Tuesday, August 31, 2004


I guess George believed we could win a war on terrorism before he believed we could not win a war on terrorism, but now he is back to believing we can win a war on terrorism.

GOP Convention Follies

So far we have gotten lots and lots of attacks on Kerry from the GOP speakers. Well, I guess the positive party sees attacking someone as a civil thing to do. Please remind the GOP that if they are going to claim to be the positive party that they might want to live up to it.

Also Rudy Giuliani put his foot in his mouth:
"That is what the Republican Party does best when we are at our best, we extend freedom."
Well, except if you are a homosexual, an atheist, a woman, an immigrant, a Muslim, or poor. Well, on second thought you are free to be poor all you want, just don't expect a society that will help you, unless you give yourself over to a religious group.

Republicans extend freedom as long as you comply with their dogma. Be a non-conformists and you might as well be from France in their eyes.

The funny part is that a large number of Conservative Republicans would not disagree with me that much on what they stand for. Some will, and do so very badly, but far to many feel otherwise.

And Now The Other Shoe

Steve Fritsch at the Blue Chip Review is reporting that two other women are claiming to have been sexually harassed by Mike Allen. One of the women even works for a local U.S. Congressman.

Please keep an important fact in mind: Steve is a Republican, so this is not out of left field. His sources are likely very direct.

When this hits the mainstream press, will anyone care to start a Mike Allen resignation countdown clock?

Monday, August 30, 2004

Still No Plugs For Local Bloggers

I guess Ray still sees us as small fish.

Will Allen Resign?

The drum beat is starting to strengthen. All we need now is a local version of Barry Goldwater to tell Mike he needs to step down. What happens if he does? What would happen come November's election?

Political Crystal Ball

Carl Wieser is looking into the future of presidential politics and sees a possible Ohio President. He throws out names like Blackwell, Montgomery, and even Taft. He puts another name out there that scares the shit out of me: Portman. Now, why it scares me is not that he would become President. He would be better than Bush, which is of course not saying that much. What makes me nervous is what would happen if Portman did leave his house seat for any reason, like taking a position in a second Bush White House. He would do that as a stepping stone for a run for national office. That is scary first because is assumes 4 more years of hell under Bush. What is more directly scary to me is that hole it would leave for Tom Brinkman to run for Portman's house seat. That would be very bad not only for this area, but for the whole state, and for that matter the entire country. Brinkman's goal has been to destroy government at all levels. He comes across as a something like a theocratic anarchist, where the most powerful will rule the weak, and equality be damned, unless it has to do with taxes where the rich shouldn’t pay anything, even if they own nearly everything.

That should scare the local GOP, who have a love hate relationship with Brinkman. How about Leslie Ghiz opposing Brinkman??? She is a Republican and all, but she does not want to create a neo-feudalist nation. She is likely going to be on council late this year via appointment, so a run for Congress should be a great next step for the Eastsider.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

MIAMI 49, Indiana State 0

Love and honor to Miami,
Our college old and grand,
Proudly we shall ever hail thee,
Over all the land.

Alma mater now we praise thee,
Sing joyfully this lay,
Love and honor to Miami,
Forever and a day.

Get the full scoop at Miami HawkTalk.

Allen in NY or Not?

With his resignation as chair Of the local Bush-Cheney Campaign, will Mike Allen be the at GOP convention in New York or not?

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Republican Judge: Allen Should Quit

Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Robert Ruehlman told the Cincinnati Post Prosecutor Mike Allen should resign:
"What (Allen) did was wrong. He violated his own policy, he's going to cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and he's created a morale problem," Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Robert Ruehlman, one of the longest-serving judges on the bench, said Friday.

"He's the top law enforcement official in the county. He should resign. I'm the only one with the balls to say it."
Not only is this ballsy, but what happens now when Mike actually goes before this judge on a case?

Ruehlman got freaky in his quotes later though:
"When I was (an assistant) prosecutor I worked for real men, Si Leis and Art Ney," Ruehlman said of previous prosecutors. "I really looked up to them. This kind of stuff would never have gone on with them."
So Ruehlman thinks Si Leis is a real man. Hmmm, that invokes concepts and images that I would prefer they keep in the privacy of the bedroom.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Club Clau

I survived!!!

I had fun. It was a benefit for the Know Theatre Tribe and was a great success. The place really is nice. I don't know if I would be as comfortable there on a regular night, but last night it was a good vibe. This event had a large number of people I know, so I fit in more than I would have with usual crowd.

The ladies were looking mighty nice, as usual. It was a pajama party after all.

We even had some politicos in attendance. Jim Tarbell check his hat and had at least one femme fatal "shaking her shit" to try and win Tarbell's votes for the costume contest.

Leslie Ghiz and John Cranley were judges who may have been gossiping about Mike Allen, I did not get close enough to hear. Maggie Downs also was judging, but for some odd reason, (she must need glasses), gave votes to myself and Barry Gee.

