs to fix his archives however.

Sunday, December 15, 2002

CityBeat: Your Negro Tour Guide "Cincinnati UpSouth"
Kathy's condemnation of the bigotry of the Black Fist is very welcome. I wish others would see them for what they are and not either tacitly support them or use them as fodder for ratings (see 1230 the Buzz). I do find a couple of things puzzling about her column. One is the notion that Cincinnati is somehow a southern town, meaning we have southern attitudes towards certain societal elements, and in this case that being segregation. Yes, Cincinnati is segregated. Blacks and non-blacks do not live in the same neighborhoods as much as other cities. I don’t know however how much the ranking reference took into considerations the metropolitan area or just the City itself. I don’t think the metro area is any less segregated that any other metro area in the country. Attacking the City is not really far either, since the city is much more integrated than the rest of the metro area.

The second issue is with her last line of the column: “Just remember that two wrongs don't make a white.” I took offense to this. Now what does it mean? Well, there are two meanings I can see. One is that she is saying to the bigoted Black Fist: Don’t be bigots, like the whites. The other idea is that she is saying we have white bigots; we don’t need any black ones. Either one is offensive to me. It is nothing worse than she has alluded to before, but I don’t see the purpose in it. I of course could have misunderstood what she meant; after all I am just a milquetoast white boy.
CityBeat: Porkopolis 12-12-2002
Greg's story is a lesson in talking out of both sides of one's mouth. In this column he both condemns the actions of Amanda Mayes at a anti-Jewish "protest", and commends her for getting off on charges stemming from an incident at last September’s Oktoberfest. This is bit of an unfair situation for Greg, however, since Ms. Mayes’ legal troubles were resolved this week along with her outburst of bigotry. The timing is not totally his fault. What is his fault is the placement of that part of his column. Greg chose to give the good news to boycotters before the bad news. The first topic of the article was about Ms. Mayes’ acquittal on a charge of disorderly conduct. This is where the boycotters can sing praise to the justice system they hate for springing this women who was part of a group of goon out to cause trouble at Oktoberfest, which many might say would include incitement to riot. Luckily that did not happen, but evidence of incitement was common among those “protesting” that day. Additionally, if there is a videotape, why has it not been shown in public? Ms. Mayes is quoted as stating that is what got her off. I want to know why this tape has not made its way to the local media. If it has, then why has it not been aired or at least put online? If it was part of the trial, would it not be part of the public record?

The second item Greg covered was this same Ms. Mayes carrying on at a Black Fist, a local black separatist hate group, decrying Jews on Fountain Square. Greg here strongly chided Ms. Mayes for her participation in this hate filled event. Greg did not mince his words in comment in responding to comments from Ms. Mayes “That might be. But there's also a double standard in Mayes' behavior, championing civil rights for one minority group, African Americans, while fomenting hatred against another minority group, Jews.” Greg’s comment are akin to many conservative bloggers, like Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Reynolds, who have publicly called for Trent Lott to resign. I think however that Greg has dropped the ball here. Greg should have called for her to resign her post at the CJC for an offense that was more overt than Trent Lott’s comments. Greg and City Beat’s saving grace is the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words.
Anti-porn crusader takes fight to hotels
This "news" article is brought to you by Phil Burress and the CCV. Could there be anything more biased? Well yes, this list of quotes about Burress the Enquirer ran with the story, along with this brutal side story. I guess they could not reach Howard Stern, Peter North, Jenna Jameson, and Ron Jeremy. They were all unavailable for comment. Since Linda Lovelace and Jeffery Dalmer are dead, they could not comment either. The article covered how much money the CCV raises for his fascist activities. What I want to know how much money the CCV paid the Enquirer for this political advertisement disguised as a "news" article.

Peter Bronson mush have a hard on for this story. This kind of thing must make him want to get together with Carl Linder, Anthony Munoz, Phil Heimlich, Thomas Grossmann, Daniel Pilarczyk, Joe Platt and Phil Burress and have a prayer circle-jerk to their favorite Jesus movie. Last one to hit the cross shaped cookie does the deed.

