Saturday, April 30, 2005

Independent Streak

Michael Altman of Queen City Forum has published a column with what I will call his opinion, but which likely will become a fact that when the GOP endorse Charles Winburn for mayor, Leslie Ghiz will put her support behind David Pepper.

If this happens, which like Michael I believe it will, then Ghiz could get more votes than the winner of the mayoral race will. That might be a stretch, but Independent Republicans do well. She would sweep the affluent Eastern Neighborhoods. What I find most interesting is that this will do her a world of good, but I don't see it getting Pepper than many more votes in the General election. It will help him in the primary, where a Winburn would eat away some solid GOP votes. A GOP candidate's endorsement might keep some of those votes in Pepper's camp and make him an even bigger winner come primary day.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Off We Go into the Wild Blue Theocracy

I know people will attack me for posting on the report that the Air Force Academy has aggressive religious indoctrination taking place with alleged instigation and participation by some faculty. I am going to do it anyway of course. I really would like to know if people honestly find this kind of thing acceptable. If you don't, like say a Roman Catholic might under these alleged incidents, do you have any idea then how those of us who have no religion or have a religion that is not monotheistic might feel when government is used to promote any variety of monotheism? Yea, it is not a warm feeling to be an outsider for your beliefs or lack there of. If this is not a case for people to hopefully be respectful of others when make choices in government related activities and institutions, then I don't know what would be. The government does not and should not have a stance the Jesus character nor any other religious concept. Keep it in the private world, and certainly out of the military.

This is not the first time that allegation of aggressive religious indoctrination have been made against officers of the U.S. Military. Is there a problem that needs to be investigated?

Xavier Manipulating Donors?

Did Xavier manipulate donors when they held a pledge drive knowing they were close to deal to sell the radio station? I think they did and especially with the likelihood that WGUC will destroy much if not all of the local programming on WVXU, it is disgusting that an education institution would do something as unethical as that, which trying to instill ethics on young adults.

What was missing from the story was reaction from WGUC. They have been very quiet about this and all we hear is that they are seeking WVXU listener opinions on their website. Let them know your opinion and I advise you to pressure them to keep local programming on the air. Keep the old radio on the air. Keep the BBC on the air. Keep local news on the air. Don't just make it into NPR 24 hours a day network feed, that I am sure would be cheaper to operate, but would contribute to the destruction of the American Culture so many are crying about dying out.

Full Disclosure: Yes, that is a WCPO banner ad at the top of my front page. They are a paid sponsor. Does that mean I have sold out? I thought when I had the Google ads I might have done that already, so save your anti-commercial rant for someone without a bachelor's degree in Finance. Does this mean I was paid to place this post on their news story, most certainly NOT. The topic is one I cover regularly and as a WVXU listener I am very interested in. There, you can't call me Armstrong Williams now.

Wes Flinn, NKU Today, Filmore East Tomorrow

Pretty soon NKU professor and now Concert promoter (and blogger) Wes Flinn will be pulling in act like the Rolling Stones and Deep Purple. Just no Foghat, Wes, if you please.

CFS in Trouble

Bad times for the Cincinnati Film Society. The big question is who was the donor who failed to pay up? Why did they not pay up? Is the CFS's mission what it should be? I am not a member and have never seen any of the films they put out. Looking at the current schedule it looks as though maybe they went with too many foreign films. If they planned on an audience they should have maybe gone for the Film School items or other similar English based films. People really are against subtitles. Now, if in stead you mission was to promote film making, you could use the group to show local aspiring film makers, which they may or may not have done.

Getting out from under the over $125K debt will take an act of Hollywood.

Shorter George Bush

When discussing Social Security Bush's point can be focused down to, "I, George W. Bush, and you the American people will pull a rabbit from this hat. I know what I want to happen, and at some point in time in the future we are going to do it, but I am not telling you how this will happen. I can't release the details because I don't have them yet. Putting the cart before the horse is the way you make a sale, and sales is what makes America Great. In conclusion: Don't mess with Texas. I will now take your questions, but make sure you leave me enough time to enjoy Donald firing people."

'Talking F-Word Blues'

Maggie Downs reflects on the word ‘Feminist’ after that being a common thread in emails she got in response to a column.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bronson Steps Back, a Bit

I will give Bronson credit for appearing a little bit humble by airing UAW beefs with his column from Sunday. He did this part because he got some of the health benefit specifics wrong about who got what for health benefits. In the prior column he wrote:
According to industry reports, the United Auto Workers contract costs GM $2,500 for each car sold. Toyota spends $2,000 less per car - and it shows in cars that don't look as cheap.

And $1,600 of that union cost is health care for UAW members and their families. They pay just $5 for an eye exam, and $7.50 for glasses or contacts. Until this year, many UAW members had never even heard of co-pays and deductibles.

Chrysler spends $2 billion on health care. Ford spends $3 billion. GM spends $5.6 billion for 1.1 million workers, retirees and dependents.
His mea culpa, or what amounted to one was:
Others wanted to know where to find those $5 eye exams and $7.50 glasses for UAW members. "Maybe you need a pair," they said.

I'm hereby announcing a recall of that line, to install a missing part: "Those benefits are for Chrysler workers."
Didn't Sports reporter Mitch Albom get suspended by his newspaper for making a mistake like this one? I guess Peter's punishment is having to write this second column, which I will say is fair for the level of failure. Peter must have the same research assistant as Al Roker.

