Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Taste of Tar

I can personally attest that it was as bad as reported.


Does Sam Malone improve or tarnish his image when a profile appears in the newspaper about him the day he is due back in court. I wonder if his judge is reading the newspaper as I type this?

Was the article fair or was it a puff piece with a sprinkling of reality put in?

The Plan for Fountain Square

The Enquirer has a heavy coverage of the Plan for Fountain Square. It will be formally issue to City Council later on today.

I like the idea, but I am torn on this being the real way to bring back downtown. I think this signals that Main Street and the Riverfront are not going to be the focus of the City for now. The Riverfront has not taken off and will likely stay what it is, an occasional used area, mostly for special summer/fall events. Main Street loses big here, and without support from the city, it will lose out. Fountain Square will cater to the Suburbanite who now may stay downtown after the baseball game. That is fine, but will it do anything to increase people moving to the city? It just makes a few Suburbanites feel like they are adventurous because they went to Fountain Square, oh the danger that brings.

Taste of Politics

On Sunday to my visit to the Taste of Cincinnati the politicos were out in force. I saw council candidate's David Crowley and Jeff Berding. I saw a group of Alicia Reece supporters. I saw this big sign from Paul Hackett. I did not see to many Republican candidates, other than a stray DeWine sticker sticking in the nasty tar on Central Parkway.

Oktoberfest is when the political fever pitch hits its high note, but this weekend was the kickoff of the political season. Opening day back in April was like spring training, but now the real games begin. The race for mayor should make this a hot summer.

Monday, May 30, 2005

WOXY X97.7 is No More

A formatting change has taken place and yet another corporate radio station has gone to the dogs. The former home to 97X will now become a "variety hits" station, which will likely make Q102 look appealing.

The worst part is that Station Program director Matt Sledge is out of a job. If anyone in radio land is looking for a good radio man, Matt is your fella.

UPDATE: Just make one thing clear, 97X (woxy.com), the only on the web station, is still going strong. The over the air station that replaced the Oxford signal is changing from Alternative music to variety hits.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

McEwen Over Brinkman

The extreme right wingers are lining up to support Bob McEwen for Ohio Congress. Dobson, Burress, and Tony Perkins are a theocratic fascist Axis if there ever was one. With guys like these three supporting him, that actually makes Brinkman look pretty good. Tom got the Gun Owners Association, but that is all I found referenced on his website. I think Tom is a Catholic. Could that have anything to do with why the über anti-abortion Ohio Legislator did not get Evangelical Protestant leaders' support? Yes, I am throwing gas on a fire.

Violent Femmes Play Cincinnati June 17

The blisters in the sun may flame up with the Violent Femmes playing outside in downtown Cincinnati in the alley behind McFadden's. (You are so welcome for my cheap attempt a pun). Tickets are $15 in advance or $20 at the door.

Somehow I think I have a culture night idea for Cincinnati Advance that could plan itself.

I heard a commercial for this as I drove back from Dayton. I had heard nothing about this previously and was cheering in my car.

I saw the Femmes back during college when they opened up for the Grateful Dead up at Buckeye Lake near Columbus. It was an odd mix of bands, but the crowd dug the Femmes very enthusiastically.

For the record: I am there! Who is with me?

Looting the Food King

"For God's sake, they're looting the Food King!"

I had to take a trip to the store on Saturday whilst I was attending my niece's graduation party up in Tipp City. I actually went twice, so I took a picture. It is a very old store, badly in need of new check out lanes. They have old carts that are tall and shallow. The name is what just got me. When I was asked to go to Food Town, I was waiting for someone to break into song and sing me a peppy jingle instructing me on a balanced diet.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Evolution Gains Yet Again

A 370 Million year old Arthrodire was found in Clark County Kentucky. Shhhhh! Don't tell Ken Ham and the other nutty Young Earthers that science is proving him wrong yet again.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Stem Cell Research

Yea to the Post for calling out Bush's mistake on Stem Cell Research and point out that his compromise was a fallacy. I applaud those in the House who passed support for government funding of Stem Cell Research. Bush is saying he will veto it. This is the issue that makes me truly HATE Bush. He tried to be Solomon and ending being a stooge of the extreme right wing. On every other issue, even the war, I can respect him as a human being for having a different view. I will hate those views and call him a wanker for having them, but still understand he would be different. On this I can't. It hits me personally, my Dad has Parkinson's disease, so I care about it and am not without emotion on this issue.

There is no reason that anyone can object to this. None. If you whine about not wanting your tax dollars used on something you disagree with, then I will point you to a WAR that killed 100,000 people and remind you that millions of people in this country disagreed with that one too. I didn't see Bush veto funding for the War.

If Bush wants to save lives, then provide REAL funding for Stem Cell Research. He does that and finally understands that he does not need to get reelected by the religious zealots, he might salvage his image a sliver.

Hamilton County Dems Endorse Hackett

As expected Hamilton County Dems endorsed (2nd item) Paul Hackett for Congress. Will this piss people off enough to hurt Hackett?

This is How You Play for the Right Wing

Pat DeWine appears to be fearful of being targeted by those pissed at his dad for being sensible. How does the family man act? Well, he chooses to appease the right wing and oppose his father. Now, isn't that a violation of the 10 Commandments? Will not the right wingers get more pissed? Oh, wait, you say they will not hold the violation of the 10 Commandments against DeWine? Well, at least not the one about honoring your parents.


Maggie Downs I believe is telling it like it is to a segment of single society. As a member of that society I don't see all that much of that side directly, so I can't speak to it first hand, just by proxy. She is right. Sex, money, power, or just companionship is often either the driving force or the only thing involved in a relationship. That "L" word, or even just affection, doesn't creep in as often as most of us would like. A little emotion is a good thing. A lot of it scares us off sometimes. Fear drives us from love or what we think is love.

Following Washingtonienne was I think is a lower degree of being Washingtonienne, for which I am a poster child. I was glued to Wonkette for weeks. Titillation sells, and I was buying. We are animals, and we like it.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Fringe Volunteers Still Needed!!!!!!


We still need your help as a Cincy Fringe Volunteer

Be at Mulligan's tonight at 7 PM for Orientation and you can sign up there, or head down to McFadden's on Saturday at 1 PM for Orientation.

Don't let anyone say you are not in touch with the culture. Be apart of the art.

If you can't volunteer than make sure you attend at least 20 shows!

Is Hackett the Dems Choice?

The primaries are not until next month, but Howard Wilkinson's is reporting that support for Paul Hackett as the Democratic Nominee for the 2nd district is growing and he may be the man to beat. Key elements of his success may rest on his resume and not much else. He is new to most people, but is already getting big endorsements, like Democratic Party in Pike County. Hamilton County Dems, according to the article, are leaning towards endorsing Hackett. This is causing a small stir in the party, but I think nothing more than a show of loyalty to long time candidate Charles Sanders, who many, including me, do not want to see get the nomination. He is a long time loser in this race and new blood is the way to gain excitement and new votes.

Shorter Pete Bronson

Per request, I will sum up Peter Bronson's column today in terms to save everyone time.
Pity me for being a right-winger, I get nasty emails.

[Insert outdated cultural reference here.]

[Insert laundry list of current events references here that have no connection to each other.]

I have nothing much else to write about, so in case you missed it, this column was a quick one before the long weekend.
Hope that works for everyone.

Is He Writhing in His Chair?

I figured Nate Livingston would be having a hissy fit over Greg Flannery's Porkopolis column. Next me, Greg has to be Nate's favorite.

Add Greg's column to the heavy editorial from Kathy Y. Wilson and if you didn't know better, you would say based on Nate Livingston's views on beating your children would say he lives out in Adams county, not Over-the-Rhine.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Answers in Ludicrous

The Cincinnati Dealer: Are You Fucking Kidding Me?: No

Eastside Roads

It is great that Portman got 16 Million for roads in the current highway bill. What are the chances we will get any of it? With Portman gone and no congressman in the seat for at least 2 and a half months, what will stop congress from cutting the bill at the point of least resistance?

