Saturday, January 31, 2004


Ok, the BBC is reporting that North Korea has tested chemical weapons on women and children, and they are experimenting by gassing political prisoners. When do we invade? Iraq gassed their own people, now the BBC says North Korea has as well. What is Bush waiting for? Hasn't Bush’s standard for War been met? Add this with their claim to have nuclear weapons and it should be enough for Bush to be running head first into a War right now. The threat appears to be far more imminent than Iraq ever was, or likely ever would have been if left to UN to handle. I guess North Korea lacks resources worth the loss of American lives.

Pettus-Brown Makes the BBC

The BBC has the story on it's front page. It is great advertising for Google, does nothing much for Cincinnati's image, but makes Pettus-Brown look like a fool. If you are a criminal, nothing is worse than being caught because you do something stupid.

Friday, January 30, 2004

Ohioan's For Fingerhut

Jesse Taylor of Pandagon is behind Eric Fingerhut for George Voinovich's Senate seat. Ah, I will likely vote for him too, and I hope he wins, but who else would Jesse have endorsed?

Local Tie to Bush in 30 Seconds Contest

I missed this article from a few weeks back on the local ties to the contest to create a 30 second commercial on President Bush. 2 people from Cincinnati were among the finalists who produced commercials for the contest.

The contest grew added attention recently when CBS refused to air their commercial during the Superbowl this weekend. The reason given was that the "spot violated the network's policy against running issue advocacy advertising." This seems odd because CBS is airing an anti-drug commercial funded by the Bush Administration which if is the same one that aired on FOX in 2002 links drug use to support for terrorism, a highly dubious and discredited claim.

UPDATE: Rick Bird reports the controversy in his media column.

'Liberal' Hawks

Eric Alterman in a Nation column hits hard on the big media journalists/analysts who are professed or perceived to be liberals, but were supporters of the Iraq war, in general principle. I like the last line of the column:
America is truly Groundhog Day Nation: insisting on our right to ignore our own history and forever condemned to repeat it.
I would pose an additional question: what makes a liberal hawk into a Bush supporter? There are many bloggers out there who are not conservatives in the least, and have in the past been liberals or a "liberal-libertarian" or neo-liberal, who side with the Democrats most of the time, or at least feel most comfortable with Democratic leadership. They still will mock leadership, but mocking leaders is something that I hope everyone does from time to time, just to keep them from growing iron feet.

This group I think includes Glenn Reynolds, Jeff Jarvis, Dennis Miller, and others. Increasingly I read or listen to what they are saying and it is becoming a personal attack on "liberalism" or Democrats or it becomes homage to Bush on an issue, mostly 'War on Terrorism' or the Iraq War related. Is this division an anomaly or a trend? On the conservative side there is a growing split against Bush as well, on the War and on his domestic spending plans. Is this a period of political realignment or of conception of a four party political system?

One note: the term ?liberal hawk? traditionally would include me. I am not a peacenik in any sense of the word. I supported the Afghanistan War, the Kosovo War, and Gulf War I. I think in this case the term is meant specifically on the Iraq War which initially I was open to using force, but not in a pre-emptive non-UN sanctioned manner.

Are You Threatening Me?

BushCo pushed the "Threat Meme" to a constant stream of propaganda. The Center for American Progress has a list of many of big public mentions that Iraq was a "threat" to America. No WMD, No threat. Who in the administration read the intelligence and let all of this dogma go on? It couldn't be a specially created group in the Defense Department, could it? Who did the "Office of Special Plans" report to, and where they the filter of the intelligence that spun the level of "threat" of Iraq?

Former Campaign Treasurer for John Boehner Sentenced

Republican Rep. John Boehner's former campaign treasurer, Russell E. Roberts, was sentenced to two years for stealing $617,562 in contributions. Roberts reportedly took to the money to feed a gambling habit. He has been ordered to pay for restitution. If you hire a dishonest person, does that mean your judgment is lacking, and maybe you are not the best person for public office?

Mike Allen on the Stand

A Federal judge has ruled that Mike Allen, Hamilton County Prosecutor, can be required to testify in a lawsuit filed by families of individuals involved in the incidents surrounding Cincinnati photographer Thomas Condon's action in the county morgue. Allen, and others can be questioned "a possible cover-up of an investigation into the county morgue that resulted in serving a prison sentence."

The judge went out of his way to say that his actions do not mean he thinks there was a cover-up, but that questions may be asked in a civil suit. What is at stake here is that no senior county morgue officials, especially the coroner, have yet been prosecuted for allowing Condon to photo graph corpses in the morgue, and that theories have been floated that the Prosecutor's office did not pursue or knowingly quashed an investigation into anyone other than one low level morgue employee.

97X Owner's Speak Out

Sledge has direct comments from Linda Balogh, who along with her husband Doug own WOXY. Sledge also has some additional detail on what will happen with the staff of the website.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

State of the State: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Taft spoke. Did anyone listen? The Enquirer has commented. We have around 6% unemployment in Ohio, higher than the national average. How will Taft's plan of doing the same old thing make it any better?

Surprise Surprise Surprise

Damon Lynch opposes City Manager Valerie Lemmie's plan to hire police from Cleveland.
"Cleveland cops kill more people than Cincinnati cops do," said Lynch, an Over-the-Rhine pastor who emerged as a key civil rights leader after the police shooting death of Timothy Thomas in 2001. "It's just unfathomable."
So if Cleveland kills more people than Cincinnati, why is Lynch and company making such a fuss about the cops here? Why is there not a boycott on Cleveland? Where is the Cleveland Black United Front? Is Damon Lynch thinking about starting a franchise there? He has had experience with franchising.

Twitty's Record Clean

Former Assistant Police Chief Ron Twitty has his misdemeanor conviction relating to his an incident with his police issued car. The benefit and meaning of this is
A clean record will allow Twitty to seek another law enforcement job, if he chooses.
Reportedly Twitty had law enforcement job possibilities, but is not giving details.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Pre-emptive Warning?

If you are planning a Spring offensive against Al Qaeda, why would anyone leak that to the press? Is it another smoke-them-out plan? Make them think you know where they are which forces them to move, then they are out in the open and vulnerable. Now that is a good idea, but if I am right about why they are doing it, what keeps a terrorist from figuring it out?

Bam, the Future of Rock and Roll Looks Bleak

97X, WOXY-FM Oxford, Ohio, has been sold to a Texas company for $5.6 million. The company spokesman indicates over air broadcasting will change format:
According to Stern, the Oxford station plans to continue its format online, while First Broadcasting puts other programming on the frequency.
On the news was broken with a bit of confusion:
We're a little stunned ourselves to announce the sale of WOXY to First Broadcasting Investment Partners of Dallas. The FCC approval process takes about three months, so the switch should occur sometime around May 1st. So that's a big change...

But! Our plans are to continue 97X The Future of Rock and Roll right here at, including our internet broadcast. Over the next 90 days we'll be looking for sponsors or investors who will enable us to make this site and stream better than ever. We may be the first terrestrial radio station ever to make the full-time jump to the Internet!
Online the Future is bright, but will the airwaves in Oxford fall back into a county or bland pop music fog? Will First Broadcasting own the online station? Will the online station work a special deal with Miami to channel the signal through local cable stations? Will 97X send a feed to any of the satellite radio services? Will 97X survive?

The best independent radio station in America is no more. I think one could call this selling out. I think in fact few could call it anything else, at least not with a straight face. I hope 97X can find a way to grow online and become an even bigger international source of new rock music. I fear, however, for the local radio listeners in the Oxford area.

UPDATE: According to Sledge's Blog which has a copy of the full press release, the sale is only of the over the air station as indicated in this quote from 97X owners:
Balogh comments that "we always envisioned a time when we would separate and sell our local terrestrial broadcast signal and continue to grow our website and Internet broadcast. The Internet has proven to be the perfect environment for a cutting-edge, niche format like ours. We are currently pursuing sponsors and investors for this venture."
That sounds like a better future for the station, more freedom to air what they want, but what will happen with the studios. This sounds like to me that 97X will keep its studios, and the new company will either lease them or build new ones. The may just relay prefab network programming, which kills another local source of information. More McMedia brought to you courtesy of the FCC.

UPDATE#2: Sadgirlseven reports that most of the people at the station are being laid off in three months. If the station continues online with backers, I don't know if that means they might keep their jobs. I will speculate that the new owner will not be hiring them, so unless the online station gets off the ground, they will be gone. That news is horrible. It makes me think of Mrs. Carlson coming in and replace everyone at WKRP with a machine. I don't think that is far from what will happen with the over-the-air station.

UPDATE#3: After a bit more research I believe that at this point the staff situation at 97X is up in the air. The business side of the operation will likely have a different fate than the production side. Sadgirl's information according to what I can decipher is not the whole story.