I pierced the veil of the Club Clau myth and survived. I don't know if I would ever go again, but if I did, I at least know what is behind the curtain.

Is Mike Allen a Rapist?

We have allegations of "coerced sex," but we don't have much more. I find it hard at this point to believe that the woman in this case is out for fame. You don't get fame in this town for this kind of action. You get scorn. She is not headed for fame; she is going to get death threats, if she hasn't already.

The County commission is going to investigate. I hope they hire someone from outside the county. Simon Lies and the CPD have biases that would make their findings tainted.

If these allegations are true, they are not only something with possible criminal implications; it should be grounds to have him recalled.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Blah Blah Blah...Open Thread...Blah Blah Blah

Is there much to say today? Well, Mike Allen gave plenty yesterday. Let's hope the CCV's other shoe drops.

I will be at Club Clau tonight for a benefit. Yes, I am going to the trendy nightclub. It will be interesting and you can expect a full report tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Give a read to Kathy Wilson's article in this week's City Beat on 1230 the Buzz. It has a great profile of Jeri Tolliver, who I must admit I thought was younger than she is. I hope she does not take that negatively, but I would have put here in her mid thirties, not over 40.

This profile leaves out some of the Buzz's problems. It still has a huge deficit in production quality. It still has whole lot of racism on the air, not only from callers but also from many weekend hosts. Things have improved now that most of Boycott B folks don’t get on the air right away, but when racism is put forth there is often no rebuttal from some of the hosts. On WLW blatant racism is met with mockery and harsh retort, on the Buzz it is all too often treated with an “oh my goodness” or “don’t go there.” It would show more civic quality if the hosts had a policy to stamp out racism in any form, no matter who says it, even if it is a favorite caller or popular weekend or late evening host. The daily hosts are good, but on the weekend they often seem to put anyone on the air who either will pay enough money, or just can speak and push buttons.

Mike Allen's Political Career Is Over

No one can say that for sure but admitting you've had a 3 1/2 year affair with someone who works for him, well that is big time shit. No conservative family values man can live through that, and expect to run for office again. He will be lucky not be run out of town on a rail. Now, I am sure his defenders will support him, yell Bill Clinton's name a few hundred times, and quote scripture. That will not do much good. Any respectable candidate could smash Allen, who will now likely have to trash his former lover, while he may be open to ethics violations or possibly even worse.

Allen's public statements came because he reportedly believes he is about to be sued, presumably for something along the lines of sexual harassment or a hostile work environment.

I now open up speculation about who will be the next Hamilton County Prosecutor. Would Cranley or Pepper want that instead of mayor? Pat DeWine? I think all three are lawyers.

Most funny of all is that Mike Allen is working for the Bush Campaign getting ready for next week's GOP convention in NY. I would love to see his face every time a speaker says family or values from the podium.

More from The Cincinnati Post, include his full statement.

UPDATE: Clarification, Mike is up for office this November, and shockingly he made this announcement after no one else could get on the ballot. He is so very honest and straightforward. How we all can feel good that the man elected to prosecute the law is good at lying to his family. Being a good liar is something public officials, especially lawyers, can really take pride in doing well.

The Enquirer Doesn't Get it

First they equate swift boat liars and Moveon.org which is right out of the Bush/Cheney talking points:
Then there's Bush's service. Earlier this year, critics alleged that Bush had been AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard. Release of dental records quieted the storm, but suspicion about Bush's wartime whereabouts still simmers below the surface, as last week's ad for the anti-Bush advocacy group MoveOn.org demonstrates.
Now they come with an attack on all 527's almost like they have Bush's arm up their ass, parroting his comments from yesterday. Once again the Enquirer looks foolish when they comment/report on an issue but are unable to consider the most recent story showing one of the Bush campaign's lawyers was also working for the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" group.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Cincinnati Mills Discriminating?

So what is happening Forest FairCincinnati Mills Mall? Are they discriminating against blacks or do we just have a case of anecdotal evidence.

What is unseemly is this report:
Security guards at the mall are handing out yellow code of conduct slips to anyone who doesn't pass "their" test when it comes to dress and behavior.
Now, this paragraph contains a blatant level of opinion (bias). The bias still points out an issue: where can I read the "code of conduct?" I can see what it might be in a picture from WCPO, but nothing is on the Cincinnati Mills website.

Blog Roll Changes

Some Updates to the blog roll:

Greg at NFGL and Michael at Rantophilia have joined forces to form the Cincinnati Group.

I have taken a couple of links down who are no longer blogging and also have added: Shaun at Liberal Angst.

UPDATE: Adding Axinar too!


There is a simple name one can give to people like Zell Miller and Youngstown Mayor George McKelvey: a Republican. If you can't support your party's nominee for President, then you should quit the party. If you disagree with John Kerry that much to publicly oppose him as an elected official, then don't play games by being a Democrat.

