Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Going up to Country

It appears that the hinterland has pull in the race for the 2nd Congressional district. It has pull more in the GOP primary, where extremists in Adams County are applying a rather insane litmus test:
n Adams County, the Rev. Ken Johnson, a United Methodist minister from Seaman, was the leader of the pro-Ten Commandments forces. Today, he is being courted for his endorsement by most of the 11 Republican candidates for Portman’s seat.

So far, he hasn’t given it.

“All I can say is that any candidate who comes into Adams County and says he is against having the Ten Commandments displayed on public property is not going to get elected to anything,” Johnson said.

Johnson said the upcoming primary presents a “difficult choice” for conservative Christians because “most of the Republican candidates are pro-life, pro-Ten Commandments, against gay marriage. They’re on the right side of the issues.”

But Adams County voters, Johnson said, “will vote on more than the moral issues. We have a lot of economic issues in this county that are important too.”
I am most sickened that his theocratic fascist, (yes folks those words of mine are back), is a United Methodist minister. I grew up in that church, and it never, never got political. It goes without saying that I am sickened by his bigoted stances, but this guy is a lightning rod, and illustrates the motive behind erecting the Ten Commandment stone displays in front of school: for religious purposes.

The key to know how much influence the rural areas will have is to simply look at population and voting patterns. I have no idea where the population centers are, outside of the Hamilton County area. If our side of the district dominates the population, its issues will dominate the election, but a primary fight could show divisions.

On the Dems side it should focus on issues and electability. I don't see Dem rural and urban votes being in conflict as much as the GOP's.

I have never been to Adams County (Praise Zeus!), but I am fairly sure the water does not taste like wine.

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