Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Tyrone Yates?

He said to the Enquirer that he is 'available' to run for congress in the 2nd District. It appears that there is some life in the Dems after all. Yates would be a very viable candidate. He would have problems in the rural Eastern counties. He would have those problems because he is Black. Sad to say it, but that will hurt him in the rural area, and might actually bring out the bigot/racist vote that would ignore this special election otherwise.

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  1. Dear Brian:

    Thank you for your generous comment. I believe that the voters of the 2nd Congressional District would have considered my qualifications outside of the color of my skin. We are a better America than that.

    I spent several years on my Uncle and Aunt's farm in Mt. Orab, Ohio Brown County and I have always felt that the people of this region were very fair minded and decent.

    Some of the happiest days of my life were spent on the farm-in 4-H-raising Black Angus cattle and attending Mt. Orab High School. Spending a day on a tractor bush hogging, plowing, disking and dragging....what a great time.

    Summer days were sometimes spent mowing the acres of grass, trimming, and then walking past the handiwork of yardwork admiring the scene.

    A main responsibility for me each day was rasing the United States flag on the flagpole and taking it down at night.

    I chose not to be a candidate, in large measure, due to the tremendous workload I face in the Ohio House of Representatives where I serve on both the House Finance and Appropriations and Ways and Means Committees.

    It is time for a Democrat to represent the citizens of the Second District. There are many good candidates in the race.

    Tyrone K. Yates
    Ohio House of Representatives


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