Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Malone Playing the Fool

Yesterday we had the first Council appearance from Councilman Sam Malone, and we got what I believe is the rationalization of violence and illustrates how child abuse is not limited to drunks, but also in those who appear to be a straight-laced as anyone.

I think Malone is in denial. It is likely many people who were beat like this by their parents are in denial, especially those who are defending Malone.

You don't beat your kids with your belt. If you do you are abusing them and you are doing no one any good. If you want to punish the kid, you don't strike terror in him. I feared my father. I was never hit by him and NEVER felt like he would ever hit me. I was as good a kid as a parent could hope for, which yes mean I was a good two-shoes for the most part. Malone has hurt his child more than just the beatings. He put terror into him. So much terror that he went to the police. That is not what child does, that is what a victim does.

Monzel really looked like a weasel, giving Malone a really awkward hug on TV that appeared more staged than a prize fight. Reece is playing the angles here and I wonder how long before we get Malone or a boycott or other activist proxy out the playing the race card. Will we see anyone in the GOP outside of Charlie Winburn hint at or push the race card as a political tactic? Will a Ken Blackwell weigh in on the issue?

It is most odd that I have not heard anything from Malone's friends in the CCV. I thought they were buddies, what gives Phil Burress?

When will Malone start pretending to the be the victim?

The Enquirer's Editorial is right on what it said, but it fell short. What is holding the Enquirer back from calling for Malone to resign? The paper also prints excepts from the transcript of the child's 911 call.

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