Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Division on Iraq

A very interesting debate arose at the GOP candidate forum over Iraq. In one corner was Veteran Eric Minamyer who advocates getting out of Iraq. This is a guy who as been called up for service 5 times since 9/11. In the other corner was everyone else, spouting BushCo Speak. Brinkman played the pretend maverick by saying in so many words that while he is a Bush man, he is not his bitch.

I think Minamyer would have been able to mount a third party charge with that kind of a stance. He is going to lose a lot of support in the primary race for daring to not spout BushCo propaganda, especially to the choir at an event like this. No one can doubt his courage or his ability to be his own candidate. That will not get him many votes when you take the opposite stance as Dear Leader in a district with a large majority in support of the war. Bush is losing much of his shine, but around here I don't think they care much. They drank the kool-aid and will not look back.

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