Moving the Primary

I am in favor of moving all presidential primaries to later in the year, like say April through June. I am not sure what good it would do to move Ohio's primary alone, without the rest of the country following suit. Iowa and New Hampshire are quaint traditions, but they harm the process. A shorter window would open up the primary to more candidates and give a chance for real debate inside the party on the issues. The fear of have variable opinions inside the parties, really hurt politics and governance. I am not talking abortion here. I am talking about the real issues, like trade, foreign policy, Social Security, and health care. If the parties hashed it out on the floor of the conventions over issues, then people on the street might actually pay attention. I hate to use TV as an example, but the West Wing's season finale covered a brokered convention that looked like a mess, but Conventional Wisdom was wrong, people watched the floor fights. The paid attention in part for the excitement, but politics is exciting. It was sport, but it was a battle of ideas, not an insignificant game. Let’s for once learn from past (and TV) and try and make the primary race and conventions matter, not just a coronation.

No VH-1 Show of Jeffre

Mayoral candidate Justin Jeffre attempt to land a TV show about his run for mayor has fail with cable network VH-1. He is not giving up his bid for office. His value to the race now has diminished. He had and has no real chance of winning. His ability to paint Cincinnati as a great place was the value he could have illustrated by filming him on the campaign trail. He still could find another cannel to cover it and he still will get some national press, but not enough and not crafted to show him enjoying life in Cincinnati.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Tony Perkins

Wow, when you court racists specifically, doesn't that make you one? This guy calls himself a 'Christian,' but buys David Duke's mailing list? Amazing.

No Lunken Air Show This Year?

Reports indicate that the Lunken Airport Benefits Association has cancelled its filing with the Ohio Secretary of State, which indicates the organization has dissolved itself. It is reorganizing? I for one have never been to the event directly, but walking by the event on the bike path and seeing the planes flying overhead every year, it looked like a great event for the community. It will be a blow to the Airport’s image. If they bring back the car racing event again, that might liven things up a bit.

Al, Al, Al

Someone needs a better producer or made hire a research assistant.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

History Lesson on Filibuster and Judicial Nominations

Here is a great lesson in history on what occurred before the current battle on Judicial Nominations:
"Prior to 1996, when the Senate majority and the president were from opposing parties, senators usually deferred to the president with respect to lower-court judicial nominations. With the notable exceptions of the 1968 Fortas nomination and a failed Republican filibuster of H. Lee Sarokin in 1994, neither party filibustered the other's judicial nominations, and virtually all nominees received a hearing unless they were sent up after the presidential nominating conventions.

All this changed in 1996. Rather than openly challenge President Clinton's nominees on the floor, Republicans decided to deny them Senate Judiciary Committee hearings. Between 1996 and 2000, 20 of Bill Clinton's appeals-court nominees were denied hearings, including Elena Kagan, now dean of the Harvard Law School, and many other women and minorities. In 1999, Judiciary Chairman Orrin Hatch refused to hold hearings for almost six months on any of 16 circuit-court and 31 district-court nominations Clinton had sent up. Three appeals-court nominees who did manage to obtain a hearing in Clinton's second term were denied a committee vote, including Allen R. Snyder, a distinguished Washington lawyer, Clinton White House aide, and former Rehnquist law clerk, who drew lavish praise at his hearing -- but never got a committee vote. Some 45 district-court nominees were also denied hearings, and two more were afforded hearings but not a committee vote.

Even votes that did occur were often delayed for months and even years. In late 1999, New Hampshire Republican Bob Smith blocked a vote on 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals nominee Richard Paez for months by putting an anonymous hold on the nomination. When Majority Leader Trent Lott could no longer preserve the hold, Smith and 13 other Republicans tried to mount a filibuster against the vote, but cloture was voted and Paez easily confirmed. It had been over four years since his nomination.

When his tactics on the Paez and Marsha Berzon nominations (Berzon was filibustered along with Paez, more than two years after her nomination) were challenged, Smith responded with an impassioned floor speech in defense of the judicial filibuster: 'Don't pontificate on the floor of the Senate and tell me that somehow I am violating the Constitution of the United States of America by blocking a judge or filibustering a judge that I don't think deserves to be on the circuit court ... . That is my responsibility. That is my advice and consent role, and I intend to exercise it.' "
Now, if you still think Senator Frist is not full of shit, then you might just want to rethink the whole "leaving the mental institution thing."

Six Democrats?

From none to Six . That will be crowed.

Digging a Hole

The City of Mason has dug a deeper hole. Yep, that's how you attract positive feedback from bigots, appeal to their bigotry.

Classic line:
"It's sound, valid and within the constitutional provisions," Schneider said of the policy.
In 1861 so was slavery. In 1918 so was preventing women from voting. Sure, people still don't think homosexuals deserve any consideration, but actions like this, even as small as it is, are discrimination and oppressive and thanks to the CCV legal.

UPDATE 7:15PM: In hopes of driving home my point, and not beating a dead horse, let me pose this idea: What if a couple was not considered a family because they were not married in a Christian Church by an approved minister? That is the basic anti-homosexual marriage point anyway, it is about religion and its views on homosexuality. What if Mormon marriages were not considered valid? What if Jewish or Catholic or Church of Scientology marriages were written into law as invalid? I see no difference with this situation.

Employers Unite!

Bronson's column today is cliche for Conservatives. Conservatives love Corporations and somehow don't see how workers need to fight for every scrap of pay & benefits they can. They do not get profits passed to them, that goes to corporate officers and shareholders, which tend to be institutional owners. Bronson types only see the dividend checks the get or the overnight gain they after an earnings announcement. They don’t care about what the stock price will be in 5 or 10 years, because they got theirs.