UPDATE#4: The Hamilton-Journal has a story. Also the Press Release from First Broadcasting.

UPDATE#5: Some 97X history for you, including a historical mp3.

CinWeekly: Go Miami

If you scroll down on Cinweekly's "You Tell Us" page, the "Brian G." mentioned might be someone I know.

LaShawn Pettus-Brown Googled into Custody

LaShawn Pettus-Brown is not a professional fugitive. He went on a date with a computer literate women who maybe saw right through Pettus-Brown's act and thought that maybe he was to good to be true. She decided to Google him, and that led her to the FBI. Score one in the fight against crime to

UPDATE: This made a Guardian column.

Luken and Miller Sitting in a Tree

Greg Korte writes today about Mayor Charlie Luken sitting next to Dennis Miller at the SOTU. A coup for Korte for getting this scoop on "hot" topic, at least on my blog. I could take this as a joke on me, but with Dean being the Blog candidate it still makes perfect sense beyond my myopic view of the world:
But when the speech started, Miller cheered like a blogger at a Howard Dean rally. "He must have stood up 70 or 80 times," said Luken, who said he himself only stood up half as often.

Greg also showed Councilman Chris Smitherman continuing his rookie mistakes. I think Smitherman has a bit of an ego and over worked sense of self-importance. Pointing out Smitherman's lack of explanation regarding why he needed to know what High School each police officer attended is something that I wish more local media would pick up. It would be very interesting to learn why Smitherman needed to know that less than 60% went to Cincinnati area schools. The line referenced Chris's father being the principal of the #2 school was classic and I think the Whistleblower had it first too.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

New Miami Prof Media Blog

Christopher S. Kelley, a professor at Miami, has a media watchdog blog called "Media Watch." I will be checking it out and may add it to my roll.

Cincinnati Post Editorial

The Post comes close to calling out the President on where the WMD's are. Will the Enquirer do the same? I will guess they will stick to their spin from last year. They were ahead of the Bush spin by a few months, or were just willing participants to ignore the WMD issue from the start. I guess being lied to is something journalists are used to, and they discount it, even from a President.

Missing Questions for Jack Espelage

Mr. Espelage: Have you forgotten about WMD? Or do the ends justify the means and getting Saddam was worth it? I wonder when we invade North Korea to free their people. How about China? How about Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria? How about half of the former Soviet Republics?

Bottom line for Jack: Yes getting Saddam was a positive for the world, but the means to do so were not good in the long run. We could have waited 6 months or more to act, but politics prevented that from happening. We did not need to fight this war. Bush chose to fight it. You can like that choice, but you will have to ignore the misinformation you were given about Iraq's WMD's and ties to "terrorism." If you like being the manipulated fool, doing the bidding for your dear leader, that is your right. I would suggest you understand that the rest of us don't like being lied to, and Ted Kennedy was right to shake his head at Bush during the SOTU.

Playing to the Ignorant Crowd?

I know the Enquirer is trying to appeal to the suburbs, but are they trying on purpose to appeal to extreme religious groups who embrace myth and try to make it into a faux-science, a step below pseudoscience. Answers in Genesis does not need the press, what it needs is critical journalism. All this article does is provide a tourism advertisement to a den of theocratic indoctrination.

Secret Service Say's No to City

The U.S. Secret Service will not review the 1998 video of a police officer being interrogated when he allegedly used the "N-word." There reason for no helping was that they do not want to establish a precedent of examining information for something not involved in a criminal investigation.

Blood, Blood, Blood Makes the Ice Red

Miami University sports teams get little coverage here in Cincinnati. The Miami Hockey program get even less. It is great to see my classmate Enrico Blasi and his team get good press.

Monday, January 26, 2004

White House Admitting Failure?

Well, no, but they appear to be facing fact, no WMD will be found. Now the spin begins.


I watched the premiere of Dennis Miller's show. His opening rant was typical Dennis, heavy on the cadence and the obscure reference. I like Miller's use of words is his best bit of his comedy. I was just listening with a sense of, huh? How can he sit there and say he is liberal on social issues, but then say he not only will vote for Bush, but likes him, supports him fully in what he is doing. Now, if you are a social liberal, or rather you care about social liberity, then how can you vote for Bush? Dennis seems to have been stricken with fear from 9/11, a panic and sense of doom that I really don't fathom. Miller is in line with Glenn Reynolds and Jeff Jarvis. Locally Miller and Mike McConnell would be like peas in a pod. Miller I don't think ever was a liberal. He was or is a libertarian. What is odd about that is his shilling for the GOP. McConnell bashes liberals and democrats most of the time (poorly 2/3rds of the time), but does not follow the Republican party line across the board. He just follows it most of the time.

Miller's interview with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was a joke. It was a commercial for Schwarzenegger's Propositions 57 & 58. The level of soft ball questions make Larry King look like Nolan Ryan.

Miller's news rundown just sucked. It was really bad. It was a cheap attempt to steal a little from SNL and from the Daily Show. His timing was off and the lack of an audience to play off when the joke is flat hurt big time.

His little diatribe against FOX News was odd. I was left thinking was it either a personal jab at FOX for not giving him a show, or he was trying to establish that he was not a FOX clone.

Varsity Panel: David Horowitz, Naomi Wolf, and David Frum. Two HARD right conservatives and one Moderate Liberal. Talking heads that spin the spin. There was no value to listening to any of them. Hannity and Comes are more cutting edge, and they are pointless to watch.

Overall Dennis needs to work on the show. His pace was way to slow and lacked focus. He is trying to be Bill Maher, but just can't pull of the fine line Bill did. It was overall of course a put down liberals/Democrats show. Nothing was original and nothing much entertaining.

Dick Cheney Liar?

Kevin Drum shows Dick Cheney lying about WMD's. If Cheney is not lying, then I think his last intelligence briefing was about 4 months ago.

A Snow Plow, a Snow Plow, My Kingdom for a Snow Plow

Does the City own any? I barely was able to get up Beechmont Hill last night. I had to drive from the Colerain area late yesterday afternoon and I have never seen major roads, like I-275 and I-75 so poorly kept. It was bad enough on the major side roads, which is understandable, but why the Federal highways were not plowed by 4PM yesterday is just nuts. I hope road crew managers understand that 4 hours after the heavy snowfall starts is a good time to be done with your first full plowing of the MAJOR highways. After you finish your first go, you do it again. I don't know who gets that blame, ODOT, the county, or the municipalities, but no one knows how to battle snow around here.

For the record I grew up in a town about an hour south of Buffalo, NY, so I am used to snow and a bigger snow clean up department. I would not be shocked if my town of 40,000 had more plows than the City of Cincinnati.

Smitherman vs. Elder High School

Greg Korte has a story about Councilman Chris Smitherman's early weeks in office. I am so far not impressed with Smitherman. What I see so far is someone making trouble for trouble's sake. I don't mind someone making politics entertaining, but Smitherman's tone is arrogant. His motives appear good, but his tone comes across like holier-than-thou preacher. He acts like a crusader, bent on bringing down the police chief. He also appears to be wasting the City Manager's time. If Korte's description of his memo writing is true, then I think it might be useful to limit it to one memo a day. If they are information requests, then a large one once a week might go over better in the Lemmie's office. It would really go over better out here in the public if Smitherman did not try and keep his requests quiet. If you are going to rattle cages, then you had better do it out in the open. Otherwise it looks like a shakedown.

Korte was able to get a look at the Elder High memo response. We learn that Elder is indeed the local high school with the most Alumni on the force, but only 76 of the 1,044 officers attended Elder.

Rank/Local HS/No. of PO/Rate
1: Elder - 76 - 7.28%
2: Western Hills - 69 - 6.61%
3: Oak Hills - 46 - 4.41%
4: Withrow - 39 - 3.74%
5: Woodward - 37 - 3.54%
6: Aiken - 36 - 3.45%
7: Roger Bacon - 35 - 3.35%
8: Hughes - 32 - 3.07%
9: Colerain - 27 - 2.59%
10: Walnut Hills - 25 - 2.39%
11: LaSalle - 24 - 2.30%
12: Purcell Marian - 23 - 2.20%
13: Mount Healthy - 22 - 2.11%
14: Seton - 20 - 1.92%
15: St. Xavier - 16 - 1.53%
15(Tie): Princeton - 15 - 1.44%
16: Anderson - 15 - 1.44%
18: Forest Park - 14 - 1.34%
19: Northwest - 13 - 1.25%
20: Moeller - 11 - 1.05%
20(Tie): McNicholas - 11 - 1.05%
Total - 606 - 58.05%
Total of PO - 1,044
Non Cincy HS - 438 - 41.95%

The 606 total might include some duplicates of officers who attended more than one high school. These numbers blow out the Elder myth. The only "fact" that drives the myth is that the number of senior officers who are Elder grades is most likely higher than the rank and file of the force.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Dennis Miller's Darkside Conversion

Dennis Miller has a new show coming on CNBC and according to this AP report he will not say anything negative about Bush:
"I like him," Miller explained. "I'm going to give him a pass. I take care of my friends."
So basically Miller will just do what FOX News does?