Foutain Square Details

Some details are starting to filter out about plans for Fountain Square. In the article it reports that planners are going for a model with only 10% public financing. The question is, 10% of what? How much will a video screen sign over Macy's cost? This plan sounds interesting, and I am hopeful, but I wondering if this is worth it? Will it bring people downtown? Will suburbanites just stay away because of irrational fear no matter what is built?

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


This sad story from Hyde Park has to be horrible for the family. I hope very much that the vultures from Court TV, Dateline, and the rest stay the hell away.

DeWine Helps In Filibuster Compromise

Mike DeWine is not going to be winning any new friends in the extreme right wing for helping pull back from a possible Senate Shutdown. I am pleased that a group of sensible Senators were able to forge a deal to keep things going. On paper I don't know who got the better deal yet. With the attacked from the extreme right wing hitting these GOP Senators already, I think the right wing feels they lost an opportunity. I am hoping they did.

Will this have any fallout for Pat DeWine? I think the social conservatives are already out to get him, so this might actually gain him a little moderate support, if he gets out of the primary.

Division on Iraq

A very interesting debate arose at the GOP candidate forum over Iraq. In one corner was Veteran Eric Minamyer who advocates getting out of Iraq. This is a guy who as been called up for service 5 times since 9/11. In the other corner was everyone else, spouting BushCo Speak. Brinkman played the pretend maverick by saying in so many words that while he is a Bush man, he is not his bitch.

I think Minamyer would have been able to mount a third party charge with that kind of a stance. He is going to lose a lot of support in the primary race for daring to not spout BushCo propaganda, especially to the choir at an event like this. No one can doubt his courage or his ability to be his own candidate. That will not get him many votes when you take the opposite stance as Dear Leader in a district with a large majority in support of the war. Bush is losing much of his shine, but around here I don't think they care much. They drank the kool-aid and will not look back.

Anti-PC Bronson

Fucking Peter Bronson is making a pisshead bigoted desire for hate to be demonstrated by Hollywood. Peter, they are just fucking TV shows. I mean, Jesus Fucking Christ, why would he care who the bad guys are in a God Damn FICTIONAL TV SHOW?

In case you are wondering, yes, I am making sure to swear a fuckload in this post. I do this mock the original Politically Correct movement. Yes, that would be the conservatives and cultural prudes, who don't want to be offend by swear words or sex. It is politically incorrect to say fucking-A-bubba on national TV because that might offend some tight ass fundamentalist, but when a TV network dares to try not offend a group of people by NOT perpetuating stereotypes, Peter Bronson, the anti-PC crusader, goes apeshit. PC is fine for prudes, but not fine for racial or ethnic groups.

Oh, and it is funny when ever Bronson mentions anything about "Balance" in the media while writing in the Enquirer, where there is no local columnist to balance out his biased views. "Balance" has become the word of variable meaning. It now means just means "conservative" instead of meaning coverage that is objective. FOX news is the most unobjective TV News network around and that is the fucking truth.

Monday, May 23, 2005

SW: Episode III Round Up

I have not seen Star Wars: Episode III yet and I don't when I will get the chance. Maybe this weekend, maybe not. Anyway, everyone and their first cousin are blogging on this around town. Here's a summary:

Seriously, WTF
One Step Back
Last Ten Days

I am missing some, so chime in with your reviews and plot problems. I don't mind knowing, I know how it ends after all. If others don't want to know, then don't read the comments.

Taking a Bite Out of Crime

Nick Spencer took action this weekend against crime in his neighborhood. If more people did this in OTR, crime would fall. Why are more people in OTR not doing this?

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Laketa Cole's Blog

It is more of the norm now for candidates to have a blog and council member Laketa Cole has hers. She calls it the "Laketa Cole Newsroom," which seems like an odd title, but she has a blog as well as a professionally created web site. That tops her last campaign alone.

Faux Balance

There is no reason to do yet another story on the nut jobs in Boone County who think the Earth is no more than 10,000 years old. Someone at the Enquirer has the hots for Ken Ham and the fundie sheep he tends.

This story makes an attempt to present the opposing view of creationism, but it is done in a style that puts creationism on an equal foot with evolution. That is a faux type of balanced journalism, something FOX news is famous for. In science there are facts. Evolution uses facts to form its basis. Creationism uses religion. Treating these as though they are both credible concepts creates a cover of validity to Creationism that it does not deserve. It would be like giving equal time on a panel discussion on pedophilia to NAMBLA.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

GOP Walking a Tightrope

The GOP either got lucky or are timing things closely with the reported date of June 1st to release their list of endorsements for Cincinnati City Council. I say they are cutting it close because Sam Malone's next court date is May 31st. One could logically determine they are hoping something is resolved by then, so their choice can be made for them, and they are not forced to eat crow and dump Malone. If Malone pleads guilty and then drops out of the race, then the GOP leaders will have dodged a bullet. If they are forced to either dump him, or for some insane reason stand by him, then they will piss people off, and lose votes.

s p a c e t r o p i c: Spread the Alarm

I second Brendan's call for action to keep free speech alive on the web. Send an Email today!

Changes to WVXU

What was expected appears to be happen WGUC gutting the bulk of local programming on WVXU. May guess is that most of the local talk shows will likely get the axe, as well as most of the old time radio. What we will have left is NPR. The only bright spot I got from the article is a plan to hire a News Director, which signals an effort to create original local news, something that a combine station function could improve. WVXU was trying to expand local news and made a good effort, but if both local news budgets are combined, that should mean more local news programming on WVXU, with none on WGUC. It will be sad to see WVXU torn apart, but as another article suggests, combination of the two radio stations may have helped kept the WVXU signal away from religious and what I would boring programming, that would get dismal ratings, present yet another conservatively biased news source, and provide no community service.

Drink UP!

It appears to fall on the smokers to bear the brunt of sin tax increases. I will not be shedding a tear in my beer for them.

Friday, May 20, 2005

New Blog: The Ohio 2nd

Have look at the Ohio 2nd Blog which is just starting up and looking for contributors, let me know if you are interesting and I can pass along your vitals, or just check out their "Help Wanted" post.

Stand By Your Man, But Not To Close

Michael Barrett proved to us that he is gutless and will not pull the plug on the Malone campaign, at least not now.

He even comes close to defending Malone in his column, which is sad, oh so very sad.
A reporter recently wrote about the faces of abuse victims. The same stares of hopelessness can be seen in prisons and rehab centers across our state on the faces of prisoners and patients. Who or what could have made a difference in their lives? Could tough love have prevented them from ending up on the human scrap heap? I don't know the answer, but I do know that there is no bright-line test for parenting, and whether fair or unfair, the ultimate measure is the child's achievement or failure.
Mr. Barrett, can't we all agree there is a BRIGHT-LINE TEST when it comes to beating your children with a belt? That line is simple, DO NOT DO IT OR GO TO JAIL.

Sure, Sam gets his day in court, and will not likely go to jail, which if the facts are true, I think is a shame because he should spend a least a little time in jail. The community's reaction to him, and certainly his party's, should not be to provide cover for his actions, but to enact a social punishment. That punishment is simple; he should not be given help by his Party, or anyone else, to get back on council. Malone is in a state of denial, and thinks beating your children with a belt is just great, Therefore his classless move of not resigning form council and which would make it easier on his family, friends, and party is additional evidence of why he is unfit for office.

Anyone that gives money or time to the local GOP with Malone as a candidate is in my personal opinion supporting a child abuser and a person with a questionable state of competence to be an elected official, and how is that right? Personal lives are personal (see DeWine and Clinton), but when you beat your kids, you cross that BRIGHT-LINE. Based on the past week of blogging and columns from most around Cincinnati shows that people on both sides of the aisle understand that BRIGHT-LINE that Barrett seems to be missing. I hope the rank and file GOP can help Mr. Barrett find that line.

Cats and Dogs Living Together

I understand where Mark Mallory is coming from here. He is a clear supporter of the library system, and does not fear the government. What gives with Brinkman? This guy hates paying taxes for anything Why does he want to fund public libraries, but not support funding public schools? Will Brinkman's money come with strings? Will he seek to ban all books covering sexual education and use of condoms? Or will he stick with banning books that discuss the rational reasoning behind keeping abortion legal, and choice for the mother?