Taking care of the worker should be as important as taking care of the shareholder. If we give a corporation as much power, in reality far more power, than an individual human being, then the community should be a vital concern in any choice a corporation’s officials make. Somewhere in there the customer matters too. When you lean on workers, guess what, they lean back. You can only increase the cost of health care so much before something gives.

Actions of unions are just capitalist in nature. They are offering a good and negotiate a contract to 'sell' it to the corporation. If the corporation 'overpays' then they fail and someone else will produce the goods. That should be a free-market capitalist's wet dream.

Mr. Anti-Union man should take a look at the actions of the Cincinnati FOP (a Union), and ask himself if his undying support of their effort to not only thwart the will of Cincinnati voters, but to put public safety at risk with a police slowdown all in an effort to just get a handful of supervisors a possible promotion to assistant chief, or chief.

GOP Internal Feud

The extreme right wing is willing toeat their own to create havoc in the U.S. Senate. The CCV and other right-wing Christian groups are running attack ads against Republican Senator Mike DeWine. Are moderate Republicans starting to fret over their Faustian bargain with the radical right wing of the party or have the fundamentalists just taken complete control of the party, and all varied opinion is being drum out, even sitting United States Senators with fairly mainstream Conservative views, not extreme views, which I guess makes him an enemy of the party.

Mike's son Pat is facing the same type of attack from the extreme right wing. The attack ads against Pappa DeWine could be a revenge for his alleged strong arming in local political circles, trying to get his son the GOP nomination to fill the soon to be open Congressional seat of Rob Portman.

"Thou shall not speak ill against a fellow Republican" appears to be a dying GOP Creed.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Another Reason Not to Live In Mason

Homosexuals never get a 'warm' reception in the suburbs. In Mason, public institutions hold no punches and just discriminate against them and their families.

The right wing suburban bloggers come right out of the wide open closet and embrace the discrimination: here and here.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

More Milquetoast Living

If people want city living, why do you need to build it from scratch? Already in the City of Cincinnati, and in inner ring suburbs we have areas like Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout, Mt. Washington, Northside, Montgomery, Blue Ash, Covington, Newport, OTR, Downtown, and Clifton all offer places where you can walk to a restaurant, bar, store, or coffeehouse. No one needs to spend a dime to create these places.

What those areas can't provide is either a gate to keep people out, or a stale brand of milquetoast retail picked right out of Disneyworld, or it might be both. Each of these areas will not be a self contained unit, ala BioDome, where you never have to leave to get what ever you want. That assumes that you want a stale life where the only thing to fret over is the rude server at First Watch.

I know this kind of place by another name, a Retirement Community.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Downtown Joseph-Beth Store?

Nick Spencer posted on news from Joseph-Beth Booksellers that they are interested in opening a Fountain Square location.

This is wonderful news for downtown retail and the movement to build up the Fountain Square area as a beacon for entertainment and shopping. Where might it go?


I have added several additional local blogs to the blogroll, including a couple right leaning bloggers and a couple of extreme right wingers. I also added two blogs of folks who helping out with some web work for the Fringe Fest.

In addition, I have updated my comments to include a "preview" function to allow people to see what their post will look like before publishing it. That is most useful for those will to post links. If you do post links, try to use the "a" tag when possible. Long URLs tend to look bad and cause havoc when trying to read the post.

If there are other blogs out there I am missing or if there are other improvements I could easily make to the blog, please let me know.

If It Doesn't Bleed Gallons, Don't Bother?

Why is that when a car bomb goes off in Iraq it just gets a quickly little headline, the number of dead, and that's it. Every time a car bomb goes off in Israel we get the cable channels going live with breaking news?

There are some factors at play here that are structural bias. Israel has a bigger media community of its own, so they of course will carry it live and the cable channels can just feed off them for coverage. The second reason is that at this point in time there are fewer bombings in Israel, so when one happens it is more newsworthy.

What may be the biggest structural problem is that no television journalists are really in Iraq on a big scale doing much on the ground reporting. I don't know if I have seen much more than random footage of events in Iraq recently and that is when the journalists are on patrol or escorted by US troops.

Those aside, why is that when multiple car bombs go off on a single day in Iraq we don't get live Baghdad coverage of it? Are we so unphased by 10 killed or 8 killed because we now only get on our ears about terrorist acts that kill in the hundreds? Now, if those 10 or 8 were Americans you get more attention, but now a days even that is not enough.

The news media, ALL if it from FOX to CNN to NBC to Talk Radio, have illustrated their callousness and total attention to ratings (or other agendas), not to journalism. The print media, as usual, has done a better job, but if its not on TV it just doesn't matter to most Americans.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Small World

John Bolton, nominee US Ambassador to the UN was one of the GOP Lawyers in Palm Beach County, FLA in 2000 for the post election maneuvering. This has no real bearing on his confirmation, but it is interesting. I first thought this was a fake picture, but apparently not. I do wonder, did every lawyer or activist who went to Florida in 2000 get a spot in the Administration?

[VIA Kos]

Susquehanna Media Co. For Sale

Media division of Susquehanna Pfaltzgraff Co. is looking sell all of it's media holdings. Locally it includes radio stations WRRM-FM (WARM 98), WYGY-FM (96.5), and WMOJ-FM (MOJO 94.9). Which media giant will get them? Would a major radio ownership shift cause more format changes?

Kaldi's Closed

In what can't be deemed a surprise, Kaldi's closed. When you give up your liquor license, close at 7 PM, and then expect to make money with a location in the Main Street Entertainment District, it should not shock you when it does not work.

Word is that a deal is close on a new owner who hopefully will get a liquor license, and then return it to a similar, yet improved structure. Speed of the service staff would be priority number 1.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm So Vain, I Do Think This Song Is About Me

Call me vain, but I think this is about me.