I will find it hard in the future to watch Miller if his attacks sound like they are Rush Limbaugh talking points with a thesaurus treatment. In this article he attacks Peter Jennings for not liking Bush. He LOVES George Bush so much that he will give him a "pass" and he wants people to take him as anything more than a shill? If you want to do pro-Bush humor, fine do it, but you have to rely on the Talk Radio or FOX News audience for any ratings. I don't know if they will come to CNBC, but who knows. I am most amazed in reading that Miller's new show will only air once a week. I guess Dennis has a whole lot more things to work on.

UPDATE: I was wrong, and did not read the website correctly, but he is on Monday through Friday plus Sunday.

'You don't live in CLEVELAND'

Well, at least not any more if you are one of the laid off Cleveland Police Department officers who move to Cincinnati if the reported plan by Cincinnati City Manager Valerie Lemmie to hire some of those out of work officers works out. This plan actually is the best thing to come of City Hall in a long time. I don't see anyone questioning the plan, unless you don't like cops or think we have to many now. There are a few activists who will whine about it, but they whine about everything unless it puts money in their pocket.

Ethan Hahn and Greg Mann comment on this issue, and both agree that it is a good move.


Uberblogger Atrios links to a video made to look like a commercial. It is a partisan and harsh presentation made by an individual person, but it shows where the media has failed in it's attack on Howard Dean's "temperament" and whether he is fit to be president, let alone dog catcher. Bush’s “temperament” got little discussion back in 2000, but seems to have been all but forgotten. The Bush part of the video is documented at the Smoking Gun, which is generally accepted to be a credible source.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

First Kay, Now Powell?

Is Colin Powell coming to his senses? Well, the BBC news reports paints that picture. CNN and the AP reports don't have the same shade as the BBC, but all point out the basic element, Powell is backing off his UN claims about WMD. Will the media wake up? Will the New Hampshire circus drown out this story?

FBI Has Found Lashawn Pettus-Brown

The FBI has confirmed they have Lashawn Pettus-Brown in custody in New York City.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Kay: No WMD Stockpiles

Kay stated regarding stockpiles of WMD:
"I don't think they existed," Kay told Reuters in a telephone interview. "What everyone was talking about is stockpiles produced after the end of the last (1991) Gulf War and I don't think there was a large-scale production program in the '90s," he said.

Kay said he believes most of what is going to be found in the search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has been found and that the hunt will become more difficult once America turns over governing the country to the Iraqis.
Bush in the 2003 SOTU:
Our intelligence officials estimate that Saddam Hussein had the materials to produce as much as 500 tons of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agent. In such quantities, these chemical agents could also kill untold thousands. He's not accounted for these materials. He has given no evidence that he has destroyed them.

U.S. intelligence indicates that Saddam Hussein had upwards of 30,000 munitions capable of delivering chemical agents. Inspectors recently turned up 16 of them -- despite Iraq's recent declaration denying their existence. Saddam Hussein has not accounted for the remaining 29,984 of these prohibited munitions. He's given no evidence that he has destroyed them.

From three Iraqi defectors we know that Iraq, in the late 1990s, had several mobile biological weapons labs. These are designed to produce germ warfare agents, and can be moved from place to a place to evade inspectors. Saddam Hussein has not disclosed these facilities. He's given no evidence that he has destroyed them.
So I think we can all say there were not any WMD (at least no significant amounts) in Iraq at the start of the war. No more obscure maybes. The question should be asked, why did the President think there was. I believe that the intelligence Bush referred to in 2003 was not good and that at least Bush's advisors knew it, if not Bush and Cheney themselves.

This is as big a sign of incompetence and or deceit that an Administration can have. Will the media, will the Democratic nominee have the ability or the courage to call the President on this? If handled correctly this would be a point raised and raised again in a debate that would be undefendable for Bush. Winning the debates is not going to win the election, but they do matter.

Defense of the Dean Scream

From Instapundit: Dave Winer defends the Dean Scream and gives a behind the scenes look at it. I don't know who this person is and therefore his credibility is somewhat suspect, but his explanation of why he screamed makes good sense. The Media of course can't grasp the answer, because it does not fit the mold of Dean they have already made.

Now, why Glenn Reynolds linked to this could be judged as a bit "Negative" Dean support. Glenn might want Dean to face Bush, so why not help him anyway he can. Reyonlds has political influence, especially in the primary stages, so saying he is being Machiavellian is not as big of a reach as it may seem.

Bush Then and Now

THEN: In the 2003 SOTU Bush's mention of elements relating to the "liberation" of Iraq.
The dictator who is assembling the world's most dangerous weapons has already used them on whole villages -- leaving thousands of his own citizens dead, blind, or disfigured. Iraqi refugees tell us how forced confessions are obtained -- by torturing children while their parents are made to watch. International human rights groups have catalogued other methods used in the torture chambers of Iraq: electric shock, burning with hot irons, dripping acid on the skin, mutilation with electric drills, cutting out tongues, and rape. If this is not evil, then evil has no meaning. (Applause.)

And tonight I have a message for the brave and oppressed people of Iraq: Your enemy is not surrounding your country -- your enemy is ruling your country. (Applause.) And the day he and his regime are removed from power will be the day of your liberation. (Applause.)
NOW: In his 2004 SOTU
Since we last met in this chamber, combat forces of the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Poland and other countries enforced the demands of the United Nations, ended the rule of Saddam Hussein, and the people of Iraq are free. (Applause.)

Having broken the Baathist regime, we face a remnant of violent Saddam supporters. Men who ran away from our troops in battle are now dispersed and attack from the shadows. These killers, joined by foreign terrorists, are a serious, continuing danger. Yet we're making progress against them. The once all-powerful ruler of Iraq was found in a hole, and now sits in a prison cell. (Applause.) Of the top 55 officials of the former regime, we have captured or killed 45. Our forces are on the offensive, leading over 1,600 patrols a day and conducting an average of 180 raids a week. We are dealing with these thugs in Iraq, just as surely as we dealt with Saddam Hussein's evil regime. (Applause.)

The work of building a new Iraq is hard, and it is right. And America has always been willing to do what it takes for what is right. Last January, Iraq's only law was the whim of one brutal man. Today our coalition is working with the Iraqi Governing Council to draft a basic law, with a bill of rights. We're working with Iraqis and the United Nations to prepare for a transition to full Iraqi sovereignty by the end of June.

As democracy takes hold in Iraq, the enemies of freedom will do all in their power to spread violence and fear. They are trying to shake the will of our country and our friends, but the United States of America will never be intimidated by thugs and assassins. (Applause.) The killers will fail, and the Iraqi people will live in freedom. (Applause.)

Month by month, Iraqis are assuming more responsibility for their own security and their own future. And tonight we are honored to welcome one of Iraq's most respected leaders: the current President of the Iraqi Governing Council, Adnan Pachachi.

Sir, America stands with you and the Iraqi people as you build a free and peaceful nation. (Applause.)
Before the war, the "liberation of Iraq" was a minor element, almost in passing, in the reasoning for war. After the war, BOOM, that was nearly the only reason for going to war that Bush is talking about. When talking about WMD the length of content from the speeches would be reversed between the years. Notice that switch? Notice how before the war it was WMD all the time, but now WMD is almost a dirty word in the administration, and Freedom for Iraq is all that matters. How was this not misleading the American people?

Allen vs. Smitherman

Well, I wonder who organized the speakers at city council yesterday calling out Mike Allen:
"He had no right to call this man a young punk, whether he agrees with him or not," West End resident Earmon Powell said Thursday. "He had no right to say that about our beloved brother."
For the record, Mike Allen had every right to call Chris Smitherman anything he wants. Earmon Powell is just wrong, but he has the right to make his incorrect statement if he wants.

Allen's comments were not becoming of an elected official. If the local Dems have any balls left, they will run a commercial with the"smart-mouthed little punk" comment all through Allen's future campaigns.

One contention I found laughable though:
In the past, some segments of the African-American community have complained that the chief, assistant chiefs and many members of the department's command staff are graduates of Elder High School, a predominantly white, conservative Catholic school on the West Side, and that might have influenced the way they deal with minorities.

Smitherman, though, never made that assertion, and has said he wanted the data for informational purposes.
Why didn't Smitherman provide detail on what his "informational purposes" in knowing what high school each police officer attended. There is no other logical reason to know what high school each officer went to except for proving or disproving the Elder High School story. If he wants to know the level of education of each officer or the rates of those with college degrees, that might be useful. I wonder if Smitherman asked for the names of the colleges any police officers attended.