There ARE Dems in Them Their Hills!

There is a group of Dems out in Warren County. Check them out and lend some support for the Congressional special election if you can.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

District Two Race

Howard Wilkinson appears to be the Enquirer’s man on the Congressional Special Election and has round up of the campaign inter-workings.

Enquirer on Malone 1991 Incident

The Enquirer catches up to the Post with Malone choking his mother story.

Bronson is an Ignorant Cuss

My praise of Peter Bronson was not going to last and his next column shows why. Peter is either an ignorant fool or a blind shill that he just can't think outside of what he hears other conservatives say.

How the hell is the filibuster issue about religion? The only ones making it about Religion are the Right Wing. They (and I mean "they") are stating that the those who oppose Bush's judges (and oppose Bush) are anti-Christian, just as Bronson is saying:
You don't have to know a filibuster from a Philly cheese-steak to know what he meant. The debate about even allowing a debate on Bush's nominees has been mangled beyond recognition by pundits and politicoids, but this much is clear: Some attacks on the nominees reek of anti-Christian bigotry.

And bigotry is like obscenity. You can lawyer it, deny it and spin it all you want - but we know it when we see it.

Senate Democrats, far-left lobbying groups and their echo chamber in the press have made "deep religious beliefs" a fatal disqualifier, like a DUI - judging under the influence of God.
So, How many non-Christians and non-Jews has Peter Bronson EVER VOTED FOR! If he can name more than say 1, he has a long way to go to show how religious bigoty is not a bigger problem for the Christians as it is for others.

Just so to educate Peter on the past: how many Clinton nominees were NOT ALLOWED to be debated on the floor of the Senate? The number is over 200. I did not hear Peter or any other Republican crying about that. They instead were happy as school kids. Why? They were happy to keep out liberal judges? Why? Well lets take a guess: maybe in part they want judges who were going to only live by "god's" word and stick to strict Conservative Socal Values®.

I think Nate is starting to rub off on Bronson with the ending of the column
The filibuster is being used to keep Christians off the courts.
Just insert blacks in place of Christians and "White Privilege" in place of filibuster and you might something Nate would say. I have to ask Peter something, does he only want Christians on the court? How many on the Federal Court, at all levels are not Christian? There are surely Jewish people. I doubt there is a single Muslim or Hindu. There certainly is not any Wiccans and no known public atheists or agnostics. I guess he only cares about getting more Christians on the court. How many non-Christians has Bush appointed to either the Bench or even to positions in the government, especially senior positions? If you want to expose religious bigotry, that would be a place to start looking for it. Stop bible-baiting Peter, you look like an cuss.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sam Malone Charged in 1991 with Hitting His Mother

According to the The Cincinnati Post, Councilman Sam Malone was charged with hitting and choking his mother back in 1991 at age 20. the article states he was allowed into an alternative treatment program:
A mental health evaluation recommended treatment for Sam Malone, and he was ordered to attend the YWCA's Amend Batterers Intervention Program. That is an outpatient treatment program that offers individual and group counseling for batterers and their victims.

The program tries to show abusers alternatives to violence. Also, it demands that abusers take responsibility for their actions and learn to handle the anger that often leads to attacks.
It appears Sam did not learn enough through this program. Question: why would a 20 year old get a mental evaluation after a relatively minor offense? What signs where there to warrant such an action?

CiN at Taste of Cincinnati

CinWeekly has collected up free MP3's of the bands appearing on the CiN stage at the Taste of Cincinnati. I will plug up the KY Struts live. I don't know original stuff, but their live set at Jammin' On included some rock-a-billy standards (at least I think there were) and it kicked.

Going up to Country

It appears that the hinterland has pull in the race for the 2nd Congressional district. It has pull more in the GOP primary, where extremists in Adams County are applying a rather insane litmus test:
n Adams County, the Rev. Ken Johnson, a United Methodist minister from Seaman, was the leader of the pro-Ten Commandments forces. Today, he is being courted for his endorsement by most of the 11 Republican candidates for Portman’s seat.

So far, he hasn’t given it.

“All I can say is that any candidate who comes into Adams County and says he is against having the Ten Commandments displayed on public property is not going to get elected to anything,” Johnson said.

Johnson said the upcoming primary presents a “difficult choice” for conservative Christians because “most of the Republican candidates are pro-life, pro-Ten Commandments, against gay marriage. They’re on the right side of the issues.”

But Adams County voters, Johnson said, “will vote on more than the moral issues. We have a lot of economic issues in this county that are important too.”
I am most sickened that his theocratic fascist, (yes folks those words of mine are back), is a United Methodist minister. I grew up in that church, and it never, never got political. It goes without saying that I am sickened by his bigoted stances, but this guy is a lightning rod, and illustrates the motive behind erecting the Ten Commandment stone displays in front of school: for religious purposes.

The key to know how much influence the rural areas will have is to simply look at population and voting patterns. I have no idea where the population centers are, outside of the Hamilton County area. If our side of the district dominates the population, its issues will dominate the election, but a primary fight could show divisions.

On the Dems side it should focus on issues and electability. I don't see Dem rural and urban votes being in conflict as much as the GOP's.

I have never been to Adams County (Praise Zeus!), but I am fairly sure the water does not taste like wine.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Diner Shuts Down

The Diner has closed. I never made it there. I just walk past there last Saturday night and it was not busy. I think its problem is that it tried to be a bar, more than a restaurant, and a higher end restaurant than I would have expected from what has been billed as the Diner. If you are going to go upscale, you can keep the decor of the diner, but the name makes you think of a greasy spoon. My impression is that it was better than that. It is still a great location. I hope it can rise from the ashes again.

Council Race Runners

The number of people running for City Council appears to be at 21 so far. 9 Dems, 6 GOPers, 4 Charterites, and 2 Independents, with 2 other possible Independents. This breakdown assumes that the GOP does not wake up and dump Sam Malone like they should.

The favorites, as usual, are the incumbents. I think only two returnees are locks: Cranley & Cole. The rest have possible vulnerabilities.

Good Column From Bronson

I can't complain much about Peter Bronson's latest column. He has a reasoned fair stance on this that I think most can agree with. What is missing is Bronson's call for Malone to resign from office. That is a failing. He may be waiting, as may be the editorial board, until he is convicted, but in this type of situation I think the public has more than enough evidence to judge him unfit for office and Malone would do the city, and most importantly his son good, by resigned office and removing the media spotlight.


As a Miami fan, I can want nothing more than UC sports to lose, I really am torn Huggins' contract woes. I think he is part of what is wrong with college sports. He is running a professional team and cares more about winning than about educating. He is not unique among college coaches, so he should not get more scorn than others, but he is here and he has the drinking and driving problem that got him nothing more than a wrist slap. He should have taken the buy out and gone. The only way he stays beyond two years is win the Big East, which would give him a shot at a better program in the East.

Malone Playing the Fool

Yesterday we had the first Council appearance from Councilman Sam Malone, and we got what I believe is the rationalization of violence and illustrates how child abuse is not limited to drunks, but also in those who appear to be a straight-laced as anyone.

I think Malone is in denial. It is likely many people who were beat like this by their parents are in denial, especially those who are defending Malone.

You don't beat your kids with your belt. If you do you are abusing them and you are doing no one any good. If you want to punish the kid, you don't strike terror in him. I feared my father. I was never hit by him and NEVER felt like he would ever hit me. I was as good a kid as a parent could hope for, which yes mean I was a good two-shoes for the most part. Malone has hurt his child more than just the beatings. He put terror into him. So much terror that he went to the police. That is not what child does, that is what a victim does.

Monzel really looked like a weasel, giving Malone a really awkward hug on TV that appeared more staged than a prize fight. Reece is playing the angles here and I wonder how long before we get Malone or a boycott or other activist proxy out the playing the race card. Will we see anyone in the GOP outside of Charlie Winburn hint at or push the race card as a political tactic? Will a Ken Blackwell weigh in on the issue?

It is most odd that I have not heard anything from Malone's friends in the CCV. I thought they were buddies, what gives Phil Burress?

When will Malone start pretending to the be the victim?