My response: hmmmm. Do I have to be kind, courteous, and forgiving? Can I spew some venom? Do I always do that? I have my regular targets. Everyone knows, well those who read me regularly that is, that I rebut Peter Bronson. Do I do it to every column? No, I do not. Do people have to like what I write? No, they do not.

To be honest for a minute: Let me say that I am not doing this to win an award. I am not doing this to get a job writing professionally. I don't write well enough for that. I do this because I enjoy it. It is an outlet for me. I can say what I want, and surprisingly there are a few people who read what I write. Am I out here in some kind of altruistic crusade to improve the world, hell no. I am hear to render my opinion. People are generally free to bitch back. When I get bitched at, like now, I might bitch back, like now.

I say what I think. I also say things to piss people off. I try to parse my words as carefully as I can, and often people do not want to catch on, because they assume I am just like every other person on my side of isle. Those who know, I think know differently. I am not out here trying to be Mr. Universe, though I do have the legs for it. I am out here to put my two cents into the fray. If I can air ideas that you can't read about any other place in town, then good. I will not be what others want me to be. I try to be what I want to be. Call me vain, call me an ego maniac, call me Fred. I will not stop you. Don't call me a one trick pony. You can say I am beating a dead horse (when you have a belief and stick to it, that is what it can look like), but for fuck sake, if I suck so bad, and people hate posting here, then don't do it.

Otherwise, have a nice evening!

'The 'Christian' Journalist Get His Retort

I was wondering when the Enquirer would unleash the anti-abortion voices. Let the propaganda Soar! Nice to see the support offered to Maggie Downs from the Editorial Page. What friendly co-workers they must be. I mean they could have just let Randal Terry write this instead. The only thing Terry may have added was to say Maggie was going to 'Hell'. As one who has been told I am going to 'Hell', she should know we are in good company.

Younger Feel?

Is the new Maisonette going after Generation Y and Z? Are they looking to attract the 21 year old college kid wants to blow $200 bucks on dinner?

Religious War

I have to wonder what could make Peter Bronson write a column that totally politicizes religion. Do people wonder why Senator Frist is being criticized for speaking to group taking the initial steps of forming an openly religiously based political party bent on theocratic rule? This odd alignment of the fundamentalist/evangelicals and the Conservative/Orthodox/Radical Roman Catholics is starting to take the same shape as a Sunni Mosque and Shiite Mosque both working together to oppose Israel.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Tyrone Yates?

He said to the Enquirer that he is 'available' to run for congress in the 2nd District. It appears that there is some life in the Dems after all. Yates would be a very viable candidate. He would have problems in the rural Eastern counties. He would have those problems because he is Black. Sad to say it, but that will hurt him in the rural area, and might actually bring out the bigot/racist vote that would ignore this special election otherwise.

Painful for Downtown

The loss of the Maisonette for Downtown will bring cheers in many quarters. Nate will jump for joy, one less white owned business to picket. Bronson will smile with glee, one more place of culture that will not be where those damn liberals live. He still will not go there unless someone else picks up the check. The rest of us will sigh and shake our heads with the usual disgust and disappointment in the city and in the region failing to work together. This morning we shall learn where it goes. Another location in the city has not bee ruled out, but no money has been promised by council. If it ends up in the city, someone else gave them a deal. Since there are few who care to do that, it will likely be going to NKY or a Suburban Mall.

UPDATE - 7PM: The Maisonette is going to Kenwood, fairly close to the Kenwood Mall. Will they totally loose all of the Downtown big-wig clients, celebrities, and tourists? Who would drive up to Kenwood for that? Are they instead going for Indian Hill crowd and hope for more frequent diners?

Also, yes, Nate is taking credit for this, and appears to be happy as a fly on shit.

George Voinovich Has Balls

In a surprise announcement today during a Senate hearing it was learned that U.S. Senator George Voinovich of Ohio has balls.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tragedy on the Highway

The Beer Gods are angry
"It was a sad morning for beer drinkers and southbound Interstate 75 motorists alike today in Boone County.

A tractor-trailer carrying 47,000 pounds of beer tipped over near the Mount Zion Road interchange about 3 a.m., blocking the left two lanes, police said.

The lanes remained blocked throughout the morning while the beer was unloaded from the truck so it could be uprighted.

No injuries were reported."
The only thing that can appease me now is knowing that it was a really cheap light beer.

Are the Knives Out Against DeWine?

Peter Bronson's airing of Pat and Mike DeWine's dirty laundry regarding their political push to get Pat the GOP nomination are starting to ruffle some feathers. Does this represent the anti-DeWine movement that is simmering below the surface of the local GOP? Is this a social conservative effort? Is that where DeWine is considered weak? Are we seeing a similar effort to oust DeWine's congressional efforts as we saw with the successful effort to block Leslie Ghiz from being appointed to council, when she had earned the right to be appointed in any fair world? This isn't a fair world we are talking about however, this is internal GOP Politics, where power rules, and individuals are consumed like cannon fodder.

Berding on the Bubble?

The Post reports Jeff Berding is not a lock as a Democratic supported candidate. This is according to "members of the party's nominating committee." No names to go with the members, nor any numbers as to how many a "members" makes.

Could this be some of the far left leaning Dems throwing some dirt on Jeff Berding, who should be a well funded candidate? With Pepper and Reece out of the race, are the Dems going to fall short of fill a full slate of 9 candidates again? Who do they have so far, Cranley, Cole, Crowley? Samantha Herd will likely get an endorsement. Who else do the Dems have running?