UPDATE: Greg Mann comments and points to and Enquirer editorial. I agree with Greg that the Enquirer failed to criticize Allen for his end of the feud. I agree with much of Enquirer's critique of Smitherman's demeanor, but Allen was just as childish, if not worse. He has not gotten the "dissing" he deserves from the big media outlets. Allen is considered a "hero" in WLW land.

Weekend Update Lead: Rose to sign books at gambling casino

Tina Fey would be remiss if she did not use this headline as an example of legitimate news outlets putting her out of business.

Same Old Thing

Sam Malone appears to need do some fundraising. How better to gain some West Side money then try and take away the rights of women to pay for medical procedures. Now of course the procedure is an abortion, the most polarizing political issue of the modern area. Malone and DeWine both new they would loose, but they have to please the anti-abortion contributors with at least a symbolic gesture that everyone knows will not stop abortions. All it would do is hurt women. Controlling and hurting women seem to be an obsession for anti-abortion activists.

I knew Malone was supporting discrimination against homosexuals with his support of a lawsuit trying to remove the recent hate crimes ordinance. What I did not know was the Malone was a theocrat ant-abortionist. I thought he was at least hands off on the abortion issue, not making much of it, but instead he wishes to govern the city by voting as his religious dogma tells him he must vote. How Nice. This has been a week full of theocratic Republicans. Bush, Ohio GOPers, and now Malone are trying to impose religious beliefs on the populace via secular law.


Rob Bernard points out that Bush's use of the term "WMD-related program activities" in the SOTU was used in the Kay Report. I can't disagree. The problem is that it does not absolve Bush of playing language creep. Kay may be his excuse now, but what was Bush's excuse when he said right here in Cincinnati that Iraq had (have at that point) in their possession. One might wonder why Bush would lift that quote from the report anyway. It is a horrible sound term. It sounds like what John Stewart might think up to make fun of Bush's SOTU. I guess Bush was just cutting out the middleman.


Kevin Drum points out a startling up tick in the severity of the alleged computer hacking by Republican senatorial staffers on Democratic computers. It appears that over at least a year a series of memos from Senate Democrats and their staffers were stolen and then leaked to the media, namely Bob Novak, or used as talking point fodder.

This act is theft. This act is as big as Watergate. Obviously it is not involving the President, but in this case it can be proven that what was stolen was used to smear the Democrats. Add in Plamegate and media SHOULD be in a frenzy. For some reason they are sitting on their hands. Hmmm

CT Fun

We had a great time at the Oakley After-5 Walk with Cincinnati Tomorrow. I was very pleased to finally meet Wes Flinn face to face and have a nice chat about blogging. I hope Wes can make it out to more walks.

Shout Out: Through the grapevine last night I head that councilman David Pepper either has read or reads the blog. I will just say Hey!

Enquirer Sued by Former Music Critic

The Enquirer has been sued by former music critic Larry Nager for unfair treatment and age discrimination. Nager was fired January 9th (3 days before me) and was allegedly he was "not aggressive" and "did not do his job."

One radio report stated that Nager's lawsuit link the "demotion" of former TV & Radio critic John Kieswetter to a West Chester beat reporter.

Thursday, January 22, 2004


A white South African immigrant student promoted himself for an African-American Student award given only to black students at a Public School. He was suspended for putting up posters in school with his picture on them.

Why would a public school give an award only among one race at a public school? Did putting up posters without permission violate school policy? If it did he deserved the suspension, if not, then why was he suspended? Criticizing bigoted or racist polices of schools is something we should encourage in our students.

[Via the 800-pound gorilla]

Ohio Senate passes gay-marriage ban

Theocratic double speak never fails to offend:
State Rep. Bill Seitz, a Green Township Republican who sponsored the bill, said he was 'elated' at the prospect of Ohio being the 38th state to pass the Defense of Marriage Act. 'It's gigantic step toward strengthening the traditional view of marriage,' Seitz said.
How do you defend marriage when half of them end divorce? If the theocratic bigots want to "defend marriage," why don't they ban divorce?

What? Hmmm? You say that banning divorce would make half of the conservative politicians look bad with their prior divorces? Well, they can't pass an ex post facto law, so they can force the rest of us to live in bad marriages if they want. What better way to promote marriage by forcing bad ones from ending and preventing certain people from marrying?

Don Quixote

Cheney refuses to give up on WMD search. I think he needs to come clean on the windmills. Dick could take the fall for the President and admit that he pushed him into the war. That would be the honest thing to do, but who in politics does the honest thing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Miami University Journalism Program

I am pleased to read that Miami will have a specific Journalism Department starting in the Fall. Previously Mass Communication and English were the only things that came close. I had a friend in college who was a Mass Com major and did work at a newspaper for a while. I hope Miami can use the department to beef up the student newspaper.

Cincinnati Enquirer Editor Tom Callinan is one of four applicants to head the department. Gregory Flannery
of CityBeat asks "will Editor Tom Callinan be the next in the ongoing exodus from The Cincinnati Enquirer?" Are the changes the Enquirer has undertaken all Tom has to offer to the paper or does shaping new journalists a new alure for a veteran editor?

Ramos in Sundance 2004

CityBeat's Steve Ramos is at the Sundance Film Festival and has an online daily diary of his misadventures.

Ohio Senate Approves Gay-Marriage Ban

Blah! All that is left is for Tedious Taft to sign it, which he eventually will. Theocracy on the March, with bigotry in tow.

Mockery of a President

When you read this section from Bush's SOTU last night it can be nothing less than astonishment, and nothing better than laughable:
Some in this chamber, and in our country, did not support the liberation of Iraq. Objections to war often come from principled motives. But let us be candid about the consequences of leaving Saddam Hussein in power. We are seeking all the facts - already the Kay report identified dozens of weapons of mass destruction-related program activities and significant amounts of equipment that Iraq concealed from the United Nations.
First, Bush knows well that everyone in the chamber supports the liberation of Iraq. What many, including me, disagreed with was how Bush went about doing it. He did it by lying to the American public or at least misleading us. He gave the finger to the rest of the world for not doing what he wanted. He failed to plan for both the after-math of victory and for the strain the Iraq war had on the "War" on terrorism.

The most outlandish and greatest SNL moment came from his "WMD-related" quote. He basically used WMD as an adjective to try to link what stuff they found to his trumped up reason for the war. It is laughable to me how people just don't care, or don't notice, how Bush uses language creep to back peddle from his initial claim. First Iraq had WMD, and then they had WMD programs, now they have "weapons of mass destruction-related program activities." I guess downloading this from the internet could be called WMD-related program activities.

Ohio General Assembly's Bigotry

It appears that the anti-homosexual sentiment in the Ohio Senate is strong. It is amazing how homophobia drives politicians. They may not be homophobic themselves, but they fear the level of homophobia by voters who would turn on them if they did anything to give equal rights to homosexuals. This movement is led by conservative Republicans, but there are many Democrats who are doing nothing or sitting on their hands. Social Conservative blue collar Democrats and religious blacks are keeping elected Democrats from making the fair and just decision to fight the anti-homosexual bill.

I would like to encourage that people hit the GOP for pushing this, but don't give the Democrats a pass if they don't stand up for the rights of gays. Ask Mark Mallory and Steve Driehaus what they are doing and where they stand on equal rights for homosexuals, including marriage or civil unions.

Driehaus's (D) from Cincinnati prior comments include:
Rep. Steve Driehaus, D-Cincinnati, has reservations about the bill, which he said could send the message that Ohio lawmakers are intolerant toward the gay community.

Still, he says he'll vote for the marriage act because he believes his constituency defines marriage in a very specific way.

"My constituents believe marriage is a union between a man and a woman that is held sacred," Driehaus said. "We should respect that."
Nice to know representatives will submit to the bigotry of their constituents.

Where in the World is LaShawn Pettus-Brown?

California is the place you ought to be. This is hilarious. Pettus-Brown is allegedly trying to join a Dennis Rodman BB team in LA. He is wanted by the Cincinnati Police and FBI, but he is hanging out in LA with tons of media around Rodman who will stake out a celebrity's house to determine if they wear boxer's, but they will not look into who might be wanted by the law and standing right next to them.

Bush Declares His Bigotry

I am sure the conservative readers will disagree, but last night in his SOTU Bush declared his bigotry towards homosexuals
Activist judges, however, have begun redefining marriage by court order, without regard for the will of the people and their elected representatives. On an issue of such great consequence, the people's voice must be heard. If judges insist on forcing their arbitrary will upon the people, the only alternative left to the people would be the constitutional process. Our nation must defend the sanctity of marriage.
His endorsement of an anti-homosexual constitutional amendment was not a shock, but was a move that will draw political lines. Bush did not even have the courage to just come out and say he was for the amendment. He instead had to use the quote above which danced around the issue and prevented him from sounding like Pat Robertson.

