Sunday, August 08, 2004

The People's Court

Da Dum...

This is the Defendant: He is accused by the City of Cincinnati of trying to hold a rally using "fighting words." "Fuck the Police" are the words he wants to utter.

Da Dum...

This is the Plaintiff: They are a City of Leaders who really don't have any backbone when it comes to dealing with racist idiots. They try and try, but they really don't have a clue how to stand up the hate speech that fills council chambers from member of Boycott B every week.

On the merits of this issue, I actually have to agree with Nate. The city is rather stupidly giving Nate and his racist Boycott B a cause to gain support. What the city should do is stand up the hate speech that they are forced to listen to. People like Chris Smitherman should stand up and denounce the Boycott B as the racists and bigots they are, instead of defending them when they want to spew their hate.

Another interesting tidbit is in the Cincinnati Black Blog's new policy about who can post to that blog:
There are two simple qualifications.

    1. You must live or work in Greater Cincinnati.
    2. You must be Black.
Easy enough. I thought so.
Now, I still assume anyone can comment to the blog, but having a race based membership requirement is, well, racist. The only basis I have for posting is that you have the same name and DNA as I do. My comments are open to all, but I reserve the right to edit what I wish.

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