Sunday, May 15, 2005

Subtle Knocks on DeWine from Brinkman

Tom Brinkman in no way comes out directly and says anything about Pat DeWine's divorce and other personal negatives in this email reported on BCR, but he sure as hell hints that they exist:
Pat is proving once again why he is not suited to be our Congressman. Please let your friends and neighbors know what Pat DeWine is doing. Ask them to spread the word that Pat DeWine is NOT suited to be our Congressman. This has nothing to do with how he has conducted himself in the past, this is about how he is conducting himself NOW.
Now, there is one contradiction here, if he "once again" is doing something, than how is this not about both what he has done in the past and is doing now? The hint I am referring to is the question Brinkman leaves hanging: How did he conduct himself in the past? What is he talking about? The answer is left for the reader to wonder, but is a rather obvious, to politicos yet subtle to average Joes/Janes, jab at DeWine's affair/relationship with a political activist and his divorce.

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