Saturday, May 14, 2005

Councilman Sam Malone Arrested

First thing that comes to mind is holy shit, but that just does not put into words the change this puts into City Politics. Councilman Sam Malone was arrested for beating his 14 year old with a belt. This is not just a little beating:
A police report said Malone hit his son with a belt, causing injuries that included swelling to the chest, arms, back and buttocks.

A spokeswoman for children's services in Hamilton County said doctors at a Cincinnati hospital contacted the agency Friday night after they found welts and belt marks on the boy's body.

"Parents are allowed to physically discipline their children," said Laurie Petrie, spokeswoman for the county's Department of Job and Family Services, which includes children's services.

"But this," she said, "would be beyond what we would consider normal discipline."
What kind of a human being can beat their own child in such a way as to cause swelling to his chest, arms and back? If it was just on his buttocks, Malone might have survived this, but he should go to jail if this is true.

I hope everyone can agree on this. Some out there might be in favor of corporal punishment, but this is assault. I can understand spanking a young child who can't be reasoned with, but beating your teenager with a belt does nothing but gets your grandchildren beat up in about 20 years.

If anyone tries to defend Malone on this one, you really are reaching. I hope his son is able to get through this.

Malone should immediately resign his council seat and quit politics. If the GOP endorses him, they really will have sunk to a new low.

I hope no one calls this good family values.

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