Monday, April 18, 2005

We Have a Democrat

We now have some running for Portman's seat as a Democrat a barber, Russell Hurley. Well, he has no experience, no known source of funding, but he was able to get this much attention from the media, so that's a start.

He is fairly new to the area, which will be a negative, in amongst Dems.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Springer's Radio Gal Pal

Kimberly Shroyer of QCF has an interesting feature article on Megan Hils, the actress and talk radio diva in the making playing for a few laughs on Jerry Springer's radio show. I agree with Kimberly that Mils is very important to the overall production of the Springer-Galvin talk show. She does give them a youthful voice and perspective. Both guys are, almost to a flaw, very in tune with the youth of today. They just can't always connect with younger listeners. Also, well, you just need a gal to liven things up. Listening to Jene and Jerry talk about stuff could get boring to the MTVer's.

Greg at The Cincinnati Group is Saying Bye

Sad to see Greg hang up his blogging tights over at the group blog: The Cincinnati Group. His writing was good and his voice will be missed.

Subtle Truth

In an editorial from the Enquirer today about population growth in the exurbs, a hard truth slipped out in a very subtle way:
Not only do many of us want to be close, but not too close, to principal cities, we want to be near interstates.
What's so subtle? Well, the truth that comes out is that many, I would say most, living in the exurbs around Cincinnati are searching for some time of perfect flux of life, where everything is available to them. They want the little town to live in, but want a life line of the big city’s excitement once in a while to break up the monotonous life. They problem is, that they can’t have their cake and eat too. They can’t just neglect the city, except when they want to go to a game, and expect everything to be perfect, or forget going. If you want something to be there for you, you have be there for it, and those living the city are escaping their ill found fears for the faux safety and prosperity of the exurbs.

The other subtly to read into the line “but not too close” rings of socio-economic bigotry (or even more subtly a slight racial bigotry). The cultural milquetoast world that is the exurbs is what I believe is a reactionary desire for Boomers (and a growing number of Xers) to relive the small community feel they grew up in, where everyone knew everyone in their neighborhood, nothing changed, and people lived happily ever after, without fear or at least in the denial of the existence of fear. Well, except the fear of outsiders.

It is as if TV fiction were their guides to living. Be it the cliché of Leave it to Beaver or the modern cultural pariah of Reality TV. Reality TV even has been accepted by many as a sense of “living.” If they can’t risk escaping the blandness of the same houses with different colored SUVs in the driveways, then why not live out extreme make-overs on television, where you only risk missing out on some other program selling you the latest way become something you are not, and never will be.

It is sad. It is what I think is really killing culture in America. The exurbs reject most of original culture coming form the city, and instead consume the national diet of marketed mainstream media product. In the city people are making their own art, music, dreams, and lives. We still get fed off of much of the same media diet, but we also don’t limit it to the media that is out to feed off us, not feed us. If the exurbs started interacting with the culture in the city and maybe celebrating where they live by creating home grown media ideas, or just simply not worrying about how close you are to the city, their lives might be enriched a little. A little change can go a long way, even for a desperate housewife living out in Mason. Interacting with the City of Cincinnati is the only thing that makes it worth while living near it. If the exurbs don’t do that, and do it often, they will become what I fear will be the intellectual ghetto of the 21st Century America, if it is not there already.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Someone Else is Using the Theocracy Word

Once again it is not me, but I sure wish it was. From Howard Dean:
"The issue is: Are we going to live in a theocracy where the highest powers tell us what to do? Or are we going to be allowed to consult our own high powers when we make very difficult decisions?"

[Via Atrios]

Friday, April 15, 2005

Don't Blame Me

I am not the one saying that Sen. Bill Frist is flirting with theocracy. I agree with it, but I am not saying it.

Sen. Reid (Mormon) I think is saying it much better than I could.

UPDATE: More at DailyKos.

Brinkman Makes It 'Official'

Tom Brinkman, is running for the US House. Where is Si Leis to tell him to resign his current office? He was just re-elected after all.

I don't know anything about Former U.S. Rep. Bob McEwen, who also is running. He sounds like a district jumper, looking to make waves.

The GOP blood bath should be fun, will there be time for a debate?


I am pleased Maggie Downs was able to write this column, especially on the heels of Bronson's anti-woman diatribe earlier in the week.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

White Flight

Call it green flight, cultural flight, idiot flight, but people are leaving Cincinnati, yes they're suburb bound, they're leaving Cincinnati, cause they're scared of downtown. Yes, I am referencing a song, and if you don't know it is by Jake Speed, then you should be listening to it.

The SUV line near the end is subtle, but hilarious.

Brad for Mayor?

I don't know anything about Cincinnati Mayor 2005, but have fun!

This is My Rifle...This is my Gun

Original thought is not something you will find in Bronson's latest column where he seeks to oppress and control women. This all part of an effort to try and outlaw the legal actions of Planned Parenthood. If Peter is all for making sure everyone can know the personal and private medical records of women, why not tell me where every single person who owns a gun lives? Oh, sorry, that is a 'real' privacy. It is one thing to oppress a woman (the right-wing does it at the drop of a hat), but to get in the way of a man and his gun is a cardinal sin.

Tax Man

Make sure you get your taxes done. I did mine last night. Ohio's are all online. I did my Federal return over the telephone, and at the end of the call a recording said this year is the last year to file by phone? Who is the idiot who chose that? The are going to the Internet, instead. How many poor people own a computer? Not many. How many own a telephone? Nearly all. Why not make it easier for them and keep the file by phone option??? There are idiots out there who think that the Internets® is the answer. What they forget to think about is the cost of OWNING A COMPUTER AND PAYING FOR INTERNET ACCESS. What about the blind? Some do use computers, but wouldn't a blind person find it much easier to use the phone system? How is this not a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Anyway, make sure you get your taxes done today, and mailed by tomorrow night at midnight.

