Saturday, August 14, 2004

Family Fine After Hurricane

Well, if you did not know, my parents and my grandmother live in Charlotte County in Florida where Hurricane Charlie hit land. They are fine and the only damage they got was one small tree uprooted at my grandmother's place.

My family lives in the far northern part of the county so were lucky, the big damage was further south in Punta Gorta and Port Charlotte, which are only a 15-20 minute drive away.

From the reports I have heard and read the storm took a wicked turn and people only had maybe 45 minutes to an hour to evacuate from areas more inland from the coast. The storm coarse was predicted to hit Tampa Bay about a 2-hour drive north from where it hit.

My parents do not have power, but oddly my grandmother who lives maybe a mile away has power. They were all staying at my parent’s house, but are not at my grandmother's place.

I normally never worry about Hurricanes in Florida because where my parents live has not gotten hit like this for something like 80 years. Late yesterday afternoon when I heard the storm was turning, I was shitting bricks when I saw the eye heading towards my parents town. I am very thankful that not only are they are fine and have no significant damage to their property. I would say they were lucky.

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