Thursday, August 19, 2004

Kerry Coverage in the Enquirer

From my point of view the Enquirer did a good job of giving generally the same "amount" of news coverage to the Kerry speech as they did the Bush speech. I hope that is continued during the whole campaign and something made equal during the 2008 primary season, which was lacking this year.

The Exception: Bronson. Why don't we have a liberal columnist giving a biased view on Bush and Kerry that would favor Kerry? Here instead we have another bullshit homer job that provides political fodder favoring Bush, but none from the left.

Now, I really hope I don't read some moron saying that the rest of the reporters are pro-Kerry, because I just showed below about how the positive Kerry Poll results were not touted as they could and should have been.

UPDATE: Wes Flinn thinks we hade some bias. I would not disagree. I think at least we had a phote shoot and a link to the text of both speeches. That is a positive step.

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