UPDATE: Wes Flinn Comments.
I was surprised he did not even mention abortion. Not even in passing part of a laundry list of issues. I guess he can't use that as a big issue this time around. It is a no win issue in the country. Its only value is to drive out turnout. Raising the issue will not change anyone's mind.

Theocratic Fascism At Home

The Fascist in Chief of Hamilton County Speaks.
Leis spoke about crime and the courts, obscenity and pornography, abortion and same-sex marriages - issues he feels plague America.

His theme: Over-tolerance propagated by a too-liberal media is wrecking the family values of Cincinnati and America.

"As prosecutor and sheriff, I enforce obscenity laws, and on many occasions I have been made an object of ridicule by the media," Leis said. "I will never compromise my beliefs on this issue."
Well, I for one don't to disappoint the expectations of the sheriff. As a fledging member of the media I openly mock you Simon Leis. You are a bigot, fascist, oppressive jack-booted thug out to force your religion and your own laws on Hamilton County. Keep your theocracy to yourself, and instead of attacking those you are supposed to protect (like me), why don't you work to make new friends, instead of alienating those of us who don't share your brand of fire and brimstone. Be the sheriff, don't be a crusader.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Well, it took me just over a week to land a job. I was able to find a job within the company. The only negative is that I will be working out in Mason, not Downtown. Can't have everything. I will start out there in couple of weeks or so. I am very glad to be staying where I am and in the general field I was in.

Back to the Future?

Ok, here is a story from Reuters via Yahoo. It was dated 2 hours, 51 minutes ago as of 910: PM EST. It lists quotes from Bush's SOTU Address. As I write this Bush has only been speaking for about 3 minutes. I know they put out the speech to the press before hand, but long enough to give a 3-year lead in story? It was written in past tense, which seemed really odd.

Ohio GOP: Law Breakers?

It appears the Ohio GOP is refusing the advice of Ken Blackwell, Ohio Secretary of State, and keeping a campaign finance fund that Blackwell says is in against the McCain/Feingold campaign finance law. I love it when the GOP can't follow the law and a fellow Republican has to call them on it. This will end up in court, which is likely why this dance is going on.

One More Step Towards a Brokered Convention

With Dean falling flat in Iowa, things are really getting interesting. There is a real divide in the Democratic party among several candidates. Dean, Kerry, and Clark have a shot at being the nominee. Logically after New Hampshire one two will be left. I don't think this will be logical. I think we will see varying surges by all three candidates, with Joe Liberman hurting someone for a while. John Edwards has made his case for the number 2 spot.

The problem for Democrats is the sense of anti-Dean feelings that are growing. This tone will turn off the powerful group of Dean supports who are KEY to beating Bush. The Dems best hope is that they want to get rid of Bush enough that they will support and work for who ever the Dems put up.

UPDATE: Some anti-Dean gloating from neo-Republican, and 800 pound blogging gorilla, Glenn Reynolds.

UPDATE#2: Kevin Drum also is using the brokered term in describing what may happen come summer. Well he does use "semi-brokered" to be exact, but close enough for me to mention it.

Ohio Key to GOP

Bush has to win Ohio or he is toast. That will become evident on Wednesday when Bush visits Ohio first after the SOTU. Here is Bush's Danger summed up by Rep. Steve Chabot:
Bush will urge Congress to restrain the growth of federal spending, something Rep. Steve Chabot says he hears complaints about from his constituents all the time.

"I think we've allowed spending to grow at far too rapid a pace. And that's a danger," said Chabot, a Westwood Republican. "Thus far the Congress hasn't been willing or able to face up to it. The president has also been remiss in emphasizing controls on the spending."
Bush and Chabot can't honestly blame the Democrats for this. I am sure they will try, and I am sure they will claim the Dems will increase spending more than they will, but that might be a moot argument if the public finally grasps the 500 billion dollar deficit created by Bush and the GOP Congress.

Maybe someone can give Peter Bronson a lesson in trickle down economics: When the Federal government cuts revenue to the states, caps services, then guess what falls on the states? If Blackwell gets his cuts, then the cities and counties will bore the expenses. I guess Peter's goal is once he gets the wall build around West Chester he can put off ever having a municipal income tax by keeping out the poor people.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Theocracy on the March!

It is so "nice" to see more small town theocrats chosing what religion everyone else must follow. What is most interesting is that a single councilman allegedly paid for and put the one ton 10 commandments slab on in the Town Hall. He allegedly did not have permission from council. It is nice one man taking this kind of action without even voting on it. That is how theocracy is supposed to work! Glad to see this man does not disappoint.

Wait Just a Minute

My favorite BBC radio comedy show is back from hiatus: Just a Minute

XRay Magazine's 3rd Anniversary Party
Please join everyone January 24th at 8PM at Jacobs On the Avenue 4029 Hamilton Ave in Northside (Map).

The party will feature music by Pay Up Smartie and the Blue Rock Boys. Other acts TBA. There will also be an exhibition of XRay's archives of Everybody's News and the Independent Eye. The cover charge is only $4.

For More Information, Contact:Stephen Novotni (513)841-9729 or

The Battle for Districts Begin

I am perplexed by how voting regions are drawn for district representation in the City of Cincinnati. 12 difference maps have been drawn for a breakdown of 6, 9 or 15 different districts. I am troubled why race is such a factor here. Why is it so important to have a "fair" number of majority black districts? Why do we have to have "X" number of black or white members of council? Any rational for requiring a quota of seats is either bigoted or racist or just too static in my opinion. Race only matters to those it matters too.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

The State of the Union Address Drinking Game 2004

SOTU Address Drinking Game 2004 is a must for all true hardcore political watchers. If you are unable to drink alcohol, you can at least play with water. The first one to piss loses.

BBC Quiz on U.S. Presidency is Wrong

In a quiz on the U.S. Presidency the BBC asked:
Which of these packages is NOT among the perks of being president of the United States?

A: A masseur and a pet of choice
B: A salary of $200,000 per year and pension
C: A chef and an aeroplane

The answer was A
The president is entitled to a $200,000 annual salary and a pension on retirement of $63,000 per year (taxable). The president has a place in the country - Camp David, a personal plane - Air Force One, and a chef. Masseurs are not included in the package, nor are pets, although they are welcomed at the White House.
The answer A and B are correct. The BBC does not know that the President's salary went up to $400,000 a year in 2001.

More on Boondocks

A Dallas Morning News column has more on why the Enquirer dropped it. (3rd item)

More on Police and the "N-Word"

Peter Bronson writes today on Police Officer Jeff Butler and his alledged use of the "N-Word." Bronson goes on with a personal experience of meeting the officer and going on patrol with him 10 years ago. He claims the word in question is not even the "N-Word." I don't know what the truth on that is, but it is funny how his take is so different.

I was most amused by Peter's attack on CityBeat:
Councilman John Cranley said different versions of the tape may not be as clear. So he invited me to listen to the Smitherman tape, which came from the cop-bashing alternative weekly CityBeat. It sounded like the tape I got from the Cincinnati Police. I still heard "native.''
"Cop-bashing"? How exactly does that figure? CityBeat dares to question the actions of police and they are "cop-bashing?" Now, CityBeat is not a conservative publication. They are very leftist. That is not questionable, but to call them "cop-bashing" just because they don't get on their knees for the police? Maybe when (or if) Peter stops bashing homosexuality, he might be taken seriously.

First Blood

Well, there was no blood, but there was a shoving match at a political rally in Iowa. College Dems were holding a rally and the College Republicans choose to disrupt it. One GOPer even pushed Joan Jett, who was performing at the rally. This was luckily not serious, but this kind of thing is going to happen all year long. I was hoping tension and anger between parties was not that high at this point, but I was wrong. Things are going to only get worse. I guess the laid back YR were absent that day.

Pictures and first hand background on the rally.

[Link Via Atrios]

UPDATE: Wes Flinn Comments.

UPDATE#2: Radio Free Newport comments on Freeper hate mail to Margaret Cho. Now, when I say hate mail, make sure so emphasize the hate. I could not believe that level of bigotry and ignorance that flowed when she was misquoted while speaking at a event.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

The Beginning of Cincinnayton?

The DDN reports on the marvels of shopping in West Chester. I think the Kenwood area might want to differ on who's the "Best," but one thing is for sure, West Chester is growing fast. They will have to incorporate and start having a city income tax soon; otherwise Butler County will start a financial crumbling in future years.

Lost in Translation

As part of my birthday celebration last weekend I went to see Lost in Translation at the Esquire. I really liked it. There is a very simple plot: understanding where you are in life is a never ending journey. Bill Murray is a great actor. He does not have the range of Bob De Niro, but Murray does have the ability to play a person with deep emotions. In this performance he plays a character with a laundry list problems: career in the dumper, marriage troubles, feeling trapped. Murray is able to make those emotions appear tangible to the viewer. The backdrop of Tokyo is itself a character in the film. It felt like reading the reflection of a your name in a mirror. It is just like your name, you know it, but it is still from such a different perspective that it is perplexing.

