Monday, August 16, 2004

Civil War?

Can there be anyone out there who does not think that Iraq is int he middle of a civil war? Now, it is not nearly as modern and unconventional as Bush's "War" on terrorism, but it is not your typical power struggle, which would mostly be caused by multiple ethnic factions plus an occupying military force in the mix.

What exist though are coordinated forces fighting the government and the US Military. That is a civil war if I every heard of one. People have been saying we have been facing the possibility of one for long time. I say it is true now, not just speculative. The Iraqi National Conference has nearly 100 members ready to boycott if the central government does not start negotiations again with people fighting against it. Seems kind of an odd request, but also one that signals a huge rift in the country.

I don't see the blood flow stopping anytime soon.

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