Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Employers Unite!

Bronson's column today is cliche for Conservatives. Conservatives love Corporations and somehow don't see how workers need to fight for every scrap of pay & benefits they can. They do not get profits passed to them, that goes to corporate officers and shareholders, which tend to be institutional owners. Bronson types only see the dividend checks the get or the overnight gain they after an earnings announcement. They don’t care about what the stock price will be in 5 or 10 years, because they got theirs.

Taking care of the worker should be as important as taking care of the shareholder. If we give a corporation as much power, in reality far more power, than an individual human being, then the community should be a vital concern in any choice a corporation’s officials make. Somewhere in there the customer matters too. When you lean on workers, guess what, they lean back. You can only increase the cost of health care so much before something gives.

Actions of unions are just capitalist in nature. They are offering a good and negotiate a contract to 'sell' it to the corporation. If the corporation 'overpays' then they fail and someone else will produce the goods. That should be a free-market capitalist's wet dream.

Mr. Anti-Union man should take a look at the actions of the Cincinnati FOP (a Union), and ask himself if his undying support of their effort to not only thwart the will of Cincinnati voters, but to put public safety at risk with a police slowdown all in an effort to just get a handful of supervisors a possible promotion to assistant chief, or chief.

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