Is this the type of story that the new managing editor is going to run? If so, I guess I will have to start getting out my thesaurus to find alternate terms for biased, fascist, and bigotry in regards to the type of stories the Enquirer.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Luken: Baseball `receptive' to reinstating Rose
This is a priority issue for the City?
Arts, not sports, city's biggest draw
After being in Cleveland just after Thanksgiving, I would say this has merit. Downtown Cleveland has a good layout of districts. Their Theater District is very nice and gives it a attractive feel to a casual visitor. I attended the Cleveland branch of Second City. Cincinnati needs places like Second City. Our Backstage area needs an improv/skit comedy theater that can augment the Arnoff center and the new CAC. I know this will not happen anytime soon. When something is good, groundbreaking, or fresh, Cincinnati will get it once it has been proven to work someplace else.
Survival of the Slickest: How anti-evolutionists are mutating their message
I hope the Ohio School Board reads this, but it would most likely fall on deaf ears. I wonder if the Enquirer, with the new managing editor, would have the same editorial stance on ID as before? I am sure Peter Bronson would just call this "liberal" propaganda because of the source of the article, and Phil Burress would call me a “devil” worshiper for just existing, so I will not go there.

Sunday, December 08, 2002

Will casinos change quaint town of Lebanon? You can bet on it
Bronson seems to have gotten his latest marching orders from Phil Burress and the CCV. Peter, is Lawrenceburg "Pottersville" yet? Your Chicken Little routine is going to even tire your blind followers Pete, so don't cry foul over a little gambling.
Ky. senator new `Mr. Conservative'
Why is this a "news" article? This would be understandable if it was a Bronson column, but this is just a biased article setting up Bunning's 2004 reelection campaign to keep out any right-wing challengers. Who is more right-wing than Bunning? I guess only the creationist nutjobs out in Northern Kentucky.
Rock star praises city's efforts on race
I don't think the boycotters can claim Bono as a major supporter.
Cincinnati's elegant and expensive Maisonette earns its stars
Ok, can we trust a food critic from Cleveland reviewing a Cincinnati Restaurant? In this case yes, no one can find fault with the Maisonette.
Ann over at Spiced Sass has commented on my issue with her Blog header comments:
I'm an American. Even during my hippie days, it meant something to me. I've never had a problem with it. Apparently there are those in the world who do. I’ve never been a political animal, it always having been something I could comfortably ignore. Until now. My politics have become an 'a la carte' adventure, a mosaic still being created. I have much to study, much to learn. But here is what I do know. I am frigging American to the bone and, the greatest threat to western civilization that I have so far espied is the one who comes riding in on the trojan horse of liberalism. The left. So, be warned. Hell hath no fury as a woman who has found her allegiance and rediscovered her country. I'm an American. Do.Not.Fuck.With.Me.
My issue had to do with her disdain for liberalism. Ann has posted, in response to my request, detailed comments as to what she means by liberalism.

Ann's comments cover much of the same problem I alluded to with my original comment on her blog. The problem with ideological classifications in America today is that they are framed in the 18th century Left-Right political spectrum, a singular line of difference where you are either on one side or the other. This type of thinking is the norm for most political discourse in every media outlet and forum used today. This classification system is as much of a relic as horse pulled carriages and birch beer. Many different opinions have been waged on what political classification methods should be used, some of which can be read here and here. I am of the opinion that political ideology is at least 2 or 3 dimensional. The Poltical Compass provides one of the better methods of good political ideology identification and explains it well here. The only problem is that this website takes on a noticeable UK feel, which comes close to the USA, but needs a slight label modification. For example Neo-liberal is used there, but I would use it a very different way in the USA mainly to correspond to Neo-conservative. On that compass I come up as a left leaning libertarian, which I translate to Liberal. A left leaning authoritarian would be a populist. A right leaning authoritarian would be a conservative and a right leaning libertarian would just be a libertarian. What I call progressive-populist or a transnational progressive would be those both authoritarian and libertarian that fall on the far left of the four box chart, while the right side would be your paleo-conservatvies and theocratic fascists.