It pisses me off that the media loves to find guys like these and paint them as anything more than aberrations. The man lives in a town where you have to be a Democrat. You don't have to believe in any Democratic issues, but you have to be one to get elected.

I wonder now if we will get any RINO's jumping ship stories? One reason we don't, the GOP eats turncoats alive.

Monday, August 23, 2004


It appears pointless to me to protest the Freedom Center at this point. I mean protesting the fact that money was spent to build it at this point is really rather useless. One can complain about certain aspects of it, it's purpose, it's message, it's lionization of local financial supporters, etc.

All Damon Lynch's group seems to be really doing is taking advantage of the presence of the national press. It's the media stupid. That is the driving force over the timing of most any protest that occurs on what ever topic.

At this point I think Damon Lynch would have done a service to this entire community by embracing the Freedom Center. I know that would be seen as "selling out to the man," but if wants to get elected or more importantly if he really wants to integrate the people he represents into the mainstream of the city, then he has to stop driving wedges between blacks and whites.

This does assume he wants to integrate people into one society, and he does not share the goals of Boycott B.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Woman Shot at Black Family Reunion

A 26 year old woman was reportedly shot inside Sawyer Park during the Black Family Reunion last night. A suspect was taken into custody and the weapon reportedly was located.

It is horrible that an event that is meant to bring families together was hit by violence. This incident was the worst at the event, but reports indicated that unsupervised young people (mostly teenagers?) where getting out of hand. This is similar to what happen in 2002, but with the gun violence takes on a whole different level of concern.

The local media coverage I felt was good in showing adults at the family reunion very upset about the security situation and the teenagers left with out structure to get out of hand. WCPO's report was lacking in a basic element: what happened to the shooting victim? WKRC had the facts and reported it as the lead correctly.

WLWT had no story and I guess the Sunday Paper goes to bed really really early on Saturday night. This incident happened before 7PM.

The Enquirer looks foolish with its story that has the sub-headline of "Black Reunion: 'One big happy family'." Timing makes this look worse than it was, but that is what happens in the game of news perceptions.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Yet Another Poll

UC's poll shows virtually the same results as the recent Gallup poll. The full poll results are here (pdf).

The most interesting thing was the age range breakdown. 18 to 29 year olds favored Kerry 55% to 39%. 30 to 45 year olds favored Kerry 50% to 47%. Bush has the edge with 46 to 64 year olds 48% to 44% and leads 65+ 50% to 43%.

I would have said the middle agers would have been more for Bush and the younger range more for Kerry than the percentages list. It is also funny that in this poll the older the range the higher the "Don't Know" response was. I guess old people are either not sold on anyone yet, or are not paying as much attention.

Love and Honor and a Great Education

Miami U. moves up list of top colleges

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Cincinnatians assess damage

Good Follow-up article on the Hurricane. Here is a good way the media can place a local angle on a national story.

Kerry Coverage in the Enquirer

From my point of view the Enquirer did a good job of giving generally the same "amount" of news coverage to the Kerry speech as they did the Bush speech. I hope that is continued during the whole campaign and something made equal during the 2008 primary season, which was lacking this year.

The Exception: Bronson. Why don't we have a liberal columnist giving a biased view on Bush and Kerry that would favor Kerry? Here instead we have another bullshit homer job that provides political fodder favoring Bush, but none from the left.

Now, I really hope I don't read some moron saying that the rest of the reporters are pro-Kerry, because I just showed below about how the positive Kerry Poll results were not touted as they could and should have been.

UPDATE: Wes Flinn thinks we hade some bias. I would not disagree. I think at least we had a phote shoot and a link to the text of both speeches. That is a positive step.

Spinning Ohio Polls

No one knows who is going to win Ohio, but thisarticle seems to go over the top in painting the race as even
"The poll is the latest of several surveys showing the Buckeye State is still up for grabs among likely voters."
I for one can understand that a smart political observer wants to hedge his bets, but this story clearly shows Kerry with an edge here in Ohio, at this point. Up until this point the race has been very even. When Kerry is ahead by 10 among registered votes and up by 2 among likely voters, that indicates that clearly Bush has tapped out his vote. His hope is to maximize his base and keep the fair whether voters home. That is a tough job.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Introducing: Freedom Center B

First we had the Boycott A Group and then the Boycott B group crawled out of the gutter.

It appears that since we have the Freedom Center (a great organization and facility by the way), we now must have the Freedom Center B, who happen to be the folks from Boycott A. Will we be having a Freedom Center C from the racists in Boycott B?

Felonious Voting

I can predict the reactions to this story. Some Conservatives will say we should not give the vote to criminals. By that they likely don't grasp the fact that these are ex-cons or just people who in the past were convicted of a felony, regardless if they served time or not.

Liberals will say, right so, that these people served their time, and should be treated like anyone else at the polls.