The Enquirer's Editorial is right on what it said, but it fell short. What is holding the Enquirer back from calling for Malone to resign? The paper also prints excepts from the transcript of the child's 911 call.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Details on Malone Incident Start to Surface

More details of the alleged child abuse by Sam Malone come from Malone's former wife's sister. She states that another young person called police and that she and other family members took him to the hospital. Malone's lawyer hints at the early stages of a defense by mentioning that the aunt was on the losing end of a custody battle over the boy three years ago. It sounds like as of now Malone is going to stand his ground. He will go down on this and bring his party with him.

Americans are Culturally Dead

Kevin Drums points to a Top Hundred Americans list from the Discovery Channel, like was done by the BBC and CBC in recent years. I am so very astonished by the complete ignorance Americans have. We don't know anything about our own culture; we know only what has been in our minds in the last 15 minutes. Beyond that, we have no recollection.

2nd District Candidates Set

The primary candidates are set for the 2nd district special election. The Democratic Barber didn't make it. Those to watch are DeWine, Brinkman, Schmidt and the wildcard Minamyer for the GOP. The Dems only hope I think is Paul Hackett, based almost solely on his resume. None of the candidates, outside of Saunders, has any experience in politics.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

On the Other Hand

Even though Jammin' On was great, an AP feature today brings the failure to improve OTR to light. I agree that efforts to start to change OTR have failed, especially the movement to bring back Vine Street, but we are 4 years removed from a riot. We have activists who still do not want to work with anyone who does not submit to their viewpoint. We have head in the sand suburbanites who just don't care that much about the poor, especial in the City. Mostly we have people doing their own thing and not thinking big picture. We have the Kroger Garage and the Art Academy of Cincinnati going forward, but Main Street has been stagnant. I see potential, I don't see action and this year being an election year we are going to here plan after plan, but are we going to see action? Not likely.

Subtle Knocks on DeWine from Brinkman

Tom Brinkman in no way comes out directly and says anything about Pat DeWine's divorce and other personal negatives in this email reported on BCR, but he sure as hell hints that they exist:
Pat is proving once again why he is not suited to be our Congressman. Please let your friends and neighbors know what Pat DeWine is doing. Ask them to spread the word that Pat DeWine is NOT suited to be our Congressman. This has nothing to do with how he has conducted himself in the past, this is about how he is conducting himself NOW.
Now, there is one contradiction here, if he "once again" is doing something, than how is this not about both what he has done in the past and is doing now? The hint I am referring to is the question Brinkman leaves hanging: How did he conduct himself in the past? What is he talking about? The answer is left for the reader to wonder, but is a rather obvious, to politicos yet subtle to average Joes/Janes, jab at DeWine's affair/relationship with a political activist and his divorce.

Jammin' On a Success

Dylan of Buckra

Jammin' On was a great event this year, I believe the turn out was solid and the variety of music was pretty good. Jake Speed & the Freddies, Buckra, and the rock-a-billy sounds of the Kentucky Struts were my favorites.

The only complaint came from a friend who said that the sound guys in this town suck. Last night there were 6 sets of sound crews out there. I can imagine that using the C team is not the ideal. If Midpoint is to be as big as it can be and with a really great music scene in Cincinnati, we need to get our local sound guys in tune with the varied musical styles. Folk, Funk, and Heavy Metal need different mixes.

Malone Arrest Fall-Out Begins

In today's updated Enquirer article we get more details as to how Malone’s actions were reported to police. If you beat your child so much that they need to go to the hospital, yes folks, something is really wrong, and something criminal happened. The hospital staff will report you if you do these kinds of injuries to your children.

The most outlandish statement and one that should destroy his chances for a GOP endorsement for Mayor go to former councilman Charlie Winburn:
"When kids are unruly, parents have to be responsible," said Charlie Winburn, a longtime friend of Malone's family and a former councilman. "Sam is a great, responsible father. He ought to be commended for disciplining his child."
Now, I might give Charlie the benefit of the doubt only if he did not know of the details in the article, like the kid having to go to the hospital after being beaten by his father. If he knew about that and other details reported in the media, then Winburn is a monster to think that a person should be "commended" for beating a teenager. We don't live in the 18th Century Mr. Winburn.

Alicia Reece's comments should have just been to offer "no comment," but they were generally neutral, with a hint of what Winburn said.

The big hat tip goes to Republican Pete Witte. According to the article Pete called for Malone to resign. That is an extremely courageous thing to do, it is the right thing to do, and after the initial run of facts, I think it spells doom for Sam Malone's career. More facts could come out to change things, but with the information presented by medical personnel, the police, and no denial from Malone of doing the beating, the evidence is stacked against Malone. Therefore Witte's stance will become I believe the stance of the majority of Republicans. If not, then the Dems have an issue. It would be a gutter issue to use, and might in the end backfire if used incorrectly, but a subtle slam against any candidate, like Winburn, who supported Malone would be effective. A full attack on Sam Malone would be not only be fair, it would be the right thing to do.

GOP County leader Mike Barrett's response was not courageous like Pete Witte's, but he gave the totally neutral line that he had to give to the press at this point. It is only a matter of time however before Barrett will have to change his tone and then the Party will have start to pressure Malone to resign. If they don't, Leslie Ghiz may be the only endorsed Republican on council next year.

I wonder when we will get a comment from the CCV, Malone was their man on council after all.

More from WCPO here and here. It appears the rest of the local mainstream news media took the weekend off.

UPDATE: WLWT has more. It hasn't made the AP Wire yet to my knowledge.

UPDATE#2: Nick Spencer comments and joins Pete Witte in calling for Malone to resign now.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Councilman Sam Malone Arrested

First thing that comes to mind is holy shit, but that just does not put into words the change this puts into City Politics. Councilman Sam Malone was arrested for beating his 14 year old with a belt. This is not just a little beating:
A police report said Malone hit his son with a belt, causing injuries that included swelling to the chest, arms, back and buttocks.

A spokeswoman for children's services in Hamilton County said doctors at a Cincinnati hospital contacted the agency Friday night after they found welts and belt marks on the boy's body.

"Parents are allowed to physically discipline their children," said Laurie Petrie, spokeswoman for the county's Department of Job and Family Services, which includes children's services.

"But this," she said, "would be beyond what we would consider normal discipline."
What kind of a human being can beat their own child in such a way as to cause swelling to his chest, arms and back? If it was just on his buttocks, Malone might have survived this, but he should go to jail if this is true.

I hope everyone can agree on this. Some out there might be in favor of corporal punishment, but this is assault. I can understand spanking a young child who can't be reasoned with, but beating your teenager with a belt does nothing but gets your grandchildren beat up in about 20 years.

If anyone tries to defend Malone on this one, you really are reaching. I hope his son is able to get through this.

Malone should immediately resign his council seat and quit politics. If the GOP endorses him, they really will have sunk to a new low.

I hope no one calls this good family values.

Chilifest Cancelled

There will not be a 23rd annual Cincinnati Chilifest this year, but it seems the organizers will try and bring it back this year. Last years event left the organizers 90K in debt. The event occurs in September which is a hard month to contend in. College Football fans are pulled away, baseball, and Oktoberfest eats up people's attention.

More Conversations

Well, I thought I would have one last conversation post after my week of what some called weed induced rantings or reasons #112 that I need to get laid. Well, since I don't smoke anything, let alone weed, and since well the other issue is just nunabiz, I will take it that my conversation went over like a lead balloon.

You stay the same and people complain, you try something new and people complain. You call bigots, bigots, and people complain. I have learned one thing from my experience, people complain, and like to complain. I think I also learned that people don't like my rantings all that much.

Well, you have not read the last of them! I am going to try and broaden my mind a bit more than I have been. I will try and interject a little more culture into the blog than I have been doing. I don't know how or what, but when I am not posting on current events and you see photos, then you will know.

Keeping things fresh has to be something even I try and do. That is saying a lot, for me.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Congrats Wes!!!

A big congratulations go out to Wes Flinn on his new job starting this fall. We all shall miss you.

Pettus-Brown vows to rebuild theater

LaShawn Pettus-Brown almost pulls an OJ.

