Saturday, January 17, 2004

Lost in Translation

As part of my birthday celebration last weekend I went to see Lost in Translation at the Esquire. I really liked it. There is a very simple plot: understanding where you are in life is a never ending journey. Bill Murray is a great actor. He does not have the range of Bob De Niro, but Murray does have the ability to play a person with deep emotions. In this performance he plays a character with a laundry list problems: career in the dumper, marriage troubles, feeling trapped. Murray is able to make those emotions appear tangible to the viewer. The backdrop of Tokyo is itself a character in the film. It felt like reading the reflection of a your name in a mirror. It is just like your name, you know it, but it is still from such a different perspective that it is perplexing.

Sofia Coppola's direction deserves great praise. I am sure she has problems with stepping out from the shadow of her father, but I think she is on her way of being a good or even great director, Daddy aside. Kudos also to Scarlett Johansson.

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