I do not think there has been a systematic plan to disenfranchise people from voting. It has happen because voting systems and poll workers in the state and most of the country are generally the most educated or knowledgeable people around.

One way to get rid of this problem is to make election day a national holiday, and then get better skilled people to work the polls, those who normally have to work that day.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

In search of...

Carl Weiser of the Enquirer is "in search of protestors" planning on protesting the RNC National Convention in New York.

Yes, all I can hear right now is Leonard Nimoy's choppy voice on a bad film projector in science class.

Bronson 'Drunk'?

Bronson must have been drunk when he quoted this:
He had three Purple Hearts and never lost time in a hospital. That's what we've been talking about. These guys know about Purple Hearts and they wonder if Kerry is lying.
Gee Peter Why don't you ask someone what they think about Bush's "honesty" about where he was during 1972? Or ask them why he failed to get a physical to keep on flying in the National Guard?

Peter, why don't you tell them that you supposedly agreed with Kerry about Vietnam and protested against it?

Peter's chicken hawk status looks big when he spews this gem:
Maybe Kerry should quit telling colorized war stories about Vietnam and tell us which Kerry is reporting for duty in the war on terrorism - hero or hippie?
Bronson, did you serve? I love how idiots today bitch about supporting the troops and value service, yet when someone who did his duty, was wounded in battle is then questioned about it only because he is running for office. The same people ignore their candidate's lack of honest about his "service" in the military where he saw no combat and at a minimum was given easy duty so he could work for a political campaign.

This is what makes me sick. People are this stupid to value this kind of crap, yet when the person has the values they want (combat experience) they deny it was real, but ignore that their guy never was even close to seeing combat.

Will Bronson go see Kerry speak now? I doubt it. Will the Enquirer provide a commentary about Kerry Speech as biased and pro-Kerry as Bronson's was? Hell No. Kerry will be luck to get a photo shoot like the Enquirer gave Bush's visit. At least they did give a little coverage to the Vets protesting. Best picture had a Vets for Kerry protestor holding up a sign saying "Mr. President, Here is my DD214, where is yours?"

Monday, August 16, 2004

Civil War?

Can there be anyone out there who does not think that Iraq is int he middle of a civil war? Now, it is not nearly as modern and unconventional as Bush's "War" on terrorism, but it is not your typical power struggle, which would mostly be caused by multiple ethnic factions plus an occupying military force in the mix.

What exist though are coordinated forces fighting the government and the US Military. That is a civil war if I every heard of one. People have been saying we have been facing the possibility of one for long time. I say it is true now, not just speculative. The Iraqi National Conference has nearly 100 members ready to boycott if the central government does not start negotiations again with people fighting against it. Seems kind of an odd request, but also one that signals a huge rift in the country.

I don't see the blood flow stopping anytime soon.

Shell Game

With Bush's election year exploitation of troop levels and world politics, I have to ask a simple question. Is is all just bullshit? Is is just a numbers game? Have we already pulled 70,000 troops out of Europe and Asia(Japan or Korea) and are now just adjusting the paperwork? I ask this with the understanding that we pulled at least one division out of German for Iraq. I assume now that that division, when its tour in Iraq is up, will go home to the USA, not to Germany. How much of similar occurrences will eat up the 70,000? I also wonder how much of this is includes the Navy, with reduction of the Persian Gulf fleet as another source for this number.

I also really wonder how smart this is? I guess that pulling troops from Asia means that North Korea and China are not a threat to anyone? What kind of policy do we have where we say the world is threatened by an axis of evil and then pull troops from the places where one of these axis members could strike? Is this some kind of concession to the North Koreans? I guess that would depend on how many of the 70,000 are actually from South Korea and Japan.

I also really don't think Bush is doing himself any good by holding big foreign policy speeches here in Cincinnati. Now, I grant this one is not in front of a crowd of local people, but it still just looks odd. I also pity downtown workers, don't bother trying to drive downtown while Bush is here.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Tainted Gift Horse or Dirty Money?

Say goodbye to 50K Hamilton County GOP. Now, if the local media really cared they would ask who got this money and whose election was tainted by dirty money. Getting elected with help from money collected from the proceeds of a bribe is something that should make for a scandal. We all know, however, that unless it has sex or murder, the TV news does not care. The conservative print press will report it, like link above shows, but hell they have no local angle yet. It was written from Columbus. Where's the comment from the local GOP officials??? You can go beyond Barrett and Kriss, why not fucking ask MIKE ALLEN?????????? You don’t think the Hamilton County Prosecutor and big GOP Leader would have a comment?

Family Fine After Hurricane

Well, if you did not know, my parents and my grandmother live in Charlotte County in Florida where Hurricane Charlie hit land. They are fine and the only damage they got was one small tree uprooted at my grandmother's place.

My family lives in the far northern part of the county so were lucky, the big damage was further south in Punta Gorta and Port Charlotte, which are only a 15-20 minute drive away.