Sofia Coppola's direction deserves great praise. I am sure she has problems with stepping out from the shadow of her father, but I think she is on her way of being a good or even great director, Daddy aside. Kudos also to Scarlett Johansson.

Dennis Miller, Flipper, Flopper?

The New York Times Article on Dennis Miller and his new show are still making me wonder: did Dennis become a born again Christian? I don't get his fear based conversion to a Bush lover. He claims to be a social liberal still, but how can he remain loyal to a President who seeks to keep homosexuals second-class citizens?

Compromising on an issue is one thing. I can understand how a liberal or moderate might support the Iraq war. That is a relatively "reasoned" argument, but to take the further step of basically joining the GOP sounds like a mid life crisis more than a reasoned political choice.

Friday, January 16, 2004

2007: End of the Cincinnati Post?

The Enquirer and Post have announced that Gannett has not renewed the JOA (joint operation agreement) with Scripps to publish the Post. This has been rumored for years. The rest of the rumor is that the Post will remain as the Kentucky Post and serve Northern Kentucky. I would not be surprised if Scripps gives this a try. I am not sure how I like it. It would be good for those living in NKY, but I don't know if it would help news coverage on this side of the river. If the Enquirer gives up on NKY, then it might help some, but I don't see the Enquirer giving up anything, so they will try and compete with the KY Post and let Cincinnati-Ohio coverage suffer. Basically the City will get screwed. The Post will cover NKY and the Enquirer will cover the suburbs, leaving the actually city of Cincinnati to be treated like the black sheep of the family. Some might say that "black sheep" is more literal than my simile suggests. I don't know, but urbanists are not the sought after demographic of the Enquirer.

Wes Flinn links to this as well and asks if we noticed anything odd? I can only assume he means that both stories are almost word for word the same article, minus the opening paragraph or two.

More Coverage: Yahoo, Editor & Publisher, WCPO, Reuters, Washington Business Journal, and CNN.

Local Dean Supporters Still Going

Dean supporters locally are strong, in spite of our city's conservative image. Dean is facing a big fight in Iowa. His support is slipping against Kerry, which is a surprise. At this point I don't see Dean winning Iowa, or at least not by much. That opens things up for Clark and keeps Kerry alive.

Slur Story Will not Die

The Secrect Service is working on this now and the City Solicitor is now getting involved. Michael at Rantophilla disagrees with my view on this issue. I of course disagree. I believe a racial slur is only as big a deal as those who make it into one. I guess I apply the "sticks and stones" principle here, no matter the history. There are other racial, ethnic, and religious slurs that are as old or older than the "N-Word," but the media and politicos do not make a Federal Case out of anyone using those slurs.

Why Maggie?

Why did Maggie Downs "review" a book by a local conservative? Maggie's column had a few timid elements of commentary, but mostly was a news story on the book. Give this to Bronson. Peter would get a woody with this kind of book. His hang up must have been the fact that his book is competing with this guy's book. Let Maggie cover Michael Moore or Al Franken. It was painful to read this story. It was like Maggie's guilt in writing it came through on each sentence. Why couldn't she come out and let this guy have it? Show how any or all of his "truths" are either false, really opinion, or just bigotry hidden in a theocratic evangelism.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Race Politics and Race Based Media Coverage

It appears that Alicia Reece is charging head first into the issue of the alleged use of the "N-word" in a taped investigation interview from 1998. The Vice Mayor wants harsher punishments for using the "N-word" than was given. I have to ask what punishment should be given for political grandstanding? In any act of political grandstanding, especially about a race issue, lying is involved. How many lies, half-truths, misleading statements were made when the Vice Mayor announced the plan to fight "black on black" crime?

This story is a gold mine for the media. It is like sex or murder; the "N-word" sells. I am as much of a sucker for reporting on it than anyone. I might stick to politicians using it instead of a police sergeant using it over 5 years ago.

Bronson Boo Hoo!

Peter Bronson is lamenting the United Way's cut in funding to the Boy Scouts. He believes that it is because of the bigoted views adhered to by the Boy Scouts keeping homosexuals out of the organization. Peter does not, I assume, that the bigoted views of the Boy Scouts are bigoted. He thinks they are either valid or their own business. If he thinks being bigoted against homosexuals is the right thing for the Boy Scouts, then well, his opinions are moot. They are predicated on beliefs that are contrary to what the United Way stand for: helping everyone. How can they help everyone when they exclude groups that exclude people based on a trait that has no bearing on what they do. It is a simple idea in play here. Bigotry is not reward or supported by the Cincinnati United Way. Politics are such that they can't punish groups totally in this region, where anti-homosexual views are common. Combined with a bigger need in other areas the United Way cut out funding for the Boy Scouts. That is life. If Peter wants them to have more money, then I suggest he and the CCV start hold bake sales.

I have to ask Peter a question, how much do Christian charities support AiDs research or support for victims? I bet most conservative Christian groups do not give a penny to help fight AiDs. I am sure there are exceptions or specific groups that do help all people dying from disease, but I mean groups that the CCV and Bronson would trumpet.

To FCC Chairman Michael Powell

FUCK YOU! Bill me.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Saying a Racial Slur Gets the Media into Frenzy

Ok, so there is a videotape and according to some sources Cincinnati police Sgt. Jeff Butler said the word "nigger" while being investigated by CPD internal affairs. I really wonder what the story here is? This happened in 1998, over 5 years ago. Beyond being the typical if it involves race then we can exploit it attitude of the media, I don't see the impact of this man's words.

Now, by saying the "n-word" he broke no law. You can think him to be a racist or bigot or idiot, but he broke no law. Plenty of other groups of people are insulted every day in the media alone, not to mention in the break rooms across the country. Why does this matter? What matters is whether this guy broke any laws, which is why he was being investigated. This got a skeptical play by WLWT, but Kathy Wilson seems to either have better hearing or has a problem with book covers. Leslie Blade lets opinion flow into her news story, but reports generally most of same facts out.

If WLWT or CityBeat wants to put on airs about hate speech, they should review the tapes from 1230 AM the Buzz and the number of incidents of hate speech would make your mind boggle.

What I have a problem with overall is the underlying theme on this issue: guilt by association. "If one guys says a word, then see, they are all racists." If this person had actually attacked or mistreated anyone because of their race, then this would be support for the contention that this man was a racist. Just because others around him don't correct him for saying a "bad" word does not mean much. If a religious person says they will pray for me, I don't like it. Sometimes they go out of their way to ask me "have you accepted Jesus Christ as your savior?" I don't say anything to say that offends me. I instead ignore them. If this police officer broke the law, then lock him up. If he said a racial slur, then call him an asshole and move on.

FOX Propaganda in Action

Chemical Weapons or Chemical Explosives? Somehow in an interview with Brit Hume, Fox News foreign affairs analyst Mansoor Ijaz "reported" that "chemical explosives" were smuggled into Northern Iraq from Iran. This little tidbit then gets extrapolated without any evidence:
Now, what alarmed me about this and the reason that I felt it was necessary to get this out as soon as possible, is because I have now heard three times in the last week, from separate sources that I have been talking to that something big is being planned for Baghdad. In which the idea that is being put forward is to kill as many as 3,000 to 5,000 people at one shot; something that would be similar to a World Trade Center (search) type of attack. In that part of the world, the only way you could get that done is if you launched a massive chemical or biological attack.
Now, someone this gets translated to the front page teaser as "Terror expert Mansoor Ijaz says chemical weapons came in from Iran." Ah, no he did not say that. Chemical explosives include things like, oh nitroglycerin or dynamite. I know FOX wants spins stuff for their boy Bush, but this is just ridiculous. Mansoor Ijaz is treated like a reporter but he is an open advocate for the War. I don't get how he could let this misconception go on when you read this from his FOX News bio:
Ijaz received his Bachelor’s degree magna cum laude in Physics from the University of Virginia and received his Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Damn, that's a big ass barrel of monkeys.

WMD Found? Nope!

After further review the mortar shells found in southern Iraq found by the Danish did not contain a blister agent. Sorry folks, someone jumped the gun once again. WMD's were not found. I bet it will take months for people to understand that we did not find them.

I found the announcement of finding these mortar shells just happened to occur a few days after a big report is released detailing how Iraq had not possessed WMD since the mid '90s. I wonder why someone jumped the gun? Hmmmm, very odd that a report would surface as an attempt to refute a news story. I wonder if a journalist would investigate who released that information, when the mortar shells were originally found, and how long had they been sitting on the information.

Chris Smitherman?

Something happened today with Chris Smitherman? I heard a fragment of the WLW news at 3PM, but I missed the whole story. Something about comments he was alleged to have made? Anyone???