Miami Football Schedule Out

Get your tickets while they’re hot. TheRedHawks 2005 Football Schedule is as follows:

Sat., Sept. 3 - at Ohio State
Sat., Sept. 10 - CENTRAL MICHIGAN, 2 p.m.(Homecoming)
Sat., Sept. 17 - at Kent State
Wed., Sept. 28 - CINCINNATI (ESPN2), 7 p.m.
Wed., Oct. 5 - at Northern Illinois (ESPN2)
Sat., Oct. 15 - AKRON, 2 p.m.
Sat., Oct. 22 - at Eastern Michigan
Sat., Oct. 29 - at Temple
Sat., Nov. 5 - BUFFALO, 2 p.m. (Parents' Weekend)
Tues., Nov. 15 - BOWLING GREEN (ESPN2), 7 p.m.
Mon., Nov. 21 - at Ohio
Thur., Dec. 1 - MAC Championship (Ford Field; Detroit/ESPN)

The UC game on a Wednesday? That is very odd. Miami is playing way too many weekday games, all for a "good" reason: TV. Having national attention for the battle of the bell will be good, as will Miami's upgraded football stadium.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Taking Jeffre Seriously?

I am not sure if Greg Korte is forcing himself or was forced by the PTB to take Singer Justin Jeffre serious as a candidate for Mayor. At this point I still do not take it that seriously. This article illustrates that Jeffre has what can be described as an eclectic political point of view. He pushed for Nader, but did not vote for president in 2000. He has never voted in a city election. He might think he is serious, but he has yet to demonstrate it.

He might be smart to seek the Charter endorsement, and Charter might be crazy enough to give it. With Smitherman out, Charter only has Tarbell left to run for them, unless Curtis Fuller wants another bite at the apple. Jeffre might end up a Charterite. I will not wait with baited breath.

Wow Look at All the Choices!

All of the Republicans running for Portman's Seat all I assume think they can win. The two getting into the race are also-rans and seem to be wasting their time. The guy from Mason sounds like a real winner. When you have to describe yourself as morally conservative, either you are playing to the bigot vote, or you have something to hide in your past.

All of these choices and I am not going to vote for any of them. Are we ever going to get a Democrat to announce? It is becoming clearer to me that the Dems have just written this off. It may be just as well. Anyone who currently holds political office would be a fool to charge against this windmill. The money machine will make sure that what ever the Dems do, they will not get much press, or much good press. It is so sad that this becomes a battle between hard core conservatives and extremist conservatives. That is not democracy, that is semantics.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Taking Advantage of the Weakest

Pastor Kurt Strassner worries that gambling takes advantage of the weakest people. Many would say that is exactly was most religions do, especially when they are looking to fill the offering plate.

Insert Head in Sand

Bronson opines on the 2001 riots and like a good conservative has not changed a bit.
And City Council still can't get it together to support the cops, who are the city's best hope.
That is his solution, support the cops? Support them how? Support them as they do what, sit on their hands during contract negotiations? The police are part of the problem, not a solution. The racist/bigot activists are part of the problem. The racist/bigot suburbanites fearful of the city are part of the problem. Everyone is part of the problem. That means there are, as of now, no quick solutions. It might mean there will never be a solution, short of a Boycott B style separation of the races, which is hardly a solution, more like a radical quack's bandage over a pus oozing sore.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Is Smitherman In?

Smitherman is in for the council race, but out for his bid for mayor. Will Charter put anyone up? Tarbell? Justin Jeffre?

Smitherman really wants to be mayor. He seems to be power hungry, with the green horned desire to win a lynch pin to his political mindset. He should win back his council seat easily, but will not be one of the top vote getters. He has pissed too many people off and have little to show for it other than making waves (treading water some might say).

Bob Taft In Action

We seem to be able to afford a tax cut in Bob Taft's world, but can't fund public libraries. Now I will get some whack job reactionary who would be happy if the state got out of the library business, and instead make everyone go to the book store. We all 'know' that knowledge is power, and those with the money should be the only ones with the power.

Censorship in Cin City

No, I'm not talking about the government. This is not a post on the action of government Censorship. I am referring to the knee-jerk prudes at Tower Place Retail, LLC. who without saying a word have done their part to censor art. I am of course discussing the denial by Tower Place Retail from allowing the Fringe Festival to use the former Closson's store space.

What I don't understand from this story is what really happened. Did Tower Place Retail, LLC. really deny the space, or did their representative Christi Begley, manager of the Tower Place Mall choose to on her own? Also, how does Madison Marquette fit into all of this? Are they the operator/developer of the Mall, not the owner?

There are a couple of bullshit issues here. The Closson's area is not even part of the "family-friendly venue," it is not inside the mall or on the same block. Additionally, only a block over rests the Hustler Store, so bitching about "family values" is rather moot. Art is something the anti-intellectual crowd fears, so falling back on the "family" is a convenient code.

It is most amazing to me that the Mall Managers backed out since this is the same mall that allowed a cult to use actual internal mall space to get new recruits. I guess a few swear words are going to kill babies, but taking the money from brain washers is a fine and honorable way to be "family friendly." I guess if you are a fringe religion with money to burn, you get your way. If you are instead a ?fringe? arts festival pushing individual expression of ideas, you must be stopped at all cost.

