Tuesday, January 20, 2004

One More Step Towards a Brokered Convention

With Dean falling flat in Iowa, things are really getting interesting. There is a real divide in the Democratic party among several candidates. Dean, Kerry, and Clark have a shot at being the nominee. Logically after New Hampshire one two will be left. I don't think this will be logical. I think we will see varying surges by all three candidates, with Joe Liberman hurting someone for a while. John Edwards has made his case for the number 2 spot.

The problem for Democrats is the sense of anti-Dean feelings that are growing. This tone will turn off the powerful group of Dean supports who are KEY to beating Bush. The Dems best hope is that they want to get rid of Bush enough that they will support and work for who ever the Dems put up.

UPDATE: Some anti-Dean gloating from neo-Republican, and 800 pound blogging gorilla, Glenn Reynolds.

UPDATE#2: Kevin Drum also is using the brokered term in describing what may happen come summer. Well he does use "semi-brokered" to be exact, but close enough for me to mention it.

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