Goth's invade Main Street

The Warehouse, Cincinnati's premier dance club for everyone who likes to be different for difference’s sake, is moving from Vine Street to the Main Street entertainment district. This is great for Main Street, but not great news for Vine Street.

Damon Lynch: Liar?

Greg Korte is reporting that on 2003 campaign reports Damon Lynch listed Timberland Drive in Woodlawn as his residence on his contribution of 1,000 to himself. Now, it is possible that this contribution was actually from Damon Lynch IV not the III. Lynch IV is now awaiting trial for theft. If his son gave him the money, then where did that money come from?

All unlikely speculation aside here, Damon Lynch should be investigated for perjury. He was under oath when he testified before the board of elections. I assume the board actually had him testify, and did not let his attorney speak for him, which would have been a brilliant move for Ken Lawson, Lynch's attorney, to make. If he "moved" back to Woodlawn during the campaign he would not have been a valid candidate.

I wonder if Mike Allen has the balls to go after Lynch. Don't hold your breath. I am sure Mike would love to put Damon Lynch on trial, but he has no intention of feeding Lynch's savior complex with tangible fodder. Allen will let this transgression pass. No one will care that Lynch was given special treatment because of who he is.

UPDATE: Greg Mann has analysis and thinks Korte and I are making to much out of mostly nothing.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Stop Wasting Money, Adams County

The pointless attempt of some in Adam's county to establish a theocracy will not happen in the U.S. Courts. The school district officials should be sued for misuse of public funds for pushing this the lawsuit to try and get the right to put Ten Commandment statues in front of public schools. One would think that the Roy Moore case in Alabama might make them give up. You don't get much deeper into the bible belt than Alabama, where atheists are more closeted than homosexuals.

Missing Kiesewetter

I for one am missing John Kiesewetter's TV & Radio column, killed by the Enquirer. I am the people of Butler country will like the extra coverage they are getting beyond the two daily newspaper's they already had covering their area. I am sure they need more and Cincinnati needs less. Damn the city and long the live the burbs?

Bronson Makes Sense?

Peter Bronson's column makes a little sense today, or rather he makes points that no one else is pointing out. In last week's council meeting Peter reports that the following council members made the following contradictions:
Newbie Chris Smitherman blasted the human relations budget, but director Cecil Thomas said nobody even called to ask any questions.

Laketa Cole insisted that slicing a quarter of the commission's budget was not a cut.

Sam Malone promised voters he would work to stop the violence - then voted to gut an agency that's actually trying.
Most surprising at all, Bronson criticized Sam Malone. I tip my hat to Peter for the across the board criticism.

Peter however made Vice Mayor Alicia Reece the focus of his scorn:
But the uncongeniality award went to Vice Mayor Alicia Reece, who introduced the sketchy idea to take $100,000 from the commission to fight black-on-black homicides. She insulted council members, then called for unity. She invited questions, then cut them cold. She shot down compromises, then complained council did nothing.

She insinuated rejection was a race thing. But white council members have thrown millions at programs to prove they are sensitive on race. They just haven't done much that works.

Her motion failed because it was a sloppy proposal presented like a ransom note. Reece is charming in person, but sometimes runs meetings like the bossy kid nobody wants to play with.
Well, in some many words Bronson's assessment agrees with mine that Alicia Reece is the Queen of political Grandstanding in the City of Cincinnati.


John Dowlin, according to the Enquirer, is refusing to debate Pat DeWine before the March GOP primary. Dowlin is trying to play down the importance of those supporting DeWine:
"I think we're not going to do that," Dowlin said. "It seems like an awful lot of time and effort for a small group of people."
So a few hours in a meeting hall will take you away from what, meeting for a few hours in a different meeting hall? The only difference between the two would be that the stage would not be so crowded?

Monday, January 12, 2004

Jay "Unabomber Jr." Love

I missed this today (had other things on my mind). I really don't see how or why Jay Love would read from the Una-bomber's manifesto. Ethan Hahn's comments focus on how the media reports on things they know nothing about, and it shows to us that are not quite as ignorant as Joe six-pack. Ethan use Rush Limbaugh as an example. Coincidence that today is Rush's birthday as well as mine. Hmmm????

Priceless Talking Points Memo Post

Number of days between Novak column outing Valerie Plame and announcement of investigation: 74 days.

Number of days between O'Neill 60 Minutes interview and announcement of investigation: 1 day.

Having the administration reveal itself as a gaggle of hypocritcal goons ... priceless.

-- Josh Marshall

Counterspin on Boondocks

Hesiod reports that only 300 people complained about the Enquirer canceling the Boondocks cartoon strip. He is calling for people to write in to the paper and try and have it re-instated.

Down Goes Frasier!

I just couldn't resist.

Something to get my mind of my troubles

Life Can Sometimes Really Suck

Well, I was having an OK, nothing grand mind you, birthday when our entire department was called into a meeting this morning. To make a long story short, we all got laid off. Needless to say that made for one really shitty birthday present. We have four more weeks and that is it.

Wow, we are in such a great economy now, aren’t we??????

I will be getting a severance package, but I also do have two internal job leads, which are not bad and will likely at least pay about the same as I am getting now. If I am lucky one of them might actually be an increase in salary.

If anyone knows of any job openings where a guy with a Finance/business background who can do wonders with Microsoft Access databases could be of use, please drop me a line.

I am going to have a beer now.

You Say It's Your Birthday?

Famous people born today:

1876 Jack London
1905 Tex Ritter
1926 Ray Price
1930 Glenn Yarborough
1944 Joe Frazier
1951 Rush Limbaugh (Yes, it is "ironical")
1954 Howard Stern
1955 Kirstie Alley
1964 Jeff Bezos
1966 Rob Zombie
1972 Brian Griffin

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Peter Ignores the Truth

Mr. Bronson is missing something about why the Maisonette is having troubles, and I think he missed it on purpose. He mentioned convention business is not what it was. I wonder why, Peter! You don't suppose that the convention boycott started in reaction to Article XII, the anti-homosexual charter amendment? Peter, you don't suppose that gay friendly organizations that might come to Cincinnati for a convention might just be big customer for restaurants like the Maisonette?

I think Peter has more to do with the failure of the Maisonette then he would like to admit. His advocacy for groups like the CCV and their theocratic agenda helped Phil Burress get his anti-gay ballot issue passed. Also, Peter's regular laments on the crime rate in Cincinnati, and the fear mongering that follows, creating a myth that is followed by the ignorant suburbanite. Peter has done more than anyone to drive fear into the suburbs. Why would they want to be near the gays and blacks? "They" might actually talk to a Hummer Driver, and "we all" know that is just unacceptable. (Cough, Cough)

Ignorant Old Man

The Enquirer has a guest column from a WWII veteran who attacks the media for making a big deal out of the number of "causalities" in the Iraq war. Robert E. Johnson is correct when he says the number of dead pales in comparison to the people lost in WWII or the Civil War. What Mr. Johnson seems to be being missing is the media's play of "causalities." The media does report deaths in Iraq. Deaths of soldiers that is. Very little is reported on the non-fatal casualties. NPR did an excellent report, "Measuring Cost of Iraq War," on the number of casualties in the war on Iraq. I would suggest Mr. Johnson ponder for a minute the absence of the thousands of wounded men on the TV screen. We don't see the men without limbs, or men blinded. We do see a President walking around without a care in world.

For a running count of Military deaths and woundings, check out As of now 495 U.S. Military deaths (591 total) and 2,849 U.S. woundings.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Local Blog Round-Up

Notes from Ground Level: Greg Mann comments on today's Maggie Downs column. I did make some resolutions. I will try to write better, maintain my weight (lose 10 more lbs. if possible), and actually finish the outline to my novel this year. I know I will not keep these fully, but I picked things that I am constantly working on, so any effort means “success” towards these resolutions.

Rantophilia: Michael covers the up coming new space exploration initiative. I really would love to send men to Mars and back to the Moon. The Problem here is that 1) Bush knows this plan is dead in congress. There is no money for it. 2) Bush will likely make a big hoopla over it and then try to get the private sector to do it, which no private group will take on. This kind of big project will only work with government backing. No corporation can make their short-term profits (something they can’t live without) from this kind of long-term investment. I really wish I could support Bush's plan, but I see it as an election year ruse that he knows will not get off the ground, literally.

Queen City Soapbox: Ethan Hahn brings up the new immigration policy. I see this as Bush pulling a Clinton, again. He is using Dick Morris's triangulation trick. Get the far right wing pissed, but gain some of the centrist voters because you appear to be moderate. I am not sure if it will work. This act might keep some of rabid rightists at home; enough to offset any gains Bush might get from Latinos and Centrists gained from adopting this new policy.

Tasers Work?