My definition of Liberalism:
Liberalism: A political philosophy where individual freedom is paramount. The government is valued as the protector of those freedoms and as a means to keep other individuals, groups, and organizations from infringing on the individual's rights by keeping markets and public life fair insuring opportunity for all.
That is a general definition. There is no detail to it. Philosophy is generally not filled with detail. My opinion on a tax cut or health care policy is subject to the facts. I have opinions on most topics that have no firm requirements as off shoots of this ideology.

The problems that arise in post political discussions is that people want to call Nom Chomsky a liberal or call George Bush a moderate or call Pat Buchanan a conservative. Those labels don’t fit any better than a sweater on a moose. Those labels are a result of the polarization of political debate in America. No longer can people use terms correctly, they just lump together all of the worst cases into the “Us vs. Them” battle. Talk radio is the chief proprietor of this method. It is a throw back to history. In the 1950’s and 1960’s people were called commies, in the late 19th century they were called anarchists, but over the last 20 years “liberal” is the slur used to label “them” for conservatives, populists, and libertarians. Labeling someone is not a problem. I do that all the time with all different sorts of people. The problem is that I generally don’t make that my entire argument. I don’t just label people and walk away. I usually use the label more as means to reference them in a general sense or as a standard, and test their resolve. That is a debating tactic. The problem in today’s society is that labeling someone a “knee-jerk liberal” is the only thing some people do in a discussion. On talk radio that is a code that works. The conservative/libertarian audience knows that code means “them,” the different people, the enemy. This kind of thinking is only valuable if your goal is conforming. If liberals are the enemy, then what are the Islamist fascists?

Thursday, December 05, 2002

Menorah draws protest to Square
I feel vindicated! One level of the bigotry of the Black Fist has been exposed for the entire City to see. Kudos to the Cincinnati Post for this prominent placement. The headline could have read "Menorah Draws Anti-Semitic Protest to the Square." That would have been much more descriptive. I found no other mention of this protest online. Yesterday 1230 the Buzz did report it along with 700 WLW who ran a very telling sound bite from Amanda Mayes, illustrating her bigotry and hypocrisy. I wonder where the Enquirer reporter was?
CityBeat: Freedom Square
When the KKK puts up a cross next year will City Beat blame Scott Greenwood when he again gets the Klan on the square? The newspaper has been talking out of both sides of its mouth on this issue for quite a while. They are for free speech, but support the boycott that demands the KKK be banned from Fountain Square. Mr. Greenwood got he KKK on the square the last time, got the no mask ordinance overruled, and got the menorah on the square this year. He will undoubtedly help the KKK get on the square next year. I support all of the actions he took for all of these causes. I am not overly keen on the menorah decision, but I support the rights of anyone to be on the square and exercise their freedom of speech if anyone is allowed to. If the Black Fist can use the Square to spout their Hate Speech, then so can the KKK.