Where is art lover Peter Bronson on all of this? Last year he whined like a little girl and then was later bitch-slapped back into the real world. Did he drop a dime on the festival? I doubt it. I don?t think Fringe Fest has enough Google Hits to catch Peter?s eye. I don?t think there has been a CCV email denouncing it yet either, so it will only be a matte of time for Bronson to rant on it. He instead is spending his time bashing schools and homosexuals at the same time. (Note to Peter, Condoms don't kill people, people do. They save lives too, but only if people use them.)

This entire incident sounds something like what happened to the local Rock the Vote event last year, where one mindless person complained to the library and cancelled the event literally at the last minute.

Finally it is odd that Editorial pages moan when people get a face full of pie, but do not hit at businesses who crush art without the slightest care for fairness. Businesses have the "right" to use their property as they see fit. This is how and why the government should continue and increase its support for the arts. They only type of art one gets from businesses tends to be entertainment, as opposed to art. You get clichéd ideas wrapped in pretty faces. You don't get the zenith of thought and expression. A Jimmy Falon movie is not Citizen Kane, it is not even Star Wars: Episode III. The Theater, visual arts, and music can't be left to the whims of the rich. If you do then you either get endless Movies about Biblical bowel movements, or you get popularity contests.

If you support art in Cincinnati, makes sure you volunteer for Fringe.

If you wish to voice your opinion, there is a way to contact Mall Management. Be respectful and do nothing to make things worse, that means no anger, and of course nothing to get you or anyone in trouble with the law.

Wes Flinn and Nick Spencer have more.

Praise be to 19th century
art from the Enquirer, but not a word on fresh art today.

Roh Street Cafe Open Again?

They were supposed to open on April 9th. Did they open? The fire in the neighboring church sanctuary was very significant. If they were able to open up this fast, they must have done a lot of work to get the place back in shape.

Another Local Conservative Blogger

I am surprised there are not more like: The Political Influentials. This one is from Warren County and sounds like a far right-winger. Warren County might as well be Texas when it comes to politics. I might read it mainly for inside GOP tones, which I don't get much outside of the city moderates. I don’t know about adding it to the blogroll. I like to hear from both sides, but this side does not seem like something I want to promote on a regular basis.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Tragedy In Oxford

Horrible news from Miami, where three students died in an off campus fire. It happened on North Main Street. I myself lived on North Main my senior year, and I think I know the building which would have been a block from where I lived. It is so very sad for these students and their families.

Shuffle Up and Deal

Will the effort for gambling suceed? The Enquirer and WCPO are putting a whole mighty wind of ink space and hot air on the subject. Could this pass the prudish Ohio Legislature?

Friday, April 08, 2005

Friday Ranting and Other Comments

It was a late one last night, so I don't have much to say, except "damn, I have to go to work."

Thursday, April 07, 2005

People Will Say We're....

Ya Know, people going to start thinking that the right wing of the local Republican Party doesn't want Pat DeWine to fill Rob Portman's congressional seat. Who will they support instead?

A Primary for Portman Seat

In this news article, which I think I linked to last month, it indicates there will be a primary for the Portman congressional seat no less than 15 days prior to the special election. The relevant sections of the law are:
§ 3521.03. Vacancy in office of congressman.

When a vacancy in the office of representative to congress occurs, the governor, upon satisfactory information thereof, shall issue a writ of election directing that a special election be held to fill such vacancy in the territory entitled to fill it on a day specified in the writ. Such writ shall be directed to the board of elections within such territory which shall give notice of the time and places of holding such election as provided in section 3501.03 of the Revised Code. Such election shall be held and conducted and returns thereof made as in case of a regular state election.
and this section:
§ 3513.32. Primaries for special elections.

When a special election is found necessary to fill a vacancy, the date of the primary election shall be fixed at the same time and in the same manner as that of the election, by the authority calling such special election. The primary election shall be held at least fifteen days prior to the time fixed for such special election. Declaration of candidacy and certificates for such primary shall be filed and fees shall be paid at least ten days before the date for holding such primary election.

A primary election preceding a special election to fill a vacancy in an office shall be eliminated if no valid declaration of candidacy is filed for such office, or if the number of persons filing such declarations of candidacy as candidates of one political party does not exceed the number of candidates which such political party is entitled to nominate for election to such office.
If correct then the Dems might as well run Sanders at this point. The time frame needed to win against a name like DeWine will be very difficult to surpass. The only hope is putting up a strong candidate and hope for damaged goods to come out of the primary and then with National money flood the area with a TV/radio/phone/mail push. If party loyalty wins out, which is this district it likely will if only one GOP candidate is on the ballot, than the Democrats can likely not break the 50% mark. Anything can happen though. A third party candidate or pissed off right-winger may just ignore the primary and challenge DeWine in the special election directly. Tom Brinkman, that’s you buddy, right up your alley!

Thanks to ‘GM’ for the Ohio Code information.

'It's coming right for us!'

I guess Florida Gun Nuts are trying to kill the tourist industry.

New Neighborhood Newspaper?

Judge Mark Painter, one time possible Mayoral candidate is starting a twice-monthly newspaper to serve the Clifton-UC and surrounding areas. The title of the publication is set to be the Cincinnati Times.

Also in the CityBeat article is a good discussion of the WVXU merger with WGUC.

Smoking Ban Deal?

Will this deal do anything to curtail smoking or will is just add to the confusion?

Nothing I Am Jumping to See

Riverbend's initial schedule includes nothing I am really interesting in seeing. Some would be interesting, but I might be more up for a Pops concert way over seeing Toby Keith or Motley Crue.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

DeWine vs. the CCV

It looks like the right wing of the GOP has made it known that they will not be supporting Pat DeWine to fill Portman's seat. Phil Burress is quoted, but I don't even think he lives in Portman's seat. How much influence does Burress the bigot wield out in the rural counties?

