Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm So Vain, I Do Think This Song Is About Me

Call me vain, but I think this is about me.

My response: hmmmm. Do I have to be kind, courteous, and forgiving? Can I spew some venom? Do I always do that? I have my regular targets. Everyone knows, well those who read me regularly that is, that I rebut Peter Bronson. Do I do it to every column? No, I do not. Do people have to like what I write? No, they do not.

To be honest for a minute: Let me say that I am not doing this to win an award. I am not doing this to get a job writing professionally. I don't write well enough for that. I do this because I enjoy it. It is an outlet for me. I can say what I want, and surprisingly there are a few people who read what I write. Am I out here in some kind of altruistic crusade to improve the world, hell no. I am hear to render my opinion. People are generally free to bitch back. When I get bitched at, like now, I might bitch back, like now.

I say what I think. I also say things to piss people off. I try to parse my words as carefully as I can, and often people do not want to catch on, because they assume I am just like every other person on my side of isle. Those who know, I think know differently. I am not out here trying to be Mr. Universe, though I do have the legs for it. I am out here to put my two cents into the fray. If I can air ideas that you can't read about any other place in town, then good. I will not be what others want me to be. I try to be what I want to be. Call me vain, call me an ego maniac, call me Fred. I will not stop you. Don't call me a one trick pony. You can say I am beating a dead horse (when you have a belief and stick to it, that is what it can look like), but for fuck sake, if I suck so bad, and people hate posting here, then don't do it.

Otherwise, have a nice evening!

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