The Social Leagues

Something I do all the time is constantly consider if women are in or "out of my league." It is almost an instinctive response to meeting someone new. Admitting I am at least partially shallow is not going to be a popular opinion, especially to women. I think my understanding that I myself am nothing to drool over gives me a little cover coupled with my honestly. Since I have come out and spilled the beans on the leagues, I have to ask, are these leagues all in my head, or do they have something of a non-formal and certainly flexible definition that none-the-less holds true?

Now, when I say "out of my league" most people are likely going to focus on appearance. I consider that a significant portion of what I mean, but most certainly not all the factors. Is that fair? Well, from my point of view it is not so much fair, it is something of a reality. Usually it is not what I think of others, it is what I assume they would think of me. That is the interesting part, does our opinion of others really only depend on how we judge ourselves?

No matter how much people want to avoid it, appearance matters. That sucks. It is horrible, but it is reality. It is a human reaction that is not going to change. In my own biased opinion of myself, I rank kinda-sorta average, maybe a little below on some factors and little above a couple of others. What is funny, I think, is that if polled, 2/3rds of people would view themself as average, whether they are or not. If polled secretly they may have a completely different view. Appearance is very subjective and often based on comparison and sample size. Just because it varies though, does not mean it is not valued.

Beyond appearance there are other factors to consider which are really what in the end matters: intelligence, wealth or class, maturity, age, personality, interests, cultural background, and temperament. There are other categories and other variations, but these are what come to my mind most often. Does anyone ever think that people are out of their league when it comes to personality or interests? Sometimes people might say that a smart person is out of their league, but not necessarily in the sense that they are better, just different. Difference is not always valued, unless it creates an identity people can relate to.

Beyond the normal comparison of supermodels and movie stars, are there really people out of your league? Do you walk down the street and say people who might share your same interests, intelligence, temperament are beneath you in social status?

What makes up social status? How much of it is based on appearance and how much is based on other factors? Is appearance ever not a factor?

What I think plays into this is the mystery surrounding what causes two people to be attracted to one another. There are common factors and conventional wisdom that seem to hold true, but then you see a couple together and can’t fathom how they are in anyway compatible. That seems not to matter much when you notice how happy they are together. As a single guy, I can't seem to fathom that kind of happiness.

What I will laugh at now is anyone who claims to be happy, but can't put into words that which makes him/her happy.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Dems Offically Endorse Lynch and Berding

The recommendations were accepted by City Democrats for 6 additional candidates beyond the three incumbents: Jeff Berding, Damon Lynch, Eve Bolton, Samantha Herd, Cecil Thomas and Wendell Young.

Berding is causing grief among some, but to me Lynch is still a disappointment. At this point I would not even consider voting for the man. Could I change my mind? It would take a lot, but it would be possible. If Lynch publicly retracts his past statements on calling police rapists, if he retracts a call for an "afro-centric" curriculum in CPS, and if he says he does not support what was a boycott and declare once and for all that one does not exist. He does that AND his positions are reasonable AND he makes the effort to represent the entire city, then I may vote for him.

I expect some of this is part of his plan and is why the Dems are now supporting him, or at least enough Dems to get a deal to get the endorsement. What I do not expect is Lynch to meet the requirements needed for to vote for him. Because of that I think he is a big mistake to endorse, and gives a lot of fuel to the GOP and by default to Charter. The GOP will just be running against Lynch. Malone against Lynch will I think be how the TV commercials may go, subtly of course. This will pull away liberals like me into the Charter camp. Roxanne Qualls would be a great Charterite right about now, in my book.

Nate as more from the meeting. How much of it is true? Well, that depends on how much Nate spun it. It is worth a read if for nothing else than to see Nate defend Damon Lynch. I though Nate and Lynch were bitter enemies, have they made nice or is Nate just circling the race-based wagons?


How do you learn something? How long does it take you? Do you have learn by doing or can you translate instruction into action? What about observation?

Back in school I learned little or no information from the classroom, other than what the teacher was going to ask on the test had a direct relationship to the topics he or she covered in class.

I learn best by either following written directions, yes I actually read them when I buy a new bookcase at Target, or I learn by observation and then using imitation along with trial and error.

I do not learn well in teams. I personally don't function at my best in teams on most levels, unless I have no clue what is going on, or when I have people who know how to manage, which is often lacking. When I learn something new with a team it ends up that I get it, and then teach the rest by example or by a step-by-step walk through.

I would hate having someone over my shoulder telling what to type or which button to push. The funny part is that what I do for people all the time in my job.

Can anyone learn to do anything? Could I learn to perform surgery? Are there tasks that people just don't have the ability to grasp? It seems to me that if there are people who are able to document any process correctly, then I should be able to complete that process. It doesn't work that way, but conceptually if we had the directions, could we just make a nuclear bomb?

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Questions for Summit Country Day School

If you are going to only allow "Catholics in public life" speak at your who school "whose positions run contrary to the church," then I guess you are going to not allow anyone gay, anyone divorced, anyone who has lied, anyone who has killed someone, anyone who supports the death penalty, or anyone who is not Roman Catholic to speak or for that matter work for your school. Those are the teachings of the Catholic Church, so then you are going to screen out everyone who has not broken those rules?

When will Summit Country Day issue a political test to its staff to determine where they stand on these issues? If they don't, are they simply going to ask who they voted for and then judge based on that? That would be an odd split. Which is more important, being anti-abortion or anti-death penalty?

Thin Skinned Cole

Laketa Cole needs to look past minor pranks. She now will be tagged as the person responsible for removing the barricade on 13th Street, all because she raise a ruckus over a flier. That pushed Enquirer reporter Greg Korte to write a news story and then make her the focus of what some view as opening back up the door to drug dealers.

She should win back her seat anyway, but she might loose a few moderate votes. This would not have been known if she would have just taken it and moved on, don't arm your opponents with your own anger.

Blue Collar, White Collar, & the Future

When I was in college I was trained a what I believe was and is one of the best public university undergraduate business programs in the country. We were taught how to be corporate soldiers. Whether it was accounting, management, marketing, or Finance, all of us learned the tools needed to run any corporation. What we didn't learn were the operations of what that corporation might do. We didn't learn how to build anything. We didn't learn to design much, beyond a few spreadsheets. Some of us can sell, but we didn't learn about what we are selling.

20 years ago it would take about 25 people to do what it takes 5 to do, in about half the time. The ratio in the future will likely increase in its efficiency. Where will that leave our workforce?

What plans are in the minds of our corporate leaders and political office holders? Are they thinking it will all just work out? Do some think that in 50 years we will not build or make anything and only provide services to the world? It appears that is the model we are heading towards. China, India, and South America will make everything, and we will sell it and buy it. The job skill sets in America are shrinking. There are fewer companies that doing fewer things. Will there be enough jobs to support our economy? How long can we make money when we are just trading sticks of butter, taking a cut in each transaction? Would it not be better to not only sell the butter, but make it too? Do we not in the long run make more money when we don't out source everything? At some point the market for outsourcing will crash, and companies will scramble to find people to answer the telephone, let alone find people to service their Servers or make their toothbrushes. What companies are looking beyond stock price? What are we going to do when consolidate everything as far as we can? Will CEO's ever care about anything other than share price?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

One for 'Us,' and None For 'Them'

Abraham at Political Influentials brings up an interesting column about how Evangelical Christians are not Monolithic. This is a true statement, technically. When it comes to social issues I think it wrong. That is the point of the whole theocratic movement, to impose a social order on the society based on conservative Christian religious dogma. It will be "open" to variation, but only those where Christians can swallow it, so to speak. The reactionaries are not going to make everyone be Baptists or even be born-again, but what they don't seem to understand is that not everyone is Christian, and because they (me) are not, that should not be a reason to discriminate against them, nor should it a be license to use the government to try and either force or even just encourage religion or more likely a particular brand of religion on anyone.

I think history is missed on people. In the past the evangelical Christians oppressed Catholics in this country. The Catholics gave some back too, but catholic discrimination was not just common, it was the norm.