From the reports I have heard and read the storm took a wicked turn and people only had maybe 45 minutes to an hour to evacuate from areas more inland from the coast. The storm coarse was predicted to hit Tampa Bay about a 2-hour drive north from where it hit.

My parents do not have power, but oddly my grandmother who lives maybe a mile away has power. They were all staying at my parent’s house, but are not at my grandmother's place.

I normally never worry about Hurricanes in Florida because where my parents live has not gotten hit like this for something like 80 years. Late yesterday afternoon when I heard the storm was turning, I was shitting bricks when I saw the eye heading towards my parents town. I am very thankful that not only are they are fine and have no significant damage to their property. I would say they were lucky.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Stuff, More Stuff and Whatnot

My time today is short so I will give a punchy post:

Feel free to rant about what ever else is on your mind. I will surely be complaining tonight and this weekend about NBC's coverage of the Olympics and what I will guess will be the total lack of radio coverage of the events here in the states.

Enquirer Blah?

This comment was in the Enquirer's Editorial yesterday:
Take this debate to a level beyond rhetoric about swift boats and National Guard service.
I don't seem to read much or hear much about Bush's National Guard Service, or lack there of, in the media much. It appears that those desperate for a Bush win are slipping back into Clinton-Bashing mode, with the ranting and raving about a subject that is frankly total Bullshit. I mean at least Clinton was to some degree a womanizer, but the crap they are trying to pull on Kerry is just a sad example of grasping at straws.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour."

Attention Phil Burress: live up to your own religion. You want truth or do you want the lies your group puts out about Article 12?

Phil and his theocratic friends violated the "9th commandment" when they fooled people into thinking any laws providing protection to people based on sexual orientation where "special" rights. They failed to worry about the "special" rights afford to people based on religion in the City Charter, but hey, religion is not a choice or anything. You are born thumping a bible or you the spawn of Satan.

Bronson on DeWine: K Street Special

Well, if you want biased journalism, Bronson can give you want you want. I mean, if I wanted to read this kind of puff piece I might have waited until the transcript of DeWine's next campaign video is released.

Enquirer Blogs from Athens

The Olympics bring out blogs from the Cincinnati Enquirer. This one is from some local Olympic athletes.

The initial post from Paul Daugherty's Athens blog leaves a lot to be desired, like most importantly complete sentences. He should be updating it today, but so far nothing. It is afternoon there now, so I think he could have sent something out by now. They also need to fix the link on their front page. This link comes from the front page of Cincinnati.com’s Olympic section.

I wonder how the logistics work for the blogs. Will each writer's post's update instantly or does it pass through an editor? Doc's post suggests the former.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Cold Shoulder For Winburn

Say it isn't so Peter. In your column on the Mayor's race you opine about whom the GOP could possibly having running and you don't mention Charlie Winburn. That is a snub and a half.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Kerry to Speak at VFW Convention Here in Cincinnati

John Kerry will be in town next week and address the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention. Bush may address the convention as well. Who will have a the bigger protest both inside and outside the convention? I am assuming Bush will come to the event. He is avoiding the military record comparison, but he can't afford to appear like he is dodging the comparison either.

Cranley For Mayor?

Where the hell did this come from? Cranley has long been Chaz's boy, but this seems like a desperation move. John does not want to be left out of the most competitive campaign for mayor in his lifetime. Cranley had a much better shot at running for county commissioner. I give Korte credit for bringing up this:
But he's also rankled some with his proposal to redevelop Main Street into a beacon for the "creative class," especially after his chosen developer made a comment about Chinese restaurants that some interpreted as a slur. And he's been unapologetically pro-development, even in places such as Oakley where leaders opposed it.
I would bet Nick Spencer noticed that comment too. Nick commented yesterday.

I think the Enquirer's declaration that the mayoral race is in minor turmoil now is a factual observation.


Hey, you might not have heard, but the Olympics will be onNBC starting on Friday. I look forward to this every four years. (Every two years for the winter games) I hope this year that we get some radio coverage. I could not find any in 2002 from Salt Lake City. I mostly hope NBC does not make this a Dateline/Today Show Olympics. I want to watch sporting events, especially the obscure ones. I don't want to watch a profile about the dying third cousin of a swimmer. I feel bad for them, but that is not what I tune in for. I get that kind of touchy feely junk the rest of the year from the infotainment on NBC News. I hope NBC's big cable networks will cut out the junk, and show me some handball, water polo and rowing, among others.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Minor Turmoil?

The Enquirer's editorial today about Luken's exit from the mayor's race is framed as "minor turmoil." That I think over states things. Anyone who was observing things new that Luken was going to be challenged by other Democrats. Pepper and Reece were going to make a run. Now if anything the field with Mallory in will firm up. Those who want it, will jump in, and the also-rans will bail.

What will be turmoil is depending on how many sitting council members run for Mayor is who will replace them on council? If Pepper quits his seat early to run for mayor, who will the Dems put on council? That is where we will see confusion and commotion.

