Monday, August 16, 2004

Shell Game

With Bush's election year exploitation of troop levels and world politics, I have to ask a simple question. Is is all just bullshit? Is is just a numbers game? Have we already pulled 70,000 troops out of Europe and Asia(Japan or Korea) and are now just adjusting the paperwork? I ask this with the understanding that we pulled at least one division out of German for Iraq. I assume now that that division, when its tour in Iraq is up, will go home to the USA, not to Germany. How much of similar occurrences will eat up the 70,000? I also wonder how much of this is includes the Navy, with reduction of the Persian Gulf fleet as another source for this number.

I also really wonder how smart this is? I guess that pulling troops from Asia means that North Korea and China are not a threat to anyone? What kind of policy do we have where we say the world is threatened by an axis of evil and then pull troops from the places where one of these axis members could strike? Is this some kind of concession to the North Koreans? I guess that would depend on how many of the 70,000 are actually from South Korea and Japan.

I also really don't think Bush is doing himself any good by holding big foreign policy speeches here in Cincinnati. Now, I grant this one is not in front of a crowd of local people, but it still just looks odd. I also pity downtown workers, don't bother trying to drive downtown while Bush is here.

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