Today we have something relatively similar. The Evangelicals have evolved. They are tolerant of most other Christian variable, and to some degree to Jews and Muslims. Inside the evangelicals you still will get plenty of blood loss over whether you are a KJV fan or you push forward with NIV or some other heathen text. The tolerance level is far dicier and has we have seen lately in the new outright oppressive against other non-monotheists. Admitting this reality is a big debating point though.

I fully agree that the 'born-again' Christians are not going to view the same issues the same way. They do however have a slew of issues that they move in crisp step with far and above all other Christians. There is no middle ground on abortion or homosexuality or other social issues. Do they disagree on taxes? Sure they do. The political spectrum of view points in many churches though I think is shrinking.

In the column though one thing was really missing: debate on anti-gay stances. It is quite clear that evangelicals most often either out-right anti-homosexuals, or they compartmentalize the issues. Think of being against gay marriage, but not being anti-gay. I don't see a difference, they often nuance it. It is the same as the cliché: "hate the sin, not the sinner." Well, when you are not religious, you don't sin, it is not applicable as a concept, so again, it is failure to grasp that people live outside your frame of reference.

Abraham had a funny, which I don't think was intentional in his post:
Evangelicals Are Not A Monolith

I've seen quite a few references to theocracy lately. If you're interested in another point of view read this opinion article from an evangelical. He offers some insight on what they stand for.
The bold is mine. It is subtly funny. A better choice would have been "some of them” instead of "they," but I got the overall point of post.

Loss of Cinergy?

What will the effects be on the loss of Cinergy's HQ? The back office will surely lose jobs, but how much of the operation can be handled from NC?

The Soundtrack to Life

Is the intense love of music and the emotional and social connection it instills, as well as the cultural identity it can provide, a modern phenomenon? Is it something that only infects some of us? Is there a gene for music appreciation?

Music is one of the most unifying and yet deviding elements of American Culture today. We are divided by class and race. Music is an element of the identity we profess, whether we are a headbanger, a gangsta, a cowboy, or a wine and cheese taster. Yet within out subcultures we can share songs that fill you full of memory and sense of time or tone that can take you out of your current reality.

What makes music so vital to some, yet just background noise to others? To me, music is like a vital element to living. I need it as much as I need sleep. I don't need just sounds, I need music. What I think of music and of sound or of noise is what someone else might find enlightening. That variation is part of the mysticism of music that defies logic. How can people not at least like some of the Beatles? I know it is hard to fathom but it is true.

Then there are those who just like background noise, just a monotone movie soundtrack that adds a little foundation to their existence, but nothing they will remember the next time they hear the same song. Think of a Ritz cracker to the cheese. Bland on bland. Are those who like easy listening looking to just numb their brains to the pain? Do those who instead embrace as wide view of music reach out to it the variations that contain, dear I say it, soul? I think it is really more like emotion, depth, or something more than just contentment.

I like music that has power, emotion, beauty, complication, and is vibrant. I listen to it for the emotion it can cause me to emote. Music is not like the drapes or a seat cushion. It is art. Art is what I think separates the wheat from the chaff, and the music from the mind numbing drivel. How we tell the difference is what I think is the rub. That is where the conflict and division comes in.

Why though are more of those under say age 50 more into music, than those over it? My parents for example love music, but they don't just turn on the stereo and listen to it, while they do something else. I do that constantly. Is that just us or is it another element of just growing older?

Monday, May 09, 2005

City Cards

CNN had a side story last week on pooling of regional attractions into a discount plan in the form of a car or pass that allows users to get discounts to several places in the area.

The idea is brilliant, but they need to take it one step further, even if it has a certain Disney quality to it. What a better way to market and to steer tourists to the entertainment areas of the city than to have admission bundling. This allows places like the Museum Center, the CAC, and Newport Aquarium to allow users to buy one ticket to all three places for one price, which ends up being a discount over three individual tickets, but it means all three can be a reason for tourist to stay over night in the city, not just an afternoon. This could bring a family from Dayton or even Cleveland to downtown for a couple of days. The tickets could include transportation between each attraction, making it easy for those fearful of city street driving. Throw in a deal somehow with a sporting event, and you really could have a nice little mini-vacation. This type of trip is the only type of tourism that makes sense for areas like Cincinnati.

I would through in Kings Island, but just don't know if the tie in would work. It might work as well as the sporting event, but its location, so far out of town, takes away some of the ease added with downtown transportation. A family could park their car and be shuttled cheaply around the urban core area. Adding a trip out to Mason adds cost that may not work.

[Via SoC]

Sidenote on SoC; Publius has added a second blogger to his blog: Hayek.


Who am I? Or is the question really who are you? In society today, identity is taking on a new shape. In the past you were identified by your family, your nation, your ethnicity, or your race. Maybe sometimes by your profession, but that often overlapped with one or more of the prior classification types.

Today we have Red and Blue States, Christian Businesses, Gay Friendly Bars. We put 'ribbons' on our cars to show support for something. We don't usually do much to support that something beyond showing we support it, but we want everyone to know we support it. We are on ‘that’ team. We are one of ‘us’ not ‘them’

We are a member of the VFW or Mason's, or went to college somewhere. Why do people really have to let everyone know they are a Christian by putting the fish on the back of their car? Is it advertising? Has anyone ever really 'converted' to Christianity because of a small metal figure shaped vaguely like a fish, which people who know nothing about Christianity would logically think was the symbol or Anglers Society of America?

When did it become more important to tell others who you want them to think you are, instead of trying to figure out who you really are?

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Conversation Week

In the hopes of giving people something else beyond my usual bombastic commentary, I thought I might try offering a more mental exercise. Call it philosophizin' or just plain old noggin wrestlin’. I am going to have a post each day, starting today, for a whole week that covers a topic that is philosophical in nature. It might stray into politics or religion (lack there of), but I will be off the direct current events for those posts. Don't worry, I will still have a post or two with the usual foul mouth revelry and vitriol, the red meat that keeps the blood boiling.

As an introductionary tool, I thought I might lament a bit on the current status of what we as human, or maybe just the American, society view as "conversation."

I have three basic conversation modes: philosophical (deep or at least in depth), the nice-ites (small-talk), and cold silence. What I lack is the level of conversation that is what I guess I consider pointless and mundane, the how-was-your-day-dear type conversation. Now, I added the "dear" to the end which might answer why I lack this, I am a single guy. If I was married or had a steady girlfriend I might have those types of conversations, but I don't, at least not that very often. That may also be a "guy thing," where men don't talk that much about such things to other men, while woman might do so more often. Now, lets not get all Griff-hating her for being sexist. Men and women have different conversation styles. Why? Well culture and society has fashioned it over time.

Does my lacking much ability to have meaningless, yet maybe charming conversation about nothing much at all make me a dull boring guy? Well, yes, yes it does. I fear I have been known to glass over more than a few pairs of eyes in my time. I am one to blather on for hours on the meaning of something, rather than lamenting on tone of voice my boss used on me during a meeting at work.

What is the fascination with the normal, the usual, the insignificant? Is it the ease of the conversation? You don't have to think about it and that's what makes people gravitate towards it? If true is this a natural tendency or a cultural creation?

Another area of conversation I wanted to address is subject matter, and what is and what is off limits. This goes into cultural variations and generational differences. People have always talked about everything on some level, baring your dark hidden secrets. It just has varied over time who you talk with about certain topics, at least publicly. Politics, Religion, and Sex are the top three that usually are met with the most conflict and thus don't fit as often into "polite conversation."

What does that leave? Movies, TV, music, sports, and weather. If you are married, life seems to be about your children (or when you will have them) or your house (or when will you buy one), so talking about your kids tends to fit the norm. If you are with coworkers you generally go to either the shitty copy machine or the boss from hell. The only time conversation become something bizarre and usually forbidding beyond the control of known human understand is when you have mundane conversation with your parents. It matters not your age nor your married status, but you will find it difficult and uncomfortable to talk with your parents about most things, other than trips to grandma’s house, Mom’s baked mac & cheese, and dad’s efforts to wake you up on Saturday morning to go trim the hedges..

The most important question is what do you say about yourself when engaged in a conversation, especially with a potential romantic interest or someone you have met for the first time? Is it always rude to talk about yourself? I have been either on dates or just in conversations with people and I am asking them questions and it is like pulling teeth for them to talk about themself. I guess they are fearful of being thought of as narcissistic, but then when I open up and talk about myself in hopes they will be OK with doing it too, and then they still don't talk about themself, I then look like the narcissist.

