Friday, May 13, 2005

Pettus-Brown vows to rebuild theater

LaShawn Pettus-Brown almost pulls an OJ.

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  1. The people that should have gone to jail still work at city hall. They take as much from the taxpayers as Pettue-Brown and they do it every year. In fact, just the city manager's annual salary would equal the amount of the Pettus-Brown loss.

    If Brown would have got the money from a bank, he would have had to get the money in draws; in this case the city just tossed on the table and Brown took it. Who is more guilty in this case, the supposed city professionals or some dumb kid?

    Oh it is easy to throw stones but I am not as offended by Brown's acts as I am offended by the development department that has wasted many time that amount and now says that the redevelopment efforts oth city has been compromised by the Brown con. I would even go to the point of saying that couldn't this be a case of entrapment?

    I think the claim by Brown that he plans to go ahead with the renovation of the theatre speaks volumes about his intelligence and naivete. This kid is stupid and should never been considered competent to do the project in the first place. He was duped by those that should have known better. This is another case where some naive black has been used and abandoned by the system.

    To the person that claimed that Tom Denhart was wrong in letting the building deteriorate, you are stupid! Why should Denhart stick money in a building that may have had no promise because of the neighborhood. He made a business decision period! He paid taxes and hoped that things would turn around. The building was secure and presented no health or safey issue and I am not of the opinion that it needed to be torn down when it was. It was probably a case of some bureaucrats not seeing any future in the building or the area and that the building did not belong to the bureaucrats so what the hell.

    If you are one to always believe the City of Cincinnati, you are probably dumber than catcrap.

    Also, I did not realize that one of the considerations was to make the theatre a nightclub. That is another absurdity! What are the chances it would be a white nightclub? NONE! So is anyone so naive that the Cincinnati Police will allow a black nightclub? Get a grip people!


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