Mark Mallory's Blog

Mayoral candidate Mark Mallory has a campaign blog. It is just starting out, but should be an interesting place to hear directly from the candidate.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Si Leis to DeWine: Resign

There's and old sheriff in town and he's looking for attention. He is also looking for payback. I will surmise that Leis is hitting DeWine not only for trying leave his new office less than 3 months from taking it, but for also firing Krings.

I am really torn on this one. Leis is a theocratic fascist’s dream sheriff. Phil Burress must get off every time he sees the sheriff’s parade floats. On this issue though, Leis makes some sense. I didn't vote for DeWine, but they guy was elected just last year, and now is looking to skip town for the Hill. That should mean he would at least stay around for a few years. As far as Republicans go though, I feel DeWine is the lesser of evils. He showed some backbone in his criticism of the police. If I had a nuclear bomb to my head and I had to choose which type of Republican I could live with, which is enough to make me want the nuke to go off sometimes, I would pick a DeWine type over Chabot for sure and even over Portman. Portman was not the worst in the world, but he comes across as a yes man. Pat DeWine is at least less of a yes man.

If the Dems have someone who can beat him, no one seems to know who it is. Please, Please, Please make it someone credible (not Sanders).

Also, I have been getting two sets of answers as to the structure of the special election. One says primaries, the other says no primaries. If I had time, I would research it. If anyone has done that, and has links to support it, pass it on to everyone.

Lazy Peter Bronson

I get accused of being a one trick pony with my rapid fire retorts of Peter Bronson (like I am doing with this post) but, what with Bronson's Google tests? I think I get reamed for being all sorts of things, but a "professional journalist" sits on his backside and uses Google stats as props in his columns, not just once:
Google shows 127,000 hits for "Ashcroft racist," 141,000 for "Ashcroft Nazi" and 235,000 for "Ashcroft Big Brother."
But twice
Google found 12,500 hits for "Nixon stonewalling." For Rather, the count was 14,700. Talk about your irony - the comparison looks tighter than skin on a green apple.
within a month. Since when is Google the end all be all of opinion in the world? Peter should stick to a real Conservative Science, rely on talk radio. You can't go wrong if you want to know what the slack jawed Republican, greedy small business owner, or traveling salesman with time on his hand thinks. Just turn on 700 WLW and you get the mood. Leave Google out of it.

DeWine leads GOP Poll

Pat DeWine leads a poll of 400 Republicans. Why would you conduct a poll without including a Democrat? I thought, once again I don't know for sure, but still my impression is that there will not be a party primary, there will be an open special election. Brinkman looks bad in that poll. He is behind 3 other undeclared candidates. The only wildcard is the geographic make up of the polls. Was it all Hamilton County?

Also, the window is closing on the Dems. They need a candidate NOW! They could win a split GOP field. They can win if they don’t play, and as of now, they are not in the game.

Monday, April 04, 2005

It's Only News If It Makes E!

Jeffre For Cinci Mayor? - Apr 05, 2005 - E! Online News

Happy Opening Day!

I wish I was going.

Jeffre Getting More Press

Justin Jeffre has plenty of celebrity to gain press. He has a website as well which appears to my eyes to be little more than a shell. It is so very stale and impersonal. It really needs some work. It could use his picture. I don't mean that people he is a boyband "star," but people need to put a name to a face. He doesn't even have that. I also would have hoped he would have at least a minimal amount of content on the site when he announces for office. I just get the complete feeling this is nothing but a PR stunt. I really see nothing else to make me think otherwise. The guy can't win.

If he plays this right, he could help the city. He could have a TV show that follows him running for mayor, but then showcases everything about the city. Show him going to a Reds game, going to local clubs and theatres, going to Oktoberfest, or just hanging out at Sawyer Point. He could help with Cincinnati's image. He has to do this without getting in the way of the politics. He can't push the other candidates on the issues with his TV crew in tow. If he wants to be mayor he has to do it the real way, not the reality TV way.

Funny side note, his website has an alternate URL: takes you no where.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Mayoral Race

No, not in Cincinnati, there is one in Dayton too. The issues don't sound all that different than we have down here. The difference is the economics. Dayton has been hurting for a while and can't bounce back like a city the size of Cincinnati can. They have more than one female on the primary ballot, which is a positive. The current Mayor, Rhine McLin, is being challenged by Barbara Temple and David Bohardt.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Is This How You Sell Politics to the Masses?

The Enquirer is giving a lot of ink to Justin Jeffre's supposed run for Mayor. This is a farce. If the press does not grill this guy and ask if he is only running in order to try and land a TV show deal, then they are hacks.

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry

Maggie Downs inteviewed Jerry Springer for her latest column. Yes, a liberal being profiled by a columnist in the Enquirer. Glad someone let her do this. I mean Bronson bashes the guy, and Maggie gets to provide a more balanced view. That is not a perfect what to do things, but it beats just Bronson's blather.

A friend of mine saw Jerry at a book store recently. It is funny how Jerry is out and about town. The guy would be a good candidate for office, if he was not the king of sleaze TV. Will he be able to remove that image with enough voters?

Know Theatre: Iris

Go see Iris. I am planning on going tonight, and this weekend is pay what you can.


Earth to the AP, 98 Degrees was not a rock band. Is the reporter age 72? I mean, would they call Run DMC a rock band? Hell 98 Degrees is not even a band, they are a group. At best they can be referred to as boy band, but still the term band is as valid as calling Bush a thinking President.