Friday, January 09, 2004

Council Race Relations

I have a simple question: if you hold a press conference about stopping "black-on-black" crime in this city, and only include the 4 black council members, and don't give details on your plan, then how can you complain about bad race relations on council when you are segregating yourself from the rest of council based on race. I don't get how this contradiction goes on?

From the Vice Mayor:
"You do not see (City Council) working together all the time. It depends on whose idea it is," Reece said.

"What I'm seeing is a bad precedent being set," she said.
News Flash Alicia!! You are not working with all of the council. You are the only forming a black voting block on council. You are the one race baiting here, not the 5 non-blacks on council.

It seems to be that Cole and Malone might be drawn into this not so forcefully. Reece and Smitherman are the ones getting the press, or rather pushing their faces and words into the press, so they feel they need to form a power block and segregate themselves. I hope Cole does not play their game. I doubt Malone will play that game. He can't win with the GOP and that would really piss them off.

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