This story seems to provide anecdotal evidence that the new taser worked well. This story sounds like it was spoon fed to the reporter like a nice ripe piece of propaganda, but other than that.....

Council Race Relations

I have a simple question: if you hold a press conference about stopping "black-on-black" crime in this city, and only include the 4 black council members, and don't give details on your plan, then how can you complain about bad race relations on council when you are segregating yourself from the rest of council based on race. I don't get how this contradiction goes on?

From the Vice Mayor:
"You do not see (City Council) working together all the time. It depends on whose idea it is," Reece said.

"What I'm seeing is a bad precedent being set," she said.
News Flash Alicia!! You are not working with all of the council. You are the only forming a black voting block on council. You are the one race baiting here, not the 5 non-blacks on council.

It seems to be that Cole and Malone might be drawn into this not so forcefully. Reece and Smitherman are the ones getting the press, or rather pushing their faces and words into the press, so they feel they need to form a power block and segregate themselves. I hope Cole does not play their game. I doubt Malone will play that game. He can't win with the GOP and that would really piss them off.

Louisville Mini-Riot

After a fatal shooting of a black man in Louisville protestors rioted and broke windows of Louisville Chief Robert White's office. I wonder if any Cincinnati boycotters/rioters joined the fray? The protest had a reported 400 people, but reports indicate that 60 had to be forced out of the area after the permitted protest time.

It is 'nice' to see that Damon Lynch's counter part, Rev. Louis Coleman of the Justice Resource Center, did little to condemn or stop the rioters:
"I admire their willingness to stand up," Coleman said, adding that he encouraged the youth to express their anger in a different way.

"The young people got us to the table tonight," Coleman said, referring to the meeting with White.
So rioting got Rev. Coleman to the table. Great thing to teach the young people: be violent and they will notice. Great plan Rev. Coleman, I am sure that will go along way to help reduce tensions. Nothing can calm racial tensions like a good riot. (cough, cough) (Nate, Make sure you copy this part of the post too... I want to make sure people know that I don't steal them from my own site and post them on yours)

Other coverage: Enquirer, WLKY, ABC-AP.

CityBeat Subpoena

Do we have a new King of Grandstanding at City Hall? Is Chris "Big Boss Man" Smitherman out of the gate with too much oomph? If the DOJ will not Subpoena Bob Novak on the Plume affair, then what good will it do to try and Leslie Blade to reveal her sources? Since Christopher is the "Boss" of the police, why doesn’t he just call in the police chief and get him to investigate his own department? Better, yet, call the FBI. The FBI will not bother being "friendly" with Chief Streicher.

I think Councilman Smitherman might be watching to Much C-SPAN. The C-SPAN bus was in town yesterday, but that does not mean they are going to broadcast the council meeting. I am not sure if Chris can really compete with the Queen of Grandstanding, Vice Mayor Alicia Reece, but if he keeps this up he might come close. He might win be default if the Queen advocates for higher office.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Pete Rose Held to Higher Standards Than Bush

Pete Rose is being crucified by many for lying about betting on baseball. Bush and his administration misled the US public and world (lied to us) on WMD in Iraq, but it seems the Bush Faithful (think Wildman Walker and the Rail Gang's view on Pete) will let the ends justify the means. The "ends" are not really clear, but I don't they care.

Eric Alterman made this comparison first and did so quite well:
If only Pete Rose had claimed he bet on baseball games and then lied about it because he suspected other teams of harboring ties to Al Qaida and building weapons of mass destruction, then the Washington Post editors would have called him a patriot and supported him down the line, even without that lame apology.
We don't even get an apology from Bush Inc. We get no acknowledgment that they were at least wrong. CNN has a story indicating that the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has issued a report that provides evidence that Iraq has not had WMD since at least the mid 1990's, and has not a WMD program beyond one on paper for just as long.

Bush supporters are going to overlook this. There was no threat from Iraq on the USA, but that does not matter. Operation Inigo Montoya will go on without consequence. How many more wars will the USA fight under a second Bush term that will be based on lies? I fear Bush supporters don't care. They are either blinded by their "savior," or they have bought into the new "red herring" in American culture: "terrorism." Communism was the propaganda tool for 75 years in American politics, but now that it has failed, something had to take its place. Fear of Islamic terrorists is driving otherwise logical people into Bush's camp of perpetual war. I don't see a cure for this brand of emotionally based political discourse. Fear is powerful, and not much can take away fear when terror alerts pop in and hatred of Islam is allowed to fester as a form of "fighting terrorism."

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Race Relations On Council: Bad or Just a Means to an End?

Ok, there are various ways to spin this, but I will take a cynical view, of course. Alicia Reece is full of shit. Tuesday's debate covered in the Post during the Council Subcommittee meeting showed that playing the race card is still an old hat for some political climbers:
Some Council members were angered about the tenor of Tuesday's debate on the proposal, alleging Reece unnecessarily injected race into the political debate over its merits.

The decision, Reece had said, would be an indicator about whether Council supports Cincinnati's black community.

"It's wrong and it's unjust," Crowley said. "If in fact she persists in that stance, I think it's grossly unfair. I would hope she would tone that down."
Now, if David Crowley, the most pro-black non-black person on council, has to say that, then something is wrong. Some might even say David Crowley is the most pro-black person on council, period.

Reece's plan seems like classic grandstanding. Let's give money to some groups who claim to want to do something to stop the black on black crime. Whether or not these groups have any proven track record is beyond the point.

Reece says the "Administration" can approve who gets their share of the $100,000 to start a program. I wonder how much pressure and influence members of council will put on the individuals in the Administration to accept the proposals of people that support that councilmember. Did Reece think this kind of plan work well with LaShawn Pettus-Brown?

What I found interesting was the debate of the details of the Reece Plan. The 5 non-black council members want some details, any details would be a start. I would guess the 3 black non-Alicia members of council would also like details on this plan. Reece seemed to care more about leaping before she looked:
"We have to go where the kids are," Reece said. "This is designed to get something on the streets and get it going quickly."
What is "this" and what is the "design" of it? How Alicia Reece (or her father) thinks she has the skills to move on to higher office is a mystery. Looks are not good for as many votes as one might think. Grandstanding is the only arrow in her quiver. The more she uses it, the duller its tip gets.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Never Know Who You Will Run Into

What do you do when you put an issue of CinWeekly to bed? Well, tonight you go to the Dubliner in Pleasant Ridge and play trivia. I am a semi regular trivia player there myself and along with our crew I was just playing along when I was approached by a man.

Now, you have to realize something that might be obvious. I am a rather bland and nondescript person, well at least outside of the blogosphere. I doubt my writing tone or style matches my face. With that in mind I was approached by Beryl Love, editor of CinWeekly. He wanted to introduce himself to me and wanted me to meet the rest of the staff who were playing the trivia game in the next room.

I have to admit I was surprised to be recognized. My mug is not exactly front-page fodder, but they knew me. I was introduced to the staff of CinWeekly, traded a few friendly jabs, and went on my way. I felt a slight bit of guilt. They were of course nice folks, not so different from anyone else. I have ridden their publication fairly hard since its inception. My guilt was short lived however. Criticism is not usually personal, and with CinWeekly it surely is not.

What was more impressive was that their team finished 2nd in the game. My team finished 4th. I was hoping to rub in an opposite outcome, but I guess their ace in the hole kept them ahead. That ace was the source of their team name: "Where the hell is Tom?" Tom was Tom Callinan, editor of the Enquirer. Tom had a few problems finding the Dubliner. I think someone needs to buy Tom a map of the city, or better yet maybe Gannett can spring for an installation of OnStar in his car.

Most of the staff appears to have read or regularly read the blog, so I would have been remiss not to mention our meeting. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. I hope they don't have to work early tomorrow.

False Alarm?

I guess it was just much ado about nothing? WLW had to kill a bunch of commercials for this?

The 800-pound gorilla thinks this was a false alarm, and decided so fairly quickly.

Flight Landing Into Cincinnati with 'Persons of Interest' On Board

WCPO and WLW are reporting that a Plane from France might have suspected terrorists on board. Some reports are that fighter jets are escorting the flight.

UPDATE: "Terrorists" was too strong of a term, and was edited. This might be much ado about nothing, but no one is taking any chances. WLW has live coverage.

UPDATE#2: FOX coverage, and WLWT's report.

UPDATE#3: 3:47PM - Flight is reported to have Landed in Cincinnati. CNN's has story on the incident and reports the plane was escorted by fighter jets. Here downtown a larger than usual number of commercial jets few over downtown in the last 20 minutes.

UPDATE:#4 3:57 PM - WLW is reporting that about 12 law enforcement officials boarded the plane before any passengers deplaned. The plane is away from the main terminal towards the DHL hanger.

UPDATE:#5 4:02 PM - The Enquirer has a story. Some people are starting to leave the plane at this point, but not in mass.