Horrors of War

I have to wonder if the students mentioned in this article from the Enquirer "War in Iraq made real" really have been given a true understanding of the war in Iraq. I have they seen foreign news coverage that shows the blood, guts, dead bodies censored from American Television? If they have not at least seen a little bit of that, then they will have no idea of what "real" war is like.

What's With the Dress Codes?

In Louisville they have established a dress code for an entertainment/mall area during certain time periods. They keep people who dress in cloths like sports jerseys or baggy pants. They have keep around 500 people from entering the place so far.

How many lawsuits would be filed if this were done here in Cincinnati? What if we closed of Main street on weekend nights to traffic and let people walk around with beer? Would we want a dress code? Could we enforce one? What would the usual suspects say about it?

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Hillary Treatment?

Will Alan Keyes get the same kind of threatment many conservatives gave Hillary Clinton when she moved to New York to run for senate? You don't need to even bother holding your breath, because no he will not. He was picked because he was black. I guess the GOP think they can just run a black candidate against another black candidate and that will somehow make the black community happy. I think it instead will piss many Illinois blacks off, especially those who would have been voting for the GOP candidate. Why the GOP thinks that he will be able to connect with anyone in the state in three months time is beyond me. Why didn't they try and promote a local official who can run and keep his current office? That guy can at least set up a future run at a statewide level next election cycle. This is just a way to get a little attention with someone who knows how to get cameras on him. Keyes is too extreme to win any state outside of the south, and could not win there because he is black.

Keyes has no shot at winning. He will have to rely on the GOP's all ready weakened infrastructure in Illinois.

Revisionism and Propaganda

It should not shock anyone that when someone, like a columnist, wishes to defend a position he or she took on an issue in the past, her or she will try and revise and extend their remarks after the fact. Peter Bronson is trying just such a ploy. In his column today he writes about a visit from an Iraqi who he says is thanking the USA for freeing Iraq.

Now there are two issues on this column that I want to address. First I will talk about Bronson's revisionism. It seems odd to me that Peter would bring these women's stories to light and not expect a certain point to come back to bit him in the ass. Peter says that "America" was right to invade and take over Iraq because of the way Saddam oppressed his people. One of the women had family members killed by Saddam back in 1991 during the Kurdish uprising. This was the same uprising that the USA failed to support, beyond belatedly starting the now fly zones. Why would she look past that big fact? Why would she not acknowledge it? Maybe she did, but that is part of history that Bronson would sooner forget, after all, it was a Bush who did not act to say those hundreds of thousands of people then, but his son claims this as the reason now.

When Bronson writes "The two women told me about mass graves, 300,000 buried corpses.." I have to point out that the vast majority of those corpses, which no number in mass graves was ever determined, occurred in Southern Iraq in 1991 when the Shiite Muslims revolted against Saddam and were left out to dry by the USA.

These are reasons that justify the UN opposing, and if it became necessary, invading and removin Saddam from power. This is not why the USA started a pre-emptive war, or at least not the reason the people of USA were given. We were told that Iraq posed a real threat to the USA, not a long-term possible threat that could happen in ten years. We were told we could not wait for the UN to act, we had to act before it was too late, before we here on US soil were attacked with help from or direct by Iraq.

That was the bill of goods we were sold. That along with the reasonable tact that Iraq was in violation of UN sanctions, which ended up being rather limited in the end anyway. We now have a propaganda tour from two women, who I frankly never heard of, who are on a tour to spread "their" opinions of why we fought the war.

I agree with helping establishing Democracy anywhere in the world, but I don't want to be tricked into thing that what these women are say has full truth to it.

The second issue revolves around why they were in the USA. Here are their bio's from the event Peter attended where they spoke:
Surood Ahmed is a women's activist from Kirkurk, Iraq and Taghreed Al Qaragholi, women's activist from Baghdad. Surood Ahmed is a Kurd and studied Agronomy at the University of Mosul. Her family suffered under Saddam Hussein's regime. Her sister, aunt and stepmother were killed by Saddam's Republican guard during the 1991 uprising in Kirkuk and she was wounded trying to fee the city. Since the liberation of Iraq she moved back to Kirkuk and reunited with her family. Ms. Ahmed works to promote democracy in Iraq and plans to help train women to become involved in the political process.

Taghreed Al Qaragholi was born and raised in Baghdad and graduated from Al-Athar University College. Under the Baath regime she was denied a higher education because she refused to join the Baath Party. Her father refused to serve in Saddam Hussein's army and was forced to go into hiding. She now is the administrative director of the Iraqi Independent Democrats, where she typed the new Iraqi constitution. She is an active member of the Iraqi Independent Women's Group which includes one of the six female ministers in Iraq's new government, and a number of deputy ministers.
What I find puzzling is that they somehow got funding to go on tour of the Midwest, appearing in Columbus at a similar event.

