Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I ask for it and Bronson provides it.

Yes Virginia, a PR Junket in Iraq does get you positive coverage. Preaching to the choir doesn't cut it. Only Nixon could go to China. Someone who is a knee jerk war supporter is not going to provide you anything but what the Pentagon wants, that is all is was exposed to, so why would he know any different.

They went on about not getting the whole story and something about using terrorist vs. insurgent. Well I don't call this column journalism, I call this column propaganda.

Did Mike even leave the presences of the military and talk to any Iraqis who were not working for the US government? Did he walk around any areas that were not part of a military base without an armed escort? If he answers yes, then I hope to hear about it, if not, then how can he say things are great over there? What kind of situation is so horrid to require armed guards for right wing guys who would not face any harm walking on the worst street in the America?

For those saying this was not a screen press tour, I really want to wonder what troops are going to be sent to talk to the guys hanging out in a press tent.

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