Sunday, April 24, 2005

More Milquetoast Living

If people want city living, why do you need to build it from scratch? Already in the City of Cincinnati, and in inner ring suburbs we have areas like Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout, Mt. Washington, Northside, Montgomery, Blue Ash, Covington, Newport, OTR, Downtown, and Clifton all offer places where you can walk to a restaurant, bar, store, or coffeehouse. No one needs to spend a dime to create these places.

What those areas can't provide is either a gate to keep people out, or a stale brand of milquetoast retail picked right out of Disneyworld, or it might be both. Each of these areas will not be a self contained unit, ala BioDome, where you never have to leave to get what ever you want. That assumes that you want a stale life where the only thing to fret over is the rude server at First Watch.

I know this kind of place by another name, a Retirement Community.

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