It is even more interesting to read a far better column on their visit to Detroit, where the ‘purpose’ of their visit was covered, not the Pro-War propaganda that Bronson spewed.

How many people really could buy the claims Bronson quotes?
They urged our troops to stay in Iraq. "Ninety-five percent of the people in Iraq feel like us," Al Qaragholi said. "Only 5 percent are from Saddam's group."

She should know. She was invited by the World Affairs Council of Greater Cincinnati to speak Monday night because she worked on Iraq's constitution as administrative director of the Iraqi Independent Democrats. She also works for women's rights. For Iraq, that makes her part James Madison and part Susan B. Anthony - and all fed up by anti-war Americans who think we should feel guilty.

"Guilty about what? We are free now. Now I'm not afraid," she said. "I assure you, they will find the weapons of mass destruction. They already have. Saddam was a weapon of mass destruction."

These strong and successful Iraqi women are also WMDs to neighboring regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, which use Islam to keep women veiled and powerless. "Ninety percent of Iraq is Islamic, but we refuse to have an Islamic state," Al-Qaragholi said. "That threatens their leaders and their regimes, and that's why they have made Iraq a battleground," she said of the terrorists and their Islamic-fundamentalist sponsors.
So either this women has poll numbers that are not known to anyone else, or her 95% claim is as I expect a fabrication. I laugh at Peter's Susan B. Anthony reference, which is often used by anti-feminists because of her contextual views on abortion. The WMD dismissal is right out of GOP Talking Points. I wonder where Surood Ahmed got those?

Now, the most serious issue that Ms. Ahmed is either in denial of or just ignorant about is the issue of people in Iraq wanting an Islamic State. She is so very wrong. Many Shiites want some type of Islamic State or one where Islamic law is practiced. That Islamic Law does conflict with women's basic human rights in most every Islamic country. Islamic rule or interference in Iraqi government is something that is a crux of the conflict between the three main power groups in Iraq. Kurdish autonomy is the other big sticking point, which not surprisingly was not addressed in Bronson's column. I don't know why it would be after all; propaganda can’t have bad news or skepticism and still be propaganda.

The People's Court

Da Dum...

This is the Defendant: He is accused by the City of Cincinnati of trying to hold a rally using "fighting words." "Fuck the Police" are the words he wants to utter.

Da Dum...

This is the Plaintiff: They are a City of Leaders who really don't have any backbone when it comes to dealing with racist idiots. They try and try, but they really don't have a clue how to stand up the hate speech that fills council chambers from member of Boycott B every week.

On the merits of this issue, I actually have to agree with Nate. The city is rather stupidly giving Nate and his racist Boycott B a cause to gain support. What the city should do is stand up the hate speech that they are forced to listen to. People like Chris Smitherman should stand up and denounce the Boycott B as the racists and bigots they are, instead of defending them when they want to spew their hate.

Another interesting tidbit is in the Cincinnati Black Blog's new policy about who can post to that blog:
There are two simple qualifications.

    1. You must live or work in Greater Cincinnati.
    2. You must be Black.
Easy enough. I thought so.
Now, I still assume anyone can comment to the blog, but having a race based membership requirement is, well, racist. The only basis I have for posting is that you have the same name and DNA as I do. My comments are open to all, but I reserve the right to edit what I wish.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce Supports Repeal of Article XII

It is great to see the local business community think at least with their wallets that this will help Cincinnati business in not only conventions, but in recruitment.

[VIA Nick Spencer]

Classic Misleading Heading

The AP editor who let this headline Feds Arrest Man in 2001 Anthrax Probe run should be fired. It totally misleads what happen. The man in question was not arrested for sending the Anthrax laced letters. He was arrested for assault on agents who were searching his house as part of the investigation into the Anthrax letter incident. This guy could be the guy, but the information in the article states nothing of the sort. The headline should be changed. If you see that is was changed on this story, please comment on it.

Enquirer: 'Bush getting to know Ohio'

He had better get to know Ohio or he will not win in November.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

An Ignorant Bigot

The title of this post could be considered an oxymoron, but this letter the editor of the Enquirer illustrates the title well:
Gay marriage could lead to polygamy
The writer of the Aug. 4 'Your voice' column ('Gay marriage - what's all the fuss?') and anyone else who wonders 'gay marriage - what's all the fuss?' needs to read their Bible and Marriage Under Fire by James Dobson. Gay marriage will destroy the traditional family that God created from the beginning of time. When people say yes to gay marriage, who can say no to polygamy?

Not many can say that polygamy is good for families. What will happen to children when gay parents divorce? Will they have to deal with four mommies and four daddies? Whatever happened to the argument and documented fact that children need both a father and a mother to grow up developmentally healthy?

