Wednesday, December 04, 2002

CityBeat: Your Negro Tour Guide "Movin' On Up "
Kathy tries to be nice to people, but all she does is come across as bigoted as Archie Bunker. She claims whites resent black assimilation? What whites has she been talking to recently? Mr. Fox or Mr. Flannery? Kathy is as ignorant about the non-black population as the non-black population is ignorant about her and the black community. Kathy on the surface seems to be trying to say she is not a Black Fist member, but she still thinks white people “suck”, well not all the white people just the really really “white” people. Being white is the problem for her, and it is a sin for a black person to "be white", what ever that means. I would surmise it means being one of "them" as opposed to "us." Kathy suffers from what I am calling the "Us and Them Syndrome." It is common among hard-core bigots, extremists, and a boatload of conservatives. This syndrome entails creating a cause for everything you hate in the world and everything bad about yourself, your family, and your friends. That cause would be blamed on “them.” The “them” would be either those you hate and whom you blame for your own ills or for the group most easily exploited. Kathy has exploitation down to a science. The question is, will she go for a PHD or change majors?

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