What do we want out of conversation? Are we just killing time or are we out to share ideas and gain a level of intimacy with other human beings? Yea, both would be the goal, depending on whom we are having the conversation with, but do we always shoot from the hip or do we actually know what we are going to say before we say it? The kid selling me the digital camera at the electronics store is not someone I will talk with about my stress at work. Should that be the case?

Is it about trust and fear? Yes, good old fashioned fear, that which makes humans tick. Does the level of fear drive the conversation? Comfort and fear in this case are one in the same. If you are comfortable talking with someone about a topic, you don't fear, or at least have only a little fear, saying what you say.

Ok, all of this then leads to having "The Conversation." Now, there is not just one conversation, but there are times and places where you have to tell people things and are hesitant to because it affects you or you fear having to be the one break the news. That could range from breaking up a romance to proposing marriage. It could be a job offer or being fired, or from a birth of a child to the death of a parent. It is a point of conflict put into a semi-orderly form that tends to situate some level of knots into the stomachs of the participants. Why do we fear these conversations? I sure as hell know I do. What motivates human beings into fear of exchanging information? Beyond either looking stupid, failing to impress a potential love interest, or failing to impress a potential business interest, what makes us act, well, so damn human?

Slippery Slope to Landslide

First they went after gays, and got their pound of flesh. Now the theocrats are out impose more religion on Ohio by trying to restrict divorce. I wonder if those who relished the support of the religious conservatives in the last election are at all fearful of letting the Genie out of the bottle. I mean if Newt Gingrich wants to run for President in 2008, will anyone on the right mention that he has been divorced twice? One might surmise he cheated on one or both of his first wives, so would that get anyone’s panties in a bunch?

Is breaking a commandment worse than being gay? I mean, weren’t those the top 10 for a reason? Shouldn't liars and adulterers be more of a concern then those involved in a homosexual relationship? Neither should be anyone else’s business anyway, let alone the State of Ohio. That doesn't really matter to those pushing to change divorce laws. Those religious theocrats are out to push their religion on the citizens of Ohio and are getting nearly unhindered assistance from the Republican Party.

Eve Bolton Is In

One step away from a Democratic endorsement is a great place to announce your candidacy for Cincinnati City Council. Eve ran against Pat DeWine last year for County Commissioner and put forth a good effort against a well financed candidate who is now already moving on to something else, or at least trying to.

What is most interesting is that her official announcement to run for City Council was actually her announcement. She previously had not been on the radar as a likely candidate. She I think may be moving to the City to actually run. She has been living in Mt. Healthy in the past. She is a great pick for the Dems. She has name recognition and experience running for office. She stands a good chance of getting on council.

Eve has been living in the city for a couple of years, but previous was living in Mt. Healthy.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

How many shopping centers does one Metro-area need?

Are we going to have freeway to freeway shopping centers by the year 2010? Is demand up or are there just so few places to shop any more that these big companies can put up a Megamart and then just swat the people away like it’s a Fourth of July picnic?

Oh Sweet Pastry

Fred Pastry over at the Cincy Dealer sends up Jeff Berding and his connections with Mike Brown and the Bengals deal with the County for the Stadium. Pastry's piece of satire levels frosting on those greasing the wheels of government for their own profit. Mike Brown and Bob Bedinghaus may have done this, would Brown and Berding do it too?

Know Theatre's Good Boys

Photo by James Czar

Get out there and see Good Boys. Reviews are good and those I talked with last night enjoyed it. Tonight is a pay-what-you-can night, so those short on cash could pay 10 bucks instead of the normal 15.

The play explores what happens after a school shooting to the families of the shooter and his victim. It is a riveting play that explores all levels of humanity.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Once More Into the Breach

Kevin Drum is forced again to do the job of the media:
According to the memo, the bottom line is this: By the summer of 2002 George Bush had already decided on war regardless of Saddam Hussein's actions; democracy promotion was not even mentioned in passing as a reason for the war; postwar reconstruction was an issue of no concern; and the "marketing campaign" for the war was deliberately timed to coincide with midterm elections.

Just for the record.
As Kevin says few will care about this, because truth is fleeting, and memories hold scant more than a thimble.

Volunteer For Fringe

I have added this linked graphic on the sidebar. It will lead you to the Cincinnati Advance website and will provide all the information you could need, at least for now, for getting signed up as a volunteer for the Cincinnati Fringe Fest. Lots of shifts are available and there are perks if you work even one shift!!

Exhibit B

I wonder how long before this type of action takes place here in Ohio. I think in many churches it has happened more subtly and over time. Mainline churches I don't think would stoop this kind of extremism, but once you start down that path, how would it end?

No, this is not going to be the start of a full fledged politicization of churches, well no more than exists now, but this action will not be the only one we hear of, assuming this news story catches fire. Stories on religion generally do.

Fire Station segregation?

The facts as to how integrated the Cincinnati Fire Houses are is an open question. It is a bit of a loaded question as well too. When words like segregation and integration have traditionally be used to show that people were forced to segregate, as opposed to self segregation. If the fire houses are segregated one could argue logically that it is self-segregation. One could argue it is not and it is wrong. No one has yet claimed that blacks or whites are being forced into racially separate fire houses.

What I wonder is why is this a major issue for council to bring up? As the article points out it is Union contract time again, so I am sure that has something to do with it, but with recent fire coverage brownouts plaguing the city, wouldn't funding be better topic? It may be true that the way firefighters are assigned to units plays a part in the coverage, level, but as far as I know, that was not mentioned in the article.

What we got instead was a campaign salvo from Chris Smitherman:
Smitherman believes where and how Fire Department personnel are assigned is a policy decision that should be made by city administrators, not a contractual issue.

The city's negotiating team is discussing the topic in the latest contract talks, which began two weeks ago and should be completed by late this month.
So, City Council knows better when it comes to who should be stationed in what firehouse? Does Mike DeWine know best what Airman should be manning the gates at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base?

U.S. Rep. Strickland May Be Back In

Ted Strickland is reportedly set to announce his candidacy for Governor next week. This puts two names into the Democratic primary that are formable candidates and with the organization and funding could defeat any of the Republicans currently running, especially after a bloody GOP primary where the extreme Conservative backed Ken Blackwell wins, which I think is unlikely at this point, but if Petro does not get it together, Blackwell will move up quick.

Scrambling for Signatures

The battle for the 2nd district will heat up this week when every candidate will be begging for signatures. The need them quick. I wonder if they will even try going door to door if they get desperate enough.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Theocracy on the March: Episode #555

A wiccan witch lost her bid in federal court to be allowed to give an invocation at a County Board meeting, taking her turn with ministers and other monotheists. It you are not in the phone book, I guess you are not a religion is what the ruling says in part. Its trust is that having only Judeo-Christian religions represented is fine, and the minority religions can pound sand.

[VIA Pandagon]

Mason Does Discriminate

Well, another argument goes out the window disputing the discrimination at the Mason Rec Center. A non-married heterosexual couple was issued a "family-pass" while the lesbian couple who have a civil union from Vermont were denied such a pass.

I give credit to NixGuy for bringing the inconsistency to light. Does it break the law? Well, under equal protection requirements it might be ruled as unconstitutional. I think it is in violation of the equal protection under the provisions of the U.S. Constitution. Under the anti-homosexual State of Ohio Constitutional amendment passed last year, giving a pass to the non-married heterosexual couple violates that law based on the interpretations I have read.

CiN Weekly - Bar Guide

Any opinions on CiN Weekly's much touted Bar Guide? It appears to be a good summary of the bars. At this point I guess I have my favorites and I know most of the well know bars they profile. The out of the way small bars I guess are what I would like to know about, but I am not their target. I am helping write the CA Wire, so I actually may get some use from this.


Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Please keep the rioting down to a slight pillow fight.

I hope to see everyone down at Neon's tonight for the Cincinnati Advance After 5 Walk!

Some Fun at DeWine's Expense

I wonder who is publishing this blog? The link is from the Blower, so Jimmy might know who is behind it. It could be him too.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

National ID? Papers, Please.