Lisa Gilbert
West Chester Township
Well Lisa, could you tell me how gay married could lead to this things? Can you provide any evidence? Anything? It you fear the law being cloudy, then put into the law that marriage should be between two people. Oh, and you forgot something Lisa, polygamy is not outlawed in that Bible you mention. The rest of your theocratic crap is fine for your church, but not for our government. Your bigot leader James Dobson does not have to perform Gay Marriages, but he should not get to keep other from doing it.


Who is stupid enough to shoot firemen with a BB gun?

Charlie Speaks

I thought he wasn't running for Mayor again? His editorial sounds like a campaign speech.

We Have 'Festival Seating'

Council unanimously OK'd it. Good. We have been missing out on concerts at the Coliseum because of this ban. Typical Cincinnati fear has kept this ban on way to long. Crowd control today is serious business. A repeat of the 1979 tragedy is no longer realistic.

Pot, Kettle, and Bronson

In his criticism of Cincinnati City Council Peter Bronson dropped this little gem of a comment
Driving wedges is City Council's job description.
Hmm, who else drives wedges between groups in this city? Who pits suburbanites against urbanites? Who bits Christians against everyone else? Who pits the police against everyone else? If you said Bronson, you just might be paying attention.

Let it Go Joe

Joe Nuxhall sounds a bit whinny in press reports about his book. If he was forced out, why not speak up earlier if he wants to fight it or wait until after he is gone? Now there is nothing but awkwardness on the air the rest of the season. I wish he could have had a better PR spin for selling his book. This one has the whiff of tabloid fodder. And this one belongs to Joe's book publisher

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Missouri Bigots Win

Missouri Dumps Governor, Bans Gay Marriage

Luken for Statewide Office?

Will Charlie run for Secretary of State? It makes sense. The Dems need a conservative to win some local votes. Would Luken fare well statewide? His reputation locally sucks, so would it be any better in Columbus?

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

CCA on Nate Jones Case

I think the CCA has given Nate Jones estate's civil lawsuit a bit boost. I myself disagree with their opinion that police caused his death by beating him, and the coroner disagrees. I don't really know what the details of the report stated beyond this article, but it seems they have taken the Nat Jone's estates private report and run with it.

That report conflicted with the official coroner's report. Does the CCA explain any differences, at least indirectly? Does the CCA address the failure of the Fire Department in leaving the scene? That outside of Nate Jones himself caused his death more than the police action.

The Bigots Are Ready

Anti-gay bigots claim they have the petitions ready to put an Gay-marriage amendment on the Ohio ballot. After these signatures were paid for, I wonder who really got the money for them?

I hope people know that this amendment in my opinion will ban state agencies from granting domestic partner benefits. That is pure hate trying to destroy gays. There is no other motivation with merit to warrant this type of action.

More on Luken

Howard Wilkinson has an article on Luken's past surprises and tribulations in Cincinnati Politics.

More form the Enquirer and Business Courier, and AP.

Monday, August 02, 2004


For some unknown reason a movie is looking to shoot a movie that takes place in Cincinnati and is considering filming it in Chicago. How could Cincinnati not be cheaper? Hell, I bet the city would pay for movie to be shot here, unless it was the Tim Thomas story or Damon Lynch bio. Maybe it is a about Pete Rose.

Luken's Out

So who is left and what are their chances?

  1. Mark Mallory only gains by having one less Democrat to crowd the field. I don't see a huge gain for him with Luken's departure.
  2. David Pepper gains the most from Luken dropping out. He gains some money, as if he really needs it, but gains business leaders with influence.
  3. Mark Painter gains the conservatives, which will be big.
  4. Alicia Reece is likely not going to run, which was fairly obvious as soon as Mallory got into the race.
  5. Charlie Winburn has been really quite since his supporters where wearing the Winburn for Mayor t-shirts at Board of Elections back in 2003.

Wes Flinn and Nick Spencer have more.

Also from the Post, WLWT, WKRC, and WCPO.

UPDATE: This announcement nicely drowned out coverage of the CCA's report on the Nathaniel Jones Death.

Fund It

We need a President who does not limit medicine's ability to fight disease using stem cell research. I wish more local doctors had balls, and less religious bigotry.


Would it or could it work in Hamilton County? Who wants it to happen? In Indianapolis the Dems are now pushing for it, but the Republicans started it.

There have been calls for it locally by certain Republicans. I think their motive is power, not cost savings. Excluding the right leaning people fleeing to the far out burbs, most people in the county are Republicans, so any elections would produce a GOP controlled city government. Would anything good come from that? Well, if you want a right wing social agenda pushed on you, then you might just want it. As a form of government, uni-gov for the county makes great sense. In practice I fear the bigotry of the fundamentalists with money (CCV) controlling the legislature.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

GOP Defectors

I don't know how many there are out there but this story reports on some right here in Ohio. I am sure I will not agree with them on many issues, but this year's election is becoming one where people are putting aside certain issues and voting against or in some cases for Bush. The best part is one of the people quote is from not only my part of Ohio, but lives just up the road in Anderson Township.