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

CityBeat: Your Negro Tour Guide "Movin' On Up "
Kathy tries to be nice to people, but all she does is come across as bigoted as Archie Bunker. She claims whites resent black assimilation? What whites has she been talking to recently? Mr. Fox or Mr. Flannery? Kathy is as ignorant about the non-black population as the non-black population is ignorant about her and the black community. Kathy on the surface seems to be trying to say she is not a Black Fist member, but she still thinks white people “suck”, well not all the white people just the really really “white” people. Being white is the problem for her, and it is a sin for a black person to "be white", what ever that means. I would surmise it means being one of "them" as opposed to "us." Kathy suffers from what I am calling the "Us and Them Syndrome." It is common among hard-core bigots, extremists, and a boatload of conservatives. This syndrome entails creating a cause for everything you hate in the world and everything bad about yourself, your family, and your friends. That cause would be blamed on “them.” The “them” would be either those you hate and whom you blame for your own ills or for the group most easily exploited. Kathy has exploitation down to a science. The question is, will she go for a PHD or change majors?
Chris Anderson Unleashes on the bigoted Hate Group the Black Fist. Chris reports that Amanda Mayes showed up to the protest with her own anti-Semitic poster. I guess with the CBUF website going bye the wayside, the other prong of the boycott, the CJC, has come out of the bigot closet for all of the city to see. Nate's opinions are well known to those who pay attention, but his opinions are not those far off from that of Black Fist. He is more David Duke than Aryan Nation. Could Nate be the illegitimate son of David Duke??
Jay Love from 1230 the Buzz was reporting from the Black Fist's "protest" on Fountain Square. There were 3 or 4 members of the Fist there, which is almost the entire group. Jay Love reports that they have signs that read something like: "Jews are still Trouble makers" and "Jews Rapped black girls and Boys". The bigotry of the Black Fist has no piers today in Cincinnati. I don’t think Jay could have been more embarrassed on the air then his report from the Square. I think he felt the event was not newsworthy and just pure bigotry. The fact that it was bigotry should be newsworthy. The fact that the Black Fist and its members are nothing but racists is not news to me, but it is news to the local media who refuse to paint them as the hate group they are. I commend 1230 the Buzz for reporting at least the basic facts of the “protest.” Jay or Lincoln could have done a little more commentary in condemning this group, but that might hurt ratings. I wonder what the Post, the Enquirer, and TV News will do with this story. Will the bigotry be portrayed or will just the controversy be played? The latter is where the bias of the media is most acute.
City will select displays on Square
Will this create bedlam? Today the Black Fist, a racist separatist group, is planning a protest. Reports were that they were going to carry pictures of Hitler and Swastikas on Fountain Square to protest the Menorah. They claim this will open the door to the KKK. When the Black version of the KKK complains about KKK isn't that just an equilibrium? Doesn't it work out in the big picture? Let racist oppose racist, and leave the rest of us alone. Let this group never again be considered anything but a hate group. The SCOTUS ruling on its surface seems to only address the plaintiff's display, but the full impact will surely end up in court again.

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

RobBernard's list of actions the Bengals need to take.
Cincinnati does not need the KKK, we have the Black Fist to fill the hate group quota for Fountain Square, with the New Black Panther Party waiting in the wings.
Police suspect hate (2nd item)
White on Black crime is a Hate Crime, but Black on White assault is not?
Menorah this year, Klan next?
Members of the Black Fist, which has held protests against alleged police misconduct and racism, blame the group which displays the menorah.

The "so-called Jews have opened the doors for the Klan to come in" with the menorah display, said Kabaka Oba, a Black Fist leader.
Hello Cincinnati Post???? The Black Fist is a Hate Group!!!!!! Hello???????? Is anyone listening to what I post??? Anyone????

UPDATE: I don’t know if Chris Anderson took this from me, but he is right on target with the same thing I saw with this group’s actions. His opinion on the fundamentalists from the Jewish faith also is right on target. Why they are not seen with similar motives as the CCV can best be said in tone and methods. Jews, in general, don't push their religion on others like the CCV and other Christian fundamentalists. They may have similar goals, but most Conservative Jews don't justify the means to an end like Fundamentalist Christians generally do.
Deputies hit downtown by foot for first time
What in this quote does not make sense:
The program is designed to enhance the environment and spark redevelopment of the north edge of the Cincinnati business district and the south edge of Over-the-Rhine, where many county buildings are located. The area includes the Justice Center, County Administration Building, Courthouse, The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Great American Ball Park, and the Job and Family Services building.
If you guessed Great American Ball Park, you win a free subscription to Cincy Blog. Email me for details.
Other holiday displays uncertain
Let the beatings begin! I want my Stonehenge out there for Winter Solstice!!!!!!

Nate Livingston seems to think that Jewish and African-American relations were good to begin with. Half of his boycott Klan blames the Jews for half of the worlds problems.

Note to Reporter: If you feed it, he will stick around. Don't feed Nate! Put him on a quote diet!

Monday, December 02, 2002

Chris Anderson takes on the idea of Cincinnati as being one of the most "segregated" cities in America.
Supreme Court says menorah can be displayed
SCOTUS sticks its nose in a case most thought would not be looked at until next year. I am torn on the issue. I am all for free speech, but this does seem to far. Does this mean I can put a giant model of Stonehenge on Fountain Square to honor the Winter Solstice? If the KKK and Jewish groups can erect what they wish, will my attempt go unchallenged?