Is this the direction we're moving? With the need to get a passport to get back into the USA being a requirement for US citizens in a few years, what is holding this concept up? What additional harm will occur when we already have little or no information privacy? Unless you literally live in a cave and use only cash, and don't have a bank account, the government can track you, as well as the business community. Why not make the Federal driver's license bill into a national ID? If we are going to end up like a police state, why not do it cheaper with less strain on the states?

How Not to Motivate Your Base

Jeff Sinnard may appear across party lines with some of his stances, but is not going to motivate would be the Democratic base with comments like these:
Sinnard, who was born and raised in the Cincinnati area, said he is a civil engineer by profession, but has taken time off recently to be a stay-at-home dad.

'I think I have a unique message,' he said. 'I'm a pro-life Democrat. I'm pro-life from conception to natural death and everywhere in between. I also have concerns about the environment, workers right, child safety and poverty. Politics needs to go back to the people.'

Despite a Democrat not holding the seat for 31 years, Sinnard said this is a winnable race.

'There's a group of people who are disenfranchised,' he said. 'When you touch them, they'll mobilize and show up.'
Leading off with an anti-abortion stance will play well with Community Press readers. The rest of his views are not going to sell. Playing to the Republicans is the only way Democrats can win this race, but it will not motivate the Democratic base when you push right-wing issues. His website has a much more nuanced stance on abortion. He will get attacked for this from both sides. It is a reasonable stance and his quote in the paper could be leaving out his nuances that make him look much more conservative. I wonder if this guy is same camp as Leslie Ghiz?

That was Quick: Special Election Date Set

The Special Election will be on August 2 with the primary on June 14. That leaves a short window to get on the primary ballot. I don't know what it takes to get on, but that leaves maybe a month. It also only leaves less than two weeks to get registered to vote in the primary.

More from the Enquirer. More also on Polstate.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Devil

The man behind the man, aka the devil, aka Karl Rove was in town ginning up the GOP troops. Any reports of his speech? Lots of red meat I would guess. Will Pat DeWine get a Bush visit?

I ask for it and Bronson provides it.

Yes Virginia, a PR Junket in Iraq does get you positive coverage. Preaching to the choir doesn't cut it. Only Nixon could go to China. Someone who is a knee jerk war supporter is not going to provide you anything but what the Pentagon wants, that is all is was exposed to, so why would he know any different.

They went on about not getting the whole story and something about using terrorist vs. insurgent. Well I don't call this column journalism, I call this column propaganda.

Did Mike even leave the presences of the military and talk to any Iraqis who were not working for the US government? Did he walk around any areas that were not part of a military base without an armed escort? If he answers yes, then I hope to hear about it, if not, then how can he say things are great over there? What kind of situation is so horrid to require armed guards for right wing guys who would not face any harm walking on the worst street in the America?

For those saying this was not a screen press tour, I really want to wonder what troops are going to be sent to talk to the guys hanging out in a press tent.

Exhibit A

If you are looking for an example of the extremism of Tom Brinkman look no further than his attempt to outlaw all abortion, even in the cases of rape, incest, and the life of the mother. Furthermore his law would make it a felony to transport a woman to another state where abortions were legal. The last bit likely is against Federal law anyway. This is his only way to get elected, gin up the right, get the mouth frothing anti-woman, anti-abortion voter to come out an vote.

What is sad is that this man who is supposed to be all about saving tax payer money is doing this with the intent of it getting overturned in Federal Court. This is a ploy. He wants to use Ohio tax payer money to wage his political cultural war. If you want to do this kind of thing, raise your own money, don’t use mine. I hope that is what the other half of his brain is saying. He only has two issues: cut all taxes which will destroy all governments and end all abortions. I wonder if he thinks the using the pill is an abortion. I would guess yes. I wonder if his law would outlaw the pill too.

Extreme positions will be used by most candidates running in what will be a low turnout election. You have to get out the vote with hot button issues. Nothing gets the right wing excited like controlling women.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Dems Deal Making?

While reading the Post Article on the Dem weekend meeting, which does not even mention the controversy that Damon Lynch will introduce on the party, we get words that sound like a deal or maybe a ramrod plan was forced through to get a full slate of six candidates to add to the incumbents.
During Saturday's closed-door nominating committee meeting, Burke refused to allow the committee to vote on endorsement recommendations for candidates individually, members said.

Burke insisted that the committee vote on two different slates of six non-incumbents.
Anyone know who was on the losing slate? I assume the Berding was the focus, but I will put out that adding Lynch may have been the deal to appease enough people to get them both endorsed.

This meeting was just for recommendations, but they historically have been listened to. This year we could see a fight inside the Dems. What will be sad is if people are only fighting of Jeff Berding and not Damon Lynch. For all of the pounds heaved on Berding, Lynch deserves more and before he gets my vote he will have to eat many words he has said or put his name on and reverse himself on issues he endorsed.

Lynch a Dem?

Joe Hansbauer is reporting the recommendations of the Cincinnati Democratic nominating committee and they include Damon Lynch III, Jeff Berding, Eve Bolton, Cecil Thomas, Wendell Young, and Smantha Herd.

I just don't get the Damon Lynch recommendation. I mean to say that I understand the politics of it, but not the actual logic of it. He has a following and will get votes. That is Realpolitik. I just don't see how this will do anything but tear apart the city and drive many otherwise moderate or even liberal voters into the hands of the GOP. Lynch is viewed as anti-city. Anyone who leads a boycott with the sole purpose of hurting people who live and work here can't honestly be viewed any other way.

His views on race relations are championed by many and I will of course agree that race relations need a lot of work in this town, but is a man who demanded an "Afro-centric" curriculum be taught in City schools going to be one to bridge the gap?

Cecil Thomas has far more credible credentials on race issues and I think would have strengths in that regard if he was on council. The Berding controversy appears to be over.

It is good that this time around the Dems appear to have filled out all nine slots. Not doing that two years ago was one reason for losing a seat to Charter.


I am surprised I have not seen much about this year's Cinco de Mayo historic date. May 5, 2005, 05/05/05 is surely gain attention from end of the world types. The Police and UC are prepare for the worst just off campus for what has been called Cinco de Stratford in prior years. Mini-riots akin to an Ohio State football victory riot have plagued prior year events. Will this bring out the hooligans? Yea, I don't see it being avoided, but I see police being out in force and ready to clear the streets at the first sign of anything.

If anything does happen, this will be an interesting test of Robert Wilson and Andrew Warner, two UC students running for city council. They walk a fine line on this and will have to make choices in how to reactive if anything happens and most importantly they should leap in front of the local TV news programs who will be out in force just in case something happens. Calling for calm does no good for the calm, but it can be free advertising if they news crews credit you as a candidate.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Mid-Day Mike in Iraq

I wonder if a military controlled Junket to Iraq by WLW's Mike McConnell will be what he says is good enough for him to judge the situation there? If he was unable to go off on his own, then how can he say they country is safe? If an average person has to take extreme actions in order to travel around the city of Baghdad or if foreigners are such danger that they can't leave the Green zone without a military escort, then how is the situation considered moving forward?

In the article most all of the comments attributed to Mike related to the troops, their quality of life and morale. He has not yet, to my knowledge, commented on state of Iraq, based on his visit. The issues he was quoted on are far different than the state of Iraq. I do have to wonder if Mike is naive enough to think the troops he met were not screened for his junket? The military is not going to show him the grunts just off the line. Also, the soldiers are smart enough to know that you don't rock the boat, especially with a bunch of conservative talk radio hosts who would likely happily point out any solider complaining to his superiors for being disloyal to Dear Leader and buying every last bit of propaganda the Pentagon can produce.

I can't listen to Mike during the week, and rarely catch him on the Weekends. If any listeners of his show can summarize his comments on his visit, please chime in. Mike in the past was willing to not just spout off GOP propaganda, unlike most other Talk Radio hosts, but when it comes to issues of War and the military he is one who is unwilling to question the President (generally any president) or the actions of the military. That is a head in the sand attitude that many on the right have, and often leads to a lack in oversight of the military.